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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Mogilny89Ryan Suter2014-06-132015-03-24Success1/1   
alf7624Chris Chelios2015-02-232015-03-23Success1/1   
Ryanmillerfan30Arizona Coyotes2014-11-092015-03-23Success1/0   
blaker1Henri Richard2015-03-032015-03-23Success2/1 Signed my card this time and sent a postcard thanks Mr Richard!
denvotzGregg Sheppard2015-03-062015-03-23Success3/1 added a card and postcard of his own! 
smokinsteveChris Chelios2015-02-202015-03-23Success1/1 Sweet puck returned in a month
PortRadelaideFrancois Brassard2015-02-092015-03-23Success1/1   
BayAreaJavyArizona Coyotes2015-02-262015-03-22Success1/0 1 sticker, 2 pocket schedules, fan letter, pack of 6 upper deck hockey player cards, 1 signed 8x10 photo of Connor Murphy that looks pre printed but was badly bent anyways. 
BayAreaJavyEDMONTON OILERS2015-02-262015-03-22Success0/0 good fan pack, received pocket schedule, hall and eberle upper deck cards, pull out oiler sign, 6 8.5x11 player cards 
dareylKelly Kisio2015-03-012015-03-21Success2/2  
hockeyautos109Chris Pronger2015-02-142015-03-20Success3/7   
graeme45Pierre Plante2015-03-092015-03-20Success1/1   
hockeyautos109EDMONTON OILERS2015-02-062015-03-20Success10/0   
thecrimedog16Phil Bourque2015-02-182015-03-20Success2/2 Phil signed 2 cards for me!
hockeyautos109Sean Burke2015-02-142015-03-20Success4/4   
galvamegaSergio Momesso2015-02-192015-03-20Success4/4   
hockeyautos109Rochester Americans2015-02-082015-03-20Success5/0 4 pocket schedules and 2014-15 season yearbook 
BLawson87Jason Spezza2014-12-172015-03-20Success1/1 Sent 1 photo; returned signed and personalized. 
hockeyautos109Guy Lafleur2015-02-142015-03-20Success3/3   
goblackhawks123Jimmy Howard2014-06-302015-03-19Success1/2 Sent 2 cards. Signed my friend's card in black sharpie but not mine. Also sent me a note saying he's now charging $20 per card $30 per 8x10. 
denvotzBill Gardner2015-03-042015-03-19Success1/1   
goblackhawks123Daniel Briere2015-01-232015-03-19Success2/2 Sent 2 cards. Signed 2/2 in black sharpie. 
blaker1Glen Hall2015-03-012015-03-19Success2/3 Second time trying Mr. Hall. signed 2 out of 3 and wrote a letter with best wishes. Thanks Mr Hall! 
blaker1Paul Henderson2015-03-012015-03-19Success1/1 Came back with a very nice sig. Thanks Mr Henderson! 
graeme45Pat Jablonski2015-02-272015-03-19Success3/3   
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