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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
mikedmatthewsJessica Mendoza2014-10-012015-01-30Success4/4   
sublime420Kurt Angle2015-01-162015-01-30Success2/2 Signed Wrestlemania XIX cover for Gamecube and IC 
mikedmatthewsLo Lo Jones2014-07-202015-01-29Success2/2 Not sure why mine worked and the other did not, but this is the address i put in my notes. cool return. 
primetime27Fox Sports North Girls2015-01-102015-01-28Success3/0 Received 3 signed color 4 x 8 promo cards. 
primetime27Carolina Kostner2015-01-102015-01-27Success1/0 Received a signed color 3.75 x 6 picture. 
soupdupRandy Couture2015-01-162015-01-26Success1/1 Received 8x10 that I sent with requested inscription 
vmannu4Roger Bannister2014-10-112015-01-26Success3/3 Awesome Success! Sent $5 for postage. 
rukastarJennie Finch2015-01-132015-01-26Success1/1 got my home-printed 5x7 photo back today in around two weeks, but a little disappointed since this was my first attempt using my new photo printer and it looks like the photo got scraped on the inside of the envelope :( will send again 
lautnerfiedBela Karolyi2015-01-022015-01-24Success1/1 Signed Personalized Card 
DHealy26Alexander Gustafsson2015-01-122015-01-22Success1/1 Signed M.O.T card 
primetime27Mahe Drysdale2015-01-102015-01-22Success1/0 01 22 15 Received a signed color 3.75 x 5.75 promo card. 
primetime27Fox Sports West Girls2015-01-102015-01-22Success1/0 Got a signed personalized color 4 x 8 promo card. 
TideFanDanDan Gable2015-01-022015-01-21Success1/1 1991 Olympic HOF. Thanks Mr. Gable. 
DHealy26Donald Cerrone2014-11-282015-01-21Success1/1 M.O.T card 
primetime27Peter Elzinga2015-01-102015-01-20Success1/0 Received a signed color 5 x 7 promo card. 
TideFanDanMark Spitz2015-01-022015-01-20Success1/1 1991 Olympic HOF set. Interesting signature. Thanks Mr. Spitz. 
CalebssportscardsTommy Kono2015-01-052015-01-17Success1/1 first Olympic success 
mazefan72Matt Wiman ( MMA)2014-12-272015-01-15Success5/3 Signed two 4X6 photos, a UFC m.o.t. card. Also threw in an additional card, and a signed note. TY Mr. WIman! 
mikedmatthewsGracie Gold2014-07-192015-01-15Success1/0   
vmannu4Bill Rodgers2015-01-052015-01-13Success1/2 Great Success! Added Boston x4 and New York x4 
lautnerfiedDick Enberg2015-01-122015-01-12Success1/1 Signed magazine cover 
sanfrangiants55Alexandra Raisman2014-02-152015-01-12Success1/1 signed Topps Olympic! 
Rob6251Julia Mancuso2014-04-282015-01-12Success3/1 Sent 1 Card and 2 ICs /// Signed the card and both IC's 
mazefan72Joseph Benavidez (MMA)2014-11-202015-01-12Success3/3 Signed two 4X6 photos, and a UFC m.o.t. card. TY Mr. Benavidez 
sublime420Tim Kennedy (MMA)2014-12-192015-01-09Success1/1 2014 Topps UFC Knockout Base Card
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