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    The Official "What the..." Auction Thread

    Alright well theres been quite a few threads for some terrible auctions that are good for a laugh. I though it'd be better if we just had one thread so lets try and just use this one eh? I will contribute a funny one to start

    This one ended but it still made me laugh a lot


    Why is it funny?

    1. Its Brian Boyle. He's a scrub
    2. I bought one for 18 dlvd even though i offered the seller over 25.

    Lets get the ball rolling
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    Lol $200 + Shipping for a Victory Black RC of Boyle

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    yep. the story behind mine was a guy listed one and i IMMEDIATELY messaged him. offered like 27 dlvd and hoped i could get it. he said that was too much and said he'd sell it for 18 dlvd. i said sure. he pulled it down. sent it to me. and now its mine!
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    yep. awesome seller. wish i remembered his name. plus he pulled down and couldve scammed me but he didnt.
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    seller pulled it down early, says in small writing, someone probably offered him what he wanted

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    yeah, i saw it RIGHT AFTER i posted it :(..

    it's the small things that make you feel silly

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    Relisted at .99 cents so maybe he really did make an error.
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