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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
marty77Bruce Bochy2016-01-272016-02-14Success2/2 1984 Topps and 2012 Topps Heritage 
marty77Dave Schmidt2015-11-152016-02-14Success4/4   
mnbigfootSean Casey2015-11-262016-02-13Success1/1 2008 Upper Deck. Thanks Mr. Casey!
Pedroia15TheBestGregg Olson2015-11-072016-02-13Success3/4 Sent back Fleer 1990 unsigned. Thanks Mr. Olson! 
gratiotknightDarrin Fletcher2015-12-282016-02-13Success1/1 '02 Topps Total glossy signed in thin blue Sharpie... 
39specialShawn Boskie2016-02-022016-02-13Success2/1 '91 Score plus he included one of his. 
Pedroia15TheBestDave Schmidt2014-10-162016-02-13Success1/1 Thanks Mr. Schmidt! 
justinw182Storm Davis2016-02-072016-02-13Success1/1 Signed 1987 Topps card in 7 days 
1956WSPete Daley2015-12-222016-02-13Success1/1 1960 Topps. Personalized to me and inscribed '#8'. Thank you, Mr. Daley!
LeeLambertsDave Schmidt2016-01-042016-02-13Success1/1 1990 Upper Deck. Black Sharpie. Very nice. Thanks!!
39specialFred Stanley2016-01-252016-02-13Success1/1 '82 Fleer 
dareylGregg Olson2016-02-012016-02-13Success3/3   
PatsFan9Jim Kern2016-02-022016-02-13Success5/5 nice sig 
yanks39Dan Ford2014-11-202016-02-13Success4/4 77T, 81T, 84T, 86T. 
Striker83Brandon Nimmo2015-05-092016-02-13Success1/1 Sent LOR, SASE, and 8x10/Received my photo back signed and personalized in blue sharpie
39specialEric Fox2016-02-042016-02-13Success1/1 '93 Topps and answered my questions. 
xtra-inningsShawn Boskie2016-02-012016-02-13Success6/5 x5 cards (incl. extra signed card)
39specialScott Servais2016-02-042016-02-13Success1/1 '93 Topps 
marty77Dave Schmidt2014-11-062016-02-13Success4/4 1985 and1987 Topps; 1987 Topps Traded; and 1990 Fleer 
autograph3746Storm Davis2016-02-062016-02-13Success6/6 Signed 6 1988 Donruss cards! Thanks so much Mr. Davis! 
leviFred Stanley2016-02-052016-02-13Success2/2 1982-1983 Topps
mazefan72Gregg Olson2015-02-252016-02-13Success2/2 Signed 2 cards..TY! 
crbaughn62Eric Milton2015-11-282016-02-13Success5/5 with inscription 
crbaughn62Dave McKay2015-12-182016-02-13Success1/1   
cbtvideosMatt Young (Pitcher:played 1983-1993)2016-01-062016-02-13Success1/1 Sent one 1984 Topps trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
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