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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
mrREALiTiRay Mancini2015-02-092015-10-10Success2/2 whoa i had given up on this! signed 2 index cards 
rchurchwardJohn McEnroe2015-03-052015-10-09Success1/1 Sent original 11x14 pop art painting. Returned signed in black with 'To Ryan, All The Best' 
mikedmatthewsKatherine (Kat) Grable2015-09-122015-10-08Success2/2   
wongcastleBrigetta Barrett2014-03-242015-10-08Success1/0 received personalized signed color 5x7
jwongnyyMisty May-Treanor2015-09-192015-10-07Success2/2 Sent 2 4x6; both signed in red 
alf7624Kerri Walsh2015-09-212015-10-05Success2/2   
casinojunkie13Amanda Beard2015-07-112015-10-05Success3/3   
jnel789Jerry Lawler2015-08-232015-10-03Success1/1 this is awesome
guodrenniksHannah Miller2015-09-102015-10-03Success2/0 Email sent; received signed 4x6 color photo and and signed personal note as well 
jnel789Jerry Lawler2015-08-222015-10-03Success1/1 this is sweet 
jnel789Jerry Lawler2015-08-162015-10-02Success1/1 this is sweet 
MusicmaximusJohn McEnroe2015-07-082015-10-02Success1/1 Personalized 1 8x10. Worth the 3 month wait! 
jwongnyyKerri Walsh2015-09-192015-10-01Success2/2 Sent 2 4x6: both signed in pink 
jwongnyyJennie Finch2015-09-192015-10-01Success2/2 Sent 2 4x6; signed both! 
mikedmatthewsJohn Orozco2015-01-012015-09-29Success3/4   
Royals1982Anna Kournikova2015-09-062015-09-26Success2/2 Signed one photo and one card in red sharpie. Pretty quick too! Thanks Anna 
air44bgAnna Kournikova2015-08-242015-09-25Success3/3 Sent SI Cover & (2) 4x6 photos, all 3 came back signed. 
BSRiceAnna Kournikova2015-08-042015-09-25Success1/1  
lh4augieAnna Kournikova2015-08-062015-09-25Success2/2 Maxim Magazine and custom 8x10- Both signed with red sharpie 
NYYanks2016Misty May-Treanor2015-07-272015-09-24Success1/1 Signed my Ginter! Awesome success from a great Olympian! Now have both of the dynamic duo on their Ginters! Thank you both! 
NYYanks2016Anna Kournikova2015-07-312015-09-24Success2/2 2 Ace Straight Sets card returned signed. Big tennis fan, so this is great! 
cal91697Johny Hendricks2015-07-252015-09-22Success2/2   
guodrenniksKim Conley2015-09-082015-09-21Success1/0 Sent email and received a personalized 5x7 promo card! 
wongcastleSarah Lagger2015-09-112015-09-21Success1/0 received signed color 4x6
guodrenniksKatie Spotz2015-09-102015-09-21Success4/1 Sent SASE and received four signed and personalized 4x6 color photos! Thank you, Katie! 
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