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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Hwood65Dee Brown2014-08-292014-09-08Success2/2 Quick return and signed both cards! Thanks Mr. Brown. 
SC30boyDetlef Schrempf2014-08-252014-09-08Success1/1   
SC30boyChris Kaman2014-08-252014-09-08Success2/2 Signed both cards 
DownGoesFrazierKeith Van Horn2014-08-262014-09-06Success1/1 Signed 04-05 Topps...thanks a bunch, Keith! 
delones24Jason Williams2014-07-232014-09-05Success1/1 07 Fleer
delones24Tim Hardaway2014-08-182014-09-05Success0/1 94 Skybox
delones24Scot Pollard2014-08-202014-09-05Success1/1 97 Hoops
codynastmetsKeith Van Horn2014-08-252014-09-05Success1/1   
dareylCalbert Cheaney2014-08-092014-09-05Success3/3 Signed all 3 cards.
KyleK35Brad Brownell2014-08-282014-09-04Success1/0 Received personalized signed photo. Very nice success. 
BaseballTTMAutosMinnesota Timberwolves2014-08-292014-09-03Success9/0 Silly Bands, 6 Stickers, A Bookmark, and a Pocket Schedule 
Soeren2811Bob McAdoo2014-08-142014-09-03Success1/2 sent 2 pictures; signature on 1 of him as a Knick, didn't sign picture of him at North Carolina; TTM to Germany 
wongcastleLarry Krystkowiak2014-08-262014-09-03Success1/0 received signed color 8x10
mets86John Stockton2014-08-142014-09-02Success1/1 sent a 8x10 
delones24Keith Askins2014-07-152014-09-02Success1/1 97 Fleer
mail4mrkJohn Stockton2014-07-242014-09-02Success1/1 Great success from the Jazz legend and HOF. Signed my 8x10 photo :) 
SC30boyTerrell Brandon2014-08-252014-09-02Success1/1 fleer 96-97 
SC30boyHersey Hawkins2014-08-252014-09-02Success2/2   
jaymz887Bobby Jones2014-08-162014-09-02Success1/4 signed 1 card in pen. returned the others. 
RyPBNick Anderson2014-07-082014-08-31Success2/2   
wongcastleDawn Staley2014-08-232014-08-30Success2/0 received signed color 4x6 cards
Soeren2811Richie Guerin2014-08-142014-08-30Success2/2 sent 2 pictures (Knicks and College), signed both with HOF13 inscription; TTM to Germany, very fast 
nbccollectorRobert Parish2014-04-032014-08-30Success1/1 just sent one. Better send one and get it signed than send 20 and get none signed 
CalebssportscardsDick Van Arsdale2014-08-192014-08-30Success1/1 
mikedmatthewsAnne Donovan2014-01-162014-08-29Success1/1  
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