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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
jasonjSasha Banks2015-07-012016-05-25Success4/2 Sasha signed the photos I sent to her. She also signed and sent two more glossy photos of the 4 horsewomen... 
mazefan72Tyson Griffin2014-11-132016-05-24Success3/3 Signed 3/3...took 558 days, postmarked from Oakland, CA...TY!! 
BSRiceSugar Ray Leonard2016-04-202016-05-23Success1/1   
Coltron57Bruce Buffer2015-12-292016-05-23Success3/2 2 4x6 photos. Signed both in black and added a book advert. Added VOTO to all. 
sportsfannoahSeth Rollins (wrestler)2016-04-212016-05-21Success1/1   
JimCantRoger Federer2016-02-222016-05-21Success1/1 Sent 8x10 photo with SASE. Received back signed in black sharpie. This was postmarked from Cleveland, OH. Great success! Thanks!
ccarver138Ricky Steamboat2016-04-252016-05-20Success2/2   
wongcastleWroclaw Impel2016-04-292016-05-16Success0/0 received fan pack 
wongcastleKaterina Siniakova2016-05-052016-05-16Success1/0 received signed color 4x6
wongcastleWroclaw Impel2016-04-292016-05-16Success1/0 received signed color 8.25x13 team picture
ccarver138Seth Rollins (wrestler)2016-03-082016-05-14Success3/3 2 4x6's and an autographed t-shirt from the Man himself. My kids are stoked! 
jimmyf21Taylor Earnhardt2016-04-292016-05-12Success1/0 sent message - received autographed photo signed in silver 
Phillyphan1Buffalo Bandits2016-05-102016-05-12Success4/0 Sent Email/ recieved autographed photo, trading card, schedule and magnet 
bcommerceSeth Rollins (wrestler)2016-03-112016-05-10Success3/3 Sent 3 Cards!! Returned all 3 Signed!! 
BSRiceBonnie Blair2015-08-102016-05-09Success2/1 Included a signed 4x6 photo 
jacktempletonMisty May-Treanor2016-03-102016-05-07Success3/3   
ccarver138Jim Ross2016-04-252016-05-05Success2/2   
ccarver138Nikolai Volkoff (wrestler)2016-04-252016-05-05Success1/2   
wongcastleKaterina Siniakova2016-04-232016-05-05Success1/0 received signed color 4x6
redsoxautomanSeth Rollins (wrestler)2016-03-022016-05-05Success1/1   
ccarver138Ron Simmons2016-04-292016-05-04Success1/2 Signed one and kept one. Thanks Mr. Simmons. Go Noles! 
sportsnut16caBob Backlund2016-03-262016-05-02Success3/3   
kactusjakkHolly Holm2016-01-012016-04-27Success2/2 Sent date is appx. Sent 2 11x14 with LOR and SASE. Received both! 
jwongnyyAmanda Beard2016-02-052016-04-25Success2/2 2 4x6; both signed in blue 
ellwoodbandrulesAmanda Beard2016-02-172016-04-21Success2/2 Two Cards Signed in Blue 
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