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  1. SCF vs TR Fantasy Football
  2. Quinn will start...
  3. Mike jenkins
  4. Girl Next Door Engaged To Hank Baskett!
  5. Frustrated
  6. Anyone iknow whats going on with Favre redemptions?
  7. 08 Steve Johnson contenders at ridiculous price!
  8. Ravens vs. Steelers??
  9. 1 Rule for the Football Chat Area
  10. Cards shows in PA
  11. SCF Football Chat in Live Chat, Every Monday Night, Starting Feb 2nd
  12. Help! Who to collect?
  13. SCF Announcement- No more book value request threads or asking for book values
  14. Pro Football HOF Thread
  15. Where Is The Love For The Trenches
  16. Larry Foote No Longer A Steeler?
  17. 2008 ICONS Favre redemptions - come on in if you have one..
  18. Official "A New Season" Secret Santa Thread
  19. Preditions for the 08 rookie running backs?
  20. PS3 Madden Online Franchise, Takers?
  21. Back in WA, saw Hawks practice!!!
  22. HOF collection
  23. Anybody want to join my fantasy leage?
  24. Panini Replacement...I knew it! I knew this would happen...
  25. Rate my team
  26. Looking for suggestions on my sp authentic collection
  27. Who Should I have kept?? Portis, Forte, Jones Drew..??
  28. Lou Holtz picks Notre Dame to be in national championship?
  29. Looking for a few more to join a free yahoo fantasy football league
  30. Broncos - Lions - Raiders WHO GETS MORE W's this year?
  31. Please rate my teams! :)
  32. In the 11th Round of the Draft and have a question!
  33. Rate my Fantasy Team
  34. Rate my FFL Team
  35. Did my $200 league yesterday and got 1st pick
  36. Better Tight End: Visanthe Shiancoe Or Zach Miller?
  37. Patriots Backup QB Kevin O'Connell Cut
  38. Rate my Team please!!
  39. Need help liking my team, please help me do it
  40. My Team in a 10 team IDP league, whatcha think?
  41. fantasy football league
  42. 2nd ff team
  43. Rate My Team
  44. Thoughts on this QB situation
  45. Fantasy Football League
  46. Please rate my dads team!
  47. 1st Fantasy Draft this year..Need thoughts on my team!!!
  48. Auction League Drafting Today - 9/1 - At 2PM EST! JOIN!!!
  49. 1st Fantasy Team of the year!
  50. Jamal Lewis might be cut?
  51. Last Fantasy Draft
  52. Heres the Fantasy Team.
  53. How many Fantasy Leagues are you apart of?
  54. ok,heres my situation
  55. No Post MNF Favre Threads, Surprising
  56. Rate my team!
  57. HELP with ESPN league
  58. Stephen Jackson or Chris Johnson?
  59. Rate my fantasy squad! CARDBOARD EDITION!!
  60. How'd I do - 1st draft EVER! 20 Picks
  61. Last Year In A Base Scoring Espn League....
  62. Ricky Williams signs extension, plans to retire after 2010
  63. Portis fires back at Riggins
  64. What do you think of my team???
  65. Why not rate my draft(s) as well
  66. Gators 73 point favorites
  67. 16 Team Fantasy Football League In Need Of Players.
  68. My live draft results....
  69. Should I do this trade?
  70. SCF Exclusive Draft! Serious players only!
  71. Vick??
  72. Anybody up for some fantasy football?
  73. Oregons LeGarrette Blount Punches Boise Player in the Face After Loss
  74. Join the SCF College Pick 'Em group!
  75. Join the SCF Pro Pick 'Em Group!
  76. Buffalo Bills fire Offensive Coordinator!!
  77. Michael Turner?
  78. Whats your take on James Davis RB/ Knowshon Moreno RB
  79. Roster cuts
  80. What do you guy's think about the Crabtree deal?
  81. Is anyone else playing fantasy football on yahoo? I am having trouble
  82. Free Agent Pick Opinions Needed
  83. Colt gone IR and Tyree the SB Star gone..
  84. Bought one pack of Press Pass Football...
  85. 10-Team Auction Draft FFL on ESPN (Need 5)
  86. Anyone watching Michigan/Western Michigan?
  87. Some big names cut today!
  88. pantherfan82's nfl kickoff giveaway!
  89. Another "How'd I do" post...
  90. Big Money Draft Results: What do you think??
  91. How I do?
  92. Bradford Down
  93. Draft strategy??
  94. Where Are The FSU Fans At
  95. Richard Seymour to Oakland...
  96. Yahoo - H2H - Draft Today 3:45 EST
  97. Breaking News: Merriman is an idiot
  98. Facebook Draft - How'd I Do?
  99. Is there a forum/thread strickly for college football?
  100. who to start as my flex?
  101. Who's your top5 WR to draft?
  102. Dwayne Bowe
  103. FF draft today...
  104. what fantasy football team yall think is better?
  105. I googled draft strategy and saw this.
  106. I need some help guys...
  107. Lions to start stafford
  108. Lions name QB
  109. My fantasy fb team.. gurus what you think
  110. what would you give up for wes welker
  111. 2009 NFL Season Predictions
  112. 1 owner needed for espn keeper league
  113. My leagues!!!!! Please rate!
  114. Who wants to play in a online Pick'em Pool?
  115. How about Cincy...the college version
  116. anyone in for football chat night?
  117. Check out the best Fantasy draft from a 10 person league EVER!
  118. Rate my team. I need a confidence booster please...
  119. **THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL** T-Minus 3 days and counting
  120. SCF Basketball Forum Fantasey League Team
  121. You asked with you eyes Trent....
  122. Week 1 WR help needed
  123. Fantasy League need 3 more!!!
  124. Autographs at a game? Help!
  125. Jordan or Carson?
  126. Survival anyone?
  127. Where will Chris McAlister end up???
  128. Ocho Cinco vs Skip Bayless
  129. Help me with my team! First timer!
  130. What do you think about my starters this week!!?
  131. NFL players pay a visit to Detroit
  132. my dog is a WR
  133. Carson Palmer or Matt Ryan Week 1?
  134. Terrell Pryor on Michael Vick
  135. My Fanatsy Team. What you think.
  136. My fantasy team. pls tell me what you think.
  137. Troy Polamalu's Number One Fan Video
  138. Week 2 NCAA game of the week
  139. just had my draft here is my team
  140. Fantasy football team. what ya think to do.
  141. Who should I start week 1
  142. 8-team league draft tonite...10:30p CST
  143. Crabtree: Biggest Idiot Ever?
  144. My keeper league draft results
  145. which QB WR combo to start this week
  146. Fantasy Help! Royal or Ginn Jr. ?
  147. Rate my fiendish trade!!
  148. How's my Team?
  149. Terrelle Pryor's Freedom of Expression Sacked
  150. Should I try trading Derrick Ward?
  151. Brady Quinn named starter...?
  152. Yahoo NFL Pickem Survival league
  153. CBS Sports Free Pick 'Em League
  154. Advice on my team and draft
  155. who should be my 2nd WR
  156. This team is bringing home the championship!!!
  157. Chargers rookie dinner costs Larry English $14,508.67
  158. My Fantasy Team is Pretty Sweet!
  159. College vs. NFL
  160. QB Advice: Who should I start?
  161. Season is here. Who's going to win?
  162. NFL Refs
  163. Madden Curse Liven on.....
  164. Chris Collinsworth
  165. fox sports fantasy football needs some more owners please join
  166. Fantasy trade help!!!
  167. Vikings cut WR Bobby Wade
  168. Should i have made a trade after this with this trader.
  169. Who would you start at RB
  170. Who should I start?
  171. Should I make a trade?
  172. What RB to start
  173. Exquisite Gold and Black Pittsburgh Steelers redemption
  174. whats your take on Pierre Thomas
  175. Need some help on who to start at RB and WR
  176. Gettin close to Sunday...need some advice!!!
  177. I am thinking about using Fred jackson as my flex?
  178. I need some help here...
  179. My keeper team
  180. Romeo is back
  181. Should I try to trade Derrick Ward for Pierre Thomas
  182. To all the Merriman haters...
  183. Lesean McCoy
  184. Need to start a 3rd WR...
  185. Patriots
  186. Anybody going to a game tomorrow?
  187. Opening Sunday is going to suck for me
  188. Who would win this matchup??
  189. Just saw a commercial Directv is offering first week of NfL ticket for free!
  190. Anyone Upp for some Madden 10?
  191. How I do?
  192. Rate My Tema
  193. Jim Tressel needs TO BE fired.
  194. Cris Collinsworth video from 1984
  195. Is Anquan Boldin a Go??
  196. I just made a trade
  197. Breaston, Braylon, or Moreno? Quick please!
  198. Marvin Harrison?
  199. Vikings @ Browns - Favre's Vikings debut
  200. Lions @ Saints, 0-18?
  201. delhomme continuing where he left off last year
  202. Redskins@giants thread
  203. Broncos Miracle
  204. First fantasy blunder of the year
  205. My Bengals did it again.
  206. Mcnabb Injury Update
  207. my team stunk this week, I got killed
  208. Which QB?
  209. Cowboys@Buccs Post Game Thread
  210. 49'ers gonna beat the cardinals
  211. Helmets coming off in every game?
  212. Cutler debut in Chi-Town
  213. I now have 2 TE who should I keep
  214. Falcons soar!
  215. In a rock and a hard place. Need some help.
  216. Haha Jay Cutler 4 intereceptions!
  217. Brian Urlacher out for season
  218. Need some week 2 help please.
  219. Dan Marino Jersey
  220. Sports Center reporting Eagles Signed another QB!
  221. WHOS GONN be the qb for the panthers now??
  222. Bengals Curse.....
  223. Best And Worst Logos?
  224. is Terrell Owens playing tonight?
  225. Brady looks out of sorts....
  226. NFL to convert to flag football in 2010?
  227. Call me crazy but Gruden is pretty good!
  228. anybody remember this?
  229. Another trade scenario
  230. The bills don't deserve to lose!!!
  231. Whos staying up for game 2???
  232. NFL Refs II
  233. Tomlinson - missing and overrated
  234. oakland was screwed should have won
  235. How did you do in Week 1?
  236. Which WR to start for week 2??
  237. 3 Questions!
  238. NCAA Week 3 Game of the Week
  239. wgrz.com: McKelvin Lawn Vandalized
  240. Hank baskett cut
  241. In The Spirit Of The Upcoming Steelers/Bears Game.....
  242. Bears vs. Steelers thread
  243. Jay Cutler's Press Conference after Bears game...
  244. Is anyone going to be on here tonight around 8pm
  245. Jets fined $125,000 for Favre injury omission
  246. Houston Texans
  247. Best And Worst College Logos?
  248. Trade Help!
  249. former Raver Chris McAlister close to signing on with the Raiders
  250. TO: Speaking out, again...
  251. More trade help
  252. Laurent Robinson, Devery Henderson, or Devin Hester Week 2?
  253. Colts pick up Hank Baskett
  254. Who do you like better?...WR Help
  255. Who is Laurent Robinson
  256. I just made a trade
  257. Radio Contest Brain-fart
  258. week 2 who to start/flex
  259. Which QB to start?
  260. Just won this Ebay auction. LMK if u think i got a good deal.
  261. Matt Cassel
  262. WR .. pick 3
  263. HOF or No HOF?
  264. what QB should i start???
  265. Week 2 adjustments! 4 leagues your input please!
  266. Which 2 RBs to Start
  267. Technology has made life good for football fans.
  268. Who will win this matchup??
  269. Me vs my opponent (who has a better team)
  270. Week 2 WR?
  271. Jahvid Best
  272. Fantasy Football Help
  273. Anybody watchin MSU Vs ND??
  274. A new level of stupidity
  275. Within two years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or in severe f
  276. SB prediction
  277. The Hokies looked terrible... yet found a way to win!
  278. Week 2, need to make a choice at RB
  279. Who Will Win this matchup
  280. Week 2 WRs who should I start?
  281. Eighteen football weeks later....the Detroit lions get there first win today
  282. fantasy help
  283. ray rice or ryan grant- i usally hate these threads
  284. Anyone ever watch games live online?
  285. Eagles thread(eagles fans only!)
  286. Need quick help! Which WRs to start?
  287. Matt Birk: Adrian Peterson could become first 3000 yard rusher
  288. 2009 Hall of fame class
  289. me and the little man getting ready 4 ravens game
  290. Kevin Kolb
  291. Who was the bigger Bust: Alex Smith or Jamarcus Russel
  292. Hate: Chris Johnson RB Titans
  293. Kurt Warner sets NFL record
  294. Amazin Day
  295. Fantasy Help
  296. Cleveland Browns
  297. Steelers Fumble the Ball, Lose the Game...
  298. Giants vs Cowboys thread
  299. Never to early Steelers Vs Bengals
  300. Eli > Romo
  301. Brett Favre Sears Commercial
  302. NCAA Week 3 Top 25
  303. Texans-Titans
  304. Atlanta Falcons Rookie DT Peria Jerry Out For The Season
  305. new term?? T.O. Twitter-rips Romo
  306. I have Calvin Johnson For trade in my fantasy league and santana moss...
  307. what do you think of this trade
  308. Colts vs. Phins thread
  309. Coach Suspened Because team Won by too many points!
  310. Week 4 NCAA Game of the Week
  311. Who do I drop to pick up Brandon Marshall?
  312. Javon Walker....
  313. Your Thoughts are needed!
  314. Redskins rookie LB Henson quits Twitter after posts insulting fans
  315. Thoughts on Shonn Greene?
  316. Is the Saints offense too good?
  317. Thoughts on dropping Carlson for Celek
  318. Fan asks Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly for refund after loss at Boise State, gets a c
  319. Another Which WR to start thread
  320. Chad Ochocinco Planted Fans For His Lambeau Leap
  321. Thanks to all...
  322. Anyone know where to get letters to put on the back of a Penn State jersey?
  323. Should I trust Brandon Marshall?
  324. Should I do this trade
  325. Opinions on this Trade....
  326. Player refuses to score touchdown
  327. Some price guide dropped the ball on Percy Harvin's Letterman Threads
  328. Who would win this matchup????
  329. week 3 starts? WR SUCKAGE!!!
  330. You watching the Gamecocks taking it too Ole Miss?
  331. Week 3 who should be my flex player
  332. Should i trade Larry Fitzgerald for Andre Johnson?
  333. Tony Romo for Trent Edwards?
  334. Week 3 Lineup...opinions
  335. Flex start help.
  336. HELP! Flex spot....
  337. I don't get it
  338. this is twisted: theme park makes display of McNair's murder
  339. Rb help please
  340. The economy and high school football....
  341. need help on some starts
  342. The Best/Most Iconic Football Movies of All Time... Please Post Your Opinions!!
  343. RAIDERS - the Laughing Stock of the NFL?
  344. flipping cards.
  345. off 2 tailgate RAVENS VS BROWNS
  346. The only matchup of undefeated teams this week...
  347. Could today be Miracle Sunday?
  348. Was this a good move?
  349. Favre vs. Rodgers
  350. Ravens = NO CLASS.
  351. speechless
  352. Detroits Lions WINS!!!!
  353. Ummm excuse me Seahawks what are you thinking???
  354. Has Snyder gired Zorn yet?
  355. Omg! Steelers lost! I have to pee!
  356. who dey !!! haha steelers you suck 1-2
  357. Here Come the Haters
  358. Pennington Hurt
  359. Are they keeping the giants game a secret
  360. SNF: Colts @ Cardinals
  361. Some mangenious huh
  362. 2009 Topps Chrome SP Variations
  363. I actually puked in my mouth after watching my SKINS today...........
  364. Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings
  365. Ryan vs Flacco
  366. Cowboys Thread (cowboys fans only)
  367. Chad Pennington ??
  368. Whos up for Football Chat Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  369. J. Cotchery was a stud
  370. Experience with Panini Quality Assurance?
  371. Pennington out for the season!
  372. WHo to pickup for back up QB (starting week 5)
  373. really need everyones opinon on this
  374. WOOHOO Leftwich is pulled and Josh johnson named the starter
  375. Whats your Caption to this picture?
  376. should dolphins try to get brady quinn
  377. trade help!!!
  378. Anyone play Salary Cap football?
  379. My God ... do I actually sit Tom Brady?
  380. What are your records so far?
  381. Thigpen to the Dolphins
  382. Would you make this trade?
  383. Should I offer this trade?
  384. Trade help.. Need some advice quick!!
  385. How was this trade?
  386. Which three receivers do I use out of these four?
  387. week 4 advice
  388. I have to brag a little...while I can
  389. Should I drop Delhomme for Henne?
  390. Dump your Brady Quinn cards
  391. So will Anyone ever break the Rushing Record?
  392. Browns Fans start petition
  393. D. Bowe ??
  395. going to the vikings rams game! need some tips on autos ect
  396. Vick to be traded?
  397. Week 5 NCAA Game of the Week
  398. Wow!
  399. Vikings home field is called what?
  400. Trade offer Help
  401. What do you think about my starters this week!!?
  402. Who Is The Most Liked Team On SCF?
  403. Willie Parker??
  404. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition *Sign Up Now!* (October 2009 Issue)
  405. Am I over playing matchups with my starts this week.
  406. Should I consider this trade
  407. Do I drop Ray Rice for Mendenhall?
  408. Need A RB?? Who to pick up???
  409. Need help with who to start out of 3 good backs....please help
  410. James Davis RB Browns out for season.
  411. cowboys release Jerry Jones
  412. Fantasy Football WR Opinions Needed
  413. Garcia: Raiders in 'unfortunate situation'
  414. Is it Forte or the O-Line that stinks in chicago
  415. ravens pats thread
  416. Campbell or Garrard? Immediate advice needed!
  417. Tough Questions!
  418. Quick!! Which WR do I bench??
  419. one last time before kickoff Brady or Cutler?
  420. Giants @ Chiefs thread
  421. Jerome Harrison RB Browns was a stud this week
  422. reggie turnover lets jets back in game
  423. How bout them Titans
  424. Terrible Football Mistake Causes Loss
  425. What's up with all the pick 6's lately
  426. Tony Romo doing his best JaMarcus Russell Impersonation
  427. Sanchez finally cracking
  428. Broncos 4-0 - Who would have thought?
  429. Report: Junior Seau to return
  430. All is back to normal
  431. It's not a weakness
  432. The chargers look real bad.
  433. Steelers Vs. Chargers
  434. Anyone see the "roughing the passer" call on Brady?
  435. Most Underrated Team's in the NFC and AFC?
  436. Goodbye Bobby Bowden
  437. Crabtree wants to renew negotiations with the Niners
  438. Where's the Vikings vs Packers thread,oh here it is
  439. Things Go From Worse To Worse For Raiders
  440. Braylon Edwards In Some Trouble
  441. Romo didn't know it was 4th down?
  442. Biggest Fantasy Surprise to this point?
  443. Bye week QB starter options
  444. question about usps
  445. Tough matchup this week what to do
  446. Mike Sims-Walker??
  447. Should I ride with Jerome Harrison and play him week 5
  448. Crabtree: if he signs, does he have a fantasy impact?
  449. WHats your take on Mohamed Massaquoi WR Browns
  450. WR help
  451. Mendenhall vs. Parker.....
  452. Favre @ STL or Garrard @ SEA?
  453. Possible Trade....LMK your feedback
  455. Crabtree ends holdout
  456. Jets Acquire WR Braylon Edwards from Browns
  457. Eli's Signature Up's The Value of Cowboys Stadium
  458. rush limbaugh one of 3 bidders for the rams
  459. RB's week 5 .. pick 3!
  460. Do I take this trade?
  461. Need a WR to pick up. Who's the best option
  462. After 7 long years, I've decided I will be parting with this
  463. B. Edwards inpact on the Jets
  464. This is wierd...
  465. My custom shirt for the Bills/Browns game this weekend....
  466. fantasy help... who do i start.
  467. What is Deion Sanders doing?
  468. Should I start a TE this week (I need answer asap thanks)
  469. 1-3.... need help!
  470. Plain and simple, who should I start out of these 2?
  471. Pet Peeves
  472. Cotchery
  473. Photographers View of the NFL (video)
  474. Week 6 NCAA Game of the Week
  475. QB Opinions...
  476. I am leaning torwards playing RB Jerome Harrison instead of my TE O. Danniels
  477. Upper Deck Ultimate NFL Fan
  478. I am thinking of sitting Cotchery this week and playing Pierre Garcon
  479. need quick flex help
  480. I dont know who to start at QB Romo or Warner
  481. Another Michigan Loss
  482. Jevan Snead you suck
  483. Who do I start.......Flacco or Ryan?
  484. off to the ravens vs bungles game
  485. is today the day?
  486. Giants vs.Raiders thread
  487. Dear Cowboys, you suck.
  488. The Steelers
  489. Welcome Back Donovan!
  490. Redskins....
  491. Go Cincy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  492. who dey !!! haha Ravens you suck Lost in your house!
  493. I See Brady is back to his old self
  494. The Bills should fire Jauron....
  495. Why had Portis and Bradshaw not scored TDs yet this year?
  496. Denver's "Wild Horse"
  497. How does Singletary handle his half time speech?
  498. Bored so here's a Madden 10 highlight
  499. Congrats to the Denver Broncos
  500. how bout them broncos
  501. Vikings are 5-0!
  502. Miles Austin the new #1 in Dallas?
  503. I Need to Say I'm Sorry............
  504. My team kicked but this week
  505. trade offer
  506. the PACKERS only give up 2 sacks during the BYE WEEK!
  507. Motivational signs for Dallas Cowboys Locker Room
  508. I need a BIG night from David Harris LB Jets!
  509. 1st and 10
  510. One rough week!
  511. Which winless team has the best chance of going 0-16?
  512. Which undefeated team has the best chance of going 16-0?
  513. My "Bad Luck" season so far......
  514. Titans 0-7 since stomping on the terrible towel
  515. You know your old when
  516. stop the copycats
  517. Week 6 question
  518. "The Blind Side" - The Michael Oher Movie (Watch!)
