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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
delones24Carmelo Anthony2013-03-202014-06-25Success1/1 09 Classic - sent his own, returned mine unsigned.
delones24Mike Schuler2014-06-122014-06-25Success1/1 90 Hoops
delones24Dee Brown2014-06-042014-06-25Success3/3 93 UD SE, 93 UD, 93 Skybox
delones24Chris Ford2014-06-062014-06-25Success2/2 90 Hoops, 91 Fleer
delones24Matt Fish2014-06-062014-06-25Success1/1 94 UD
delones24Chris Morris2014-05-092014-06-25Success2/2 92 Ultra x2, offered 1
delones24Chucky Brown2014-04-282014-06-25Success2/2 92 Ultra x2, offered 1
delones24Chris Morris2013-08-142014-06-25Success3/3  
bigsportsfan1Chicago Bulls2013-11-282014-06-25Success1/0 Received fan pack including a yearbook 
delones24Jimmy Oliver2014-05-262014-06-25Success1/1 91 Fleer
chitownautosGreg Kampe2014-04-102014-06-24Success1/0 5.5x8.5 Autographed Photo (Personalized/Inscription: "Go Quizz")...75 days 
ajcorleoneFred Roberts2014-06-052014-06-23Success2/2 Great signatures and added a note to my request. 
ramathornTracy Murray2014-05-272014-06-22Success2/2 signed both cards! 
JustExcellent32Harrison Barnes2014-05-292014-06-20Success1/1 My face is shown at around 1:43 into this video. Really Cool! 
jaymz887Jason Kidd2014-01-102014-06-20Success2/2 took a while but finally got them in. awesome success 
primetime27Jay Wright2014-03-142014-06-19Success1/0 Received a signed color personalized 8.5 x 10.5 picture. 
mazefan72Dave Corzine2014-02-232014-06-19Success2/2 Signed two 89 fleer traded cards.TY 
MichaelDangHarrison Barnes2014-05-232014-06-18Success1/1 8x10, slightly smeared but still nice! 
jaymz887Warren Kidd2014-06-012014-06-18Success4/4 2/1993 classics and 2/1993 topps cards 
ramathornWalt Williams2014-06-032014-06-16Success2/2   
CalebssportscardsLouie Dampier2014-05-312014-06-16Success1/1 Hopefully mine doesn't take as long as the previous person's//got here sooner than I expected thanks Mr. Dampier 
ramathornDan Majerle2014-06-022014-06-16Success3/3 signed all 3 
nbccollectorDirk Nowitzki2014-04-012014-06-16Success1/1 sent a 5o anniversary Topps// returned signed in black 
nbccollectorCharles Oakley2014-04-032014-06-16Success1/1 sent '91-92 Upperdeck//SIgned nicely in blue 
ajcorleoneFelton Spencer2014-05-052014-06-14Success3/4 Sent 4 and offered 1 he sent back 3 signed nicely 
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