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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
raywhite24Mike Krzyzewski2014-08-052014-08-14Success1/2 Sent hisown 8.5x11 signed in Silver. Returned index card unsigned 
coolhandluukDell Curry2014-05-062014-08-14Success3/3 Thanks Mr. Curry! 
Soeren2811Bo Ryan2014-06-162014-08-13Success2/2 TTM to Germany. Had to sent form to Compliance Office, afterward sent two pictures, signed both. 
mazefan72Dell Curry2014-04-282014-08-13Success2/2 Signed a 90 skybox, and a 99 topps.. TY 
delones24Dell Curry2014-07-242014-08-13Success2/3 94 Fleer, 96 Skybox Premium
pokeyburke1Rick Pitino2014-08-032014-08-13Success1/1 Signed my Sports Illustrtated with Silver Sharpie! Very quick success 
ScottCTRasual Butler2014-01-062014-08-12Success0/1 Dont remember exact date that I got it back, AWESOME return though 
ScottCTOrlando Johnson2014-01-062014-08-12Success0/1 Dont remember exact date that I got it back, AWESOME return though 
bickel84Rick Barry2014-07-162014-08-11Success2/2 Sent 1972 Topps ABA and 1978 Topps NBA and $10 cash...received both cards signed, personalized and inscribed with Best Swishes. 
delones24Rodney McCray2014-05-092014-08-11Success2/2 92 Ultra x2, offered 1, signed both
delones24Gene Littles2014-07-282014-08-11Success1/1 90 Hoops
RCautoTTMUwe Blab2014-07-302014-08-11Success1/1 Signed - 1989-90 Hoops #104 Uwe Blab SP 
RCautoTTMMookie Blaylock2014-07-302014-08-11Success1/1 Signed - 1990-91 Fleer #117 Mookie Blaylock RC 
abafan3435George Thompson2014-07-222014-08-11Success1/1 for the ABA PC- awesome personilized to me nice success!! 
silojohnsonJason Kidd2013-10-302014-08-09Success1/2 signed blue on blue card. hard to see. really appreciate the effort though. thanks Mr. Kidd! 
delones24Jason Kapono2014-05-072014-08-09Success1/1 10 Adrenalyn
delones24Brian Winters2014-07-112014-08-09Success1/1 96 Hoops
delones24Christian Laettner2014-04-252014-08-09Success1/2 92 Ultra x2, offered 1, Sent letter explaining I never received card from my first $5 payment.
delones24Dave Hoppen2014-07-252014-08-09Success1/1 90 Hoops
lautnerfiedPat Summitt2014-08-012014-08-08Success1/1 Sent note with request for signed photo, W SASE. Received personalized 8x10. 
abafan3435Darneil Hillman2014-08-012014-08-08Success1/1 sent 1971-72 team photo already signed by bobby leonard, billy keller and bob netolicky- awesome success! 
abafan3435Darel Carrier2014-07-222014-08-07Success1/1 for the ABA PC- nice success 
coolhandluukChristian Laettner2014-05-032014-08-07Success3/3 Sent 3, and he kept one, but provided another of his own. Also got a very nice note from his mother. Thanks Christian! 
RCautoTTMButch Beard2014-07-302014-08-06Success1/1 Signed - 1972-73 Topps #142 Butch Beard RC 
mikedmatthewsJackie Stiles2014-07-182014-08-06Success1/0 Used contact form, she sent me this awesome poster. SWMS star, USA team, WNBA
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