  519. Would this be a fair trade?
  520. Check out this old box of vending cards....
  521. wow you have got to be kidding me
  522. I hate ronnie brown
  523. Are 2009 Philadelphia SP?
  524. October Football Release Previews
  525. Shill Seller DO not bid on any of his items
  526. Another fake Tom Brady auto
  527. Merriman trade possibility?
  528. The Cowboys....
  529. How did Everyones Fantasy Teams do Last Weekend?
  530. NFL Players Poll: Most Underrated Player
  531. I finally have a starting dilemma - help me out!
  532. Week 6 start D. Bowe or N. Burleson
  533. Getting back into card collecting...Need help on fakes
  534. Another trade offer
  535. Does 2009 Absolute Mem. make Specture #'d /5
  536. Other good buying/selling,trading sites
  537. Omg panini is the best!!!!!
  538. Advice on cases needed
  539. Panini replacement question!?
  540. need some advice on Moreno quad Certified auto patch
  541. rate my trade
  542. Bench Brady ?
  543. This is getting RIDICULOUS
  544. Ready to buy 09?
  545. Who would you trade for Tashard Choice?
  546. tom brady oooooohhhhhhhh
  547. Case break question, need some direction
  548. Cash for Paypal?
  549. Ebay Question
  550. Fake card???
  551. Better WR Start??
  552. Graded cards
  553. who wins this sunday?
  554. Real or Fake? Let me know Thanks.
  555. Do I dare start...........
  556. Eddie Royal question
  557. when to list
  558. Need some quick advice??
  559. '09 Leaf Certified-Card Question.
  560. 1/1 press plate question
  561. Ending Listings Early on eBay
  562. Colts kicker ViniSCARY out 4-8 weeks
  563. Ray Rice? do you play him over any of these matchups?
  564. Ebay help PLEASE
  565. Thoughts on David Clowney?
  566. Da Bears give up a 2nd for Tampa's Adams.
  567. Another eBay Issue
  568. Who to start at WR?
  569. Buyers remorse......i think
  570. Whats a good price to pay for Certfified???
  571. Good info on error cards
  572. please delete
  573. Saturday college football!
  574. Some advice?
  575. Trade advice
  576. Terrell Pryor......
  577. D. Bowe to Ravens??
  578. Texas vs OU
  579. Panini does alright by me on redemption (Long read)
  580. Lets see some Superbowl predictions!
  581. My buddy just returned from the card show..LOL
  582. Lol at this title description!!
  583. Who to start at WR????
  584. Post trades
  585. Who is the real heisman?
  586. fred jackson or D. Bowe who to start
  587. who plays better Fred jackson or D. Bowe
  588. Was this jackson worth 40
  589. Opinions on my Panini Redemption saga
  590. Who really is #1? (NCAA)
  591. Fake Peterson SPA Getting Sold Again.. Stay Away!!!
  592. SPA has lost it's luster with me
  593. I am thinking of starting F. Jackson over D. Bowe
  594. Outside of Beckett does anyone know of a good site for Player Checklists??
  595. Ebay steal??? Vikings fans may think so!
  596. STEELERS-BROWNS.....Cant go down without a thread.....
  597. New york Giants @ New orleans Saints thread
  598. Im hoping no Vikings fans are going to outbid me on this...
  599. Ravens @ Vikings game thread
  600. Oher vs Allen
  601. Ravens contact Bills about TO
  602. Are their any free on-line game streams????
  603. Steelers VS Browns
  604. Jason Campbell Benched in Washington
  605. real sad story - Connecticut's Jasper Howard stabbed to death after team's homecoming
  607. Snow game!!
  608. Eagles vs Raiders game thread
  609. Titans/Patriots, Vince Young plays?
  610. Tom brady 5 td passes in 1 quarter
  611. Bears vs Falcons: Game Thread
  612. Has the roy race opened up?
  613. What is going on with Sanchez Today?
  614. Which was more shocking?
  615. Bills' Coaches are TERRIBLE
  616. bills-jets thread
  617. To all Buc fans....
  618. Question about Ebay Members Feedback.
  619. Yes!!!
  620. Best Team in the NFL?
  621. Killer Fantasy Points Day
  622. Frank Caliendo's Cold Hard Picks (Charles Barkley and Shaq). Hilarious!
  623. Card shows want a forutne for cards
  624. WOW, really, for a freshman rb, really!?!?!?
  625. First BCS Poll Released - Opinions?
  626. I need 30 pts to win, I have 3 players tonight to play
  627. High Shipping prices
  628. Did I just buy a FaKe AP??
  629. whats your thoughts on Austin Collie WR colts
  630. Is Austin Collie WR Colts a good WR
  631. What is the status of P. Harven
  632. Sanchez Magic auto bidding question??
  633. Bubble Mailer Question
  634. The chargers vs Denver thread
  635. DLP/Panini redemption happy story!
  636. Crabtree to start, better part of the story is how Josh Morgan handled it
  637. What the hell is this guy thinking? (Ebay)
  638. Exquisite Black and Gold Redemptions?????
  639. Would you make this trade
  640. What ever happened to Selvin Young?
  641. Leaf Changed to Donruss?
  642. Denver needs to get B. marshall involed!
  644. WRs for this weekend
  645. Tuff Stuff's Series: What's Wrong With The Hobby?
  646. Grumpy Old Man Rant #3 - patches that aren't patches
  647. Investigation reveals final hours of McNair, girlfriend
  648. Topps RPM Hologram
  649. pats cut galloway, resign banta-cain
  650. Finding Player Checklists?
  651. My team got banged up this week and lost by 1 pt
  652. Did F. jackson get hurt this week?
  653. Packers sign Ahman Green
  654. Can someone please keep me updated if J. Cotchery will play this week
  655. NFL player of the Day contest. What did you win?
  656. Washington's new logo....
  657. Marshall is on a bye who to fill in his spot?
  658. SP question
  659. Fake Topps Rookie Premier Autos??
  660. Can someone help me with 2009 Absolute Memorabilia rainbow info?
  661. Another trade proposal. What do you think
  662. NFL RedZone
  663. Start both DWill and JStewart??
  664. Curiosity Question
  665. Topps Magic Base Checklist
  666. Paypal question
  667. Tough Starting RB/WR Choice. Opinions?
  668. Good Trade or Bad Trade?
  669. any Brandon Gibson Collectors(ex Eagle fans) better stop
  670. Jeff Fisher Wears A Football Jersey To Charity Event........
  671. Sam Bradford: Needs to learn how to fall?
  672. Has the NFC regained the title of the strongest conference?
  673. PS3 Madden 10 Owners ... Free AFL Legacy pack!
  674. anyone here play ps3 madden 10 online?
  675. Browns 12 players have the flu
  676. sweet 6 gu/auto wish it was mine
  677. Fantasy football trade opinions
  678. Hey Packre Fans Ahman Green is BACK
  679. whats the best box for 40-50 bucks
  680. Just starting to collect football cards
  681. Panini Comes Through Once Again!
  682. Need Some Advice!
  683. Who to start?
  684. Do you think Crabtree will pass DHB in total receptions on the season this week?
  685. Should there be 2 seperate Trade areas?
  686. Chrome "Proofs"!!!
  687. Amazing but sad fake card information site
  688. Team Collection Organizing
  689. How Much Would You Pay For A.......
  690. State of the Card Collecting Industry...
  691. FSU plays tonight.
  692. WR issue?
  693. Browns B. Quinn lossing money sitting the bench
  694. Is crabtree over hyped?
  695. Did i get hosed again by panini?
  696. urgent quick question on retail packs-what should I do??
  697. More 2009 National Tresures Preview Kudos Panini
  698. Redemption.....finally
  699. Question for die hard steelers collectors
  700. Best Bucket Layout?
  701. Thanks To No1RiceGuy
  702. 08 Icons UD Update
  703. first the browns now the chargers
  704. Tony Reali Fantasy Football Column
  705. Trade proposal?
  706. Are any of these a better play than Justin Fargas?
  707. Cotchery not playing this weekend
  708. Ok so my team just changed! whatcha think!
  709. Reggie White Real or fake?
  710. Display advice needed.
  711. Does anyone know what the odds of hitting the topps black r/c's #/54?
  712. Raiders HC Tom Cable cleared..
  713. Total Cards made of a Player? - Where can i find that info?
  714. Let's talk about PayPal gift...
  715. Anybody else tired of Ebay???
  716. To the NFL have you heard of the flu shot?
  717. what value do you think this card is worth?
  718. 2004 topps chrome eli manning black refractor rc
  719. Which boxes should i buy
  720. 2004 SP Authentic Question
  721. Who will win??
  722. With all the reduced retail balsters and packs what are some of the hits you've pull
  723. Tennessee vs. Alabama
  724. Some rookie traders make me.......
  725. End of ND Game: Clausen push...
  726. Beckett Grading Question
  727. Miami FL lost YES!!! Ha Ha
  728. Dolphins vs Saints
  729. Help on this Jason Taylor Auto
  730. Michael Vick & Steve Young jersey card???
  731. So who really is #1? (NCAA)
  732. What player are you most looking foward to collect up and coming???
  733. Vikings At Steelers Game Thread
  734. Darren sproles vs. KC or Steve slaton vs. SF
  735. Vikings CB Antoine Winfield out 4-6 weeks
  736. Thank you BYE week!
  737. Need some help. Demetrius Byrd Topps Chrome Auto Information
  738. there goes New England again
  739. Shawn Hill replaced by Alex Smith at Halftime
  740. Falcons @ Cowboys
  741. Bengals vs. Bears
  742. Party in miami!!!
  743. WOW are the Bears really this bad???
  744. Clay Matthews Card Question
  745. Delhomme needs to be benched & John Fox needs to be fired
  746. Avoid Ebayer 09marcocacca514...
  747. How bad is A. Johnson injury
  748. Iowa No. 4 in the BCS...
  749. Question about selling a big lot!
  750. question about 09 absolute memoribilia!! quick answer pleaseee!
  751. Chad Henne looked AWESOME today...
  752. Patriots vs Bucaneers - London England
  753. Jets running game!
  754. Miles Austin is a beast!!!
  755. Worst team in the nfl
  756. Week 8 who will win bears or browns
  757. Does anybody have a clue where this card is from? Fake?
  758. What do you think of Jets Backup RB?
  759. What do you think of Jets backup RB Greene?
  760. Anyone want to do this? Ncaa 10 sim
  761. Who should I drop on my team P. Garcon or J. Morgan
  762. FAKE 98 P Manning Chrome "plate/chrome proof"
  763. FA drop Question
  764. Whatever little respect I had for Larry Johnson (RB)
  765. Demarcus Ware agrees to contract extension with Dallas
  766. Thoughts about playing a WR/TE when the guy you are playing has there QB???
  767. Should I trade Andre Johnson....
  768. I can't believe that I am going to do this!
  769. Someone is getting ripped off...these auctions make me sick
  770. For the favre fans and the REAL Green Bay Packer fans
  771. just pulled Ryan rc
  772. Post Office Help!!! LT Auto
  773. 2009 NFL International Series – Patriots vs. Buccaneers
  774. Desean Torches Skins & McNabb Reaches Milestones
  775. Shill bidding?
  776. Hopefully LJ will be gone soon
  777. Need a QB for 1 week!
  778. 2009 Certified Blaster
  779. Looking for some card shop event ideas
  780. More Starting Dilemmas! Help!
  781. Thoughts on this trade offer
  782. real or fake? let me know.
  784. I need a fantasy football suggestion.....
  785. Dynasty of the 2000's?
  786. need some help or advice im not sure really...
  787. Blockbuster Deal... Good or Bad???
  788. who to start...
  789. Teh Most HILARIOUS Explanation Of A 1/1 On Ebay
  790. Need to KNow ASAP!!!!!! is it fake??????????
  791. Need to know ASAP!!!! Is it Fake??????
  792. Odds of pulling a Auto out of a Blaster
  793. Starting a hobby with my step son!!
  794. Who to play Cotchery, or A. Collie
  795. Shonn Greene or Jammal Charles
  796. Hot Dog Gate
  797. Who to go with: McCoy or Charles?
  798. Anyone else sick of the Favre/packers media circus
  799. 49ers and Colts this Sunday
  800. I have 4 good RB's but need to pick 3 to start
  801. chicago card shop
  802. Anyone setting up in chicago next month?
  803. B. Westbrook
  804. Case Breaks ???
  805. Joke Delhomme starter this week..
  806. 2009 SPx X-Factor Autographs Question
  807. Most of these are fake... right?
  808. Whatdya think of this trade offer?
  809. Working at Card Shop Question
  810. Where does your school rank? College Football's 40 Hottest Fanbases!
  811. Can Someone Help Me Find This Member
  813. 2003 SP Game Used Formations Four Help
  814. advise/wisdom needed
  815. #'d to 15, and yours for only $539.99
  816. Best Hobby Box Under 100$?
  817. where do you get your ff info from
  818. Bayless vs. Ocho Cinco
  819. question-sort of sports related
  820. Back into collecting! '09 Hobby Box Suggestions?
  821. Need some input: Who's the biggest draft flop?
  822. Are the fakes ever going to stop?
  823. MNF Mike Tirico Mosquito on Forehead
  824. Behind the Back Football Pass
  825. Pannini Comes through...NICE!!!
  826. Which HOF Set to Collect?
  827. whats up with percy harvin???
  828. 2009 SP Signature Edition Football - CC for your breaks!
  829. Is it me or?
  830. Decent shop in Minneapolis area
  831. 2009 Limited Football Returns to its Roots
  832. What to do with Frank Gore?
  833. 2009 NFL UD Black - No redemptions
  834. Need help with who to start out of 3 good backs....please help
  835. I won another Panini facebook contest today!!!
  836. Panini Replacement
  837. eBay steal! Joe Montana
  840. Who Will Win? Bills or Texans?
  841. Are some of the top cards in this lot fake?
  842. eagles fanpack
  843. Any IOWA fans around for me to yell at??
  844. Do I Dare?
  845. Panini Rules!!!
  846. Will LJ ever play another down with the Chiefs?
  847. What is the product?
  848. Nice Riggens auto pick up
  849. Ebay "HOT" Packs????
  850. Help me find this.
  851. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.35 Nov 2009 Come Join us NOW
  852. Game of the Year! Vikings @ Packers!
  853. So there now Faking Sticker Autos Unbelievable!!!
  854. Need help with a pick
  855. tom cable beats women daily
  857. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition *Sign Up Now!* (November 2009 Issue)
  858. USPS Help
  859. Giants @ Eagles game thread - 11/1
  860. can anyone help me find this card on beckett? help is appreciated
  861. Jarius Byrd=Beast
  862. Green Bay Packer fans!
  863. is this a good trade , plmk what you think
  864. Topps RP "non hologram" Auto Question
  865. Bronco's ... BLAH!!
  866. JStew and Dwill Kill me!!!
  867. my team stunk this week.
  868. Ted Ginn Thanks For Coming To The Party
  869. I lost my TE O. Danniels for the season
  870. Derek Anderson: Worst 6-game stretch in the history of the NFL?
  871. Official Thread of all Fantasy Football!!!
  872. Join us in chat right now!!! Free contest
  873. how is this allowed????
  874. Awful ebay seller...major gripe
  875. Check out this funny auction
  876. I hate Reggie Wayne
  877. I Love The DOlphins But I Had To Share This Email
  878. 08 exquisite black and gold redemptions?
  879. Anyone have updates on '08 Icons redemptions?
  880. Vince Young Haters??
  881. 2009 Topps Mayo Football Pushed to 11 Nov
  882. Bills expected to activate James Hardy
  883. Panini redemption replacement
  884. Will there be a R. Moats RB Texas craze
  885. Will there be a R. Moats RB Texas craze?
  886. Chargers WR Chris Chambers released
  887. help on donating please
  888. Buffalo Bills Jokes
  889. Is Drew Brees the biggest trade mistake in NFL history?
  890. Jon Gruden
  891. Browns Making Moves....
  892. 1989 Sanders fake
  893. week 9 RB problems
  894. Week 9 RB problem
  895. Is This Real?
  896. rashad johnson. does he have an auto????
  897. TE who is better B. Watson or F. Davis
  898. Whats the deal???????
  899. Photobucket?????
  900. 2009 Finest Football CC for your Breaks! - 4 Nov
  901. 2009 Topps Finest Football Card Preview
  902. Delivery Confirmation Question
  903. Has anyone seen that Lions may go to 2 RB system
  904. Sickest Buy Ever (or at least for me)
  905. Has anyone looked at this other website for football info.
  906. Tom Brady ... Triple Threads ... Fake or Not?
  907. Who's up for a shilled Felix Jones Superfractor?
  908. Need FF Advice
  909. can anyone make me a banner?
  910. Sad news for FSU
  911. RB J. Forsett Sea ??
  912. Favre/Obama 08 Icons Redemptions to begin shipping this week
  913. Chiefs Brass take a shot at LJ?
  914. What do you think Miles Austins most sought after AU RC will be if he keeps it up?
  915. Quick Question from Mod or Anyone
  916. Upper Deck Announces NFL Icons Redemptions Ready
  917. Which Box To Break On Birthday?
  918. 09 Limited Pro Bowl Letterman???
  919. Need Help!! What's the Deal With the NFL Logo Shield??
  920. Worst Break Ever?
  921. Did I just get taken???
  922. what qb should i start this week???
  923. What should I do with Steve Slaton?
  924. Mid-season Check point. Who is this years suprise gonna be
  925. Topps Unique Football - Preview
  926. Chris Cooley Box Break with Blowoutcards.com
  927. What to do, what to do...
  928. How Rare Are These?
  929. wooo-hoo!!! post strikes in England over!!
  930. Whatdya think about this trade proposal?
  931. Fellow trader from TOPPS dies!!!
  932. Going to my FIRST college football game November 14! TCU/Utah!
  933. sanchez or stafford?????????
  934. 2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear Football Card Preview
  935. Where's the GB Fans? Fantasy Question ...
  936. im amazed....
  937. 1997 brett favre score board auto
  938. Just made a blockbuster trade-how did I do?
  939. trade offer need your help should I do it or not
  940. 2009 Limited
  941. The lighter side of scf
  942. Real or Fake?
  944. Gibson's Finest Fan Competition - Grey Cup
  945. What Should I Buy?
  946. who should I start TE F. Davis or WR A. Collie
  947. Bob Sanders done for the year...
  948. Horrible Fake
  949. The fake Stewart SPA is back up on ebay
  950. need some help new yorkers
  951. Upper Deck's 2009 NFL Rookies Top 10 TD Dance Contest
  952. How hard would it be to do these ideas
  953. Would you make this trade?
  954. What should I get
  955. Why is it so hard to trade now?!?!
  956. FSU on espn on now.
  957. help please with a damaged card
  958. 1988 Florida Burger King Emmitt Smith Advice
  959. Top Loader help
  960. Help me out with this Peyton Manning Auto
  961. Michael Oher??
  962. toploaders for the SPX shadowbox cards?
  963. 2009 ud heroes purple parallels# to 10
  964. PayPal Comes Through!
  965. Boldin at less than 100% or Mike wallace?
  966. Quick WR help: Coles or Knox?
  967. Cowboys @ Eagles game thread 11/08
  968. Bucs Throwbacks
  969. Who was it that said Joe Flacco is better than Big Ben?
  970. Last winless team is no longer winless...
  971. Chargers @ Giants game thread
  972. Giants secondary ugh
  973. Ochocinco tries to buy a call from the refs
  974. John Fox should be fired today!
  976. Colts Vs Pats next week
  977. Any other site for Player checklists
  978. Need help quickly:reward given if helped
  979. what product offers the best shot at a shield?
  980. Absolute 2008 @ Target
  981. malcolm kelly exquisite AMAZING patch
  982. M. Turner was a monster this week
  983. Larry Johnson To Be Released
  984. Besides ebay and beckett marketplace...
  985. Topps Done with Football?
  986. NEED ALL The SCF PATCH EXPERTS on this one!!
  987. Two Ebay Questions
  988. Anyone know where I can find a complete list of cads for individual players
  989. Need the Patch Experts!
  990. Bronco's vs. Steelers!!!
  991. no more TOPPS football
  992. Troy Polamalu
  993. Week 10 BCS Standings
  994. Who should i start collecting???
  995. Mangini On His Way Out Already...
  996. just won off ebay..worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  997. To Hold Or To Sell?
  998. Bengals Vs. Steelers Thread!
  999. Christmas presents for dad. How are the cards?
  1000. Can't say i care for my complimentary card from UD for the Favre Icons lettermen wai
  1001. 2007 Contenders Redemp sent today???
  1002. Week 10 who to start WR
  1003. 2009 Leaf Limited: Difference in Prime Jersey
  1004. Happy Veterans Day !!
  1005. MVP halfway through the season???
  1006. How many people were screwed by goducks28 look here
  1007. 07 Exquisite AP RC faked a SECOND TIME!!
  1008. 50 yd line 5th row
  1009. Is there a way to tell the differance between real & fake Topps rc premier autos?
  1010. Matt Ryan or Carson Palmer Week 10?
  1011. Oh mama! Nice ESPN piece
  1012. Acouple ?? about a card.
  1013. I don't beleive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1014. UD Replacement - Very Very Pleased
  1015. Group Case breaks
  1016. Percy Harvin or Johnny Knox?
  1017. Worst Fake I have seen in a while
  1018. 2009 leaf limited percy harvin - 1/1 phenom auto/patch
  1019. Jared allen’s mullet is a legacy
  1020. Looking for insight- coming back to the "hobby"
  1021. The Ravens are in trouble now...
  1022. Did I overpay or get a decent deal on this Carson Palmer AU?
  1023. Walmart or target?
  1024. If you were me ....
  1025. Help me pick my RBs and WRS
  1026. 2009 Topps Football Question
  1027. NFL= No Fun League
  1028. anyone know the proper place to post a group break sign up?
  1029. Favre Redemption in
  1030. Now this is a patch Vikings style
  1031. Real of fake?? If real, i'm all over it haha
  1032. Which Matthew Stafford Rookie is the "One to Get"
  1033. Thursday Night Football Has Begun
  1034. No Commentary?
  1035. Never seen one of these.
  1036. Question about 2 Cards...HELP
  1037. Bears vs. 49ers
  1038. 2009 Topps Chrome
  1039. 2008 Icons ROY Matt Ryan Lettermen FINALLY Arrived!!!
