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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
PG-53Jim Riggleman2015-07-102015-08-01Success1/1 '11 Heritage set card - 23% complete
xtra-inningsMike Lieberthal2015-07-152015-08-01Success4/4 x4 cards
BSRiceWade Boggs2015-07-162015-08-01Success3/3 Included $20 donation to his charity
leam1098Pat Neshek2015-07-232015-08-01Success1/1   
xtra-inningsJohnny Grubb2015-07-152015-08-01Success4/4 x4 cards
magic79Frank Saucier2015-07-182015-08-01Success5/1 Signed my index card and answered my questions; also included signed extras and paid for additional postage for them. What a nice man! 
CollectYes3xTerry Leach2015-06-272015-08-01Success1/1 Donruss '93 signed in black Sharpie
xtra-inningsJohn D'Acquisto2015-07-152015-08-01Success2/2 x2 cards
imcoopAl Newman2015-07-132015-08-01Success1/1 He signed my 1988 Donruss Card 
CelciusIIWade Boggs2015-07-162015-08-01Success3/3 Sent LOR, SASE, 3 cards. 
BaseballGuy2001Steven Moya2015-07-212015-08-01Success1/1   
TTMsColin Moran2015-07-262015-08-01Success2/2   
xtra-inningsGarth Iorg2015-07-142015-08-01Success4/4 x4 cards
mnbigfootLaMarr Hoyt2015-07-152015-08-01Success4/4 1982 Topps, 1983 Topps, and (2) 1987 Topps. Thanks Mr. Hoyt!
newz707Ke'Bryan Hayes2015-07-202015-08-01Success4/4 4 USA cards inscribed '1st rd 2015' on each card 
mikedmatthewsJaclyn Traina2015-06-292015-08-01Success3/2 added signed note 
KyleK35Aaron Nola2015-07-202015-08-01Success1/1 Signed 2015 Bowman Prospects. Awesome success! 
CollectYes3xBilly Gardner2015-06-272015-08-01Success1/1 Signed my baseball on the sweet spot in blue ink
druce26Bobby Witt2015-07-062015-08-01Success1/1 Came back in two weeks. 
magic79Don Leppert2015-07-162015-08-01Success4/2 Kept the two signature cards but included four signed pictures - awesome success. 
TTMsChase Anderson2015-07-172015-08-01Success3/3   
ChiTownJimPete Ward2015-07-242015-07-31Success1/1 signed card. Thanks! 
xtra-inningsTom Prince2015-04-152015-07-31Success4/4 x4 cards
Philly4LifeDon Larsen2015-07-202015-07-31Success1/1 Sent baseball, LOR, SASE, $20 and asked for WS PG inscription. Looks great and he put the WS PG inscription as asked. 
CalebssportscardsKerry Wood2015-06-152015-07-31Success1/1 1998 donruss rookie card// Amazing success! 
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