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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
w8lifter28Mark Spitz2015-11-112015-11-20Success1/1 Signed my white filler card
mikedmatthewsJenny Argutter2015-10-202015-11-20Success2/2   
wongcastleKatalin Nagy2015-11-082015-11-20Success1/0 received personalized signed color 4x6
Pedroia15TheBestMark Spitz2015-10-272015-11-19Success1/1   
ellwoodbandrulesMark Spitz2015-11-092015-11-19Success2/2 Two Cards Signed in Blue 
Pedroia15TheBestJohn McEnroe2015-10-272015-11-18Success1/1 Great success from an all time Tennis great! 
Coltron57Jerry Lawler2015-01-072015-11-14Success2/2 2 4x6 photos, signed both in black. 
Hobey21Demetrious Johnson2015-10-072015-11-14Success2/2 SIGNED TWO 4x6s! GREAT SUCCESS FROM A GREAT FIGHTER! THANK YOU MR. JOHNSON! 38 DAYS! 
mikedmatthewsFaye Gulini2015-02-052015-11-14Success7/4   
Pedroia15TheBestGreg Louganis2015-10-272015-11-13Success1/1   
denvotzDemetrious Johnson2015-10-202015-11-13Success1/1   
Hobey21Anja Paerson2015-10-292015-11-12Success1/0 Sent me a signed 3D 4x6! Great success from a great skier! Thanks Anja! 14 Days! 
denvotzCarly Patterson2014-05-232015-11-12Success1/1   
Coltron57Jennie Finch2015-08-242015-11-11Success2/2 2 4x6 photos. Signed both in black. 
mikedmatthewsAlana Nichols2015-04-052015-11-09Success2/2   
bigscoop13Anna Stohr2015-10-252015-11-09Success3/0 Sent an email and got back a 6 X 8 and two 4 X 5.5 Promo Cards all Autographed 
bigscoop13Annalisa Drew2015-10-202015-11-09Success2/0 Sent Email and got back a really nice note signed and a cool autographed Poster. Came in Poster mailing tube. She is awesome 
bigscoop13Bill Dance2015-10-252015-11-07Success1/0 Sent email for my Son, got another 5X7 Promo card signed and personalized. Thanks Mr. Dance. My Son loved it 
bigscoop13Bill Dance2015-10-252015-11-07Success1/0 Sent email, got a signed and personalized 5X7 Promo card. Thanks Mr. Bill Dance, supposed to be at the below address 
Pedroia15TheBestMisty May-Treanor2015-10-272015-11-06Success1/1   
SaturnXLBela Karolyi2015-10-282015-11-06Success1/1   
thebuzzard80Teddy Long2015-10-222015-10-31Success1/1 2010 topps platinum signed in black sharpie. 
Hobey21Donald Cerrone2015-10-072015-10-31Success2/2 Signed two 4x6s! Great success from a great fighter! Thank you Mr. Cerrone! 24 Days! 
thebuzzard80Nikolai Volkoff (wrestler)2015-10-222015-10-31Success1/1 signed 2010 topps platinum in black sharpie 
thebuzzard80Tommy Kono2015-10-192015-10-30Success1/1 1992 olympic card signed and personalized on front, also signed back of card no personalization 
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