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    So I haven't posted in awhile because I've been working on an extensive project to make my collection even MORE SUPER & UNIQUE....I've had every card in my collection Graded/Slabbed by BGS. to pair up with their Mcfarlane.....ENJOY ;) (as always, feedback welcome)...

    (Just Added: 9/7/2014)

    (Just Added: 9/7/2014)

    Soooo..... What do you think ??????????????
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    Hey rollx, glad to see you back on SCF! Good call on getting everything graded, it looks much better! Looks like everything got retry good scores too
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    Just and figures look amazing!
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    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!
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    That is the nicest collection of the greatest players I have ever seen!!
    And nicely graded too!! I'm glad you shared and hope everyone gets to see them.
    I collect Cardinals cards from every year and set including parallels, autos, GU. I try to list every set and parallel in my wants, showing what I need or if I am done. If it's not listed lmk what you have, as I might need it. I can also use any 1/1 Cardinals card. Due to increased postal rates I can only ship to the USA. My want & trade lists are on my website here: Hidden Content

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    Great as always! Don't know which one is my favorite but it would have to be either the one with the Dimaggio cut or the Mariano Rivera one.
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    Chris, nice to see the additions. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you EVERYONE for you appreciation & comments on my collection..... keep an eye out as I have more additions coming in soon ;)
    Check out my Photobucket to see ALL of my High-End Cards w/ matching Mcfarlanes !!!!!!
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    Absolutely fantastic. True museum pieces!
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    thats a hall of fame worthy collection
    Super collecting brock lesnar also collecting ufc autos an multi color relics red ink autos

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