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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
collector41Juan Berenguer2014-05-272014-07-28Success3/5   
ShilliarColt Hynes2014-07-212014-07-28Success1/1   
Redsox1253Fred Lynn2014-07-102014-07-28Success1/0 Request blue index card. 
Redsox1253Jim Lonborg2014-06-162014-07-28Success1/1 Sweet auto. Signed cy young 67 
bboonie53Ben McDonald2014-07-152014-07-28Success3/3 '90 Best Minor League, '90 Score, '91 Bowman 
bboonie53Daniel Robertson2014-07-172014-07-28Success1/1 '14 Bowman FC/Added 1st RD Draft Pick 2009 
justinw182Juan Berenguer2014-04-242014-07-28Success1/2   
rukastarBlake Beavan2014-03-312014-07-28Success1/1 Sent to AAA - signed my 2012 Prizm in black in 120 days 
Dean28Don Kessinger2014-07-072014-07-28Success2/2 '70 & '78 Topps signed nicely in blue Sharpie 
cbtvideosLay Batista2014-06-092014-07-28Success1/1 Sent one 2014 Mississippi Braves Grandstand trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
lesboulezJody Davis2014-07-142014-07-28Success1/1 1987 Fleer signed in blue sharpie for my set...
ShilliarColt Hynes2014-07-212014-07-28Success1/1 2014 Topps Rookie Card, Returned with great signature and personalized 'Guns Up' (He is a Texas Tech alum as am I and I mentioned this my letter).
J_A_S_ZGene Clines2014-07-122014-07-27Success1/1 79T (Cubs)-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZBill Campbell2014-07-122014-07-27Success2/2 84/85T-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZRon Cey2014-07-122014-07-27Success3/3 84/85/86T-all returned signed 
NoMeeLos Angeles Dodgers2014-07-092014-07-27Success5/0 Pretty good fan pack. Took longer than others but not bad 
J_A_S_ZJim Frey2014-07-122014-07-27Success2/3 84/86T plus 1 to keep-returned signed 
jdy0385Ted Power2014-07-092014-07-27Success2/2 Thanks Ted! 
J_A_S_ZMichael Feliz2014-07-092014-07-27Success1/1 14 BP flag retry-came back signed this time 
J_A_S_ZChris Speier2014-07-122014-07-27Success1/1 86T-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZGreg Gross2014-07-122014-07-27Success1/1 1980's Cubs card-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZChris Beck2014-07-092014-07-27Success1/1 14 BP flag-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZLarry Bowa2014-07-122014-07-27Success2/2 80's Topps cubs cards-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZTyler Danish2014-07-092014-07-27Success1/1 14 BP flag-returned signed 
J_A_S_ZCourtney Hawkins2014-07-122014-07-27Success1/1 13 THM SP-returned signed but smudged 
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