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    got aikman, griffin, calipari, charlie daniles and the syracuse coach

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    got one
    Charley Walters former twins pitcher

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    Originally posted by neil07carrier
    Today I got:

    Troy Aikman Auto 5x7 (Autopen)
    Cowboys Helmet Sticker
    Cowboys Pocket Schedule

    c/o Troy Aikman Foundation E-Mail

    Yours was autopenned? Mine wasn't

    Troy Aikam 5x7 - Authentic
    Jason Campbell - 8x10

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    got Archie's today I was very pumped considering I'ma Buckeyes fan

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    Mike Shula 10 days Coack K took 5 days and Griffen took 6 days

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    Coach K took like a month and a half for me that's all I've asked so far except for Aikman I asked like a week ago and still nothing.

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    i got Al Roker NBC Weather Guy Took a little over a month and a half

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    Got one
    archie griffin signed photo
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    Don't get too excited, it's a pre-printed 4x6. I also received 2 stickers, a card about their new book, So What ! & a membership application where for $45 you can get a "printed autograph band photo among a few other things.

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    got george laraque today!
    had norm send a photo to my dad via his website.

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