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    Sweet find today

    So, my buddy and I were going through some boxes of old random cards today at work that my boss has been storing for his brother. There is a lot of random cards(junk) from the 70's-early 2000's, a lot in bad condition, some good, etc. My boss is just trying to clear out all of the "junk" so he asked me to go through it and sell a bunch of it. I was thinking of making him an offer on all of it knowing there was a few decent cards in these boxes and then we stumbled upon these...just in a box full of other crap sleeves, cases, nothing!


    Holy crap! Luckily i had a few cases at work I could put these into! Does anyone know the BV on these??
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    Wow! Awesome!!!!

    Looking for Kobe Bryant, Lakers, Blake Griffin, Swaggy P!

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    Epic find. Check the previous sales on ebay for prices. Also, get that MJ graded before selling!

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    Awesome! Let me know if for sale

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    PSA or BGS grading on these?
    Collecting Ben Roethlisberger
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