  1040. MAYO Rip Card prices on eBay??
  1041. 2008 Upper DECK... NEED INFO
  1042. 2009 Playoff National Treasures Football Card Preview
  1043. If you could own any card..
  1044. who to start cotchery or D. Bowe
  1045. Cutler fined 20K for verbal abuse on ref last week.
  1046. 3 Players you would like to have on your team!
  1047. Topps Chrome Question
  1048. LT Playing His last Season In SD??
  1049. No Interest In LJ In The NFL
  1050. Ole Miss vs Tenn
  1051. Question pertaining to Upper Deck
  1052. Chris Johnson Rooke Tickets from Contenders! Status?
  1053. Box breaking questions?
  1054. would anyone be up to trading/selling a box of 09 leaf limited?
  1055. Just made another trade how did I do?
  1056. BOGUS Trade Alert - Opinions Welcome!
  1057. Cowboys vs Packers Thread
  1058. 2009 Topps Mayo
  1059. Football card question
  1060. well isn't that great
  1061. Flacco against CLE or Rodgers against DAL?
  1062. Topps Rookie Premier Quad Auto Fake or real?
  1063. Funny Favre Error from 2005
  1064. Texas vs florida:who wins?
  1065. Lions @ Vikings game thread - 11/15
  1066. Real or Fake?
  1067. Jake Delhomme.
  1068. The worst TV commentator has to be...
  1069. Who-dey!!!!!!!!! How bout them bengals
  1070. Big win for my Jags today,good write up on NFL.COM-LOL
  1071. Case Break Thread: Requests?
  1072. Move or Hold
  1073. pats vs colts...
  1074. Josh Cribbs walks with late coach's son on his senior night
  1075. Cowboy's Colombo Breaks Left Leg
  1076. Anyone know which website sells these?
  1077. Just got home from Fed-Ex Field...........Broncos are HORRIBLE..Hail to the REDSKINS
  1078. Double-faked AP Exquisite RC 13/99 on eBay AGAIN!
  1079. Topps Loses NFL License
  1080. Buffalo Bills fans...what do we do now??
  1081. A tribute to Browns owner Randy Lerner....
  1082. LARRY JOHNSON to Cincy....
  1083. Anyone collect their fantasy team players...
  1084. Pics from last night's game
  1085. Is it time to drop Westbrook??
  1086. this oughta stir up some conversation that isn't about the steelers or patriots
  1087. Do you think M. Turner will be okay and play week 11
  1088. Just double checking
  1089. How's this for a steal?
  1090. wrong forum mods please delete
  1091. Need your vote in the Fox Sports poll
  1092. Ridiculous Favre "custom 1/1" card
  1093. I think theres a scammer on EBAY trying to sell my card!!!!
  1094. I'm sorry, Cleveland fans
  1095. MJD SP Auth. Rc Au Patch Prices
  1096. Need Advice
  1097. Sunday Game - Detroit vs Cleveland Poll
  1098. Anybody going to the Card Show in Chicago this weekend?
  1099. Titans Owner Flipped Off Bills Fans
  1100. Which teams are finally showing their true colors?
  1101. Help!! What case to buy?
  1102. Has Panini done a good job with football or dropped the "ball?"
  1103. D. Bowe suspended 4 games ...
  1104. Huge hit this weekend
  1105. Dick Jauron Fired!
  1106. In honor of MJD going down at the 1, lets here some of your bogus Win/Loss stories.
  1107. who wins season series.. steelers or ravens?
  1108. Are these game used?
  1109. Ever Wonder what players want to say to their fantasy owners?
  1110. Who plays better RB Snelling, or RB Forsett
  1111. WR help
  1112. KUDOS to the USPS!!! Are You Kidding Me..
  1113. Gridiron or limited?
  1114. Score Inscriptions Question
  1115. Which would you rather have?????
  1116. How many players on your team have been hurt or out
  1117. need some help.......
  1118. Sadly, I believe this card to be tampered with
  1119. NFC East woes
  1120. Help! Going to the Pitt vs. Baltimore Ravens Game!
  1121. ESPN says Bills in talks with Mike Shanahan!!
  1122. Thinking about playing RB F. Jackson good/bad move
  1123. Denver Bronco's Tim "Barrel Man" McKernan dying.
  1124. Browns/Lebron what a joke
  1125. SP Threads Die-Cut Red Auto?
  1126. Anyone Know What This Might be Worth??
  1127. History Behind SPA Patch Autos
  1128. eBay Question
  1129. Paypal as gift?
  1130. Just picked this up off ebay? Steal?
  1131. B-Marsh or Megatron?
  1132. Dolphins Lose Ronnie Brown Until 2010
  1133. In what universe is this a BGS 10?
  1134. Real? Credible seller/company?
  1135. Need Iuput
  1136. Another article on the Bills coaching search.
  1137. Rumor: Buffalo Bills sign a QB
  1138. I'm perplexed...a little help w/QBs?
  1139. Can't decide who to start at flex this week...help
  1140. Need Beckett Price Guide Help!
  1141. Press Pass Fusion
  1142. Any Norther California Collectors or Fans out there???
  1143. General card pic posting question????
  1144. HELP! Walter Payton RC Reprint auto
  1145. Question: 2008 Topps Triple Threads Autographed Relic Card
  1146. What's the best way to sell your "Master" set of autographed jersey cards?
  1147. i need someones advice
  1148. 1/1 printing plates... your opinion
  1149. What are your thoughts on B. Scott RB Cin. vs Oak
  1150. WR help for this week!!
  1151. How Did Panini Do?
  1152. What's the Hottest 2009 FB Case Out There?
  1153. QB Quandry
  1154. Your Dream Card
  1155. Would this be a fair trade I trade Cotchery for RB B. Jacobs
  1156. Best On Card Autos?
  1157. Real or fake? Help me out guys!
  1158. Is there a Bobby Whitworth here? If so, I have your UD replacements!
  1159. why the heck are ebay shipping rates so high?!?!?!?!??!
  1160. go pat's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1161. Ebay / Paypal case help
  1162. Go BLUE!!!!!
  1163. Box Break Decison? Threads Or Elite??
  1164. Group Break???
  1165. Packer Fans, have to read this, lol
  1166. real?
  1167. Anyone having eBay problems today?
  1168. Too Early To Talk About Next Year? Miami's Home And Away 2010 Schedule
  1169. Chose the wrong box.......
  1170. do these look real?????
  1171. Redskins vs COWBOYS!!
  1172. Lineup help needed!
  1173. Need to start ONE out of these 5 guys! Please help!
  1174. Seahawks @ Vikings game thread
  1175. Mike Bell, McFadden or Felix Jones in flex spot???
  1176. 2009 Upper Deck Michael Vick #0
  1177. Browns baby!
  1178. Brady Quinn Sighting...
  1179. Colts @ Ravens thread
  1180. Can the Steelers please fire their Special Teams coach?
  1181. Another Scammer seller
  1182. Really Starting to get upset with Beckett Online
  1183. steelers lose to chiefs.........HAHAHA
  1184. The hidden game of the day,Giants win in o.t
  1185. J-e-t-s,jets,jets,jets s-u-c-k suck,suck,suck
  1186. Redemption card?
  1187. got a few things from the chicago show
  1188. For the first time im ashamed of the Ravens
  1189. Raiders just beat the Bengals!
  1190. Who-Dey? Raiders beat the Bungles
  1191. What case to buy????????
  1192. Brett Favre breaks tie from Marino
  1193. Eagles/Bears Tonight
  1194. matt leinart is the worst qb ive seen in my life
  1195. Deal here gone sour, would appreciate your input.
  1196. I Know There is a Thread of The Game.... But...
  1197. Just really got into football...how'd i do
  1198. Fake or not??
  1199. Has Anybody Busted Old Wax Packs?
  1200. I went to the Phins game
  1201. Card Grading Questions Any Help ???
  1202. Charlie Batch out 6 weeks for wrist surgery
  1203. Has this ever happened?
  1204. Tell me what you think???
  1205. Do you have a collecting rival??
  1206. Should i send for replacement?
  1207. 2009 Topps Chrome SP's..........
  1208. New here
  1209. Fake R&S Harvin 1/1?
  1210. 2009 UD Premier?
  1211. Vince Young....
  1212. Vikings remaining schedule...
  1213. Trying to get auto's of 72' dolphins
  1214. My team, The Houston Texans, still stink
  1215. to replace or not? kelly contenders auto
  1216. thoughts on this trade offer?
  1217. Does Chris Johnson Have a shot at 2K Yards????
  1218. Take a look at these Patch cards?????
  1219. Help me pick some RBs? I'll give you a cookie!
  1220. Anybody else still alive in the ESPN Eliminator Challenge?
  1221. Question about Prime Jersey...
  1222. Dolphins-patriots moved to 1:00 pm on dec. 6
  1223. Anyone have 20 million dollars i can borrow?
  1224. 2009 mayo short prints
  1225. guys check out my site
  1226. Need a help on 2007 National Treasures NFL Logo RC
  1227. nothing new.. another fake premier auto
  1228. UD Black - Really?
  1229. Raiders vs Cowboys Thread
  1230. Which Higher End Box?
  1231. Anybody Else Having A Season Like Mine?
  1232. Just got back from Iraq after a year plus...
  1233. Whats up with those NSA Patches?????
  1234. Who else thinks that the nfl should allow different games on thanksgiving
  1235. Online Deals?
  1236. Danny Ware RB Giants, Do you think he will be a good fill in this week
  1237. Thinking of changing my PC up
  1238. Need Help Making Picks
  1239. Ebay problem.....
  1240. its almost time-ravens vs steelers
  1241. Best Vintage Football Sets?
  1242. M. Turner returned to limited practice
  1243. How is this Autograph possible?
  1244. Fantasy Help!!!!
  1245. Thanksgiving games
  1246. As I Was Searching "UD Black" on eBay...
  1247. where is everyone watching the giants vs broncos game tonite?
  1248. Anyone else miss watching Barry Sanders on Turkey Day?
  1249. Charles Woodson donates 2 million to Children's hospital
  1250. Question on selling
  1251. Sportscards as an investment?!
  1252. ebay selling is getting old
  1253. Giants vs.Broncos thread
  1254. What 2 boxes should i get!?!?!?!?!? Help!
  1255. Ebay Win!!! oh wait jk
  1256. Did Colt McCoy just win the Heisman?
  1257. 2009 Mayo Football Box Break Video Highlights
  1258. Blowoutcards down?
  1259. Starting help !!!!!
  1260. If Turner, and B. Scott play should I sit Cotchery?
  1261. What HOFer Should I For 80$?
  1262. Market watch ~ what's selling
  1263. Florida vs Florida St game thread
  1264. Alabama / Auburn
  1265. Brett Favre 1/1 Custom style going for $$$
  1266. If you could have one card in the world FREE, what would it be???
  1267. Need some help...Wanna buy new game system for nephew Xbox 360 or PS3...
  1268. Player Checklists Help
  1269. I'm surprised that you guys arn't all over the Big Ben story
  1270. Are you serious?!?!?!
  1271. National Treasures and my LCS
  1272. Ebay error Thoughts needed
  1273. What happened to Sweet Spot?
  1274. need help asap, where to watch coll fb on internet besides espn360
  1275. Can someone win this auction?? 20 minutes left!!
  1276. help me find that card
  1277. Will someone please keep me updated with M. Turner Playing.
  1278. Any STL fans know the deal with SJax this weekend?
  1279. Better College QB
  1280. Bears @ Vikings game thread - 11/29
  1281. Now thats what a 1/1 card SHOULD LOOK LIKE!!!!!
  1282. Oh If The Dolphins Win and Patriots Lose............
  1283. Big Decisions! Need to start 4 of these
  1284. Sports Card shops in Chicago 'burbs
  1285. Todays game - easy win for Ravens or backyard brawl?
  1286. Dear John Fox, give Matt Moore a chance...
  1287. 09 bowman chrome for christmas?
  1288. Is T.J. Houshmandzadeh playing today?
  1289. How Much Does Grading Cost?
  1290. Colts @ Texans game thread - 11/29
  1291. M. Turner just got hurt again
  1292. question for bengals fans - carson palmer
  1293. Sports Card Shop in Philadelphia? Where?!?!
  1294. So Much For LJ Being Washed Up
  1295. WOW! this auto is worse than chris johnson.
  1296. I cant believe how many people on here expect you to just give your stuff away!!!
  1297. 99 Yard Miracle Drive
  1299. wow did you just see the hines ward interview?
  1300. Chris Chambers on a Tear?
  1301. Where can I find football games on dvd or to download
  1302. This is for The Texans fans that live in Houston
  1303. Hall of Fame 2010 Semifinalists
  1304. Anybody use the PSA registry??
  1305. Can someone explain this?
  1306. What's Up With The UD Black "Flag" Cards
  1307. In honor of UMPY09 I am having a Percy Harvin/C Eller auto jersey contest/give away!
  1308. Jake Delhomme Injured Yesterday
  1309. Can you ID this uniform?
  1310. Notre Dame Fires Weis After 5 Seasons
  1311. Panini/Donruss redemption question
  1312. New England Patriots @ New Orleans Saints Thread
  1313. What Vintage Card Should I Buy?
  1314. Do you think the industry will ever return to glory??
  1315. For all of you Vince young lovers and haters....a must listen...
  1316. bobby bowden to retire
  1317. Need some help/advice! Maybe a mods help??
  1318. Hines Ward ‘Clarifies’ Remarks About Roethlisberger Sitting Out
  1319. wow...this is odd
  1320. Photobucket help
  1321. how do i change my avatar ??
  1322. Need Help with 2009 Topps Finest!!
  1323. any idea what this will go for?
  1324. 09 UD heroes,leaf RCS & stars,donruss elite,or playoff prestige?
  1325. Sound of Brett Favre's Rocket Arm
  1326. FAKE Exquiste logo Patch!!!
  1327. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition *Sign Up Now!* (December 2009 Issue)
  1329. Your thoughts on graded cards
  1330. whats the deal with Ray Rice and Beckett
  1331. Gators DE Carlos Dunlap arrested.
  1332. need big advice please??????
  1333. What is your reaction to the trade request with no reply?
  1334. Need some advice about ebay
  1335. just noticed
  1336. Week 13 who to start P. Harvin or J. Cotchery
  1337. Sooo many options!
  1338. Week 13 who to start TE Z. Miller or F. Davis
  1339. 09 Topps Mayo
  1340. UD Black makes me mad
  1341. Matt Forte
  1342. A Question about a set
  1343. McFarlane question
  1344. By The letter Question
  1345. Best Football Commercial
  1346. I totally have no idea who to start.
  1347. What do you need to make the playoffs?
  1348. Browns RB Lewis out with head injury, possibly ending career
  1349. **ryder** scam
  1350. Need Help With Stamps
  1351. My Rant
  1352. Who is hotter ........
  1353. stupid question--but please read
  1354. Fantasy RB Help
  1355. Is this real?
  1356. Are pre-ordered boxes discounted?
  1357. Quoted from an article ... BE PATIENT ON ROOKIES?
  1358. Who is your QB Pick to Make this Years Pro Bowl ...
  1359. Parallel/Insert/Error/SP? Opinions Needed!
  1360. I know it's probably here somewhere but......
  1361. Slow downnnnn AP!!!
  1362. Linebacker Picks for Pro Bowl?
  1363. Cutler Exquisite
  1364. 2009 Maxwell POY award finalists: anyone agree?
  1365. Defensive Rookie Of the Year?
  1366. Question about COMC
  1367. Best Modern Set?
  1368. Adrian Peterson pulled over doing 109 in a 55-mile zone
  1369. cowboy high end collectors got a q on a card
  1370. Anyone with a Beckett Football prie guide can you help?
  1371. Who's the last WR who couldn't catch a ball like Braylon?
  1372. Best box for 60 dollars!
  1373. Question about 2009 Topps sets at Target w/draft patches
  1374. opinions wanted
  1375. Anyone think that some boxes on the bay are searched and re-sealed???
  1376. 1997 Legends Walter Payton Auto... Are they all real?
  1377. real or fake
  1378. Oregon over Oregon St. to win the Pac 10
  1379. Upper Deck Help needed
  1380. 2008 SP Authentic RETRO auto/jersey's...Have you seen a complete checklist?
  1381. Help deciding on a box between $70-$90
  1382. ESPN tv just said to play WR P. Garcon (Should I?)
  1383. WR Help
  1384. Why????
  1385. Ooouuuchhh!
  1386. preparing to move and found these.....
  1387. cards
  1388. which case spa or ult?
  1389. question...or a thought really
  1390. Can you say SHILL BIDDER? Is it me or is this Blatant??
  1391. Very very interesting pull today
  1392. 2009 topps chrome rainbow
  1393. SEC title game predictions?
  1394. ANYONE IN DC, VA, OR MD Area want 2 Tickets to the Saints/Redskins game on Sunday????
  1395. Bernard Berrian join Peterson, gets pulled over going over 100 as well
  1396. Wow this card is teh-mazzing!
  1397. good 2009 blasters
  1398. HGTV & The National looking for the "Ultimate Sports Collectibles Makeover"
  1399. 2007 leaf limited Redemption Question Please Loook!!!
  1400. ff- rb help i have some good ones-a.p. rice,ect..
  1401. How big of a steal did i get? Drew brees contenders
  1402. Tim Tebow Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1403. YES...Im Fired Up!!! Alabama to the National Championship!!
  1404. Cowboys vs Giants
  1405. Collecting.............
  1406. Pats fins??//?
  1407. Go big red!!!!
  1408. Bowl Projections?
  1409. Anyone know how I can get a player checklist?
  1410. Team Collectors Question???????????????????????????????????
  1411. I just want to apologize in advance to fans of the Houston Texans.
  1412. Vikings @ Cardinals Thread
  1413. Eagles @ Falcons Thread
  1414. Need some rb advise
  1415. What happened to Topps Total?
  1416. What Games are on TV in Your Area?
  1417. now who wins the Heisman
  1418. Man the vikings are no joke about speed
  1419. Does anyone know why Darrius Heyward-Bey is inactive
  1420. Titans @ Colts game thread
  1421. Saints @ Redskins game thread
  1422. Sacramento, CA Area
  1423. Pro Bowl in Miami
  1424. Saints D should get the TD but Yahoo isn't showing it?
  1425. Which Barry Sanders / Emmitt Smith Auto to get?
  1426. Does anyone have 09 topps mayo SP List?
  1427. Oakland oakland
  1428. another Oakland shocker!!
  1429. Oakland oakland
  1430. Dear 11eleven11 and wheeler
  1431. Oakland Raiders
  1432. Someone needs to remind Singletary that he has FRANK GORE.
  1433. Am I seeing things, or..
  1434. help me out
  1435. Oh boy.....wow
  1436. RB • Jerome Harrison • CLE is having a good game
  1437. 3 Weeks in a Row...My Team, the Redskins, Blows a Game that they had WON!!!
  1438. Tcu vs. Boise??
  1439. not fake but custome favre fake.lol
  1440. Bowman Chrome Silver Autos?
  1441. NFL Logo...
  1442. Ravens VS. Packers MNF Thread
  1443. One of the best football cards EVER in my opinion...WOW!!!
  1444. Question for Browns fans that go to the games
  1445. Real or Fake? LT Rookie Premier auto
  1446. Who's killing (killed) your playoff hopes?
  1447. Group Breaks
  1448. EJ Henderson...
  1449. yay another dispute on ebay
  1450. Educated Collectors Needed: TTT Query
  1451. Level with me guys...what's Tim Tebow's football future?
  1452. Chris Johnson's SPA Prices Soar!!!
  1453. Belichick is a tool (I'm not a pats fan)
  1454. how are these 2 players on a dual auto togethor?
  1455. Excuse me while i go cry
  1456. 09 Mayo RIP info....
  1457. Is Matt Forte Going To Be A One-Shot Wonder?
  1458. Have you ever decided to TANK your team to get better position for next years draft?
  1459. Need help with this card????
  1460. new here
  1461. Back from Lambeau!!!! Had a blast!!!! ENDZONE SEATS!!!
  1462. I kind of wish I had the money to buy this
  1463. I just want to apologize in advance to fans of the Miami Dolphins.
  1464. Would RB F. Jackson be a good play this week VS KC
  1465. 2009 Donruss Elite
  1466. Kenny Britt Misprint
  1467. Mean Joe Greene/Lawrence Taylor Dual Auto
  1468. What is the best modern Football RC card?
  1469. Portis contemplating football future
  1470. Did I get shilled on this Romo 1/1?
  1471. The 2009 Heisman Finalists
  1472. Frank Gore & Glen Coffee could be on there way out in SF??
  1473. Tackling a lost art?
  1474. 2009 Contenders group break?
  1475. Pitt/ Browns game suposed to be bad weather
  1476. Good Box for Under $50
  1477. Ebay Help
  1478. WHo should I start at RB
  1479. Autograph Sticker Upside Down
  1480. Ray Rice is a punk
  1481. Is there anyway that SCF would do some type of Charity auction for the holidays? Read
  1482. question about a manning auto
  1483. 09 qb's
  1484. Sanchez, Stafford, Davis, Freeman Auto
  1485. question about AP rookie auto's
  1486. 2009 Topps Triple Threads Football Card Preview
  1487. Is this card Mint?
  1488. National Treasure Help
  1489. Steelers/Browns Game Thread
  1490. Brian Kelly = jerk.
  1491. does anyone else think this huge lot on ebay is WAY overpriced?
  1492. Arian Foster is replacing Slaton in Texans rb rotation!!!
  1493. Seem like a fair trade to you?
  1494. Hey steelers fans how about them browns?
  1495. Packers vs. Bears Week - Round 2
  1496. Any help out there about this card??
  1497. Issues here
  1498. Little Price/Trade Value Help Please
  1499. Jonathan Babineaux arrested.....
  1500. well at least someone affiliated with the Steelers has some fight left in em...
  1501. Please answer me this????/
  1502. Something I find really annoying.
  1503. What games do you have interest in this weekend ?
  1504. Simple question
  1505. Patriots mascot arrested in Rhode Island sex sting
  1506. 2009 Topps Unique Football Card Preview
  1507. looking for somebody thats good with patches
  1508. and people think Steelers fans are nuts...
