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    Nfl ttm request kits

    nfl autograph request kits
    for scf members
    $24.99 basic package
    shipping included
    includes 2 sizes of envelopes, return address labels, athlete address labels & example letter.

    includes everything you need to send autograph request to every member of your favorite nfl team or pick 56 of your favorite players

    - 56 - #10 grip seal security envelopes
    - 56 - #6 grip seal security envelopes
    - 4 sheets - 56 labels - player address mailing labels
    - 12 sheets – return address labels (yes you will need this many)

    you will receive the envelopes with all of the address labels on them ready to mail. All you have to do is write the letters, put in the card you want signed & add the stamps to the envelopes. It will save you alot of time.

    if you dont have the time i can help you with a typed letter and print them out for all of your request. I would have to charge extra to make up for the time, paper & printer ink but that wouldnt be a problem. Also if you cant get to the post office i can even add the cost of the stamps to your order and send you your envelopes addressed and stamped where all you have to do is add the card you want signed. You guys let me know what you need and ill get you a time frame and price. Since its for scf members im doing this cheaper than i would for anybody else.
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    sounds interesting can you explain a little more?
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    Yeah I'm interested. Sounds really cool. But more information would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacAndMark View Post
    Yeah I'm interested. Sounds really cool. But more information would be nice.
    sent pms yalls way. got all the info in the thread now. thanks guys

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