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    Quote Originally Posted by haybierman View Post
    sushi. I had 2 pieces of yellowtail snapper, 2 tuna, and a fatty tuna roll.
    My friend..I'm a sushi fan to say the least...
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    Primo Primo Size Italian Hoagie with Herrs Chips and a Diet Pepsi MAX (that pepsi is AWESOME!!)

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    for dinner (nearly 3 hours ago):
    leftover garlic pasta from the other night
    handful of cheese puffs
    diet coke
    2 reeses peanut butter cups
    mandarin oranges

    and I'm a diabetic! lol I worked HARD for 8 hours today for a guy emptying a warehouse, so I could eat that w/o any problems (hopefully!)....I drank 2 cans of regular coke and my blood glucose was only 122....alright, I'm done! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2FarGone View Post
    My friend..I'm a sushi fan to say the least...
    U live in MI? I used to hit up Tokyo Sushi on Squirrel & Adams in Auburn Hills when I lived there. Great value.

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    Pizza, some garlic rolls, a salad, and a coke for dinner.

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    4 egg whites with salsa, 2 veggie burgers, a tomato, half an avocado and a piece of whole wheat bread.
    I know it sounds boring but it is good!
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    For dinner...

    Two tacos with hot sauce, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions
    Nachos with taco meat, sour cream, and jalapenos on top
    Mexican rice

    Cherry for dessert.
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    currently eating pumpkin seeds and graham crackers

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    Homemade Meatloaf, yummy the wife's own recipe
    Spinach, sauteed with pieces of Dried pears in it

    This was a delicous meal.

    Snacks today;
    Wasabi Peanuts
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    2 ballpark hot dogs, and to drink, brisk lemon iced tea. :)

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