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    Baseball 1/1 cards in my collection, here are mine, let's see yours!

    Finishing out my lunch hour and I got to thinking about what it is like to get a 1/1 card in your collection. Not just the printing plates but actual cards, so I thought I would post the baeball ones I have in my collection:

    Thomson front


    Diamond Club Griffey Front

    Griffey back

    Recent Museum pull

    Auto Stamps

    2005 Absolute, one of my all time favorite products


    Clemens tag, first tag I ever pulled

    Cut autos 1/1

    Cy Young

    Black Sox:
    Cicotte / Gandil

    Murder's Row from the 27 Yankees


    Front and an error to boot!

    That's my baseball 1/1 cards.

    Let's see yours!
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    Amazing Clemens, Cy Young, and the 1927 Yankees!
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    The only 1/1 I have for baseball is a plate... I am not certain I even have a "real" 1/1 that isn't a plate or show stamped card from any sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    Finally have one to show off:

    Nice looking card, Thanks for posting it in the thread.

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