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    can u make me a banner of joe flacco matt ryan jonathan stewart and chris johnson

    and put there team color behind them and rite collect autos and patch thanks
    Looking for Terrelle Pryor, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson Autos

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    Planning on making some banners this weekend. I will be going down the list from the top. Thanks!
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    I only do two players per free banner. If you want to cut it down to 2 I will be happy to make one. More than two makes for a cluttered banner and is a lot of work for a free banner. Thanks for understanding.


    I and others have made numerous banners for you in the past. I will make a non-animated free banner for you once the other requests are filled and I have some extra time. Thank you.
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    Collecting Atlanta Teams and UGA Players & Alumni

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    PLAYER: Marques Colston
    TEAM: Saints uni, but I don't want any Saints logos on the rest of it
    TEXT: "JayJagFan collects Marques Colston"

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    Bledsoe and Matt Cassell Please.
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    If possible could you make the following banner please.

    PLAYER:Kevin Kolb
    TEAM:Houston Cougars / Philadelphia Eagles


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    If you have previously requested a banner from me on this thread and I have not made it yet, but you would still like one, please PM you request to me.

    This thread will now be closed to all new requests, as I have limited time to make banners. Please see my new thread in the Graphics forum for banner packages for card cash.

    Thank you!
    Collecting Atlanta Teams and UGA Players & Alumni

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