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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
CalebssportscardsBrad Davis2016-03-202016-04-04Success3/3 90-91 Hoops, 90-91 Skybox, 91-92 Skybox 
NlachChris Kaman2016-03-062016-04-03Success1/2 1 signed 1 unsigned 
CorbinsCardsLos Angeles Clippers2016-03-172016-04-03Success0/0 sent email asking for fan pack and got a response they are sending me one just 26hrs after 
pokemonclubChris Kaman2016-02-052016-04-02Success1/4   
graphing310Vince Carter2016-02-272016-04-02Success1/1 Sent $15 to foundation 
Ebys23Chris Kaman2016-02-012016-04-02Success1/1 12-13 Threads- signed in black 
pokemonclubMark Eaton2015-10-292016-04-02Success3/3 3/3 in blue pen 
druce26Maurice Cheeks2016-03-092016-04-01Success2/2   
bickel84Richie Guerin2016-03-222016-04-01Success1/1 61-62 Fleer...Received card signed and inscribed with HOF 13. 
pokemonclubLarry Nance Jr.2016-02-162016-04-01Success1/1   
bickel84Paul Westphal2016-03-222016-04-01Success1/1 79-80 Topps 
NYYanks2016Los Angeles Lakers2016-02-252016-03-31Success1/1 Received another sweet fan pack with a Kobe full size schedule and a Laker girl photo 
jimmyf21Lenny Wilkens2016-03-172016-03-31Success2/1 mailed 1 card & request - received card signed in silver and a unsigned L W Foundation business card 
mpay9779Dirk Nowitzki2016-03-022016-03-31Success2/3 2 of 3 signed cards. keep one 
bickel84Kenny Walker2016-03-222016-03-31Success2/2 89-90 Hoops and 91-92 Skybox 
CoolhandkipKevin Ollie2016-03-202016-03-30Success2/0 Sent email request got a cylinder in my mailbox today. This has got to be the best success ever! Both girls and guys poster signed by all the players and coaches. They sent me two and autos are different sizes on easy one. Thank you Huskies
K5bulldogLuke Walton2016-03-092016-03-30Success1/1 Thank you Mr. Walton! 
CalebssportscardsClem Haskins2016-03-202016-03-30Success1/1 71-72 Topps 
crbaughn62Isaiah Rider2016-02-202016-03-30Success1/1 no inscription. no donation. 
CoolhandkipGeno Auriemma2016-03-202016-03-30Success2/0 Got a cylinder in my mailbox today. Had two guys and girls basketball posters all players and the two coaches signed on both by all guys and girls and Kevin Ollie times two. Unbelievable thank you UCONN
tonyt1957Les Hunter2015-07-172016-03-28Success1/1 73/topps. Singed in blue to tony 
mrdavidjbLarry Nance2016-02-022016-03-28Success1/1 Autographed 1/1 2010 GOTG Card 
NYYanks2016Oklahoma City Thunder2016-03-202016-03-28Success1/1 Received a fan pack similar to the others. 
tonyt1957Duane Causwell2015-05-172016-03-28Success1/1 93/UD. Singed in black 
tonyt1957Joe Hamilton2015-07-172016-03-27Success1/1 73/topps. Singed in blue to tony 
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