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Thread: Adding to the TTM Database

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    Adding to the TTM Database

    The SCF Through The Mail (TTM) database was developed for autographs seekers! There are literally tens of thousands of current and former professional athletes and other celebrities that allow fans to send requests for FREE autographs through the mail. The SCF database allows members to browse and/or search for athletes and celebrities and/or add known addresses to the database. Members can also upload their individual successes and track their overall success count/rate in one location.

    I created a tutorial for searching/browsing the database here and should be referenced before reading this tutorial.

    This tutorial will explain how to add player and team address to the TTM database.

    Adding Players to the TTM database
    To add a player to the database click on "Add Player" on the left navigation bar. The form is simple to fill out. Notice the red denoted fields as these are mandatory. You are also given the option to add a photo that will become the default image on that players page. After adding the address and option photo, fill out the instructions if there is important information an autograph seeker will need to know.

    Adding Teams to the TTM database
    Adding a team is as simple as adding a player!

    Adding an address to an existing database entry
    If a player or team already exists and you know of another address simply go to the player or teams page, scroll down to the bottom and click the "Add a new address for ..." button.

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    awesome!!!! thanks to all for their hard work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Incident57 View Post
    awesome!!!! thanks to all for their hard work
    Well we hope you guys and gals use it.

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    When I get home from school today, I will add all of my TTM successes along with its addresses and also list all that is out

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    Really neat! Can't wait to contribute as well.

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    Great, great, addition to SCF. I added Tom Brady's address and I plan on sending out many Wolverine address's I found on the TTM manager.

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    do you send in whatever you want signed? or do some athletes give you there own cards?


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    do you send in whatever you want signed? or do some athletes give you there own cards?
    It is always best to send something for them to sign with a self addressed stamped envelope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralphis View Post
    do you send in whatever you want signed? or do some athletes give you there own cards?

    I've had a few times where they did not sign the card I sent, but will send a signed team postcard

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