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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
AllstarCzar31Roger Craig2015-08-202015-09-04Success1/1 1964 Topps baseball card, $5, letter and SASE. 
leviDanny Santana2015-08-192015-09-04Success2/2 2014 Topps US-for set, 2015 Topps
Benny2458Craig Breslow2015-08-182015-09-04Success1/1   
bigbenjobuJon Farrell2015-08-042015-09-04Success2/2 Signed both in blue
haynmayMatt Lipka2015-02-062015-09-04Success1/1 minor league card 
magic79Ron Gant2015-08-182015-09-04Success4/4 Four cards signed in blue Sharpie. 
Hobey21New York Mets2015-08-302015-09-04Success1/0 Got a fan pack! 
leviJason Lane2015-04-272015-09-04Success1/1 2006 Topps-for set
crbaughn62Mike Sweeney2015-08-032015-09-04Success2/3 kept one. smeared one. 
magic79Joe Slusarski2015-07-152015-09-04Success2/2 Two cards signed in black Sharpie. 
CalebssportscardsSteve Nagy2015-08-232015-09-03Success3/1 For my WW2 collection 
gratiotknightRandy St. Claire2015-08-282015-09-03Success1/1 '89 Upper Deck signed in black Sharpie... 
Royals1982Chris Sabo2015-08-072015-09-03Success1/2 Signed one and sent the other back too in my SASE. Still a great success! 
mnbigfootJim Vatcher2015-07-162015-09-03Success1/1 1991 Score. Thanks Mr. Vatcher!
jwongnyyChris Stewart2015-08-242015-09-03Success2/2 Sent 2 4x6; 2 signed in black 
denvotzDoug Jones2015-03-062015-09-03Success1/1   
marty77Jon Lieber2015-06-182015-09-03Success4/4  
crbaughn62John Tudor2015-05-112015-09-03Success5/5   
newz707Mitchell Hansen2015-08-182015-09-03Success9/9 9 usa cards signed in blue inscribed "2015 2nd rd" on each 
jdogwilde11Jim Bunning2015-08-212015-09-03Success1/1 Signed ROMLB with HOF inscription as requested. $10 donation 
magic79Craig Wilson2015-08-062015-09-03Success3/3 Three cards signed in black Sharpie 
crbaughn62Randy St. Claire2015-05-152015-09-03Success1/2   
mnbigfootChris Sabo2015-07-202015-09-03Success1/6 1989 Topps. Returned 5 unsigned. Thanks Mr. Sabo!
RobextendBobby Sprowl2015-08-242015-09-03Success1/1 1981 Topps (previously signed by Knicely)/Great success, thank you Mr. Sprowl. 
Doer03Gary Redus2015-08-242015-09-03Success5/5 Sent 86T, 87T, 88T, 87D, 89D 
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