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Thread: Riggs TTM Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck1982 View Post
    Nice Peppers. I meant to send to him and never did it. Russell probably did not put a year for the HOF because he is not it. He is in the college basketball hall of fame though
    Thanks, I asked for "2011 HOF" to match the College HOF year so who knows. Just glad to get it back.

    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Nice Peppers! He is a great dude.
    Thanks, thrilled to get it back.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________________________

    Few returns to report.

    RTS from Steve Rogers. appears he may have moved recently. Will try his new address.

    Bobby Engram 3/3, out 12-22, back 1-18. sent c/o pitt athletic department.

    Dane Iorg 3/3, out 1-7, back 1-18. added "2x W.S. CHAMP" as requested.

    Sam Cassell 3/3, out 1-5, back 1-18. nice return from a 3x NBA Champion.

    Dwight Hicks 3/3, out 1-5, back 1-19. great return from a 2x champion & 4x pro bowler.

    Chad Brown 3/3, out 1-5, back 1-19. added " 3x PRO BOWL" as requested to one.

    Chris Pronger 2/2, out 1-2, back 1-19. Great Hockey return.

  2. Kronozio
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    Killer day today... with 1 rts

    RTS from Leo Cardenas, sent 1-12. Just seen some successes as soon as the 14th from that address so who knows.

    Now the goods..

    Juan Berenguer 3/3, out 1-14, back 1-22. nice return from a 2x world series champ.

    Mike Ramsey 3/3, out 1-12, back 1-22. part of the 1980's Olympic gold team also a 4x all star. Not sure about the choice of sharpie but still a success

    Jim Fregosi 3/3, out 1-14, back 1-22. very nice return. completes the duel with Buck.

    Kenny Carr 2/2, out 1-14, back 1-22. member of the 76 Olympic gold team

    Jeff Cirillo 2/2, out 1-14, back 1-22. 2x all star.

    Ed McCaffrey 2/2, out 11-24, back 1-22. added "3X S.B. CHAMPS" to one as requested. great return.

    Geoff Petrie 1/2, out 1-14, back 1-22. kept 1, signed the other with pen. Looks terrible.

    Jim Bunning 2/2, out 1-5, back 1-22. great return from a HOFer

    Pat Sullivan 1/2, out 12-22, back 1-22. no donation sent. Thrilled to add this Heisman trophy winner to the collection.

    Matt Schaub 2/2, out 6-6-12, back 1-22. feels good to get a return back thats been out so long. Great additon to the football collection.

    Matt Kalil 2/2, out 6-5-12, back 1-22. like the Schaub, this has been out awhile. I've said it before & i'll say it again, this year has been amazing for TTM for NFL rookies. Have gotten a ton back. Look forward to next year already. Haven't seen many/ any returns from Mr Kalil so this one was a nice surprise.

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    Did you send fee on Bunning or did you get a freebie? I couldnt risk losing my 1958 so I sent fee but I hear a few get some freebies.
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    This is always one of ny favorite threads to look at! It's nice too see peppers responding to fan mail. I tried him a ton when he was a panther with no success.

    Currently looking for panthers autographs

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    Got my Schaub back yesterday too!
    My main collection goal right now is to get rid of all my unwanted low end cards in an attempt to downsize. If you want to help me with that, let me know! I'd like the cards to go to a good home such as charity, the younger generation of collectors, or aspiring team collectors that want to build their team PC.

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    Awesome returns there! I received Berenguer back today as well. Now I gotta decide if I should send the 79 Topps out to Dwight Bernard to complete the triple auto.

    Love the Fregosi and Showalter dual!
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    looks like im the only one that just cant seem to get Shaub! But you continue to kill it man! great stuff

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    thanks for the comments guys. few returns from the past couple days.

    Dick Hughes 1/1, out 1-16, back 1-25

    Steve Blass 2/2, out 1-7, back 1-25

    Vernon maxwell 2/2, out 1-5, back 1-25

    Dave Meyers 2/2, out 1-16, back 1-25

    J.J. Watt 2/2, out 1-7, back 1-24. sent a few 8x10's, thrilled the way they look.

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    Todays returns..

    Andy Etchebarren 3/3, out 12-17, back 1-28. nice return from a 2x World series champ & 2 x all star.

    George Seifert 2/2, out 1-3, back 1-28. traded most of my Seifert cards away so needed to get some more. always nice to add this 2x S.B. winning coach

    Bobby Anderson 2/2, out 1-12, back 1-28. nice return from a CFHOFer.

    Clarkston Hines 2/2, out 1-12, back 1-28. added "CFHOF 10" to both. thrilled to add him.

    Dick Modzelewski 1/1, out 1-19, back 1-28. another CFHOFer that added " 2X NFL CHAMPS" as requested.

    Darrell Waltrip 2/2, out 6-14-12, back 1-28. long wait but worth it. always nice to add a NA$CAR HOFer again.

    Dale Murphy 3/3, out 1-14, back 1-28. love the inscription. added "NL MVP 82, 83" as requested. Thrilled with this one.

    Jason White 2/2, out 12-24, back 1-28. Best return of the day for me. Huge thanks to lizard-jd for the help with the addy. Been wanting to add him for awhile & finally got him. Added the "HEISMAN" inscription as requested.

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    Rick, you've been slamming the TTMs lately. You're going to miss being home when you come down to Florida for ST. NOT REALLY, you will have a blast doing the IP thing!!! I'm glad that Jason worked out for us but he sure made me nervous...

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