  1509. Toploader help needed!
  1510. Canadian math problems on wrappers?!
  1511. Worst case of shill bidding ever?!
  1512. New Autographed HOF Set
  1513. Help me in my push to a playoff spot! RB Question
  1514. Pushing for first round bye what do you think of this matchup
  1515. Ochocinco planning another name change?
  1516. Mark Ingram heisman trophy Winner
  1517. Need a price check on Ulitmate 6x Jerseys card #/20
  1518. rb poser for this week
  1519. legit?
  1520. No P. Harvin this week
  1521. Need a 3rd WR
  1522. Bengals @ Vikings game thread
  1523. This year's season...Worst NFL Season in Recent History?
  1524. Wow a reggie bush sighting
  1525. Saints in another dog fight
  1526. Brandon Marshall breaks single game reception record
  1527. cowboys vs san diego
  1528. Chris Johnson = AMAZING?
  1529. Giants vs. Eagles thread
  1530. Tomlinson extends mark for 10-TD seasons
  1531. Ray Rice Single handedly Beats the Lions
  1532. Its playoffs and my team blew up big time!
  1533. Didn't someone here post that the Miami Dolphins were going to lose
  1534. Has there been a better year for rc recievers?
  1535. I WISH I didn't have a bye this week!
  1536. 13-0
  1537. The 08 rookie class-whos the top rookies now?
  1538. My Matt Moore collection
  1539. Bought it on ebay.... now can anyone tell me what it is?
  1540. new to the site and have ?
  1541. Need a little help with 2008 Darren McFadden Upper Deck RC
  1542. Any card shows in Eastern Ohio happening soon?
  1543. Is this a good deal??
  1544. chris berman
  1545. Who's next years fantasy top pick AP or Chris Johnson
  1546. Real or fake? Opinions wanted.
  1547. Your Thoughts On Chad Henne?
  1548. whats the best brand for cards
  1549. Desean jackson!!!!!!!
  1550. Good Case Deal?
  1551. peterson topps chrome rc--solid investment?
  1552. I'd just like to apologize to fans of the Indianapolis Colts.
  1553. Totally SiCk CJ Triple patch AUTO 1/1
  1554. Colts have the longest winning streak in NFL history
  1555. card shows in NJ
  1556. Need help in bowl prodictions!
  1557. Marino Auto. Real or Fake?
  1558. Should the Browns stick with Quinn, or go after a QB in the draft (again)?
  1559. Another Peterson fake auto
  1560. Did the Cardinals go out drinking last night?
  1561. i need some help
  1562. Stupid Question?? Difference between Patch and Gu/Jersey
  1563. Official Packers vs. Steelers Game Thread
  1564. what game would you want to watch
  1565. Playoffs who to start WR
  1566. Question on this ebay auction...really need some help
  1567. What Would Hold Up Mail?
  1568. Holmgren to the Browns?
  1569. 2009 mayo auto print run
  1570. Who wants a FREE Golden Tate Auto?
  1571. Who to play, who to play?!
  1572. Help needed with a card
  1573. Who wins this matchup (team vs team?)
  1574. What box for xmas!!?
  1575. The Browns And Raiders May Be Horrible However....
  1576. What set to make?
  1577. Screwdown holders
  1578. Pretty Bad Fake AP Chrome Auto
  1579. Week 1 of Playoffs...who do I start?!?!?!?!?
  1580. Autos from when the Raiders were great?
  1581. texas card shows?
  1582. Percy Harvin GU/auto /50 and others
  1583. WR help
  1584. 2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear Football (Info.)
  1585. Downloading Pics on ebay
  1586. UD Icons help
  1587. C. Palmer or M. Cassell
  1588. selling bargains on ebay: buyers still behave cheaply
  1589. Colt McCoy Custom card prototype finished
  1590. Another WR question? I don't know what to do.
  1591. Amazing TTT booklet - I think I just poo'd in my pants!!
  1592. Lackluster RB who to start?
  1593. Chris Henry fighting for his life?
  1594. What's your favorite rc of 09?
  1595. Christmas gift ? :)
  1596. Skins fans, is there any way that Jason Campbell is a Redskin next year??
  1597. need help on this item..
  1598. 09 triple threads or 09 limited?
  1599. Whats the latest news with M. Turner?
  1600. Matt Ryan Pullout 1/1???????
  1601. Topps Chrome X-Fractors
  1602. Binky's Chirstmas Free Raffle!!! Come Sign up
  1603. which box to get.
  1604. Will Addia play the whole game this week?
  1605. Can someone explain to me why Ebay is able to do this. A must read
  1606. Any card shows in the Portland Oregon area ??
  1608. need a answer to this question! any help is appreciated!
  1609. Chris henry r.i.p.
  1610. Ocho Cinco wants to fight Merriman, who would win? Taking all bets ;)
  1611. Speical thanks to hagausaf, he made my Christmas.
  1612. Sometimes I REALLY hate eBay
  1613. Week 15 Wr Thoughts Need.
  1614. Raiders sign J.P. Losman .... for the "stretch run"
  1615. Rams cancel practice because of swine flu
  1616. Topps Rookie Premier Autos - Drew Stanton
  1617. JAGS DEFEAT INDY...You heard it here first.
  1618. REal OR Fake?? Looking for Opnions!
  1619. I WON one of the Upper Deck Holiday Hunt Prizes!
  1620. fixable
  1621. My panini replacement is coming.Sound fair?
  1622. Starting 3 out of 4 RB's
  1623. Colts--Running back help
  1624. Redemption question
  1625. Top 5 RB's in the league right now?
  1626. It's so sad to see this......
  1627. Was anyone else having problems getting on SCF
  1628. Jags vs. Colts. What effect does it have for your team??
  1629. How Is SGC Grading?
  1630. FF Discussion topic - Stat changes screw you over?
  1631. My Donruss / Panini experience
  1632. Is the the worst case of schill bidding or what, please read
  1633. Where is this patch coming from?
  1634. Anyone know the print run of this card?
  1635. Pricing help
  1636. Playoffs Week 1
  1637. What did I do wrong ? (ebay auction)
  1638. Are you kidding me?
  1639. Edgerrin James HOF??
  1640. Why do some of the Topps Magic cards have white borders?
  1641. National Champions - Texas or Alabama?
  1642. Is it just be but.......
  1643. Any after Christmas sales?
  1644. Brady or McNabb
  1645. You have got to be joking-wheres the maturity?
  1646. If you are in the macon, ga area.....
  1647. What is the longest a card has taken to ship?
  1648. 1 ft of snow already ould be 2 ft or more bears ravens
  1649. "White Whale" questions
  1650. This card doesnt fee right but im probably wrong-plz check for me
  1651. Anybody Getting Things Graded By PSA or SGC?
  1652. Theories on this buyer?
  1653. who will go undefeated in Reg Season? Saints or Colts...or both?
  1654. Question
  1655. Cowboys vs. Saints
  1656. How Do You Feel About Card Conditions?
  1657. Ugh!!! Package cards safely!!!
  1658. Waiting on Upperdeck Redemption~
  1659. Any good boxes for $50-70?? Thanks
  1660. Pro Football Hall of Fame Bronze Bust Collector Cards
  1661. manning MVP
  1662. Wow.
  1663. theres a new guy here doing the 07 leaf limited monikers
  1664. Anyone seen this Peyton Manning auto rc ?
  1665. Whos the Best WR in the league?
  1666. Joshua Cribbs! INSANE
  1667. SP Authenic or Contenders?
  1668. Jerome Harrison is going nuts....
  1669. Why Jets Why
  1670. bears @ ravens thread
  1671. A Look Back at the 2006 NFL Draft...and Why 1st Rounders Arent Alway The Best Players
  1672. Beckett OPG Question
  1673. Advice please! Exquisite or National Treasures
  1674. this is a pretty looking card
  1675. Raiders again!
  1676. Where are all the highend Johnny Knox's
  1677. SNF: Vikings @ Panthers game thread
  1678. Best case of '08
  1679. Jamaal Charles and Company
  1680. Will I make it to the Championship Game?
  1681. Topps Rookie Premiere Auto - inquiry
  1682. Topps Rookie Premiere Auto - pricing help
  1683. Best/Worst Stadium and Why...
  1684. Dan Marino pin
  1685. Hines Ward Rookie Year?
  1686. Holy Cow check this out glad I didnt take what I was offerd on the boards
  1687. has anyone seen the captain patches in any products?
  1688. Any Good Cardshops In Buffalo NY?
  1689. Need Some Card Expert Advice PLEASE
  1690. I Need Some Help...
  1691. 2009 SP Authentic break...will someone take my spot
  1692. Giants vs. Redskins thread
  1693. High End cards in press pass?
  1694. 2009 Donruss Limited?
  1695. Dont bid on this card, bad shill bidding!
  1696. I'm tempted, please talk me out of it...or into it?
  1697. Holmgren joins Browns
  1698. A beautiful Desean Jackson card on eBay
  1699. Steal of the century
  1700. 48 Bowman vs 48 Leaf?
  1701. Ahhhhh.....i need your opinions!!
  1702. Here we go baby!! Championship Game!!!
  1703. How many Championship Games did you make?
  1704. Gimme some Championship Game advice?
  1705. 2009 SPA football
  1706. 1997 Fleer Ultra Questions
  1707. I'd just like to apologize to fans of the New England Patriots.
  1708. Cassell, Palmer, or Ryan
  1709. What cards do you think you are getting for Christmas?
  1710. what are your least fav brand of cards (other than press pass and sage)
  1711. I'd like to apologize to the Jacksonville Jaguars fans (JayJagfan)
  1712. Whats with traders
  1713. Quinn on IR
  1714. Darren McFadden a bust?
  1715. SP Authentic Football - 5 Jan
  1716. Help!! How to tell the difference
  1717. Chris Johnson
  1718. how much is this worth
  1719. Does Eric Metcalf have any certified autos?
  1720. Championship Game Advice, please....
  1721. Mr Wheeler Where Are You
  1722. Rate each others cards! fun game, everyone can play!
  1723. Who's the better QB of these 3???
  1724. Questions about some error cards
  1725. How much would you sell this For
  1726. Eric Berry?
  1727. Ebay pack searchers/resealers
  1728. It's unbelievable they are still letting this guy sell on ebay
  1729. Just bought something, making sure it's legit
  1730. What product/brand do you miss?
  1731. 2007 ud premier redemption
  1732. Beautiful Paul Krause Auto
  1733. Thoughts on Colt McCoy
  1734. Biggest Discrepancy Between BV and SV
  1735. Do You Remember
  1736. Semi-Finals Roster whatya Think?
  1737. 2003 Contenders Autograph Variations
  1738. What is a blaster box??
  1739. 2010 Upper Deck Draft Edition Football Card Preview
  1740. Need opinion on this card
  1741. Happy Xmas to all of you from this side of the pond!!
  1742. Favre and the Vikings - Super Bowl Champs?
  1743. What am i suppose to do with all these boxes?!?!?!?!?
  1744. anybody have any of these
  1745. FFL Championship Week: Thoughts on team
  1746. Showoff your GameUsed with Dirt/Stains!!!!
  1747. Need Help, what is this card from?
  1748. Is it kosher to.......
  1749. The Upper Deck Diamond Club Revealed
  1750. My Fantasy Championship matchup. Opinions wanted
  1751. Vick Win's the Ed Block Courage Award
  1752. Merry christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!!
  1753. Alright-post em up-who has the best christmas hit so far (or single card bought)
  1754. missing auto in box of bowman chrome
  1755. Is this real?
  1756. Which box has the Best bang for my buck?
  1757. anybody else have this problem......
  1758. Titans vs Chargers
  1759. What Should I do with this?... (it's a really good card)
  1760. How do you protect a booklet
  1761. Need help was shorted a hit in 2009 cetified
  1762. AP Patch, real or fake?
  1763. What about this Harvin? Fake or Real?
  1764. What to do with damaged cards?
  1765. Any valuable cards in the 1990/1991 sets?
  1766. Anyone else get really annoyed while watching yesterdays game??
  1767. Thank you!
  1768. In the championship game...
  1769. Urban Meyer stepping down as Gator coach
  1770. Best Box
  1771. Will Chris Johnson...
  1772. Any other Eagle fan wearing green #20 today?
  1773. What is this card please
  1774. does this bother anybody?
  1775. Not much hobby love for Brian Orakpo
  1776. Anybody ever sell on sportslot.com
  1777. Cowboys AT Redskins
  1778. ravens vs steelers oh boy a good one
  1779. Best Box
  1780. Another Maroney goal line FUMBLE.
  1781. Urban Meyer isnt Resigning!
  1782. Panthers are tearing it up
  1783. Carolina vs Giants! Matt Moore is playing lights out.
  1784. Card Supplies
  1785. PLEASE HELP!!! Fantasy Question??????
  1786. Bucs upset the Saints!
  1787. Cleveland Football Browns...3 game winning streak.
  1788. Holy Crap
  1789. 00 Fleer GOTG Auto Steve Van Buren STEAL???
  1790. Broncos @ Eagles Thread
  1791. Shill bidding?
  1792. Jets giving the Colts a game
  1793. Wheeler281 Many, Many Thanks!!!!
  1794. Colts rant
  1795. Wildcard question...
  1796. Congrats to the 2009 AFC NORTH DIVISION CHAMPS!!
  1797. Janikowski Hits 61-Yard Field Goal
  1798. Booklet Holders?
  1799. any patch experts
  1800. had to share, made me laugh
  1801. 2009 Score Reprints 8x10's?
  1802. What do you need from MNF?
  1803. Here Are All Your Possible AFC Playoff Scenarios
  1804. MNF: Vikings @ Bears
  1805. Steeler fans Here is the scenario. Bleak but possible
  1806. Chargers VS Titans Highlights
  1807. i was at the 05 nationals and didnt see these
  1808. Do people fake Upper Deck same day signatures?
  1809. Sea Otter Place, Carlsbad CA
  1810. Suggestions for Web Site?
  1811. I'd just like to congratulate fans of the Cleveland Browns.
  1812. Week 17 FF Help!!!
  1813. Looking for some help on who to collect...
  1814. Anyone else want to sulk with me after a heartbreaking loss??
  1815. $1200 to spend want 1 card..What should I buy..
  1816. Obvious CJ SPA Fake Patches!!!
  1817. man............
  1818. I have the first 2009 contenders auto....right here-woop woop
  1819. Cards of the decade awards
  1820. Archie Weinmeister Cut Auto
  1821. Brad Childress
  1822. Why doesn't Art Monk have alot of cards?
  1823. I Just Ordered a Case of 2009 Playoff Contenders...
  1824. lets hear some of the worst football trades,drops,ect
  1825. need some quick help
  1826. Pro Bowl Teams announced
  1827. 2009 spa
  1828. Ok Which Big Steelers Fan Here Did I Trade My Registered Contenders Hines Ward Auto
  1829. whats this???
  1830. TO RIP, or NOT to RIP That is the Question?
  1831. does anyone else hate being outbid at the last minute?
  1832. The Mike Leach/Craig James battle
  1833. Its obvious johhny knox isnt a contender short print
  1834. Mike Leach FIRED!!!!
  1835. Matt Moore collectors?
  1836. 09 Bowman Sterling uncut sheets?
  1837. Discuss:ppl you collected who u thought would tear it up but never did
  1838. Woodley says Patriots and Bengals will lay down this week
  1839. What do we think about this?
  1840. 1 week left-whos the ROY?
  1841. 2009 mvp?
  1842. Is there such a thing as this PTT 1/1??
  1843. Need some Help
  1844. I want YOUR 2010 NFL Mock Draft
  1845. I need an opinion quickly on this...ends in 30 minutes!!!!
  1846. Should I sell all my modern cards and switch to vintage RCs?
  1847. how does this get passed?
  1848. What Is Your Collecting Goal For 2010?
  1849. Collecting’s getting boring, needing advice
  1850. Hot Packs
  1851. No Al Afalava RC yet but Rhett Bomar cards keep getting..
  1852. Who do you think makes the AFC Wild Card?
  1853. Card Stores in Hilo/Kona Hawaii?
  1854. Razor To Produce First Tim Tebow Card
  1855. Did anyone here win this????
  1856. Feedback on breaking up a collection
  1857. Terrell Owens Buy Back
  1858. shorted, please help
  1859. Bills introduce new GM: Say hello to Buddy Nix!
  1860. what would you like to see in memorabilia cards
  1861. Which 2010 Rookie are you going to collect?
  1862. Happy New Years
  1863. Neat Purchase but need help
  1864. HELP! need answer about storing cards in a PODS trailer
  1865. Deal or No Deal?
  1866. 2009 Contenders
  1867. 2009 Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto SP's (Short Prints)
  1868. 2009 Contenders
  1869. The official Iowa-Georgia Tech smack talking thread
  1870. Can Topps do this make the same 1/1s
  1871. Upper Deck Redemption Oddity (in my favor)
  1872. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.37 Jan 2010 Maybe you can join!
  1873. Looking to buy a couple of boxes but can not decide.
  1874. Think Strasburg will be in Yahoo! Fantasy player pool?
  1875. 2008 Topps Limas Sweed
  1876. matt moore question
  1877. ray lewis fake jumbo patch? any opinions?
  1878. Brandon Marshall Benched
  1879. need some older timers- who was doing the toot set #ed 5 jumbo patches
  1880. rose bowl champions
  1881. Davone Bess - Miami WR question...
  1882. Sugar Bowl
  1883. Subset or PC Collection??
  1884. OMG- anyone that gave cards to the kid who sent me the ed reed cards
  1885. What Should I collect?
  1886. sick ebay 1/1 steal
  1887. Hey Guys
  1888. 2007 National Treasures Help
  1889. Randy Moss TD and Moss Look a Like
  1890. SGC Football Grading Special
  1891. Help Identifying Michael Crabtree Patch
  1892. can anyone help me out with this. please
  1893. Eagles vs. Cowboys
  1894. Does Anybody Have 80 cents?
  1895. real or fake ap patch???
  1896. Going to my first game tomorrow!!
  1897. Anyone from the Detroit area, I will be there for business...Are there any good.....
  1898. Week 17 picks
  1899. Giants @ Vikings
  1900. Help with a Jersey
  1901. What exactly is a mailday?
  1902. Defensive Rookie Of the Year?
  1903. What Are the True Modern RCs?
  1904. TO doesnt know where he is....
  1905. Jerome Harrison continues to run like crazy....
  1906. Please let this be the end of the Garrard era!
  1907. Pat White - Welcome to the NFL
  1908. Falcons make Franchise History
  1909. Future Football HOFers?
  1910. question.. Dan Marino Topps Patch
  1911. welker out for the pats
  1912. Sorry Saints fans...
  1913. ravens @ raiders thread
  1914. Chris Johnson, week 17
  1915. Your NFL Teams needs and who they should draft
  1916. Well my Jags seasons over but congrats to Mike Thomas
  1917. Key Rookies of 21st Century?
  1918. This can't be real...... can it?
  1919. Jamaal Charles
  1920. how do you make a card your avatar?
  1921. Who wants some free cards? Come on in!
  1922. is this ridiculous or is it just me??? help please lol
  1923. ocho cinco no moro
  1924. 2009 Playoff Contenders Football Box Break
  1925. Is this real or Fake??
  1926. ESPN Images of the Decade Video
  1927. 2009 Rookies going into the 2010 Season
  1928. 2009 Playoff picture!!! LMK your playoff prediction!!!!!!
  1929. looks pretty fake to me...
  1930. What $10 Got You, Back On Week 3 of 2009
  1931. I'm ready for Kevin Kolb
  1932. Bills Fire Entire Coaching Staff
  1933. Small Dickerson and PC mailday
  1934. My Up and Coming Cowboys Collection
  1935. TCU vs. Boise St.
  1936. UD Exquisite NFL Checklists
  1937. Another Favre auto warning
  1938. Contenders sp list
  1939. Round 2! Win some cards! Come on in!
  1940. Thank You Jamaal Charles!! Investment paid off!
  1941. Any way to find out how many copies of an sp are out there?
  1942. Need some ideas for a good cheap player to collect
  1943. 2009 Topps Platinum Preview
  1944. Cant find on checklists
  1945. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition *Sign Up Now!* (January 2010 Issue)
  1946. Cushing wins DROY in a landslide!
  1947. What will 09 spa rookie auto patches book for
  1948. Who is Faster Chris Johnson or Usain Bolt
  1949. Is there any Fred Jackson RB Bills Autographed Rookie Cards
  1950. 2009 Topps Unique Football Moved to 20 Jan
  1951. SP Authentic Football moved to 26 Jan
  1952. Group break question???
  1953. Real Moss Patch?
  1954. 2009 sp authentic football?
  1955. How about some football talk and trade in chat tonight?
  1956. ***COLORADO SPRINGS Sports Card Show January 16th...
  1957. Shanahan new Redskin head coach.
  1958. 2010 Licensing: Any Press Pass?
  1959. how bout them hawks!
  1960. Wondering Value On This Card!!!!
  1961. Best Felix Jones Patch Auto Ever!!!!!!!!!!
  1962. Difference between Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco
  1963. The 2009 AP NFL Offensive ROY is...
  1964. 09 CONTENDERS SP Question?????????
  1965. Where will Kevin Kolb land?
  1966. Should I Get This Cetified????
  1967. 2009 playoff contenders sp checklist?
  1968. Building a Master Set...Can't decide which
  1969. Steeler fans, how do you feel about the team retaining Bruce Arians as OC?
  1970. non football- yahoo fantasy golf
  1971. Trouble with the holiday mail
  1972. Percy Harvin should be thanking Desean Jackson!
  1973. Do you read Post #1 in any thread or just click sites?
  1974. Tedy Bruschi Auto Cards
  1975. Opinion?????
  1976. Robert Smith Auto
  1977. How Do I Get an Auto Certified?????
  1978. quick question on graded cards
  1979. What does the future hold in store for Michael Vick?
  1980. typical eagles fan
  1981. Refund help!
  1982. Memorabilia Idea?
  1983. 2007 score...glossy or not?
