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    For dinner last night I had a few pepperonni pizza slices.

    Breakfast this morning a blueberry muffin and coffee.
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    Well to start off I needed Coffee
    and then the wife is going to make
    Pancakes. Yummy ones at that,
    Way better than any IHOP or
    the like.

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    A HUGE cup of coffee and a bowl of Special K cereal.
    Later in the day I am sure we will not eat well. We are going to a birthday party as well as a Memorial Day BBQ/Swim party. I purposely didn't buy any beer! :-)
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    Last night--Chicago style pizza (If you've never had it, it's a VERY thick crust with a huge layer of cheese on top of that, and tomaotoes on the top...Lou Malnatti's is my favorite)

    Now--A hot dog with fried blue cheese on it. Yum.
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    I'm eatin ham & bacon pizza and cheese sticks. :) First time I've eaten since 8:30 this morning! When you're workin to get the pool ready to open theres no time for eatin!!

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    For lunch/dinner I had a TV dinner...enchiladas, mexican rice, and beans with a 12oz coke.

    That was several hours ago. I need to fnd something to eat right now!
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    Collecting San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns

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    I had chicken leg/thigh, mashed potatoes, banana, milk for dinner, graham crackers for post-dinner snack, now I'm eating some chips, drinking water. I'll be getting something else to eat in a minute....probably my leftover pizza from yesterday
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    Cookies and Cream ice cream. Yum...
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    Collecting San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns

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    Im eating Top Ramen!!!
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