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    I sent one to Leno a few months ago and got it in a short amount of time.
    My collecting habits are continually changing. Right now focusing on ABA basketball and TTM autos. Always looking for lots of 70's basketball cards.
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  2. Kronozio
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    today brought jay leno and john melenedez

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    i have gotten some new pnes in the past couple of days:

    Lane Brody singer/actress-

    John Melendez-everyone now knows his email

    Jeb Bush Governor of Florida-

    i also got a steve irwin fan pack i guess you could say with postcards, australian zoo info, and a window cling but no autograph-
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    I got coach k in 4 days then today I got another one! I didn't send another request. This must be an accident.

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    today brought sam hennings
    took about 8 days

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    i got an 8x10 of caedmons call signed by the whole band . they are a christian band, here's the addy i used. it took 2 months.

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    This was a while back but Norm Abrams, carpenter extraordinaire , signs. Link on New Yankee Workshop website. Also got coach K way back (how I loathe him, being nice just makes it worse). And Boxing manager and movie subject Jackie Kallen (I'll try to find address)
    We are the turtle Fear Us, really. I collect Webber, Francis, Dixon and all Former U of MD Terp players.

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    Yesterday I got Northern Illinois Football coach Jim Novak c/o Email

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    I got my first 3 request from emails today.

    Billy Donovan, Head Coach Florida Men's Basketball in 8 days & it appears to be a stamp.

    Bob Stoops, Head Coach Oklahoma Football in 8 days in black sharpie.

    Gary Barnett, Head Coach Colorado Football in 8 days. Personalized with my name in black sharpie.
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    I sent e-mails to Leno and Coach K and got the 8x10 photo from Leno a couple days ago(not a real auto though).

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