  1984. Did JaMarcus ditch Raiders for Vegas?
  1985. CJ vs AP
  1986. What case would you buy and why?
  1987. Artie Lange (anyone listen to Stern?)
  1988. Matt Ryan Day at the LCS
  1989. yes or no
  1990. Response from Upper Deck
  1991. Mangini stays, Cribbs on his way out of Cleveland...
  1992. Tyler Thigpen
  1993. Holy Moly What a Steal for someone!! Chris Johnson Contenders 1/1! CHAMP TICKET RC!!!
  1994. Okay need a little sorting help...
  1995. Got my first neg feedback
  1996. After an entire year my UD replacements arrive (08 SPX)
  1997. Anyone seen any more of these??
  1998. Paypal Question
  1999. The "I Told You So" Thread
  2000. What would you get signed?
  2001. Where can i get??
  2002. WHATS THE DEAL W NSA Game Used Memorabilia cards
  2003. Beason Pro Bowl Snub
  2004. Check out this Sanchez auto on ebay!!
  2005. Jim Mora Jr. FIRED in Seattle?
  2006. D'Brick made the Pro Bowl
  2007. So who is going to win the SuperBowl? And why?
  2008. Odd box of 09 Contenders w/ Q's
  2009. 09 triple threads checklist?
  2010. Do you trust PSA or any other authentication companies?
  2011. Best Rookie next year
  2012. Edelman SPx
  2013. Clay Matthews makes Pro-Bowl!
  2014. card type question
  2015. Eagles Vs Cowboys Thread
  2016. Which Team Bag Fits the Magnetic Holders??
  2017. Need bv help
  2018. Sources: Seahawks hire USC's Carroll
  2019. Contenders SP list
  2020. Peyton Manning Wins MVP in...
  2021. My Polamalu debate..need your help!!!
  2022. Marshawn Lynch in trouble-- Again!
  2023. I obviously have issues..
  2024. Ebay Disparity: Aikman 08/25 as 1/1
  2025. One happy ebay seller
  2026. Cards you didn't sell, but you wish you did
  2027. Storage Question
  2028. good deal?
  2029. Topps Rookie Premiere Odds
  2030. Most ridiculous explanation of a "1 of 1" that I've ever seen!!! LOL!
  2031. Wildcard matchup - Jets @ Bengals
  2032. Sanchez certified Freshman Jumbo jersey xxx/100
  2033. Help????
  2034. 09 Contenders on-card autos = FAILURE
  2035. Alright guys I need help.
  2036. Opinion: Pro Bowl Before the Super Bowl?
  2037. 09 Mayo SP??
  2038. Been waiting for my Chris Johnson SPX card, and LOOK! Seller ripped me off on Ebay
  2039. How do I combine Scans of a dual sided autograph?
  2040. post office ?????
  2041. Can anyoen here make me a banner?
  2042. Bowman Sterling Redemption question
  2043. ravens vs pats
  2044. Anthony spencerrrrrrr
  2045. packers and cards
  2046. This rely pizzes me off-Ebay question
  2047. How Much Would You Pay For These???
  2048. 1998 Skybox Autographics Marino
  2049. Joe Flacco.... THE WORST DAY AS AN NFL QB and wins LOL
  2050. 2009 NFL Comeback Player of the Year
  2051. Can you I.D. this old stadium?
  2052. How much would you sell these for?
  2053. Any recommendations???
  2054. Coaches that rested their starters: 0-2
  2055. Any recommendations??
  2056. How short are the SP in the 1997 UD Legends Auto set?
  2057. Need help, are these game worn ticket cards legit?
  2058. Is This Guy On Quaaludes?
  2059. Anybody here still in or keeping up with the Survival League from Blowoutcards?
  2060. Need Advice: Card Shop in Washington DC??
  2061. Draft day dilemma
  2062. eTopps 1956 Football Tribute
  2063. card holder
  2064. Buying hot packs??
  2065. just bought this, what do u think?
  2066. Need Opinions on My Panini Redemption Replacement
  2067. biggest bang for my buck
  2068. 07 Rookie Photoshoot Question
  2069. The good samaritan or me being forgetful
  2070. the jets learned a valuable lesson, did the bengals?
  2071. Charles Woodson DPOY
  2072. Looking for a good cheap PC??any ideas?
  2073. Is the end of Upper Deck coming, for all sports???
  2074. What ever happened to these Topps Chrome cards?
  2075. USC New Head Coach is.....
  2076. I ********** hate ************* ebay
  2077. OOPS! I am such a moron!
  2078. I honestly hate some people!!!!!!!!
  2079. Question to Texas and Cushing fans
  2080. Ebay haters should love this story.
  2081. what do you guys think will happen..."EBAY"
  2082. Chris Johnson OPOY
  2083. New TN coach?
  2084. What would no 2011 NFL season do to the value of sports cards?
  2085. Where can I find a printable list of a players cards?
  2086. 2010 Combine and Rookie Premiere
  2087. Topps Football checklists
  2088. Top 10 PC Additions for 2009?
  2089. got my first redemption!!
  2090. 2 SP's announced for 09 Contenders
  2091. '09 Contenders-In case you didn't know.
  2092. Found old vcr tape, niners
  2093. ebay win!!!
  2094. help with a little trade PO problem please
  2095. Best video ever!!
  2096. Ebay Help???
  2097. Question on 2009 SP Threads
  2098. Help needed. Fake or Real?
  2099. Best pull ever?
  2100. Looking to Start Star Rookie PC. Need Help!
  2101. Why didnt this get at least 1 bid?
  2102. TwinsFest and card show!
  2103. Need Help!! Whos Autos is This?
  2104. Looking for opinions ASAP for this trade?
  2105. if this trade goes through...is this a good trade?
  2106. americans not shipping to canada on ebay??
  2107. need some help/advise for my bucket
  2108. Ebay and sellers are getting rediculous
  2109. Wolverine off ebay
  2110. Cowboys/Vikings on Sunday...who will win?
  2111. Ham & Levy Autograph Session - Super Bowl Greats
  2112. This contenders box keeps circling the drain!
  2113. Some Contender's Rookie Ticket Print Runs
  2114. This weekend picks!!!!!
  2115. Win or Lose?
  2116. Is $85 for leaf rookies &stars good??
  2117. Need Opinion on action to take in receiving damaged card [eBay]
  2118. Official Panini Contenders Short Print List.
  2119. 09 contenders sp list...check it out
  2120. Sell value guys come in
  2121. Who starts next season.....Pennington or Henne?
  2122. tom brady contenders fake? you be the judge
  2123. 2009 Finest Frank Gore AUTO Superfractor
  2124. Where do I go to find the value of cards?
  2125. 2009 NFL Contenders Short Print Complete List (Rookie Tickets Only)
  2126. 2009 Exquisite Collection Football
  2128. Is there any good hobby boxes around $50?
  2129. 09 Contenders A Kelly /21
  2130. Saints vs.Cardinals
  2131. ravens @ colts thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2132. anyone know what this unitas sells for?
  2133. PC Project - Greatest Modern Era QB's
  2134. Any tips for taking pics of cards?
  2135. HUGE Thank You to.........
  2136. Please don't go you 2!!!!
  2139. Who Found the Poor Condition Jim Brown??
  2140. Another NFL player dies- Bears DE Gaines Adams
  2141. ebay shipping question
  2142. Can anyone help me a question regarding late 80's early 90's product??
  2143. Help
  2144. Ed Reed "50-50" on retirement
  2145. 2009 SP Authentic?
  2146. Jets/chargers game thread...... Who will win?
  2147. eBay Steal: Curtis Martin/Leon Washington Passing the torch auto /49 $20
  2148. What's your take on "running up the score"
  2149. If the Jets win ...
  2150. Calvin Johnson or Desean Jackson auto?
  2151. i freaking hate shill ebayers
  2152. NFC/AFC Championship Weekend
  2153. Sticker auto's
  2154. Who Will Be In The Superbowl?
  2155. looking for some input
  2156. Never get tired of watching this
  2157. PC Project (con't) - Greatest Modern Era RB's
  2158. Best Current Defensive NFL Players?
  2159. Sanchez proved he's better than Romo
  2160. Pro Bowl in Miami
  2161. What pulls were ruined by your Fanhood?
  2162. what happened to the chargers????
  2164. What set to pursue?? 09 mayo or Rookie and stars?
  2165. What is in your PC?
  2166. How much would this card be? Jets Card!!! Help!
  2167. ebay question
  2168. Help!
  2169. Going to a card show in Houston
  2170. Anybody Have These Cards?
  2171. Jaguars and Bills Top 2 Targets For New Los Angeles Football Stadium
  2172. Contenders College Ticket Print Runs Released!
  2173. Nfl.com playoff challenge!!!!
  2174. Collecting goals for 2010?
  2175. Has anyone met any players from teams they like
  2176. Anyone submit a redemption for 08 Contenders Chris Johnson??
  2177. So what to do need some advice-opinions
  2178. is this card legit?
  2179. Buffalo News: Bills turn to Gailey as next head coach
  2180. Just got this e-mail from Upper Deck :)
  2181. Thinking of starting a new PC....
  2182. As a Player Collector you really hate this...
  2183. LETS TRY SOMETHING............a little different!!
  2184. Upper Deck's Response!
  2185. Replacement
  2186. Notable Donruss Elite Rookies
  2187. Where would I go to find enire game used jerseys to purchase?
  2188. Very confused and curious....
  2189. Shonn Greene... WoW
  2190. Shipping out of the country question
  2191. My current top 10 in order!!!!!
  2192. 04 Certified Gold Team Question - PLEASE HELP
  2193. Feedback Question
  2194. SP Authentic or Contenders?
  2195. This a Total ""WHAT IF"" question. please read
  2196. Favorite BASE card!?!
  2197. Back into Collecting need HELP!
  2198. Am I the only one that...
  2199. Ahhhhhh i wanna bust this box!!!!
  2200. Just won this on eBay, good price???
  2201. Does anyone own a card shop
  2202. Question on 1973 Topps - with clipped corners?
  2203. How Much do you think this would sell on ebay?
  2204. JaMarcus Russell or Brady Quinn
  2205. overall bv of my 09 contenders box
  2206. What do I do?
  2207. probally a dumb question
  2208. is this peyton manning real???
  2209. CONTENDERS SP question!!!
  2210. Press Pass Draft Pick Football 2010
  2211. 2010 Upper Deck Legacy Collection Football Card Preview
  2212. Canada Shipping SCAM??????
  2213. Canada Shipping SCAM??????
  2214. AP 1/1s
  2215. Need Help on this Wallace card
  2216. Can someone recommend a good paint pen to use for a mini-helmet auto?
  2217. online card stores
  2218. Should I Just Give Up?
  2219. Top Loader Question...please help!!!
  2220. '07 Contenders Question
  2221. what mid price box?
  2222. quick paypal question
  2223. Playoff Contenders Legendary Signatures
  2224. Reggie Wayne 2001 SP Authentic NFL Logo. Fake????
  2225. Error? Polamalu - NEED HELP ON THIS!
  2226. HELP whats the difference between 2007 ultra and the 2007 ultra retail?
  2227. what's the point of owning a 1/1 if there's 2 of em?
  2228. Shipping prices on ebay
  2229. 2008 or 2009 SP Authentic
  2230. Which is the better Draft class 08 or 09?
  2231. Brees vs BVs of other elite QBs
  2232. fellow traders help
  2233. Brett Favre Laserview auto question
  2234. 2009 Playoff Contenders Question?
  2235. Percy Harvin questionable for Sunday
  2236. what do people think of this?? fake patch but its in the description!!!
  2237. Predictions!!!
  2238. Reward For Pics
  2239. Does anyone care about arena football
  2240. Have You Heard The Song PRINCE Made For The Vikings?
  2241. Anyone else trying to figure out legendary contenders sp's?
  2242. Question about 1992 Emmit Smith ProSet Auto
  2243. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition *Sign Up Now!* (February 2010 Issue)
  2244. whats your opinion these contenders on card auto's suck bad
  2245. Load of Fakes
  2246. Ricky Williams Heisman
  2247. 09 National Treasures...
  2248. Need help on a Matt Schaub card?
  2249. Adrian Peterson Jersey Sewn NWT 48 M FS
  2250. SP Legendary Contenders Auto Print Runs (via facebook)
  2251. What's the requirements for topps chrome raninbow?
  2252. Is Reggie Bush finally reaching his potential?
  2253. Fake?
  2254. 2009 Limited Crown AUTOs Question
  2255. 2009 SPX Joe Flacco Superscripts AUTO??
  2256. Who Should I Start A PC of ????
  2257. Need your help!!!
  2258. any madden players out there...PS3
  2259. i have a good topic to debate......
  2260. Jets vs. Colts - Official Discussion Thread
  2261. Vikings vs. Saints - Official Discussion Thread
  2262. brandon marshall?
  2263. 2009 SP Authentic release date????
  2264. 09 Topps Chrome Question
  2265. 2009 Ultimate
  2266. Lt Down Who's Next to Break Emmitt's Rushing Record?
  2267. 09 exquisite?
  2268. does anyone know about the contenders legendary sp list
  2269. Which Box?
  2270. Sanchez to Braylon--Booyah====
  2271. Question about Upper Deck SP
  2272. Pierre Garcon Contenders question/advice
  2273. How much do you think I can get for this? Opinions Please~
  2274. Some Sell Price Help PLease
  2275. I thought you can't hit a QB low??
  2276. WOW, Check this out!
  2277. Horrible call by refs
  2278. How is Glen Coffee Contenders not an SP?
  2279. Does Favre Retire?
  2280. Favre haters crack me up.......
  2281. Did anyone see the tattoo'd TOOTHLESS Saints fan on tv
  2282. Upper Deck Offers New NFL Rookie Set
  2283. Nearly Time, Who ya gonna collect in 10?
  2284. 1 Case 2009 Contenders plus a box
  2285. Letterman Cards...
  2286. question about this urlacher auto i won on ebay
  2287. Thought on this trade offer??
  2288. Some research from my grandpa.
  2289. Upper deck
  2290. looking to do my first set, any suggestions?
  2291. EVERYONES opinion needed
  2292. Real Moon Patch?
  2293. Favre or Rodgers?
  2294. Gotta a chance to go to the Super Bowl, but...
  2295. PayPal question
  2296. What would happen if........
  2297. Pre-War Football HOF Rookies?
  2298. Sports Card and Memorabilia Show January 30-31st Westminster Mall Colorado!
  2299. Good box for a beginner?
  2300. Looking for some opinions on selling rare Peyton Manning RC...
  2301. How much does this suck?
  2302. Woo hoo
  2303. What's the value of this????
  2304. help organizing cards
  2305. Cash For Paypal?
  2306. Advice needed about a 1/1
  2307. 2008 Upper Deck Exquisite RC Auto Patch....How RARE is the Throwback Version??
  2308. I'd just like to apologize to fans of teams with poor QBs.
  2309. Anybody else's Wal-Mart get rid of their cards?
  2310. Box break decision! Input appreciated...
  2311. Help please this Ricky Williams
  2312. Hate asking but anyone want to help with an ebay item?
  2313. New to Football Forums and starting a new set - 2002 Fleer Greats of the Game
  2314. Worst trade ever?
  2315. Donovan mcnabb to start in pro bowl!!!!!!
  2316. Need help: What are these listed under in Beckett?
  2317. Ebay/Paypal Dispute
  2318. what's the point of the pro bowl???
  2319. Julian Edelman contenders auto: hold on to or sell???
  2320. Roddy White makes Pro Bowl!!!
  2321. Calling out ebay id huskyseahawk
  2322. Could someone please explain this card!wow!
  2323. Fake Reggie Wayne NICE card but FAKE!
  2324. A would-you-rather for Player Collectors
  2325. Anyone have info on this card???????
  2326. Why would Ebay feedback score be kept private?
  2327. 2010 Press Pass Football Card Preview
  2328. Matt Cassel
  2329. Wholesalers??
  2330. WOW!!!! My girlfriend is the best!!!!! Opinions needed!!
  2331. Which football set should I buy?
  2332. Panini offers prize package of cards in exchange for Manning-Brees card
  2333. Best trade you never made...
  2334. 2009 National Treasures Opinions?
  2335. help on auto plz
  2336. 2009 Sage Short Run FB
  2337. Kurt Warner Retires
  2338. Check your Blasters
  2339. opinions needed
  2340. Question about Chris Johnson Rookie Auto
  2341. Does anyone collect old price guides
  2342. help please???
  2343. eBay BIN/BO question
  2344. What In Person Autos do you Collect?
  2345. Question for those that break cases....
  2346. Eastern Washington is gonna have red turf?
  2347. Cry Baby Craig (James)needs more media coverage...
  2348. help me please
  2349. Steven Jackson accused of assault
  2350. Is Ed Reed a HOF'er???? If he never plays again
  2351. Cj
  2352. 2009 National Treasures Group Break Help???
  2353. Funny Gregg Williams quote
  2354. What to Do About Sellers Who Overprice Cards?
  2355. Good replacement?
  2356. Anyone going to the Pro Bowl?
  2357. Can anyone identify where this patch is from?
  2358. Retail vs. Hobby Cards?
  2359. Advice on an Ebay listing -- think it is real?
  2360. 2009 Exquisite Football - Thoughts?
  2361. Best Quarterback of this Generation?
  2362. Here we go again
  2363. Bidding Wars?
  2364. Saints, Colts Hoping To Resolve Super Bowl Through Diplomacy
  2365. Where to buy signed 8x10s?
  2366. Buying/Trading/Selling on here
  2367. I think I just got a heck of a deal!
  2368. JDWorley's collection
  2369. New to cards lookin for advice
  2370. How many of you out there "missed out" on a card?
  2371. Best box up to around $80
  2372. shill bidders
  2373. Wow UD Wins YU-GI-OH case!
  2374. research help Emmitt Smith GU error card!!
  2375. Is it too early to think about next year???
  2376. Question for Cowboys Fans (satdium)
  2377. ebay is a little better now
  2378. help with finding a jersey
  2379. Score/Score Inscriptions
  2380. How many of you made a great investment on a card?
  2381. Toploader Question
  2382. does anyone else think 09 national treasures design is bad?
  2383. BodHell's Weekly Giveaway 1/30/10
  2384. Any one have the 2009 chicle sp list
  2385. kenny britt redemption threads auto he hasnt signed so i got this
  2386. Have a question, not sure if this is the place to post but here it is
  2387. What's The Best Football Box To Get?
  2388. Best Bang for Your Buck?
  2389. Herschel Walker won his first MMA fight.
  2390. Opinions on this quad auto
  2391. Topps Replacement BS
  2392. Help with my Harvin Asolute /10
  2393. Which HOF Rookie for 10$?
  2394. Any Upcomming card shows to California?
  2395. is this real
  2396. Hows this for punishment
  2397. ? about jersey cards
  2398. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.38 Feb 2010 Come join THE BEST!
  2399. Will this Superbowl have the most passing yards/tds in SB history?
  2400. What does everyone think will happen with McNabb and the Eagles QB situation?
  2401. is this a fake peterson auto quad
  2402. Great Deals on Bubble Mailers
  2403. Vikings fans.....
  2404. Chicle artist here
  2405. what member is the huge collector of pettigrew?
  2406. Anybody watch all of the pro bowl
  2407. Player checklist
  2408. Is there any Vernon Davis SUPERCOLLECTOR here?
  2409. Can anyone help w/ 09 Topps Chrome variations?
  2410. How much will Freeney's injury impact the superbowl
  2411. Did 2009 SP AUTHENTIC get released???
  2412. looking to buy
  2413. Question! Please need some Answers.
  2415. Can anyone help me??
  2416. HOF's 2000-09 All Decade Team
  2417. card giveaways
  2418. Veiwing Personall collections/photobuckets
  2419. I don't get about 2009 National Treasures
  2420. Upper Deck Football 2009 -- question about set
  2421. 09 Rookie class gu's
  2422. Newest Topps In-Pack Promotion.... Wow !!
  2423. awesome ud mail day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2424. Has Anyone Ever Seen These 2 Cards Before?
  2425. Input Greatly Appreciated...
  2426. Input Greatly Appreciated!
  2427. Anybody see the Pics of Favre's ankle after the Saints game??
  2428. Any one do group breaks with ATM sports cards ??
  2429. Neutral Feedback for Slow Shippers?
  2430. How much does a peyton manning auto cost?
  2431. Greatest Players of All Time Bracket
  2432. Another card giveaway!
  2433. 3 color + patches
  2434. Bgs bccg
  2435. Where is this patch from?
  2436. Bought a new pair of shoes.
  2437. Somebody help me with this 08 Bowman Sterling Question!
  2438. Denver Bronco fans or anybody, please help
  2439. Redemption questions/Discussion
  2440. 1998 Playoff Contenders Question
  2441. 2010 pro bowl most watched nfl all-star game in a decade
  2442. Roger goodell pro bowl pregame interview with rich eisen & marshall faulk
  2443. please help a collector out!
  2444. How long should I wait for a redemption before contacting UD?
  2445. ESPN and NFL Network coverage???
  2446. Can someone explain to me.....
  2447. Panini mistake with National Treasure
  2448. when is topps unique set to hit the market
  2449. National Signing day over
  2450. The chase is over.. Manning/Brees Dual GU arrives at Panini.
  2451. This is another reason why it's getting impossible to trade on here
  2452. NFL 2010 Pro Bowl Highlights
  2453. Dispute Question
  2454. Really need some help finding some information
  2455. Card Tables at the show requirements?
  2456. question about beckett
  2457. I'm Back!
  2458. Any info on this card?
  2459. Card shops in alabama
  2460. Question about Panini/Donruss
  2461. Barry Sanders comming to your house for the right price.
  2462. Am I Missing Something On This???
  2463. LT wont be a bolt in 2010???
  2464. National chicle
  2465. 2009 SP Authentic... dealys and yet more so!
  2466. Photobucket Question...
  2467. weird question, anyone have an imac?
  2468. Ebay shipping...
  2469. Who Will Become the Superbowl MVP?
  2470. Anybody have luck with Topps Customer Service?
  2471. what does htg and vhtg mean
  2472. BV vs. SV debate... Weigh in
  2473. Most Amazing AP NT!
  2474. USC Recruits 13-Year Old Quarterback!
  2475. "Bullet" Bill Dudley R.I.P.
  2476. Help finding some supplies
  2477. I'm so dissapointed this is a fake :(
  2478. Wonder Why??????
  2479. way ot but were getting 3 freaking feet of snow
  2480. Round 2 best wide receiver of all time
  2481. Should i return this help!!!
  2482. Shoutout to TCBroncos224!
  2483. Topps
  2484. Has anyone else noticed this about 09 NT?
  2485. any idea what this favre GU /10 might sell for???
