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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
kactusjakkDon Cherry2015-07-212015-08-30Success8/3 3 pictures, LOR, SAE and $ for Canadian postage - signed/personalized all of them and included 5 of his own! 
kaltiThomas Vanek2015-08-132015-08-28Success5/5 Sent 5 Custom Cards, received all 5 back signed, thanks Mr.Vanek!!! 
Lapo0013Scotty Bowman2015-08-182015-08-28Success1/1 Quick turnaround, signed my index card for project. Thanks Scotty! 
nycsportsnewsCraig Janney2015-08-162015-08-28Success1/1   
goblackhawks123Eric Staal2015-08-172015-08-28Success2/2 Sent 2 cards. Signed 2/2 in black sharpie. 
credd86Bruce Driver2011-10-032015-08-28Success2/2 Signed 2 cards, almost 4 years! 
BSRiceJohnny Bower2015-08-102015-08-28Success1/1 Included $2 donation
Lapo0013Dave Keon2015-08-182015-08-27Success1/1 Very quick turnaround, another index card for my project. Thanks Dave! 
BSRiceJim Craig2015-08-102015-08-27Success1/1  
casinojunkie13Bob Baun2015-08-162015-08-27Success4/4   
tburtonAl MacInnis2015-07-012015-08-27Success6/7   
Coltron57Ken Daneyko2014-01-062015-08-27Success2/2 Sent 2 cards. Great success after nearly 1 year and 8 months! Added Mr. Devil to both! 
Hobey21Jim Craig2015-08-132015-08-27Success1/1 Signed and inscribed a 4x6! Great Success from a Great Player! Thank you Mr. Craig! 14 Days!!! 
Auto CollectorLogan Couture2015-08-182015-08-26Success2/2 sent 13-14 score and victory 2011-2012 signed in black 
nycsportsnewsThomas Vanek2015-08-162015-08-25Success2/2   
casinojunkie13Johnny Bower2015-08-152015-08-25Success3/3 included $5.00 with my letter 
goblackhawks123Ted Lindsay2015-05-262015-08-25Success1/1 Sent 1 card along with a $5 donation. Signed 1/1 in blue sharpie. 
CalebssportscardsTed Lindsay2015-04-272015-08-24Success4/1 sent with donation// Sent back with my donation, and included a bunch of extras thx Mr. Lindsay! 
Fortune500Bill Gadsby2015-08-142015-08-24Success1/1 Sent one puck and received signed! 
nycsportsnewsBrian Propp2015-08-122015-08-24Success4/1 signed my card, and included 3 signed poster cards 
galvamegaBasil McRae2015-06-112015-08-24Success5/5   
tc8107Basil McRae2015-04-082015-08-24Success3/3 Recieved 3 cards signed in fine point black sharpie....thanks 
goblackhawks123Fedor Tyutin2014-11-032015-08-21Success2/2 Sent 2 cards. Signed 2/2 cards in blue sharpie. 
graeme45Mark Vermette2015-08-042015-08-21Success1/1 He also included a hand-written thank you note. 
Fortune500Al MacInnis2015-07-132015-08-20Success1/1 Sent one puck and received signed! Got a bit worn off. Not quite sure how that happened 
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