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New York Yankees      Sport:      Baseball    Player success rate 75%

New York Yankees
Yankee Stadium
East 161 St. And River Avenue
Bronx, NY 10451

Address success percentage: 89 %
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
leam10982015-07-232015-07-31Success1/0Got a calendar, magnet schedule, drawstring bag, car decal, jeter keychain, bernie williams picture, and pens and pencils. 
bigbenjobu2015-06-102015-07-06Success11/1Amazing fan pack. Sent postcard and received a calendar, 2 pens, 3 pencils, Magnet sched, magnet decal, and 3 decals
BayAreaJavy2015-04-24 Pending0/0sending LOR 
bravesfanfromny2015-04-20 Pending0/0  
Musclebeech2015-03-24 Pending0/0request via website 
tburton2015-03-16 Pending0/1Send letter 
PortRadelaide2015-01-152015-06-18Pending0/0Sent SASE. (Note: as of Jun 18/15 still nothing) 
detroitgoblue2015-01-022015-01-14Success0/0Team photo, jeter photo, 2hats, key chain, jeter coin, and replica 99 World Series ring 
wngrtr20052014-10-06 Pending0/0Sent Letter 
newbernbears2014-09-18 Pending0/1Sent postcard 
Fudukume2014-09-012014-10-13Success5/0Did not get ring but got earphones, Jeter Key-chain and coin, gloves and flag 
Yeaahhjeets2014-08-212014-09-03Pending7/1Amazing fan pack. Hat, jeter keychain, ws fan ring, back to school kit, luggage tag, greeting card, picture frame magnet 
67anbh2014-08-202014-09-02Success8/1got back a very nice fan pack! 
dareyl2014-08-152014-08-30Success6/6Another Yankees fan pack, another ring. Now I have Yankees commemorative rings as my pinkie rings. I dare say with 2 pinkie rings - I have it all.
Packers4ever2014-07-21 Pending1/0sending out my post card today 
dareyl2014-07-162014-08-18Success8/8Hat, Derek Jeter Key Chain, Car USB port adapter, and World Series Commemorative Ring
primetime272013-10-072014-08-18Pending0/0Sent request by postcard. 08/18/14 Sent an email to follow-up. 12 30 15 Sent a follow-up email. 
CO Rockies Fan2013-07-222013-08-01Success0/0Got Yankees Hat, keychain, magnetic schedule, info about the stadium, coloring page, Photo frame magnet, a 1998 Best Season Ever ring, and 2 car air fresheners. 
SDre312012-09-262012-12-21Success0/0Sent email, told to send request in a postcard. Received bumper sticker, 2 pencils, 2 bookmarks, keychain, and magnetic photo frame. 
ChuckXGoren2012-09-172012-12-16Success6/0Sent email, then sent follow-up postcard as reply email asked. Not as nice as others' successes: rec'd folded bumper sticker, 2 pencils, 2 bookmarks and keychain. 
IAFTBL2012-09-112012-09-21Success11/0Awesome fan pack..Super excited!! 
tombin2012-09-102012-09-16Success0/0flat stanley player cards headphones with 5 free song download codes key chain pens pencils 
Csarge82012-08-142012-09-01Success0/0Great fan pack.. 
Coltron572012-08-132012-08-25Success15/0Sent an email. Holy cow! 4 pencils, a pen, a wristband, cologne samples, a hat, luggage tag, magnet scedule, headphone, a luggage tag, a picture frame, 2 sets of stickers and a book mark. Great fan pack! 
aagonzalez2012-07-132012-07-30Success1/0sent an email, one of the better ones: stickers, pencils, pens, stop watch, key chains, luggage tag and schedule magnet. Thank you 
Pmurdick252012-06-182012-06-30Success0/0Sent email requesting a fan pack... Got it today. Pens,.pencils, stickers, bracelet, mini player posters, and a hat. Great. 
rarehunter9162012-06-05 Pending0/0  
eddyd2012-05-232012-05-29Success1/0Emailed. Got stickers/coloring book/magnet/pencils/bookmarks/small tube of sunscreen. 
BigBlueNation2012-04-292012-06-07Success1/0Got it today. Awesome! Pens, pencils, stickers, and a hat. 
Huffdaddy2012-04-232012-04-27Success0/0Great fan pack!!! 
JerseyBoyInCT2012-03-142012-03-17Success0/0sent to customerservice@yankees.com 
nymetsfan972012-03-14 Success0/0great fanpack, sent to the same email as below 
yazfan712012-03-072012-03-07Failure0/0Sent email request, received reply stating that I needed to send a postcard request. 
prezby972012-03-022012-03-14Success1/0Received great Fan Pack from the Yankees via their email address: customerservice@yankees.com 
Csarge82011-08-30 Pending0/0  
petrosian9042010-07-23 Pending0/1  
sdfc872009-02-25 Pending0/0sent request for fan pack 
SteakNchop2008-01-012008-10-01Success0/0not sure when sent it and received it....they sent back a Yankee Stadium ring, CD ROM, Yankee Stadium keychain, and some other stuff. If you email them at feedback@yankees.mlb.com they request you to send to the address 
New York Yankees
George M. Steinbrenner Field
1 Steinbrenner Dr.
Tampa, FL 33614