  2486. Anybody hear about 13 yr old delaware kid verbally committed to USC?
  2487. Inscriptions add this much value?
  2488. Radio Row at the Super Bowl
  2489. I give up trying to sell any thing hear
  2490. What am I missing here??
  2491. Why Doesn't Beckett list the retail versions of rookies?
  2492. Banned SuperBowl commercial Mancrunch
  2493. Hypothetical question
  2494. What/where is the strangest place you've shipped a card?
  2495. Final round best widereceiver of all time
  2496. Stay away from Photobucket
  2497. Final round best running back of all time
  2498. Final round best quarterback of all time
  2499. Just picked up this quad auto!!!!
  2500. Any one know this guy??
  2501. this card worth anything?
  2502. 04 football fleer ex
  2504. Is my card fake??
  2505. 2008 Chris Johnson Contenders RC Auto finally Received
  2506. 2010 HOF members
  2507. 2010 Pro Football HOF Enshrinees Anounced
  2508. 2008 Playoff Contenders Chris Johnson Rookie AUTO Redemption card
  2509. Trying again... Drew Brees auto/gu /25 for trade
  2510. love it but i hate it
  2511. What am I missing- Brees Contenders Question
  2512. Anyone know how much this card is worth?
  2513. *SUPERBOWL PREDICTIONS* Post'em up..
  2514. Beckett played a cruel trick on me!!!!
  2515. Is everyone excited for an extremely poorly officiated game?
  2516. PT system
  2517. Huge base lots ft!!!
  2518. Need help with UD Black Lustrious Autos
  2519. what 09 rookie has haunted you this year
  2520. Got my money back for the fake card and got THIS NASTY AP ROOKIE PATCH AUTO
  2521. ebay insanity
  2522. Importance of the Super Bowl Coin Toss
  2523. Superbowl Commercial Schedule/List
  2524. Thoughts on the Tim Tebow Pro Life Ad?
  2525. PSA Future HOFer Set?
  2526. HELP!! Fake???
  2527. What time is actual kickoff?
  2528. Super Bowl Discussion Thread
  2529. dudes! stop posting buy threads in high end ft--its
  2530. The Who Halftime Show - Thoughts?
  2531. And Thats Why He'll NEVER Be The Greatest Ever
  2532. 2008 Contenders Rookie Ticket
  2533. Tracy Porter cards disappear off eBay.
  2534. What was your favorite super bowl commercial???
  2535. My own personal poll.
  2536. The 1 thing I hate about the Super Bowl...
  2537. Manning walked straight off the field without shaking Brees's hand
  2538. What is this PSA 7 Sayers RC centering?
  2539. The Superbowl Conclusion: Reggie Bush is a bust.
  2540. SB44 44 SEC 4THQrt 4 years 4 months 44th Pres
  2541. Lance Moore = David Tyree
  2542. A Drew Brees question for everyone
  2543. For all the #18 Haters - what are your thoughts on the Officiating?
  2544. if you know the person who was trading the peyton cut Limited lmk plz
  2545. What will your team do in the draft/off season?
  2546. Why the Colts Lost
  2547. Hooters Girls Explain Football
  2548. New Orleans Saints: "Heart of the City"
  2549. photobucket ?
  2550. A quote on this Monday...
  2551. 2009 sp authentic gold autos
  2552. 2009 sp authentic delayed indefinitely !!!!
  2553. Contenders redemptions
  2554. Cards you Wish you still had
  2555. 2009 Topps Chicle Football Short Prints Announced
  2556. Does Topps have a clue??? LOL
  2557. Stallworth officially terminated
  2558. Philly Fans: Opinion on Michael Vick
  2559. Need Advice
  2560. Payton National Treasures
  2561. Do you think players think this is stupid??
  2562. Am I crazy to continuously buy High-End Product from UD?????
  2563. BGS Case is cracking
  2564. Name your top five most hated teams.
  2565. What is the best product out there?
  2566. 3 shot during Super Bowl celebrations in New Orleans
  2567. Top 10 QB's of your time...
  2568. You know you're a manning fan if-----
  2569. Are you interested in High School Football Cards?
  2570. Amazing Drew Brees stats...
  2571. Anyone else having trouble w/ Photobucket?
  2572. Upper Deck Head Scratcher
  2573. Whens the best time to Send something to Get Auto'd during Offseason
  2574. sword and stone redemption
  2575. Hilarious SB Picture...
  2576. I'm bored.. new game
  2577. Most underrated HOFer..Who is yours?
  2578. When does beckett football mag come out?
  2579. Is any willing to do a favor for a fellow member?
  2580. what is a good product to buy a case of?
  2581. HUGE Missed Call During The Super Bowl...?
  2582. What does NON RPS mean ??
  2583. First High Dollar Rip In a couple weeks...YOU PICK IT SCF
  2584. Ebay reporting- is it worth it?
  2585. Hot Packs on Ebay
  2586. 1991 Wild Card cards ?
  2587. What is your favorite card?
  2588. What's your favorite (or the best) year of these High-End products????
  2589. Help/Opinions Needed
  2590. What's the Best Pen/Marker to buy for Autos?
  2591. Beckett online
  2592. got a ? about a IP auto..
  2593. $65- What to do?!?!
  2594. Best way to protect cards?
  2595. High end to low end info- Help!
  2596. Topps Platinum?
  2597. platnum checklist???
  2598. help please?
  2599. Super Bowl 44 Ticket Stubs
  2600. How has this not been talked about?
  2601. Help!!!
  2602. This just irritates me to no end
  2603. Case help!!!
  2604. Advice on grading
  2605. Did SPA finally hit the market?
  2606. Polian throws offensive line, special teams under the bus.
  2607. Am i wrong to be turned off by a card because of shipping?
  2608. TTM Auto Question
  2609. i got a STEAL
  2610. 2009 Ultimate Football
  2611. Does anyone know where to find a checklist for Topps Platinum Football?
  2612. ATTN: Everyone ripping SP Authentic (I need your help!)
  2613. Does anyone know where to find a checklist for Topps Platinum Football?
  2614. Anyone live in the New orleans area??? or go to their CAMP?
  2615. Where does LT lie in terms of best RB's all-time..contenders RC auto status?
  2616. 2009 SP Authentic
  2617. Suspecting on 2009 SP Authentic patch quality
  2618. Question on RC autos of Favre/Jeter etc...
  2619. threads
  2620. 2007 LCM Fabric of the Game Patch Question
  2621. Bears info needed....
  2622. debating if i should go to the lcs!!
  2623. Quinn's Future
  2624. how is this possible? someone tell me!!
  2625. ebay steal
  2626. Trading????
  2627. Bengals Sign another winner while trying out Pacman
  2628. 2009 SP Patches /5 ?????
  2629. This HAS to be a scam.....right?
  2630. 7 ebay wins.. very nice at cheap!
  2631. Anyone in Northern IL or WI? Check this out!
  2632. 2007 SPx Football packs
  2633. The Final Card!!
  2634. Paypal gift question
  2635. Question on 2009 SP Authentic
  2636. Trying to figure out why my SPA gold Redemption for Percy Harvin is.........
  2637. ADRIAN PETERSON. Was I too late?
  2638. Emmitt Smith Score rc fake??
  2639. Topps Platinum or SP Authentic?
  2640. List of players who are overpriced and underpriced in our hobby
  2641. what are Etopps cards?
  2642. Austin Collie Autograph Giveaway Contest (Hockey Inspired)
  2643. quick question about finding statistics on beckett
  2644. OT: PO policy question..
  2645. Opinion - Are these two cards unique?
  2646. Sticker Autos or On-Card Autos w/ Redemptions
  2647. Question on what to do??
  2648. opening ebay store?
  2649. Am I being unreasonable?
  2650. Anybody know the value of this card?
  2651. Difference Between Retail and Hobby Cards??
  2652. Most Legendary Rookie Cards??
  2653. Kevin Kolb possibly signing an extension?
  2654. Trying to Price a 1/1
  2655. Upper Deck Replacement...Not to Happy
  2656. SP Authentic non-auto RCs?
  2657. What's the best football product of 2007?
  2658. can somebody tell me what pt. size this patch acrd would be real quick?????
  2659. Idea for the card companies - could potentially eliminate need for redemptions.
  2660. Big show in San Jose next week
  2661. jersey card creases near the swatch
  2662. A question for Jerry Rice Fans!
  2663. Is this a good deal?
  2664. Need Search Option Help.
  2665. Another card giveaway!!!!!!
  2666. Have u played with any NFL or NBA star in HS or were any on your team?
  2667. 3 Day auction or 7 day auction?
  2668. reply to this i gotta question
  2669. real or fake?
  2670. like um?
  2671. Looking for an Estimated Value
  2672. Why is everyone digging on Edelmann??
  2673. took a hiatus, looking for some new stuff
  2674. Where are all the NFL logos in the 09 SP Authentic
  2675. Should I get it graded?
  2676. Possible first SP Fake?
  2677. Walter Payton RC grading question!!
  2678. What Case To Purchase?
  2679. Even Colts Fans think Peyton Folded....
  2680. Cheap hobby box with the best value?
  2681. 2010 UD Sweet Spot NCAA Football - Thoughts/Opinions?
  2682. Did D&A receive their 2009 SP Authentic yet?
  2683. Exquisite Question...
  2684. photobucket question... Please help
  2685. Real of Fake?
  2686. UD Quality Control SUKS!
  2687. My Targets, K-Marts and Walmarts suck!!!!!
  2688. Does ANYBODY know the Print Run On These.....??
  2689. 2008 Contenders #172 Redemption
  2690. How Much Would you Pay for this?
  2691. What are the best RCs from this yr--not just base rc auto, insert autos, logos, etc
  2692. Michael Crabtree Contenders Going Live
  2693. Anyone know if 2009 SP Authentic ended up making...
  2694. I heard michael oher is NOT out of /299
  2695. 99 Bowman Autograph Variations
  2696. 99 Bowman Autograph Variations
  2697. 2009 UD Premier?
  2698. Really worth $175?
  2699. Fake Patch?
  2700. need info on Brandon Jacobs Bowmans Best Rookie Auto
  2701. whats your take on Eddie Royal 1 of 1 spa?
  2702. First Topps Unique cards hitting eBay
  2703. Am I too late to sell medicore players RC on ebay right now?
  2704. Big card shows in nj
  2705. Donruss Threads question
  2706. 2010 Draft Edition Football Card Preview
  2707. 2009 Exquisite
  2708. What NFL players would be a good street fight to watch? Just thinking....
  2709. Is it just me or is getting bad around here.....
  2710. Wondering how they made this fake 1/1
  2711. How would you handle this????
  2712. WOW!! This is either the COOLEST CARD EVER OR
  2713. Are there any checklist out for 2010 products???
  2714. WOW being a celebrity has its benefits
  2715. Where To Buy Low End Cards??
  2716. Jimmy Clausen won't participate in combine drills
  2717. how much extra would you pay
  2718. Stallworth is back...
  2719. question about 09 sp authentic
  2720. San Jose Football Card Show Tickets (Feb. 19-21)
  2721. Need Help with a Card
  2722. Sp Authentic Shonn Greene Thoughts???
  2723. ot anyone on trader retreat please help
  2724. wrong name-trading card central NEED HELP
  2725. help with a peterson pricing...
  2726. Best Box??
  2727. who is good at making banners-if you are i can throw you some paypal for one
  2728. Unique - Explain Yourself!!
  2729. Topps Logic?
  2730. Combine Watch List: The top five running backs
  2731. Chargers CB Cromartie could be traded
  2732. Where will Julius Peppers go?
  2733. Buying Graded Cards? Need advice.
  2734. Safe to buy packs at LCS?
  2735. Real or Fake?
  2736. What I've wasted my time on today - more "greatest QB" fodder
  2737. Best sites to buy cards???
  2738. Why I hate Moving
  2739. How to find out how many cards of a player?
  2740. Ebay Help
  2741. Need some help with putting a value on this card???
  2742. Whar are your guys thoughts on Topps.....
  2743. ryan mouton...
  2744. Any contenders redemptions shipping yet
  2745. Card companies Lie about Game worn?
  2746. questions about finding super collector stats
  2747. thoughts on autos
  2748. SPA - make your money back?
  2749. second chance drew brees-should i buy it
  2750. Are These Autos Legit?
  2751. How to Protect 8x10s?
  2752. Natl Conv Balt Question about Auto Signature Costs
  2753. Spend Time With Your Kids So Peyton Manning Doesn't
  2754. MJD collectors, watch out for this fake!
  2755. Is this AP Patch real?
  2756. Any big Juaquin Iglesias Collectors out there?
  2757. Shipping Charges?!?!?
  2758. How hard is it?
  2759. Check out this Matt Ryan custom image I just made!
  2760. Anyone on a laptop?
  2761. Can someone help with some SP Authentic Info?
  2762. What would you do? (Ebay damaged card)
  2763. does anyone know where i can find this
  2764. 1999 Passing the Torch Question
  2765. Where Can I Find Out How Many Cards A Player Has?
  2766. help me decide
  2767. need help on SV
  2768. Which HOF Rookie Should I Buy?
  2769. SP Patch Set Redemptions, they really do exist.....
  2770. 2009 Ultimate FB vs Ultimate Baseball
  2771. Ok now this is weird
  2772. stafford 1/1 patch real or fake??
  2773. What Nfl players u following on Twitter and whos is worth following??
  2774. Sending opal as gift
  2775. Question With Much Needed Help
  2776. Worst football fakes ever??
  2777. Today is my first group break of a case of SP Authentic... Drafting teams in a littl
  2778. Paypal scam?
  2779. Please wait 8 hrs to bump
  2780. What do I do? Sanchez SPA
  2781. Sanchez 1/1 SPA pulled and on the bay
  2782. 2009 Prestige SP...
  2783. ebay sellers??
  2784. More shadiness by Upper Deck?
  2785. 2009 Sage HIT #ROY Matt Ryan - Do I have the only one??????
  2786. 2010 Topps National Chicle Football Box Break Highlights
  2787. New to Hobby...Advice?
  2788. 2000 Kurt Warner QLP-8...ever seen b4?
  2789. Has anyone had any 2009 SP Authentic boxes that were missing hits??
  2790. Is it me or is Panini,s redemption page broken
  2791. LT a charger no longer
  2792. Who Would You Love For Your Team To Draft? Who Do You Think They Will Draft?
  2793. What Value Should I put on this 1/1
  2794. Chargers new starting RB???
  2795. Best Box of 2005-2009?
  2796. New Product
  2797. The Goose has landed
  2798. Best Way to List?
  2799. Looks Like 09 Ultimate is live!!
  2800. 09 SP Authentic 1/1 Logo Patch Autos!!
  2801. Edge 1998 Question?
  2802. is this real?? plz help!
  2803. Philadelphia Eagles release Brian Westbrook
  2804. Yesterday:LT, Today:Westbrook, Tomorrow:??
  2805. 2009 National Treasures
  2806. little rant on something
  2807. How effective is Buy it Now?
  2808. PHI's offense havin' a COMPLETE MAKEOVER?!?!
  2809. Murder Trial of Darrent Williams started today.
  2810. any1 know 09 topps chrome romo sp?
  2811. Michigan Wolverines.. not looking good
  2812. Lawrence Taylor AUTOS
  2813. how do i go about getting panini to get me a hit i got shorted of
  2814. Can someone 'splain this to me?
  2815. SPA or Ultimate
  2816. John David Booty
  2817. Chris Wells SP Authentic redemptions
  2818. New Buyer Qs
  2819. Best Card Ever?
  2820. 2009 Ultimate
  2821. Another bash topps thread---see below
  2822. Nnamdi Asomugha rumored to the Jets
  2823. ebay rant
  2824. Another Reason I Love Eli Manning
  2825. one rare cut auto
  2826. Bidding Software?
  2827. how does everyone display their PC cards or other nice cards
  2828. can anyone lmk what this might be worth
  2829. I think this should be a new rule on scf
  2830. Denver area shops???
  2831. wondering which set i should collect
  2832. Top Ten Greatest Players of All Time?
  2833. 09 Ultimate 1997 Legends AUTOS??
  2834. Is it "legal" to have the same card listed twice on ebay?
  2835. Ebay Question???
  2836. Whats paninis average time to ship redemption if card is in house?
  2837. Low-end cards for your PC that elude you?
  2838. WHo would you take in my shoes?
  2839. Would you be happy with this Panini replacement redemption
  2840. 2009 Topps National Chicle -- question
  2841. opinion poll on what i should do with my lewis auto /4!!! need your opinion!
  2842. Sick 1/1 pulled just now
  2843. 1993 Stadium Club Drew Bledsoe ERR Rc
  2844. Let's See What You Think!?!?!?!
  2845. stupid question but...
  2846. 2009 UD ICONS Letterman
  2847. A Tale of Two Replacements-- Topps v. Panini
  2848. Newbie Q: Card Protection
  2850. LT in Minnesota?
  2851. Wow the Eagles Uniform does not have this patch......
  2852. Large team bags for magnetic card holders??
  2853. Am I an idiot or does this not look right?
  2854. Should I sell commons for $0.01?
  2855. Reputable COA on this Montana Auto?
  2856. NSA patches????
  2857. Looking to Grade some cards...Have a question for you experts..thanks
  2858. Come on, you know you've overpaid, Testify!!
  2859. I broke the bank for the best... More Rodgers!
  2860. fair trade or bv on this beauty
  2861. What boxes to buy.
  2862. What is the best box break u have ever had?????
  2863. What Do You Do With The Base Cards?
  2864. SI Mock Draft...whatdya think?
  2865. What is the deal with Topps 1/1s??
  2866. How will topps platinum stack up bv wise vs.sp authentic
  2867. I hate ebay sellers!
  2868. How long do you give an Ebay Seller before....
  2869. Paypal fees, someone explain please
  2870. Topps Unique Question
  2871. really guy?
  2872. Exquisite breakdown
  2873. topps football..
  2874. College uniforms
  2875. what would you do?
  2876. Need Help Pricing this Saints Lot.
  2877. Tebow-pre-combine-interview
  2878. 1965 Topps Tall Boy Size?
  2879. Coin Toss Decides Draft Pick?
  2880. Draft Stock Of Top Quarterbacks
  2881. SportsCenter prank caller pretending to be Brian Westbrook
  2882. how to i put pics in my sig
  2883. Who else misses the grand old days of collecting in the 1990's?
  2884. help with group break
  2885. possible to super collect a set?
  2886. kind of a stupid question.. can anyone give me a answer real quick?
  2887. How far do you drive for your LCS???
  2888. Shipping Cost???
  2889. Need Some help with this feedback Question???
  2890. Any HOF Rookie Collectors?
  2891. how is this possible?!?!?!?!
  2892. Card Battle!!! (LOOK)
  2893. Card Battle!!! (LOOK) VOTING!
  2894. Getting back into the hobby, which product? (Sub $80 Autos)
  2895. Really hate this guy
  2896. Did I overpay for this?
  2897. What would you pay for this??
  2898. Ebay tip
  2899. If YOU'RE team had a chance at Tebow, would you want them to take it?
  2900. Biggest waste of talent
  2901. NYC Card Shops?
  2902. whaaaaat talk about shipping prices
  2903. LOL This is FUNNY!! NSA Real??? NO WAY!! LOOK
  2904. Wow scf
  2905. I have a dilemma fellas! Need opinions!!
  2906. What Card Are You Chasing?
  2907. PWE Automatic Negative?
  2908. Favorite place to buy singles online?
  2909. Fair Trade
  2910. Funny things Happen when you quit
  2911. Topps or Ebay fraud???
  2912. Change in competitiveness
  2913. Anyone have cool card shop owners?
  2914. Is this a true rookie
  2915. Anyone Watching The Combine? I Think The Raiders Have Found Their Guy This Year!
  2916. Thomas Jones To Be Released
  2917. Just a question about letter patch cards
  2918. redemptions
  2919. Cowboys fans- Williams to compete for Role?
  2920. Anyone know what the College Shootouts Ultimate Collection Cards look like??
  2921. Any 360 Madden 10 players?
  2922. Need your help getting the last two Shonn Greene Limited Letterman nameplates
  2923. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition *Sign Up Now!* (March 2010 Issue)
  2924. Would you consider this an auto....
  2925. You Can Add Darren Sproles And Antrelle Rolle To The List
  2926. Canadian Collectors: Where do you buy??
  2927. Question on this Larry Johnson auto
  2928. Jerry Jones predicts 10 or 11 new Cowboys
  2929. 2010 Sage Hit High Series Football Card Preview
  2930. 2010 Football Card Product Schedule and Previews
  2931. anyone know why SUTTON cards are blowing up ?
  2932. Ultimate Collection
  2933. Back to collecting, owe apology
  2934. How much could/should this set bring on eBay?
  2935. Who here collects more than 2 players?
  2936. Nnamdi Asomough auto
  2937. need some help on a card
  2938. Ultimate Collection Shout Out Autos......
  2939. Tristar Hidden Treasures??
  2940. Card Battle ROUND 2! (Entries)
  2941. How long do you wait...
  2942. Chad Ocho Cinco, Erin Andrews On Dancing With The Stars
  2943. Hey Guys
  2944. Tim Tebow Signs Draft Pick Exclusive with Press Pass
  2945. Rams in intense talks with the Eagles about McNabb!!!
  2946. What are your collecting goals?
  2947. LCS question?
  2948. What are these worth? Not asking for BV!
  2949. What to Do Damaged Photo?
  2950. Have a PC question
  2951. Card Battle ROUND 2! VOTING
  2952. Card Battle ROUND 2! VOTING
  2953. Next year's Pro Bowl goes back to Hawaii, but will be before the Super Bowl again
  2954. Anyone redeem Harvin SP Authentic Auto Patch
  2955. USPS issue,do i have options?
  2956. What's the difference between these two Brees 1/1's?
  2957. Any Info on 2008 Topps Kickoff Autos?
  2958. Singles/Regular Cards?
  2959. Ive always wondered about these
  2960. What do you think of 09 Press Pass football
  2961. Darrius Heyward-Bey
  2962. Good Little Argument Going, Is There An Elite WR With A Terrible QB??
  2963. Topps Platinum Blaster Question
  2964. What's your favorite kind of group break?
  2965. Team lots vs. Player lots
  2966. Bowman/Bowman Chrome Q
  2967. I think Redskin One is just being fuelled up now!!!
  2968. Need some help putting a value on a card
  2969. How long should i wait for an ebay seller to ship??
  2970. ENTER NOW! Card Battle ROUND 3!
  2971. Question about a set of cards
  2972. is this real?
