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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
delones24Rik Smits2014-08-232014-09-29Success1/1 95 Metal
lizard-jdShaquille O'Neal2014-08-252014-09-29Success1/1 Signed Heat jersey perfectly - TY Shaq! 
Nygiants42Dirk Nowitzki2014-08-192014-09-29Success1/1 Great success! Thanks! 
soxmattShaquille O'Neal2014-08-202014-09-29Success1/1 Signed a 5x7 
23jumpmanHersey Hawkins2014-09-252014-09-29Success3/3 signed 3 in black 
Foss32Brad Brownell2014-09-202014-09-29Success1/0 Signed Photo 
mazefan72Keith Askins2014-09-192014-09-29Success3/3 Signed all 3 cards sent..TY 
soxmattVinny Del Negro2014-09-192014-09-29Success1/1 Signed a 5x7. Inscribed to matthew best wishes. 
delones24Stephen Howard2014-04-242014-09-29Success2/2 92 Ultra x2, offered 1, signed both
delones24Stephen Howard2013-02-212014-09-29Success1/1 92 Classic 4 Sport
soxmattMike Krzyzewski2014-08-202014-09-29Success1/1 Same picture as everyone else. 
lautnerfiedMike Krzyzewski2014-08-202014-09-29Success1/1 Same Pic as everyone else, def authentic 
RyPBOscar Robertson2014-09-182014-09-29Success2/2   
Foss32Pat Summitt2014-09-202014-09-28Success1/0 Received Signed Photo. Personalized 
nbccollectorShawn Bradley2014-04-092014-09-28Success1/1 Signed '91 Fleer in silver 
mets86Mike Krzyzewski2014-08-302014-09-27Success1/1 Sent a 8X10 
indyredsTim Hardaway2014-09-012014-09-27Success2/2   
Pedroia15TheBestDirk Nowitzki2014-07-262014-09-27Success1/1   
PhinsPhan77Shaquille O'Neal2014-08-102014-09-27Success3/3 3/3 from Shaq!! 
alf7624Dirk Nowitzki2014-07-262014-09-27Success1/1 Sent 8x10. Got back signed photo in silver. Looks great. Thanks Dirk!! 
marty77Shaquille O'Neal2014-08-252014-09-27Success2/2  
ramathornDirk Nowitzki2014-07-212014-09-27Success1/1   
soxmattJerry Sloan2014-09-152014-09-27Success1/1 Signed a 5x7 in silver sharpie. 
aleckeeganAndre Drummond2014-03-092014-09-26Success1/1 I sent a card in a penny sleeve and he signed the sleeve lol. It is for trade if anyone wants it 
arfmaxDetlef Schrempf2010-02-022014-09-26Success1/3 1697 days! Sent 90-91 Hoops/91-92 Skybox/97-98 Topps & $15 donation, got 90-91 Hopps signed, other cards returned unsigned 
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