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    opened a box of 2015 Topps Archives and pulled a nice card

    Broke a box of 2015 Topps Archives the other day and pulled this beauty

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    Wow, quite a pull.
    Hidden Content Kevin Dineen Collection: 248/253, 98.02%
    In hockey, collecting Kevin Dineen, Tobias Enstrom, David McKee, Matt Moulson, Mike Iggulden, Ryan Vesce, Sasha Pokulok, the Hartford Whalers and the Atlanta Thrashers.
    In baseball collecting the Boston Red Sox.
    Websites: Hidden Content , Hidden Content . Tradelist: Hidden Content

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    Looking for: Panini Prime Colors - Salming, Dionne, Bure, Trottier and Neely
    Photobucket: Hidden Content

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