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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Blueline90Brian Kilrea2014-09-102014-10-14Success0/2 $10 each, great autograph 
CalebssportscardsBrian Propp2014-10-082014-10-14Success3/0 cool 
MISSINGLINKDarryl Sittler2014-08-302014-10-14Success2/2 I sent 2 70's cards in a penny sleeve. He signed 1 and kept 1 card and the sleeve. He replaced it with a modern Fleer card. Not a big deal but I'm sure he has all his old cards by now! 
Blueline90Brian Propp2014-10-012014-10-13Success2/2 Sent extras 
robbob1984Brian Propp2014-10-012014-10-11Success3/1 Sent card got it signed Fast Turnaround
sorkloraGordie Howe2014-10-022014-10-10Success1/1 Sent a Red Wings puck and he signed it with 'Mr. Hockey' as inscription as I asked!! thanks, Mr. Howe!
garpikeGordie Howe2014-09-302014-10-10Success2/2 Stunned to get both of these back! So happy to have Mr. Hockey in my collection!! 
cbtvideosYan Kaminsky2014-10-042014-10-10Success3/3 Sent three 1994 Classic Pro Prospects trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading cards I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
leaffanMike Palmateer2014-09-152014-10-10Success3/2 signed two photos and my letter of request 
luftmichGordie Howe2014-09-302014-10-09Success1/1 Got my card back, likely ghost signed. 
redrocker98taBob Murray2013-11-182014-10-09Success2/2 Signed 2 cards in black sharpie, thanks Bob 
MISSINGLINKDon McKenney2014-09-242014-10-09Success2/2 Included $10. 1954 Topps and missing link cards signed in blue as requested. Very nice signatures! 
arfmaxGordie Howe2014-10-022014-10-09Success2/2 2009-10 UD Champ's/2012-13 Score Hockey The Franchise, both signed in blue, great success! 
graeme45Mathieu Dandenault2014-09-082014-10-09Success2/2   
letsgowbspensGordie Howe2014-10-032014-10-09Success1/1 So happy, got letter asking to donate money to a school and I will. 
RealBrianDGordie Howe2014-09-292014-10-09Success2/2 Received both back, signed in blue sharpie! Thank u Mr Howe!! His son wrote note back saying Gordie loved my letter/ se two photos (8x10, 5x7). This home is literally 5 minutes from my childhood home. Will be so happy if they come back signed. Will update 
kaltiTimo Pielmeier2014-09-232014-10-08Success1/1 Sent 1 Card , got it back signed 
MISSINGLINKVincent Damphousse2014-08-122014-10-08Success3/3   
Coltron57Gordie Howe2014-10-012014-10-08Success1/1 Score The Franchise O6 for my set. Wow. Just wow. Looks different than other peoples, and looks 'shaky' as if someone elderly signed it. Hope it is real! 
MISSINGLINKJim McKenny2014-07-302014-10-07Success2/2 Success...I guess. Requested cards to be signed in blue but were signed with a thick black chisel marker...and smeared to boot! 
MISSINGLINKJohn Bucyk2014-09-242014-10-07Success3/3 Got his 3 Retro parkie cards signed in blue as requested. Nice signatures and quick return from this Bruins great! 
teetime354Mike Eruzione2014-10-032014-10-07Success1/0 Sent email request. Received one USA - Russia photo signed in black sharpie 
MISSINGLINKEd Sandford2014-09-242014-10-07Success2/2 Signed my 1953 Parkie and 1954 Topps cards in blue ink as requested. Quick return and he even sent me a note thanking me for writing! Gotta love the Original 6 era players! 
typierre75Michel Goulet2013-03-182014-10-07Success2/2 wow !! 567 days thank mr Goulet ! 
graeme45Dave Reid2014-09-182014-10-06Success3/3   
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