  2973. when?
  2974. is it just me or....
  2975. OK I am no expert but can these be real
  2976. Has LeSean McCoys stuff gotten this high?!?!
  2977. Holder Question for 2009 Ultimate Football Breakers
  2978. does anyone here go to public signings??
  2979. Jimmy Johnson Extenze Commercial
  2980. Ive Heard Alot About The Rams Having To Draft Sam Bradford Because...
  2981. Anyone Else Want Their Player To Sit On The Bench A Little Longer?
  2982. Opinion please: $100+ Boxes
  2983. Supplies
  2984. Where can i get complete vintage nfl games!?
  2985. whats a good box to get?
  2986. Group Box/Case Break Problems
  2987. Card Battle ROUND 3!
  2988. How do you break cards out of BGS cases?
  2989. Advice on a Panini redemption swap
  2990. Help Please
  2991. Is the hobby going down this much
  2992. gotta question about a card
  2993. Cromartie to the Jets for draft pick
  2994. Matt Moore starter for the Panther's Jake was just cut.
  2995. Ok how many of you guys do this Weekly contest for an Auto 8x10?
  2996. Ebay /Case /Paypal question Please Help
  2997. Brett Favre on Leno
  2998. Lions Sign VanDen Bosch, Burellson, Pats Lookin To Add Peppers And Other FA News Here
  2999. good boxes to bust.
  3000. Bears closing in on deals with Peppers, Taylor
  3001. is the 04 Draft class the best ever?????????????
  3002. I did it, I open it ...............
  3003. Top Football Players to Collect?
  3004. Ben Roethlisberger Accused of Sexual Assault AGAIN
  3005. Detroit Lions fans let's talk.........free agency, draft
  3006. NFC North
  3007. Cribbs has been paid
  3008. A question about Letterman card numbering
  3009. Seahawks "seriously considering" Brandon Marshall ...
  3010. Anquan Boldin A Raven By Tonight...........
  3011. Congrats New York Giants You Stole Rolle From Miami
  3012. Dolphins Sign Dansby!!!!!!!!!
  3013. Wilfork re-ups with NE
  3014. Bears sign RB Chester Taylor
  3015. WOW, What a Joke
  3016. LenDale White to be traded?
  3017. David Carr Close to Signing with the 49ers
  3018. Dolphins Re Sign Pennington!! So Likely Thiigpen Gone
  3019. Just Learned All About Poison Pills In Players Contracts
  3020. Julius Peppers is officially a Chicago Bear!
  3021. I hate that a lot of Matt Moores rookies are in a Cowboys uniform!!!
  3022. how much should i be lookin for on this WELLS
  3023. What Are The Cardinals Doing?!?!?!?!
  3024. Can Anyone help me out with this Calvin Johnson RC Auto???
  3025. Bears chat thread
  3026. Can You Help Me Out?
  3027. Thoughts about Topps leaving football...
  3028. Which HOF Rookie For My Registry??
  3029. Cardinals Trade For Kerry Rhodes
  3030. Anybody Have VCP Card Pricing??
  3031. Giants get antrel rolle, highest paid safety in nfl history!!!
  3032. What to do? International Shipping Question...
  3033. question help please
  3034. Best Way To Sell A Collection?
  3035. JustinFargas Released....Go Get Your Mc On
  3036. Jaguars Sign Kampman
  3037. 1984 and 1985 Topps USFL
  3038. IS the beckett site down??
  3039. question help please
  3040. Am i missing something here???????
  3041. really overpriced guys
  3042. SP Authentic Box Missing "hit"
  3043. Going overboard with Paypal as Gift?
  3044. What to order for vacation boxes?
  3045. Help please, 2008 absolute retail and hobby?
  3046. Grading Opinion
  3047. Topps Stafford/Sanchez Dual
  3048. What is up with this card?!!!??
  3049. Fellow forum members!!!!
  3050. anyone know how to crack a bgs case?
  3051. anyone know anything about these?
  3052. big ben hires ray lewis lawyer
  3053. Little group break rant...
  3054. Tebow Has An Expensive Auto!
  3055. Anyone From Around Sioux Falls South Dakota?
  3056. Anyone going to card shows these next few weeks?
  3057. Looking for opinion
  3058. Upper Deck Question
  3059. Merril Hoge just lost what little credibility he had left with me
  3060. Fujita leaves New Orleans with class
  3061. I seriously Doubt this is real?
  3062. 2007 Score football question.....
  3063. Brad hoover released!
  3064. Eagles trade reggie brown!!!!
  3065. Card Battle ROUND 4 (ENTER NOW)
  3066. Browns FA Thread; making smart (albeit minor) moves
  3067. what older boxes bring good value or best bang for the buck?
  3068. Anyone want to play a Madden game ONLINE??? on 360 fun or for cards LMK...
  3069. Steelers welcome back Antwaan Randle El and resign Ryan Clark
  3070. Are Topps Unique 1/1's really what they say they are?
  3071. What The Heavens Are You Doing Miami!!?? Pat White GONE!!??
  3072. UD Draft Cancelled for 2010
  3073. The Draft Is Coming Up, These Videos Still Cracks Me Up!
  3074. Anybody in the Chicago Area?
  3075. Sold this card for $70 in May of 2009.......
  3076. 97 LEGEND-ary SHOUT OUT!!!!
  3077. Card Battle! ROUND 4
  3078. Derek Anderson's future?
  3079. Thomas Jones Signs with KC
  3080. price help
  3081. lets get a madden game on add me on loudog4 360 players
  3082. Can't decide...
  3083. Oh Yeah, A DEFINITE Fake...
  3084. Whats the value of this card to you?
  3085. whats best blaster
  3086. Why is this Card worth so much Favre 09 Threads?
  3087. Top 20 heading into 2010
  3088. Ebay help?
  3089. Detroit Lions Key pIckups
  3090. New week, New chance to win an Autograph
  3091. Is the seller really this stupid?
  3092. A new low for an ebay seller
  3093. For Set Builders: Preference
  3094. I'm going to be featured in a new Beckett Sports Card Monthly!
  3095. Antonio Bryant Signs 4 Year Deal W/Bengals
  3096. Brady Quinn on the Trading block?
  3097. Report: Sam Bradford gets 36 on Wonderlic; Tim Tebow 22
  3098. Card Battle! ROUND 5 (enter now)
  3099. Philadelphia Card Show This Weekend
  3100. Need Help a Question!! Please help!
  3101. Tomlinson meeting with Vikings today
  3102. What are the lowest subgrades you could have to get a bgs 9.5?
  3103. I thought this card was exposed as a fake before??
  3104. HOF'ER Merlin Olson Passed away today at age 69
  3105. Mock draft 2.0 - Berry's versatility has safety moving up the boards‏
  3106. Private Feedback Ebay Buyer - Am I screwed?
  3107. 09 SPA Stafford SuperPatch BGS 9.0 MINT question
  3108. who to buy
  3109. Derrick mason back with ravens!!!!
  3110. Card Battle! ROUND 5
  3111. Panini Redemption Question
  3112. How do I find listings of card shows?
  3113. What team did Don Maynard play for that had a Gray Helmet ?????
  3114. is this card legit?
  3115. Fair TRade
  3116. Why is there YELLOW on this COLTS prime jersey card?
  3117. RIP Merlin Olsen dies at 69
  3118. exqusite black and Gold shipped
  3119. How would you value this damaged #/2 card?
  3120. SPA Fakes?
  3121. Which box to get?
  3122. Seahawks, Cards fans...would you want to take a chance on Charlie Whitehurst?
  3123. I feel sorry for the moron about to buy this....
  3125. Free Calvin Johnson auto and more.
  3126. St. Cloud, MN Card Show This Weekend - Anyone Been There/Going?
  3127. Anyone see the new GB alternate uni's?
  3128. I'm meeting Polamalu next weekend - What should I get autographed?
  3129. Anybody have the new Sage Checklist
  3130. 2010 upper deck draft
  3131. Ignore list?
  3132. 40th Annual Chicago Sun Times Sports Convention Whos going?
  3133. National 2010 Baltimore MD Thread
  3134. Anyone think this is fake?
  3135. live from the boise card show today....
  3136. National Treasures....Game Used vs Event Worn
  3137. Where do you buy HOBBY BOXES on this website???
  3138. No new Jim Thorpe Jersey Cards...?
  3139. Which rookies are you collecting in 2010?
  3140. is this guy really SERIOUS?!
  3141. Official March MADDEN 360 Tournament Sign Ups!!!
  3142. Jake Delhomme is a Brown!
  3143. Someone help me
  3144. March MADDEN PS3 Tourney
  3145. mayo's cut plugs
  3146. Has any1 seen this card?!
  3147. quick question need opinions
  3148. 07 TC Michael Vick SP, How SP was this card???
  3149. wow, really?? Just a little fake
  3150. Skins fans r u happy about lj??
  3151. Question about Printing Plate?
  3152. Brady Quinn traded to Denver Broncos
  3153. Browns trade Wimbley to Raiders....
  3154. What Do You Think Is The Sv For This?
  3155. LT is a J-E-T
  3156. What Would You Do?
  3157. Are you serious? Anyone think this is a little over priced?
  3158. Better get your Sanchez rookies quick!!!
  3159. 2006 Topps Turkey Red Jay Cutler Auto's (Gray and Red)
  3160. This guy is out of his mind!!!
  3161. Football card image help for book
  3162. Small local show, need advice
  3163. Interesting Article about the Rooney's and Roethlisberger
  3164. Cedric Peerman and Jarett Dillard are the bane of my existence.
  3165. Bring back redemption card for Full Memorabilia!!!
  3166. Best Hobby Pack
  3167. Looking for this magazine in mint condition
  3168. wow just wow
  3169. Need CV/SV Opinions on this Marino Auto/Jsy
  3170. Exquisite black and Gold
  3171. Ebay tool - HELP!
  3172. Really? Can this even be close to real?
  3173. Am I wrong here???
  3174. Paypal Gift Rant
  3175. does this site have the OPG?
  3176. What size one touch for an 09 SPA RPA
  3177. Monthly Sports Card And Memorabilia Show Colorado Springs March 27th,2010
  3178. Card Battle! ROUND 6 (enter now)
  3179. Is it the worst shilling in the FB card history?
  3180. What Boxe(s) are the best bet to BUY for $120??
  3181. i see they got the presell info out for prestige 2010
  3182. Real mayo red?
  3183. Does this look real or fake?
  3184. Help decide the 75 Most Valuable Draft Picks of all time
  3185. Bills Sign Edwards and Davis!
  3186. Need Input from Exquisite Case Breakers.
  3187. Incognito Is A Dolphin
  3188. Thank you Football Gods!!!!
  3189. Can anyone give me a little help if you don't mind?
  3190. Missing Titans RCs in 2009 SPA Anybody seen Cook or Marks?
  3191. You Could Announce a Pick Live at the 2010 NFL Draft!‏
  3192. Upper Deck....I guess they are going downhill!!!!
  3193. 09 College Ticket Auto Redemption/Replacement
  3194. Need help with UD Black Film Slides Auto
  3195. Anyone going to the Sun Times Show in Rosemont??
  3196. Card Battle! ROUND 6
  3197. Anyone know the print run on this?
  3198. eBay Feedback Question
  3199. Don't put Charlie Whitehurst on a high pedestal
  3200. 2006 National Treasures Charter Class Cut Auto's
  3201. Card shops in SC
  3202. Who ya got? Anderson to Arizona, Whitehurst to Seattle, Grossman to Washington
  3203. Roddy White 1 of 1 Auto
  3204. Upper Deck...replacement?
  3205. Card Battle! ROUND 7 (enter now)
  3206. Whos Your Most Underrated Player On Your Team? A Guy We Havent Heard Of?
  3207. Does anyone buy cards at Kmart?
  3208. fake or real?
  3209. Collecting 2 sets 09 Ultimate patch set and 09 topps finest auto patch LMK what
  3210. Tony Washington; Unique Draft Profile
  3211. Posting Help
  3212. Best Way to Sell a Damaged Card??
  3213. Is DA Card World crazy or is it just me?
  3214. HAHA this is great! Good for a laugh
  3215. has anyone ever used C.L. to sell cards??
  3216. Cardinals Sign Joey Porter
  3217. Fake Patches......
  3218. what is the deal with these? 2009 SPA Copper /150
  3219. Question on posting photos to threads
  3220. Pricing Question on Large Base Lot...Any Help would be Great!!!
  3221. Shorted Upper Deck hit
  3222. Best way to get some tradebait fast?
  3223. I Was Just Told Kordell Stewart Was Not A Star For Pittsburgh
  3224. Show in Sacramento, CA (Sunday, 3/21)
  3225. Unbelievably Rare LT RC
  3226. Am i missing something here guys??
  3227. Photobucket Help
  3228. Look at this Bey Contenders 1/1, auto is almost non-existant!
  3229. This has to be fake...(Elway 1/1)
  3230. has anyone seen this before.?!?!
  3231. Dinner with Jimmy Johnson
  3232. Stafford Topps Chrome Refractors VS SPA /499
  3233. Rochester, MN Card Show on March 28th
  3234. anyone else go to the harrisburg mall card show
  3235. help with photobucket
  3236. 2004 Contenders RC AU set: opinions?
  3237. Pc?
  3238. Does Anybody Else Miss This Guy?
  3239. Odd request guys
  3240. More fakes in football than basketball
  3241. Results from the Chicago Suntimes Show
  3242. SPx Opinions
  3243. Other Trading Sites?
  3244. Bad Ebay Listings
  3245. Wow 30+ trades this weekend
  3246. checklist
  3247. Question about my 2007 topps chrome 1/1
  3248. Just venting about a bad card show visit
  3249. Question about a four week old eBay win.
  3250. I Have A Great Solution To Stop Patch Fakes!
  3251. Ronnie Brown Arrested
  3252. Exquisite Release Date?
  3253. What is your top 5 most wanted cards?
  3254. Vote for SCF on Facebook!
  3255. Fake Ryan Grant NT patch
  3256. Would a Unique 1/1 patch be this poor quality??
  3257. Ebay Opinion Needed
  3258. 2009 Exquisite Football has Fouldouts!
  3259. SCF Mock Draft?
  3260. What Causes This Mark?
  3261. Sale Value vs. Book Value (SF vs. BV) 2 cents
  3262. Tom Brady auto
  3263. When using Paypal GIFT, you cannot print shipping label?
  3264. Need advice on selling base
  3265. help with price
  3266. Overtime Playoff Rules change
  3267. flipping cards is ruining the hobby??????
  3268. Is it just me, or this a little rediculous..
  3269. Looking for magazine articles!
  3270. thoughts on replacement
  3271. Question on 2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear O's parallels
  3272. Have you (as a customer) tried to make a trade with another customer at a cards show?
  3273. Ebay Store Owners. R U Closing with new fees
  3274. SCF 2010 NFL Mock Draft!!!
  3275. early game used
  3276. Triple Threads Booklet cards...do CASES exist???
  3277. Need help with card
  3278. Beckett Grading ?'s
  3279. Pro Football Draft History back to 1936
  3280. 1991 Wild Card 1000 Stripe
  3281. To vend or not to vend...advice?
  3282. shipping on ebay
  3283. where can i find set lists
  3284. Anybody see this about Upper Deck ?
  3285. fake?
  3286. Mcnabb to the rams?!?!?!?
  3287. BGS Grading Help
  3288. Need some old school help
  3289. Question about the Favre/Peterson 1/1.
  3290. Is this an obvious shill bidder??
  3291. cowboys dolphins trade rumor?
  3292. am I the only person getting sick of people that dont put enough postage on cards?
  3293. After all this time, could this be fake?
  3294. Anyone know how to make banners?
  3295. Just taking offers at the moment!!!!
  3296. Marijuana "Epidemic" concerns NFL personnel
  3297. how do i post a picture?
  3298. Need some help on this patch??
  3299. Card Battle! ROUND 7
  3300. Does this stuff aggravate anyone else?
  3301. why do so many other people want Darrius Heyward Bey???
  3302. Why don't people reply to PM's?????????
  3303. Anybody have A Idea of the Value of a 2008 Playoff Contenders Set?
  3304. Fake or Real?????
  3305. Pro Football Hall of Fame Autograph Session Tickets on sale NOW!‏
  3306. My Exquisite Case Shipped Today!!
  3307. Who's tired of EBAY and their ridiculous fees???
  3308. Where is the best place to buy boxes from 1995-2003?
  3309. 1997 Upper Deck Legends Hobby Box
  3310. Which card should I buy for my set.....
  3311. Something to hide?
  3312. Can Someone help me win an ebay auction?
  3313. Score factory sets
  3314. 2010 Press Pass Football?
  3315. any insight would be very helpful
  3316. Cowboys Fans, who should they select in the Draft?
  3317. New here, thinking about buying a box...?
  3318. Attention to All Eagles Fans.
  3319. Which Trade Would You Choose?
  3320. 2005 topps finest?
  3321. Rookie Hype and Sleepers
  3322. Which boxes should I buy?? Options Inside
  3323. Ufjumper7 and My New Marino Logo!
  3324. Can anyone answer me this?
  3325. tom brady topps happy 50th red ink auto.. real or fake?
  3326. Hahahaha wow!! i love it
  3327. Where do you get team bags?
  3328. Opening an Ebay account questions
  3329. Any Brian Brohm super collectors?
  3330. Inventory Depleted on Redemption Card
  3331. Is this Orakpo Patch Legit? Could use some help
  3332. Super collecting?
  3333. Any card shops in SC
  3334. anyone agree with me on 2010 sets ?
  3335. Finding Cards Shows
  3336. Steelers officially Turning into the Bungles....
  3337. Is 2009 Exquisite still coming out tomorrow?
  3338. Any Minnesotans in here?
  3339. So excited!!!!
  3340. Question to Super-collectors
  3341. 2009 Topps Football Career Best Jumbo Relic??
  3342. need some quick help?
  3343. 2009 Exquisite has hit the market!!
  3344. To the SCF community....
  3345. Giants fans-0----Signing!!!
  3346. Panini, Upper Deck Renew Trading Card Licenses With NFL Players
  3348. Redskins, and DARRELL GREEN Fans
  3349. Help me with Blasters?
  3350. Members
  3351. Way to go Upperdeck. Exq Error
  3352. sorry to all i've been dealing with lately, story inside
  3353. flacco 2 boldin/stalworth
  3354. Impressed with UD customer service
  3355. Beware of this ebay seller/buyer dtsportscards
  3356. Sorry for Buying this Folks, Bring the Pain
  3357. At what price point would you buy Exquisite 09?
  3358. Info on SAGE Hit
  3359. Your thoughts on exquisite??
  3360. Are you serious ud?????
  3361. Classy player.........
  3362. Now THIS is a bidding war - Ray Lewis Auto
  3363. I thought this was good for a laugh
  3364. First thoughts on Exquisite: We waited this long for this many redemptions!
  3365. Here's photos of eBay user "ufjumper7"'s fake patch work
  3366. What to do What to do
  3367. Quick Question!!!
  3368. I really don't understand about this 2009 1/1 Exquisite RC Patch.
  3369. New and need advice best $100 or under Box
  3370. 2006 Gridiron Gear Blasters?
  3371. Defective Hot Box?
  3372. I don't get it...
  3373. Shocked on the Prices on Exquisite Booklet Patches /35!!
  3374. Has anyone heard of Brian Brohm?
  3375. Press Pass Live Chat 4/14 @ 7 PM EST!
  3376. Manning Exquisite patch screw up?
  3377. Strong Evidence of 2009 Exquisite Screw Up
  3378. Possibly the years biggest mojo pulled at the shop! Must read
  3379. Mcnabb to BUCS???
  3380. Card Battle! ROUND 8 (enter now)
  3381. What's the most you've paid for a single card?
  3382. Question about SCF Exquisite Group Break
  3383. Britt confused when signing this Exquisite card!?
  3384. Need some help understanding legend autos
  3385. Is 3 weeks enough time?
  3386. Need Some Help with TTM stuff for my class (Elementary School)
  3387. need some help! sell or redeem??
  3388. Hearing Dallas sports radio that the Boys want Dez Bryant
  3389. "Ebay 1/1" Bologna
  3390. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.40 April 2010 Draft Days Edition
  3391. Ndamukong Suh: Is he changing football cards?
  3392. Things Just Went From Bad to Worse in Pittsburgh
  3393. 2009 Exquisite Question!
  3394. B-Marsh a Seahawk!! KAKAW!!
  3395. Cowboys WR Roy Williams has been RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!
  3396. Awesome Prank.
  3397. Take this bet??
  3398. I've had enough! Time to get out of hobby! Everything up for sale!
  3399. Browns DT Shaun Rogers Arrested With Gun
  3400. Anyone know what this card is?
  3401. Just talked to Upper Deck about the Kenny Britt Sp Auth redemption...
  3402. Card Battle! ROUND 8
  3403. Mcfarlane complete nfl 2010 lineup revealed
  3404. If you're there fellow member SCF___ and wondering about payment! contact me
  3405. Gotta See It - Shawn Merriman April Fools Gag
  3406. Do you guys think this is a fake?
  3407. Would you pay this much for this?
  3408. Need Help Real Of Fake?
  3409. percy harvin redemptions
  3410. Cowboys release Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin
  3411. Eagles trade Sheldon Brown, Gocong to Browns for Hall, 4th, 5th round picks
  3412. Willie Parker signs 1yr with Redskins
  3413. Giants No.2 Receiver?
  3414. need price opinion about 6 auto TTT book /10...please read...