Address success percentage: 100 %
Instruction:Spring Training Address
Added by:RockiesFan33   Added on:   2009-05-13
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Riggs2011-02-282011-03-10Success1/1Yogi Berra from ST address.. Very cool.. 
New York Yankees
Email, Email Email

Address success percentage: 50 %
Instruction:NY Yankees email website
Added by:baseballcards123   Added on:   2012-06-15
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
urbanlegenduf12015-07-062015-07-07Failure0/0Emailed request...... Responded asking for SASE..... will send SASE later 
Packers4ever2014-03-312014-07-18Failure0/0Send a post card 
jkflemm2014-02-142014-02-27Success6/0received fanpack, hat,2 rings, keychain,bumper stickers,eyeglass case,pencils,picture of Mariano Rivera 
primetime272013-09-232013-09-23Failure0/0Got reply to mail request on a postcard. 
Rgreen06252013-09-052013-09-23Success0/0Sent email request/ Received hat, 4 pencils, pencil holder, USB car charger, WS replica ring, luggage tag, stadium brochure. Thanks Yankees! 
Gibber992013-08-082014-04-04Failure0/0Requested fan pack 
Wolvesfan9422013-05-192013-05-21Failure0/0Sent email requestingJeter auto (he's my favorite player). They said i needed to send request on postcard. Thanks anyways for responding Yanks. 
MrPrez842013-05-142013-05-23Pending0/0Sent an email, waiting for a response // Sent postcard requesting fanpack on 5/16/13 
R. E. Lee2012-09-29 Pending0/0Sent name and address in email said I needed postcard and spoke of my experience at Yankee Stadium. 
bigsportsfan12012-09-222012-09-23Failure0/0Sent e-mail back requesting a postcard be sent to them first. 
jekky3392012-09-162012-09-21Success12/0Awesome Fan Pack! Sent 3 pencils, A pen, HUGE 240 page magazine, Cologne Sample for men and women, 6 oversized cards, Large Keychain, 2 sets of 3 bumper stickers, Bracelet, Nice hat!!! one of the greatest fan packs ever! 
tombin2012-09-132012-09-17Success1/0hat sechduals *sp* keychain colonge samples headphones flat stanley 
IAFTBL2012-09-112012-09-14Failure0/0Said that you need to send a postcard 
biggsy23232012-07-222012-09-07Success0/0Mega Success, Hat, bumper sticker, magnet schedule, cologne sample, keychain, bracelet, luggage tag, headphones, 4 pencils, bookmark, 1 pen, 6 oversized cards.
Astrosfan1232012-07-162012-07-18Success10/0Got lots of stuff including a hat and some oversized cards and pens! 
Astrosfan1232012-07-152012-07-16Failure0/0Said that you need to send in a postcard!!! 
lovergine12012-06-262012-07-11Success6/0Huge Fan Pack ! T-shirt, Mariano Rivera magnet, 2012 schedule magnet, stickers, yankee stopwatch, yankee travel badge. Go Yankees ! 
MattsSportsCards2012-06-16 Pending0/0  
baseballcards1232012-06-082012-06-13Success1/0Received a huge fanpack. Received a hat, 4 pencils, 2 pens, a pack of NY Yankees players stickers, A case, 2 bumper stickers and a bracelet. Thank You NY Yankees. 

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