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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
cbtvideosDaniel Bard2014-10-182014-10-22Success3/1 Sent one 2006 TRISTAR Prospects Plus trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, plus two extra, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
Yankeesfan2Don Larsen2014-10-142014-10-22Success2/2 Signed two cards in blue. Super quick! Nice guy!! 
graeme45Danny Tartabull2014-09-222014-10-22Success7/7   
graeme45Luis Rivera2014-06-262014-10-22Success2/2   
Yankeesfan2Jason Grilli2014-05-282014-10-22Success2/2 Sending 2 cards. Signed both in blue. 
mazefan72Tim Wallach2013-08-172014-10-22Success3/3 Long wait, but signed 3/3.TY 
J_A_S_ZSid Bream2014-10-132014-10-22Success1/1 1987 Topps TL +$1-signed in black 
acarter13David Robertson2014-02-012014-10-22Success1/2 Kept other card, signed in blue sharpie with #30 
J_A_S_ZRon Cey2014-10-132014-10-22Success0/1 1987 Topps TL-signed in blue 
J_A_S_ZJim Acker2014-10-092014-10-22Success1/1 1987 T-upgrade my red to black with this return 
rickylukeTodd Frazier2013-07-302014-10-22Success1/1 What a wait!! 449 days! In Black Sharpie! 
Bedrock BedrosianBen Davis2014-09-202014-10-22Success2/2 '01 Upper Deck and Topps, thanks Big Ben! 
magic79Bob Randall2014-10-062014-10-21Success3/1 Signed card in black Sharpie, included additional signed photo and brochure. 
NyjerMorgan77Jason Grilli2014-06-052014-10-21Success7/7   
TideFanDanJim Beattie2014-04-262014-10-21Success1/1 1979 Topps. Thank You Mr. Beattie. 
mail4mrkJB Shuck2014-04-302014-10-21Success2/2 Sent to Anaheim before he was traded to Cleveland. Great success :) 
marty77Jim Acker2014-10-092014-10-21Success2/2 1987 and 1992 Topps 
yanks39Dave Cash2014-10-112014-10-21Success3/3 78T, 79T, 81T 
J_A_S_ZTim Wallach2012-11-092014-10-21Success1/1 1987T-long wait but it's signed 
Bedrock BedrosianAndy Ashby2014-10-042014-10-21Success2/2 '92 Donruss and Upper Deck, thanks Andy! 
NyjerMorgan77Cliff Pennington2014-02-072014-10-21Success1/5 Signed 2014 Topps Yellow Border, Kept 4 Others 
leviEric Wedge2014-10-132014-10-21Success1/1 2009 Topps-for set 
magic79Ron Hansen2014-10-172014-10-21Success3/3 Three cards signed in blue Sharpie with great-looking signatures 
magic79John Miller2014-10-172014-10-21Success2/2 Signed two cards in ballpoint 
Bedrock BedrosianElroy 'Roy' Face2014-10-092014-10-21Success1/1 '68 Topps, thanks Mr. Face! 
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