Girlfriend and step son were both gone the other day. It is very rare that i have a day off of work and they are both gone. So i decided to go to the cubs game. Ended up being a great game as they swept the Giants! I went to a game by myself earlier in the season with the hopes to get some signatures. That day i Ended up getting a ball signed by Jason Hammel and a Helmet signed by David Ross, Eric Hinske, Chris Coghlan, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant.

For my bday my dad got me an authentic Kris Bryant All star game jersey. SO i decided to go to the game on sunday and try to get it signed since i had some luck with Bryant last time.

I tried getting to the stadium early so i can catch the players as they park and walk into the stadium. Ran into traffic so i missed some players. But i was also able to get some.

First right when i got there Jason Hammel was walking by, so i grabbed another auto of his on another ball.

Then i saw a TBS truck and i heard some people say Cal was in there. So i was thinking to myself who could they possibly be talking about. SO i walked over there and waited for a little. I was thinking to myself theres probably no one cool in there or else there would be a bunch of people standing around. So i told myself ill give it a couple minutes. Right when i thought that, the door opened up and out came.... Cal Ripken!!!! He was very nice and signed a ball for me!

Then i saw a couple more players park their cars so i walked back over by the parking lot. After i waited for about another 30 minutes Out came Kris Bryant! Got him to sign my All Star jersey!

No one else signed for me while outside.

Was able to get one more auto once i got into the stadium. Miguel Montero!

Another extremely successful day! Now i really want to go back!