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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Ebys23Mike Proly2016-01-222016-02-07Success1/1 84 Donruss- signed in blue 
leviSal Butera2016-01-302016-02-07Success2/2 1982-1983 Topps 
39specialMark Grant2016-01-252016-02-06Success1/1 '90 Score 
marty77Steve Nicosia2016-01-252016-02-06Success1/3 He decided to keep 2/3. Kinda a success. 
marty77Tim Belcher2015-08-262016-02-06Success1/1 1989 Topps 
39specialJim Lonborg2016-01-152016-02-06Success1/1 '66 Topps and answered my questions 
CalebssportscardsDon Bosch2016-01-072016-02-06Success1/1 68 Topps 
Pedroia15TheBestTom Brennan2016-01-292016-02-06Success2/1 Signed my LOR as well. Thanks Mr. Brennan! 
mnbigfootMike Blowers2015-12-292016-02-06Success2/2 1990 Topps Traded and 1990 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Blowers! 
39specialAndre Thornton2016-01-252016-02-06Success1/1 '82 Fleer 
xtra-inningsTerry Kennedy2016-01-042016-02-06Success4/4 x4 cards
Pedroia15TheBestJerry Casale2015-12-152016-02-06Success2/2 Calling it a success, but both the ball and the card were terribly smudged. May try again. 
TideFanDanJim Norris2014-07-172016-02-06Success1/1 1979 Topps, long wait, but thank you Mr. Norris. 
CalebssportscardsJohn Mabry2016-01-072016-02-06Success2/3 Signed 2 of 3 returned other unsigned 
Munson15Ben Davis2016-01-112016-02-06Success2/2 1996 and 2000 Topps...postmarked from Wilmington, DE. 
Sryankee99Turk Wendell2016-01-062016-02-06Success2/2   
delones24Sean Doolittle2015-10-012016-02-06Success1/1 15 Topps
39specialJack Daugherty2016-01-252016-02-06Success1/1 '90 Score and answered my questions 
masTim Belcher2015-03-252016-02-06Success1/4 sent 4 cards, offered 1--had written this off, but 11 months later I got 1 of 4 cards back signed. Other cards returned unsigned. 
Pedroia15TheBestPete Redfern2016-01-202016-02-06Success4/4 Signed all 4 cards, and answered questions. Thanks Mr. Redfern! 
crbaughn62Andre Thornton2016-01-092016-02-06Success3/3   
Pedroia15TheBestKyle Schwarber2015-12-212016-02-06Success1/1 Did not expect to see this back so quickly, Heritage Minors 2015. Thanks Mr. Schwarber! 
BoehmzBobby Doerr2016-01-162016-02-06Success1/1 Sent//ROMLB, SASE, LOR. Received//Signed on sweet spot, in SASE! Thanks Mr. Doerr! 97 Year Old TTM Signer! 
Pedroia15TheBestRich Yett2015-11-132016-02-06Success2/3 Kept one as requested. Thanks Mr. Yett! 
Pedroia15TheBestShawn Tolleson2015-10-102016-02-06Success1/1   
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