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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
PhinsPhan77Ron Simmons2014-08-072014-08-18Success3/2 Returned both my 4x6's signed and added a FSU photo signed! TY Mr. Simmons! 
gacards0508Bruno Sammartino (wrestler)2014-08-112014-08-18Success1/1 Signed 2014 Topps WWE Champions in silver sharpie. Quick return from the HOF'er. 
mikedmatthewsMax Aaron2014-07-142014-08-17Success3/3   
PhinsPhan77Bruno Sammartino (wrestler)2014-08-092014-08-16Success1/1 Mr. Sammartino signed 1 4x6 photo for me, TY! 
dareylJohn Naber2014-08-022014-08-16Success1/1 Signed card by an Olympic Great!
raywhite24John Buccigross2014-07-312014-08-15Success1/1 Signed card in silver 
ajcorleoneJessica Schultz2014-06-302014-08-15Success2/2 Signed both my pictures and included a personalized note answering a question.Great return 
mazefan72Cole Escovedo (MMA)2014-07-292014-08-15Success2/2 Signed a 4x6 weigh- in photo, and a U.F.C. m.o.t. card, both inscibed 'The Apache Kid' TY Cole!!! 
mikedmatthewsRonda Rousey2014-06-042014-08-14Success1/2   
Coltron57Ronda Rousey2014-07-102014-08-12Success1/2 2 4x6 photos. Returned 1 photo signed in silver and personalized. 
RheaumeForeverEva Wahlstrom2014-07-292014-08-11Success1/0 Received a signed postcard, thanks Eva! 
RyPBRandy Couture2014-06-012014-08-11Success2/2   
sanfrangiants55Shani Davis2014-07-302014-08-11Success1/1 '14 Topps Olympic 
mikedmatthewsAlicia Sacramone2013-07-252014-08-09Success1/1 Worth the wait.
mikedmatthewsDara Torres2014-07-202014-08-07Success2/2  
Hwood65Kurt Angle2014-07-242014-08-07Success1/1 Thanks Mr. Angle 
freezeover98Julien Lizeroux2013-11-052014-08-07Success2/0 2 postcards. 1 personalized 
PhinsPhan77Dylan Postl (wrestler)2014-07-072014-08-06Success1/1 Signed and returned my card. TY Mr. Postl a.k.a Hornswoggle! 
PhinsPhan77Bob Backlund2014-07-142014-08-04Success2/2 Mr. Backlund returned both my 4x6's signed. 
mazefan72Manny Gamburyan2014-07-032014-08-04Success4/4 Signed three 4x6 photos, and a UFC M.O.T. card. TY!! 
RheaumeForeverChemmy Alcott2014-07-292014-08-04Success1/0 Recieved a signed 4x6 but it was very badly bent and even had a small rip in it. Thanks anyway Chemmy! 
PhinsPhan77Jim Ross2014-07-142014-08-04Success3/3 Mr. Ross signed and returned all three of my 4x6's. 
mikedmatthewsAmber Patton2014-07-272014-08-03Success4/4  
mikedmatthewsNick Baumgartner2014-04-232014-07-31Success2/2  
mikedmatthewsRaven Chevanne2014-06-232014-07-31Success3/3  
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