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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
dareylBrent Ashton2014-08-162014-09-14Success1/1 Signed nicely.
edmoiler13James Reimer2013-11-162014-09-13Success2/2 signed 2-8x10's 
alf7624Gary Bettman2014-08-142014-09-13Success1/1 Sent LOR, Gold Sharpie & 2015 All Star Game Puck. Got signed puck back. Thanks Mr. Bettman!! 
OakTyler Bozak2014-02-032014-09-13Success2/2   
dareylRod Langway2014-08-162014-09-12Success2/2 Signed both.
Foss32Brian Propp2014-09-052014-09-12Success2/0 2 signed cards. one personalized 
dcvdoesSean Burke2014-07-282014-09-12Success5/5 not exact return date. personalized 2 to my name 
alf7624Mike Eruzione2014-09-022014-09-10Success1/1 Sending Team USA Puck, LOR & Gold Sharpie marker. Got signed puck back. Super fast return. Thank You Mr. Eruzione!! 
TheBoxBreakerCristobal Huet2014-08-082014-09-10Success4/4 Simply a class act, signed 4/4 customs beautifully with thin black marker as requested (and returned cash)! 
druce26Ken Hodge, Jr2014-06-242014-09-10Success1/1 Received much quicker than this 
dylan919Mark Howe2014-09-052014-09-10Success1/4 Signed 1 personalized for free and said the rest are 15 each. 
NeedmorestampsBryan Trottier2014-08-282014-09-10Success1/2 dull blark sharpie 
OakGordie Howe2014-08-222014-09-10Success3/3 I'm stunned! Awesome return! 
NeedmorestampsRon Hextall2014-08-292014-09-10Success1/1 black sharpie 
galvamegaGary Nylund2013-06-012014-09-09Success3/3   
delones24Jamie Langenbrunner2013-12-312014-09-09Success0/1 07 UD MVP
blaker1Darryl Sittler2014-03-092014-09-09Success2/3   
graeme45Tom Williams2014-08-282014-09-09Success1/1   
graeme45Jimmy Jones2014-08-212014-09-09Success1/1 1978-79 OPC - signed the back in the blank box 
comfortably9numbJocelyne Lamoureux2014-01-272014-09-09Success1/1   
TideFanDanJim Schoenfeld2014-07-212014-09-09Success1/1 74-75 Topps. Thank you Mr. Schoenfeld. 
blaker1Ed Chadwick2014-06-192014-09-09Success1/1   
cheeversfanBlake Wheeler2013-12-182014-09-08Success4/4 Great auto! Thanks Blake! 
galvamegaBlake Wheeler2013-10-212014-09-08Success5/5   
DnJcardsTed Lindsay2014-06-242014-09-08Success4/2   
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