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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
delones24Jaime Navarro2015-11-182015-11-28Success1/1 92 Score
xtra-inningsJeff Jones2015-11-152015-11-28Success4/4 x4 cards
leviJeff Suppan2015-06-162015-11-28Success1/1 2006 Topps-for set
CalebssportscardsJim Golden2015-10-122015-11-28Success2/2 Huyck Graphs Custom 4x6 and index card 
masBret Saberhagen2015-10-012015-11-28Success1/1 sent one card and $5 
denvotzButch Hobson2015-01-302015-11-28Success1/1   
delones24Martin Prado2015-11-162015-11-28Success1/1 13 Topps Chrome
CalebssportscardsSteve Trachsel2015-11-092015-11-28Success3/3 Signed all 3! 
magic79Scott Fletcher2015-11-192015-11-28Success5/5 Five cards signed in blue Sharpie 
flutie13Billy Jo Robidoux2015-11-172015-11-28Success1/1 Included "Best Wishes" on the card 
gacards0508Reese McGuire2015-08-012015-11-28Success2/2 Signed both '14 Heritage Minor League. Postmarked from Washington. 
magic79Jim Sundberg2015-02-242015-11-28Success2/2 Two cards signed in black. ZIP code should be 76017. 
lesboulezDanny Tartabull2015-08-172015-11-27Success3/3 1987 Fleer Update for set, as well as 91 Topps and Upper Deck 
leviDoug Rader2015-11-192015-11-27Success3/3 1984, 1990-1991 Topps
docgallieJeff Reardon2015-11-052015-11-27Success6/6   
anguishCBAMike Mussina2015-10-202015-11-27Success3/5 go three nicely signed cards from MR.Mussina... kept my relic which is dissapointing but im glad from what i got 
docgallieKip Gross2015-11-052015-11-27Success5/5   
cbtvideosBrian Matusz2015-06-172015-11-27Success1/1 Sent one 2009 TRISTAR Obak trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent. Postmarked from AZ.
gacards0508Rob Kaminsky2015-11-142015-11-27Success1/2 Signed '14 Heritage Minor League 
magic79Donn Pall2015-10-242015-11-27Success4/4 Four cards signed in black Sharpie - one of the best signers out there 
cbtvideosJerry Morales2015-11-182015-11-27Success1/1 Sent one 1981 Topps Traded trading card, $7, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a blue Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
imcoopRuss Morman2015-08-212015-11-27Success1/1 he signed my 1987 Topps Card 
McKimens13Brian Harper2015-01-172015-11-27Success4/4 1990 Donruss MVP, 1990 Donruss Diamond Kings, 1990 Donruss, 1989 Topps 
Munson15Wayne Granger2015-11-182015-11-27Success3/3   
leviRoger Clemens2015-11-102015-11-27Success1/2 1987 Topps All-Star, 1990 Fleer-for sets...not what I sent bu I will take it!!
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