My name is Cliff, I'm 22 years old, live in Kodiak, Alaska (an island), and I write books+collect autographs/sports cards. I've lived here my whole life and everything keeps getting crazier and crazier. Big city crime, $1,600 a month rent, and not really much to look forward to here. My grandparents that lived in North Dakota died in 2012, so for the past year or so I have been thinking about possibly moving to another country where money goes further, I can relax, make new friends and kind of just "start over" so to speak. While making my books I've met lots of great people all over the world, and have kind have narrowed my list of countries down to, but not limited to:


So I'm just wondering if any of the members here on SCF were originally from the United States, and currently live in another country, and what advice they might have for someone like me, advice from people living in the countries above would be VERY helpful too.