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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
dareylJohn McEnroe2014-09-032014-09-19Success1/1 nice success.
dareylFrank Shorter2014-09-032014-09-19Success1/1 Nice success.
mikedmatthewsLiang Chow2014-09-102014-09-18Success3/3  
mikedmatthewsMikaela Shiffrin2014-04-152014-09-16Success3/3 funny, she sent me someone else's note back
Hwood65Matt Hardy (wrestler)2014-08-132014-09-15Success1/1 My son sent this and was very happy to get the return. Thanks Mr. Hardy! 
mazefan72Cung Le2014-06-142014-09-15Success4/4 Signed three 4x6 photos, and a UFC 148 Relic card...TY Mr. Le!!! 
SplasherZMax Seibald2014-09-022014-09-11Success4/3 Really nice!!! I sent 3 index cards. All 3 came back signed plus a card 
bcommerceScott Hamilton2014-09-032014-09-11Success1/1 Sent Book!! Returned signed with Inscription!! 
mikedmatthewsLouie Vito2014-04-022014-09-11Success2/2  
mikedmatthewsDestinee Martinez2014-07-272014-09-10Success4/4  
mikedmatthewsJohn Coughlin2014-07-202014-09-10Success2/2  
mikedmatthewsBart Conner2014-07-272014-09-10Success3/3  
Foss32Ed Hochuli2014-09-022014-09-06Success1/0 responded to email. sent signed photo...Awesome! 
BoSoxRJRon Simmons2014-08-272014-09-05Success2/2 Sent Fleer WrestleMania card and Smackdown vs Raw card, got both back signed and personalized, Thanks Mr. Simmons 
jasonjDoyle Brunson2014-08-172014-09-02Success2/2 Signed 2/2. 1 turned out awesome, 1 turned out good -- I forgot to add postage to the envelope. Brunson was cool enough to add that for me! Good luck, Brunson! 
RyPBMarvin Hagler2014-06-012014-08-31Success2/2 signed and personalized 
KmbtheoneGeorge Foreman2014-06-242014-08-30Success1/1   
mazefan72Anthony " Rumble" Johnson (MMA)2014-07-032014-08-30Success3/3 Signed & Personalized two 4x6 photos, and a UFC M.O.T. card. TY Rumble!! 
KmbtheoneMarvin Hagler2014-06-182014-08-30Success1/2 Signed but severely smudged 
mikedmatthewsSugar Todd2014-07-032014-08-30Success4/4  
mikedmatthewsGeorge Foreman2014-03-102014-08-30Success2/2  
dawgbizkit83Jennie Finch2014-07-242014-08-29Success1/1 8x10, signed w/black sharpie 
cubbies4everFox Sports Girls West2014-05-062014-08-29Success0/1 Signed 4x6 Signed By Taylor and Corinne, 115 Days 
mikedmatthewsHeather Richardson2014-01-162014-08-29Success2/2 USA Speedskating
comfortably9numbJennie Finch2014-08-042014-08-29Success1/1 Quick Return! 
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