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    Authors who send out bookplates

    I collect signed books, and decided to start a thread to keep track of authors who send out signed bookplates (basically just stickers to put in books) via email. If you know of any I haven't tried, or just want to share a success, feel free. I've gotten several authors who send photos, but this thread is geared specifically toward bookplates. There's also several who require proof of purchase, but I get all my books second hand, so they won't send to me.

    Peter V. Brett - sent me one, then a few months later randomly sent another. Currently, his newest book Skullthrone is number 1 in fantasy on amazon.

    Nelson Demille - sent two, author of The General's Daughter and several other bestsellers.

    Bernard Cornwell - sent one

    Joseph Finder - sent one

    Karen Traviss - sent four
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    Just got one from John Saul, in a little over a month.

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    Nelson Demille sent 3 more in about a week.

    E.E. Winston IV sent a bookplate and a note in about a week.

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    Anne Rice requires an 9x12 SASE along with requests, but sends a page of signed bookplates

    Janet Evanovich sent a signed bookplate and photo

    George Bush sends out signed bookplates as well.
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    Ive sent books to bernard cornwell and hes signed them with inscriptions like to a fellow redsox fan. Which is awesome

    Joseph finder sent a couple and im on a card list
    SF Tomajczyk sent one and i also got to read his newest book before it came out and put in some quotes about the book. Again awesome and being a former marine reading about navy seals was interesting
    Stephen Lawhead has a deal through his website around october for christmas and you can get three i think and get em by christmas time. Just keep checking his site and hit the bookplate tab
    H F parkhurst sent two
    mike langan sent some
    piers anthony sends one

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    I don't think Mike Lang an is active anymore, at least not through his website. I've tried a couple times. But I will definitely try the other ones. Thanks!

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    Duplicate post
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    Got some from:
    Piers Anthony
    Stephen Russell Payne

    And a huge one,
    Lee Child

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