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    The Pull of my Childhood: 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken “F*** Face”

    Everybody has those pulls that you can never forget. This was mine and I was just eight years old.

    The Pull of my Childhood: 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken “F*** Face”

    Not too long after I posted it yesterday, I was perusing twitter and the hashtags for the National. Someone found one of these and he seemed just about as excited to get it as I was that spring day in 1989 when I pulled mine.

    I wrote this piece because the day before, someone else on the blog team wrote his own piece and I wanted to do something like it.

    The Pull of My Life: 1990 Topps Bo Jackson

    Hopefully some of y'all will enjoy and remember the good ol' days...when the hobby wasn't about what patch auto you were getting.
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    Easily one of the most underrated cards. The Billy Ripken card is still talked about today and desired by a lot of collectors and casuals. When else has a card of a guy who had a career as terrible as Billy Ripken receive so much attention that wasn't a rookie card?
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