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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
football-onlyKelvin Sampson2016-01-072016-01-25Success1/0   
ellwoodbandrulesDirk Nowitzki2015-12-302016-01-25Success1/1 One Card Signed in Black 
marty77Dirk Nowitzki2015-10-092016-01-24Success1/1  
crbaughn62Fred Roberts2015-08-142016-01-23Success2/2   
BoinksFred Roberts2015-12-112016-01-23Success1/1   
pokemonclubErsan Ilyasova2015-10-152016-01-23Success1/1   
CelciusIIBrad Davis2016-01-112016-01-23Success1/1   
nicsKenny Walker2015-12-232016-01-22Success2/2 My 1st ever TTm Success. Thanks Mr. Walker :)
K5bulldogAndrew Wiggins2015-11-112016-01-22Success1/1 Didn't sign my card, but sent back his own pre-print and a hand signed info card as well. Thank you Mr. Wiggins! 
RedSoxDerrShaquille O'Neal2015-12-112016-01-22Success3/3 8x10 photo with 2 index cards 
tbeauBill Curley2016-01-142016-01-21Success10/10 signed all 10 of the cards I sent 
mrREALiTiMitch Kupchak2015-12-292016-01-21Success3/1 signed card and 2 index cards 
mrREALiTiRon Rothstein2015-01-082016-01-21Success2/2   
mrREALiTiThomas (Tommy) Kearns2015-12-292016-01-21Success2/1 signed card and index card 
NYYanks2016Dick Vitale2016-01-042016-01-21Success2/1 Signed one ginter and sent back a signed postcard as well. Postmarked from FL 
mrREALiTiWalter Davis2015-12-292016-01-21Success1/1   
wongcastleLon Kruger2016-01-112016-01-20Success1/0 received personalized signed color 5x7
tboculosisDave Cowens2015-12-282016-01-20Success2/2 Received both trading cards back signed in blue Sharpie. 
wongcastleJosh Pastner2016-01-102016-01-20Success1/0 received signed color 8.5x11
masShaquille O'Neal2015-11-282016-01-19Success3/3   
jescamillaz3Dan Majerle2016-01-052016-01-19Success1/1   
football-onlyBrad Davis2015-11-312016-01-19Success1/1 signed 5x7 
jescamillaz3Jerry Sloan2016-01-052016-01-19Success1/1 Thanks Coach Sloan! Super fast response 
HouseOfCardsJarrell Martin2016-01-082016-01-19Success2/2 Sent 2 cards. Got both back unsigned, but got an actual Jarrell Martin pre-print versus another player. Again, this is why the NBA will NEVER have the fan base like the NFL. 
jescamillaz3Jerry Sloan2016-01-052016-01-19Success1/1 Thanks Coach Sloan! 
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