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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Royals1982Sammy Lee2015-08-252015-09-04Success3/1 Sent 1 card and he signed it in pen, signed the protective IC and personalized it and sent a BC signed as well. Very fast too. Thanks Dr. Lee! 
w8lifter28Jerry Lawler2015-08-102015-09-04Success1/1 Signed, personalized and inscribed my white filler card 
cbtvideosJohn Newcombe2015-06-152015-09-03Success2/1 Sent one 1991 NetPro Legends trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent plus a 4x6 photo, signed with a black ink pen. Sent back in SASE I sent.
alf7624Ronda Rousey2015-06-152015-09-01Success1/1   
grifnutzRonda Rousey2015-06-192015-08-31Success1/1 4x6 
Jk-10Gretchen Bleiler2015-08-202015-08-31Success1/1 Sent SASE, LOR, 8x10 and blue sharpie to sign with. Signed with inscription as requested, awesome turn around time. 
jwongnyyRonda Rousey2015-08-062015-08-31Success1/2 Sent 2 4x6; signed & personalized 1. Compared to signatures on eBay, a little skeptical but nice return nonetheless 
tburtonJim Ross2015-08-082015-08-29Success3/3 Card, Letter and SASE 
viper45Katie Spotz2015-08-222015-08-29Success4/0 4 signed photos 
tburtonNikolai Volkoff (wrestler)2015-08-082015-08-29Success4/3 Card, Letter and SASE 
viper45Kim Conley2015-08-222015-08-29Success1/0 received a 5x7 personalized ISP 
air44bgAndre Agassi2015-06-012015-08-28Success1/1 SI Cover 
mikedmatthewsGrete Eliassen2014-04-242015-08-27Success2/2   
cbtvideosAnne Smith2015-05-162015-08-27Success1/1 Sent one 1991 NetPro Legends trading card, letter, and SASE. Got back trading card I sent, signed with a black Sharpie. Sent back in SASE I sent.
BSRiceGreg Louganis2015-08-102015-08-25Success1/1  
Hobey21Tim Kennedy (MMA)2015-08-062015-08-24Success1/1 Signed a card! Great Success from a Great Fighter! Thank you Mr. Kennedy! 18 Days!!! 
BSRiceShannon Miller2015-08-102015-08-24Success1/1  
Hobey21Demetrious Johnson2015-08-032015-08-24Success2/2 Signed 2 4x6s! Great Success from A Great Player! Thank you Mr. Johnson! 21 Days!!! 
BSRiceMark Spitz2015-07-272015-08-24Success1/1  
BSRiceScott Hamilton2015-08-102015-08-22Success1/1  
ellwoodbandrulesBill Eadie (wrestler)2015-07-222015-08-21Success2/2 2 Cards Personalized in Black 
Sbgrace0856Cat Osterman2015-07-312015-08-21Success1/1 Sent letter and pic 
tboculosisPaige Vanzant2015-07-202015-08-20Success1/1 Received my 8 x 10 photo back personalized and signed in silver Sharpie. 
Coltron57Paige Vanzant2015-07-282015-08-19Success2/2 2 4x6 photos. Signed and personalized both in bronze. 
NYYanks2016Nastia Liukin2015-05-232015-08-18Success1/1 Signed my 2012 Olympic Team card. An awesome success from a great Olympian!! 
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