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    tim lincecum/roy oswalt dual esqusite auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardlover29 View Post
    tim lincecum/roy oswalt dual esqusite auto
    JEEZ!! how did you get it? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardlover29 View Post
    tim lincecum/roy oswalt dual esqusite auto
    Scan, #'ing?

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    Is football harder to get, or do less people send out for football? I've sent out maybe 10 and never got any back. All football. I know that's not uncommon, but I see a whole lot more baseball on here.

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    Jean-Sebastian Guigure Auto /100 from sp game used hockey

    my first and only :)

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    I've been very successful with UD's NPN program. I've gotten these in the past few months:

    2008 UD Series 2 USA Baseball USA-SF Seth Frankoff Red Jersey
    2008 UD Spectrum Swatches SS-JW Jered Weaver Grey Jersey (90/99)
    2008 UD Masterpieces MPP2 Dwight Clark
    2007 Ultra Field Generals FG-PM Peyton Manning Blue Jersey

    All of these are for trade if anyone is interested. Just PM me.
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    I've been doing NPNs since the early 2000s. I've never really received anything big - some decent GU, Autos, RCs, #ed, etc - but nothing over $20 really.

    My friend, though, a few years back now, received a 2001 Bowman Autographs Albert Pujols, which until just recently booked $1000 (now I think it's done to $800 or so). He's always been a Pujols fan and still has that card today.

    You just gotta keep plugging away at NPNs. The only company I have given up on in Press Pass. I have sent to them many times over the past decade and have never received anything - not even a lousy insert.

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    Golf - Tiger Woods

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    This is the best one I have received.

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    haven't gotten one yet.
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    2007 Sweet Spot classic needs Base #/575
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    ive tried for every npn in the last year, but still nothing yet
    Always looking for Michael Ryder,Dan Cleary,Ryan Clowe, Teddy Purcell, Adam Pardy & Dan LaCosta. Also Collect NASCAR Kasey Kahne

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