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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
graeme45Randy Carlyle2014-09-082014-10-17Success3/3   
Coltron57Ted Lindsay2014-07-102014-10-17Success5/2 2 4x6 photos. Nice return. Sent the signed pamphlet, signed both 4x6, and 2 IC! 
graeme45Rob Pearson2014-08-142014-10-17Success3/2   
Ryanmillerfan30Jack Campbell2014-09-302014-10-16Success4/4   
Ryanmillerfan30Ilya Bryzgalov2014-09-222014-10-16Success3/3 Returned from New Jersey 
garyjr33John Bucyk2014-10-062014-10-16Success1/1 Nice blue sig on a card! 
MISSINGLINKDon Beaupre2014-09-242014-10-15Success4/4 Quick return from MN back to his hometown of Waterloo. nicely signed in blue marker as requested. 
leaffanDarryl Sittler2014-09-152014-10-15Success1/2 sent two photos returned both with one signed 
MISSINGLINKEmile Francis2014-09-292014-10-15Success4/3 Great return. Neat and unique signature signed in blue as requested and he added a signed HOF business style card and wrote me a short note! 
MISSINGLINKBill Ranford2014-09-242014-10-15Success4/4 Quick return signed in blue marker as requested. 
MISSINGLINKDarryl Sittler2014-08-302014-10-14Success2/2 I sent 2 70's cards in a penny sleeve. He signed 1 and kept 1 card and the sleeve. He replaced it with a modern Fleer card. Not a big deal but I'm sure he has all his old cards by now! 
Blueline90Brian Kilrea2014-09-102014-10-14Success0/2 $10 each, great autograph 
cbtvideosIain Fraser2014-10-042014-10-14Success2/3 Sent two 1994 Classic Pro Prospects and one 1993 Classic Pro Prospects trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back two trading cards I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Kept one 1994 Classic Pro Prospects. Sent back in SASE I sent.
CalebssportscardsBrian Propp2014-10-082014-10-14Success3/0 cool 
Blueline90Al MacInnis2014-10-022014-10-14Success2/2 Great autograph 
graeme45Darryl Sittler2014-08-152014-10-14Success1/1   
Ryanmillerfan30Don Beaupre2014-09-302014-10-14Success6/6   
Blueline90Pierre Pilote2014-09-102014-10-14Success3/2 Received back sign 
Ryanmillerfan30John Van Boxmeer2014-09-222014-10-14Success1/1   
graeme45Jacques Cloutier2014-09-152014-10-14Success2/2   
goblackhawks123Jake Allen2014-06-252014-10-14Success1/1 Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in black sharpie. 
Blueline90Brian Propp2014-10-012014-10-13Success2/2 Sent extras 
robbob1984Brian Propp2014-10-012014-10-11Success3/1 Sent card got it signed Fast Turnaround
sorkloraGordie Howe2014-10-022014-10-10Success1/1 Sent a Red Wings puck and he signed it with 'Mr. Hockey' as inscription as I asked!! thanks, Mr. Howe!
leaffanMike Palmateer2014-09-152014-10-10Success3/2 signed two photos and my letter of request 
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