  3415. A good way to store your booklet patch auto cards
  3416. So is Topps going to be back in 2010?
  3417. Topps is a JOKE
  3418. Ebay scammers?
  3419. Tarleton State football player dies
  3420. What is this?
  3421. Where are the 2009 Polamalu auto cards?
  3422. Need information on uncirculated topps cards and the topps seal that seals them pleas
  3423. Card Battle! ROUND 9! (enter now)
  3424. how much should this be i have NO clue
  3425. I think I got a good deal...
  3426. Notre Dame recruit killed
  3427. An Interview with A Hardcore Tim Tebow Fan
  3428. Does this seem crazy to anyone else because it does to me?
  3429. Hey friends...
  3430. 2010 Press Pass Red Ink Auto - how much SP actually it is?
  3431. Is this Calvin Johnson Exquisite Real or fake?
  3432. question for real bills fans
  3433. what pt toploader do i need for patch cards?
  3434. Slaton Misprint
  3435. problem with a trade
  3436. McNabb TRADED!!!!!
  3437. Did I miss something here??????
  3438. suh autos
  3439. price range on AP auto /15
  3440. A question about Press Pass auto of an unknown player.
  3441. Question about Topps Platinum
  3442. anybody looking for a good read?
  3443. Bear Pascoe in Exquisite but no Stroughter?
  3444. People from Oregon and Jantzen Beach Mall Shows
  3445. Time to Sell Kevin Kolb Cards
  3446. 2004 Upper Deck UD Exclusive Vintage Printing Plates
  3447. Roethlisberger Joke
  3448. 1989 OPC Football Cards
  3449. 2009 SPA Questions. WTH !!!
  3450. Steelers drafting Colt Mccoy??
  3451. You gotta be kidding me UD!!! LOOK at this!!!
  3452. is there any good card shows in Arizona????
  3453. Card Battle! ROUND 9
  3454. Think guy hard wrong BIN price!
  3455. Exquisite Box Question
  3456. Is this Bey real?
  3457. PC steal - I knew I was not going to get it - ever happen to you?
  3458. BREAKING NEWS- This Just In- Kids Don't Buy Sports Cards
  3459. Topps Platinum Rookies
  3460. Looking for card scans...HELP
  3461. To all the members who!!!!!
  3462. Photobucket Question
  3463. Is Kyle Orton Underrated?
  3464. I know its baseball but i need help desperate
  3465. Grandpa Brett.
  3466. how come edelman and collie dont have any game used cards?
  3467. $$$$$$$ $elling a $upercollection $$$$$$$$
  3468. Funny thing......
  3469. "True" rookie cards?
  3470. Hey Guys: Quick Opinion Needed.
  3471. Anyone order from the2buds.com?
  3472. Here's one for you. What do you think,
  3473. Paypal Help...need help and advice
  3474. Brandon Marshall To Be Traded??
  3475. Couple of Questions regarding this 09 Exquisite RPA
  3476. Steelers Thinking WR?
  3477. I need your help
  3478. Don't collect too much football but found this in with some hockey cards.
  3479. Percy Harvin SPA
  3480. ebay gift cards
  3481. Breaking News: Upper deck Loses NFL Card License
  3482. Major DHB News, L@@K, AHHHHHHH!
  3483. Card Battle! ROUND 9 Tie-Breaker!
  3484. '09 Playoff contenders RC AU..should i grade it?
  3485. Sneaky Tiki? (Barber)
  3486. Anyone else bored with this years Rookie crop?
  3487. need advice from anyone who's gotten a jersey signed.
  3488. Anyone Know What this card is?
  3489. Little eBay Problem, Need some help guys...
  3490. Why mess up perfect feedback-Toatal Fake
  3491. 2009 Topps Mayo question
  3492. NFL Predict the Pick (Win a trip to the Pro Bowl).
  3493. Anyone get this email from Beckett saying UD no longer to do NFL
  3494. Shout Out to Styles Clash a.k.a. Bodhell!! Great Member!!
  3495. Card Battle! ROUND 10 (enter now)
  3496. Will 2010 card and box prices spike with only Panini left?
  3497. Feel bad for all those w/Harvin redemptions from UD
  3498. need peoples help on this one!!
  3499. What does Upper Deck loosing it's license do to collectors?
  3500. 2008 Leaf Limited Patch/Auto...Sell or Hold?
  3501. 2000 spx Question
  3502. why is everyone so skeptical about this harvin auto?
  3503. Is that 2007 Topps White Parallel auto version fake?
  3504. Ea announces tim tebow as the exclusive ncaa football 11 cover athlete
  3505. Help Please...Difference in 2001 Pacific Titanium Hobby and Retail
  3506. Question if these are "different cards"
  3507. kevin kolb new starting qb!
  3508. Another replaced redemption from Topps. Not happy....
  3509. Card Battle! ROUND 10
  3510. I have $150 in paypal....what box or boxes????
  3511. What to do...What to do... Need some Help
  3512. What's the best way to sell?
  3513. Is there a magnetic/screw down case for 2010 Exquisite octa patch card?
  3514. Anyone going to the Orland Park card show
  3515. PM Sent Items
  3516. What Must Be Done In the Next 30 Days If Upper Deck Is to Survive
  3517. when your pc takes over your card collection
  3518. 1999 SkyBox Autographics Culpepper auto
  3519. Can anyone help me with UD Redemptions please
  3520. Some of these Ebay Sellers Need to relax
  3521. Who makes some of the best banners here?
  3522. WHAT is this??? seriously this much?
  3523. Ndamukong Suh: Sports Science
  3524. Shorted hits in Donruss Threads 07
  3525. Good-Bye Texas Stadium...It was a great run
  3526. Card Battle! CHAMPIONSHIP!
  3527. Santonio Holmes Will Be Cleared of Assault Charges
  3528. How Weird is This
  3529. Amazing ebay steal!!!!!!!
  3530. Whats the deal???????
  3531. Santonio Holmes traded to Jets!!!!!!
  3532. what do ya think, good hit??
  3533. Shop 2010 Draft Hats Now!‏
  3534. Anyone Going to The Penn State Blue and White Game
  3535. Attention!!!!! Lansing, michigan area collectors!!!!!!!!
  3536. Big thumbs up to Upper Deck
  3537. Westbrook... Green And Yellow?
  3538. With all the negativity and whining going on...
  3539. This should brighten everyones mood. 2010 SP Authentic NCAA Football
  3540. Need help?? Flacco and Ryan fans or collectors may help
  3541. Card Battle! FEEDBACK?
  3542. beckett
  3543. Panini Announces Sweeping Changes to Distribution Network Tells Summit Retailers: "N
  3545. Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins
  3546. You know what would be frickin awesome ?!
  3547. Question about laundry tags
  3548. Help me SQUASH this FAKEster. LAME fake Aaron Rodgers autos!!! (BOO)
  3549. i really need some help!! anyone?!
  3550. Redskins, and DARRELL GREEN Fans--MEET & GREET
  3551. Press Pass Football Live Chat
  3552. Opinions Needed Adrian Peterson 07 Topps Auto Real or Fake?
  3553. Just Curious
  3554. Whats your best pull from a group break?
  3555. Have you ever bought a fake card?
  3556. Looking for a good box 2 buy for around $100
  3557. Big Shout out to Propete23!!!
  3558. Steelers have internally discussed to trade away Ben Roethlisberger.
  3559. hey there, i have afav to ask
  3560. Nooo! Ted Ginn Jr traded to the 49ers
  3561. Check your Pat White Ultimate Rookie Sigs---CONFIRMED ERROR
  3562. Beat the Blogger 4/17
  3563. Opinions Needed on Matt Ryan Cards
  3564. Flea Market Selling/Buying?
  3565. Are You a Fan of the Player You Collect/Super Collect?
  3566. Should i take a shot on this box????
  3567. Why are Gu cards so thick now?
  3568. Spring scrimage games..........
  3569. Ouch!!! This one hurts
  3570. Washington Redskins NFL Draft Discussion/Question
  3571. Need some Pc Player Help
  3572. Upper Deck replacement card
  3573. 2010 super collectors, please help :) or any 2010 sage/press pass experts
  3574. WOW my cheapest 1/1 EVER!!
  3575. What is your opinion on private bidding auction? (ebay related)
  3576. Funny Joe Montana Videos
  3577. Scanning help please
  3578. Ew ... just had an eerie feeling LeFevour gets drafted by
  3579. doh! Lost out on the Payton Rainbow Auto
  3580. Collecting styles
  3581. Fate of Upperdeck and what it means to collectors.
  3582. BGS question
  3583. Is 75 cents worth fighting for?
  3584. Philly lands Ernie Sims!
  3585. Favre card missing from trading card set
  3586. anyone read the April sports card monthly?
  3587. Is this card patch real or fake?? Please help...
  3588. Beckett Grading Mess-up's
  3589. Hmmm the Ud thing just hit me
  3590. Topps Pristine PrimeTime Patches - ERRORS on the Patch Description?
  3591. Seriously ???
  3592. Pro Football Draftology 2010 is LIVE!
  3593. Cleveland Browns Draft Thread
  3594. Best place to buy bulk supplies
  3595. CJ has the worst auto i've ever seen
  3596. Dallas Cowboys 2010 Draft Thread
  3597. San Francisco 49ers Draft Thread
  3598. Race factor in drafting Toby Gerhart?
  3599. Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Thread
  3600. Where to get pricing from?
  3601. Vikings vs. Saints - Opening Day Game!
  3602. Official 2010 NFL Draft Chat Thread
  3603. Franco Harris UD Black and Gold Exquisite Redemption Status
  3604. Leaf Opinions
  3605. Jason Taylor Signs Deal with the Jets
  3606. Anybody else having trouble logging in to beckett
  3607. steeler fans get your byron leftwich now
  3608. 2010 Draft - Falcons Discussion
  3609. 2010 NFL Schedules Just released!
  3610. Torry Holt signs with the Pats
  3611. NY Jets Draft Thread
  3612. ALL for nearly nothing...
  3613. This is a disgrace LOL
  3614. Toploaders those '09 Exquisite 8-patch & other double-sided patches?
  3615. Will the Steelers go 0-4?
  3616. Why so cheap? 2009 LTD Lettermen
  3617. Big Ben suspended 6 games
  3618. Do 3 day Ebay auctions allow enough time to generate high bids?
  3619. Football Chat Night 2 Moro in Live Chat?????
  3620. To Trade or Not to trade Big Ben
  3621. Tweeting the draft
  3622. Wow can't believe this happened
  3623. can clausen go to the ...steelers at #8??
  3624. A question about Press Pass inscribed auto card value for the future.
  3625. How much does an octa-autographed cards with 8x top players worth?
  3626. 2010 Score Football Card Preview
  3627. where to find durable 8x10 sleeves
  3628. Opinion please is exquisite worth opening?
  3629. how can I get draft updates on my phone?
  3630. madden 11 cover awarded to Brees
  3631. Best Place to Get Draft Info With 3G?
  3632. I am going to court because I won my claim??
  3633. Beat the Blogger 4/23
  3634. Draft Busts of the 2000's
  3635. Anyone Know what kind of magnet/screw down cases can fit sweet spot card?
  3636. Emmitt Smith's Mock Draft HILARIOUS!
  3637. UD Redemption...Redeem Or Replace?
  3638. ebay question
  3639. first Earl Thomas PC pickup
  3640. is it my imagination or what?
  3641. Seahawks get OKUNG and E.THOMAS!! Kakawww!!!
  3642. Detroit Lions draft.....Thats Whats up
  3643. 49ers Draft thread
  3644. ‘Game-Changing’ Plan Wows Summit Attendees
  3645. Oakland Gets it Right
  3646. Hobby Box Question
  3647. Eagle's Draft Thread
  3648. A few Jerry Rice patch/GU questions...
  3649. Thinking of starting a new pc.....
  3650. The NEW #15 in Denver ...
  3651. Playoff Contenders? SPA? 2010 Prestige?
  3652. Minnesota Vikings Draft Thread
  3653. Looking to buy 09 National Treasures case
  3654. $350 for boxes, help me out!
  3655. 2nd round Live Chat NOW anyone?????
  3656. Which to get??????????
  3657. Anybody Else Watching These 2010 Autos?
  3658. Yes carolina there is a god!
  3659. I hate the Cowboys but.......
  3660. Chicago Bears Draft Thread
  3661. 2010 Football Hobby Boxes
  3662. colt mccoy question
  3663. Best Draft by division for gb's?
  3664. Question about mailday???
  3665. Draft Trade Topic
  3666. eBay seller: gochicubs
  3667. You think this is real?
  3668. LeSean McCoy Contenders
  3669. This has got to be fake right?
  3670. How'd your team do...
  3671. 2010 Post Draft (rookie) Free Agent Signings
  3672. Help me find this member.....
  3673. What do you think?
  3674. So--who should i collect this year
  3675. Odds of a non-UD employee selling THIS many red frame Masterpieces autos at once?
  3676. How do you tell if a card is damaged?
  3677. Future Value: Exquisite vs. National Treasure
  3678. Draft's over, who you collecting?
  3679. Any help would be appreciated
  3680. Photobucket help????
  3681. Football Boxes Ideas ??
  3682. I just love terrible Ebay titles!
  3683. Who can answer this question :)
  3684. ESPN.com comment by Rick Reilly
  3685. Who will skyrocket in the 2010 season?
  3686. well, ...i decided to purchase a "HOT PACK"
  3687. "Hard to Get"
  3688. Scott Sicko -I think this guy is.....
  3689. Buying New Product
  3690. Tuff Stuff now offering free memorabilia appraisals in new "What's It Worth?" feature
  3691. Collecting habits etc
  3692. 2010 Panini Prestige Football Rookie Card Preview
  3693. What the ????
  3694. Purchased A Suspected Fake Patch. Time to play detective!
  3695. How much do you think I could get for this lot
  3696. Ebay Buy Related Question
  3697. More for the Aaron Rodgers collection... Mail day!!
  3698. 08 UD Masterpieces - A Great Looking Set!
  3699. How thick is the 2009 Exquisite Quad Signature Patches (#/5) ?
  3700. anyone ever have an experience sending in a redemption to press pass?
  3701. Beanie Wells SPA
  3702. Question about BGS grading!
  3703. Need opinions on this graded card.....
  3704. Question about a ebay member
  3705. BV vs SV
  3706. shonn greene exquisites...
  3707. Ripped off?
  3708. Looking for advice!
  3709. Is this card really cool or really weird?
  3710. Joe Webb
  3711. Chris Johnson Holding Out?
  3712. JaMarcus Russell...Final Days As A Raider?
  3713. Topps Back In Football!
  3714. Need help selecting a box (60-$85)
  3715. Do I sit on it or throw it on ebay??
  3716. What should I buy?
  3717. Facebook contest -- NEED YOUR HELP! :) (Football related...move wherever you need to)
  3718. Is this from the 09 Exquisite line?
  3719. Wow...
  3720. 2008 R&S vs 2009 R&S?
  3721. SPx or Ultimate?
  3722. Anyone know anything about Score Atomic cards
  3723. shady move CardCollectorsParadise.com?
  3724. Possible steal? 97 Ud Legends Auto
  3725. Grading Question
  3726. A little question
  3727. Why are people like this.....?????????
  3728. Topps inks deal to stay in Football Card business
  3729. Jaguars fans ? for you!!!!
  3730. What is going on with this Tebow auto???
  3731. HELP!!! Ebay Problem!!!1
  3732. tom brady grail???
  3733. The good and bad of the pc guy taking off
  3734. Grading companies question
  3735. what do you think of these two replacements from a "missing 2 hits" box
  3736. im finally back...house and work are good. now where are the traders and shops in S.C
  3737. This isn't a football chat but still need advice!!!!
  3738. Cowboys Fans, Felix "The Cat" Jones the Starting RB!!
  3739. Percy Harvin UD Signings
  3740. "Z" Lettermen Exist?
  3741. 2008 Topps Photoshoot Autos
  3742. Got $150 for a box or 2. What should I get?
  3743. How do i look up old ebay auctions
  3744. 2010 Press Pass Tim Tebow Refelector 316/500
  3745. Armanti Edwards cards?
  3746. Brett Favre needs ankle surgery to play again
  3747. Ebay Auctions...Damaged cards not disclosed in auction?
  3748. Twitter
  3749. Wow! I love the 1/1 references.
  3750. Who has been to Packers mini camp
  3751. Photobucket question
  3752. Shout out to Islandsportscards
  3753. tball Collectors Won't Fall Prey to the Dreaded Exclusive License
  3754. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.41 May 2010 Mini Camps Have begun!
  3755. A quick question (what 09 set is this card from?)
  3756. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition – 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – (May 2010 Issue)
  3757. Help Please how can I tell the difference between 2007 Absolute MEmorabilia Hobby and
  3758. Need some help on year/size tag patches
  3759. Need some help
  3760. Can anyone help me find the 2009 Topps Mayo Short Print List?
  3761. Beckett Football Magazine - Why not showing the prices?
  3762. help with getting tape of toploaders
  3763. Seattle's Running Back Dilemma
  3765. Nameplates for boxes--whats the best way?
  3766. red ink autos in PP portrait
  3767. OK... I have to hate a little....
  3768. eBay Seller Question
  3769. '10 32-team fantasy FB...who's in w/me?!?!
  3770. Will PLayers sign autos at mini-camp?
  3771. Sean Payton implicated in alleged Vicodin theft at Saints facility
  3772. The Missing Link!!! The ORIGINAL Topps Finest!
  3773. Darren Sharper Back in New Orleans
  3774. Fake Exquisite on the bay.
  3775. ? on a card: Topps Chicle by Topps Vault
  3776. Funny Video: Mike Wallace Madden 10 Agility Rating
  3777. Paypal shipping issues
  3778. 2010 Panini Prestige Base Card Checklist
  3779. 2010 Panini Prestige Football NFL Draft Class Rookie Card Checklist
  3780. Anybody ever buy from here? BBCExchange.com?
  3781. Topps Chrome vs. Bowman Chrome
  3782. SO I have a question for my fellow Steelers fans
  3783. Below Ebay Below Ebay Below Ebay!!!!
  3784. !HELP NEEDED!What are your thoughts on....
  3785. 49ers reward their fans (& Patrick Willis)
  3786. question about 2009 donruss elite...
  3787. I thought this insert was kind of funny... Fleer didn't see the stupidity in it
  3788. Are these real?
  3789. Getting Cards Graded
  3790. The Roethlisberger 'dagger' story....
  3791. Sean Canfield Black/White Press Pass Parallel..Help me.
  3792. Who is the MOST UNDERRATED PLAYER in the NFL
  3793. Sick sick sick sick
  3794. 2007 Ultra???
  3795. 2010 Prestige Ed Wang Football Card
  3796. Lawrence Taylor arrested for rape!!!
  3797. NFL All-Time Best Nicknames
  3798. Eagles great Van Buren sues Panini over unauthorized autographed cards
  3799. Need help with pricing for eBay
  3800. Another reason why redemptions suck
  3801. bobby carpenter finally out in dallas?!?
  3802. Nostolgia at Its finest
  3803. Logistics of Redemptions/Replacements?
  3804. what would u do??
  3805. HELP!!! Ebay Problem!!! PART 2
  3806. Question about this
  3807. Anybody know whats up with this card? 1/1 ?
  3808. Beat the Blogger 5/7
  3809. How much would YOU pay for this card...?? Opinions PLEASE!!
  3810. Eli Manning auto
  3811. question over this Greene 1/1
  3812. who's the member who offers free shipping to SCF members
  3813. whats the longest youve waited before landing your white whale?
  3814. Percy Harvin gets 'em done!
  3815. Unusual Question About an ebay auction
  3816. Press Pass and Sage
  3817. Nashville is missing McNair now more than ever
  3818. Looking for info on Fleer Bankruptcy auction
  3819. Will the Upperdeck College Cards be like Press pass and Sage?
  3820. Certified or Rookies and Stars?
  3821. Group or Team Nicknames Football ONLY
  3822. NFL offseason blows
  3823. Brian Cushing suspended 4 games
  3824. Romanticizing Past Players/Eras
  3825. How Do You Pay For Combined Shipping on eBay?
  3826. Real?
  3827. Who are you looking to collect for next year?
  3829. Panini replacement incomming! Pretty sweet! Any thoughts??
  3830. Wow ufjumper7 back at it.......
  3831. Ebay question?????
  3832. Fake Brady????
  3833. 8x10 w/ 2 Card Holder Plaque
  3834. taking a break guys
  3835. Need a little help...
  3836. Done trading for a while....
  3837. Which Case To Get? Vote Now
  3838. What would you do in this situation?
  3839. Which Redskins WR Benefits Most From McNabb?
  3840. This Exquisite Gore looks fake to me
  3841. Please Help! This will only take 10 seconds of your time!
  3842. hey i got a small problem please read ....
  3843. $111 for Boxes..How do I spend it??? Help needed
  3844. Ever seen a NFL logo shield in 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Gridirion Force auto #/25?
  3845. Why can't I send or reply to PM's???
  3846. Ughhh Some Ebay Sellers just can't get it!!
  3847. Need help finding Letters
  3848. what do you use for dividers in corruagted boxes
  3849. So i was on the bay the other day.
  3850. Who has your favorite signature???
  3851. pics of 2010 panini prestige
  3852. Big 10 expansion. Nebraska and Mizzou invited join.
  3853. Auto mini helmets????
  3854. Reggie Bush: No 1000 Yard Seasons In His Future
  3855. Which to get??????????
  3856. What was the last card you paid ABOVE book value for?
  3857. ISA grading..
  3858. need some help! PLEASE!
  3859. Collecting and storing Football cards
  3860. I am a hockey guy but.....
  3861. Have the Miami Dolphins Jersey Pants ever Contained a Dolphin Logo ???
  3862. 2010 Playoff Prestige SP List..
  3863. Need some help verifying what set this card came from
  3865. Street Value Vs. Book Value
  3866. would this be an example of shill bidding???
  3867. Prestige football 2010 is boo. Boo.
  3868. WHo do you think shouldn't be in the HOF
  3869. Awesome
  3870. where is SUH??? No prestige autos' yet. not even on ebay
  3871. Anyone see a Suh auto pulled from prestige?
  3872. pro mold PT size for UD black?
  3873. 2006 National Treasures
  3874. Can someone name these cards ?
  3875. Question about Razor
  3876. Free-agent market is tight, but these veterans can help your team
  3877. What can anyone tell me about this VY card?
  3878. 4 Packers were @ my high school yesterday
  3879. Do people think Prestige is on par with National Treasures or Contenders?...
  3880. Pricing help! Kid wants some new electronics
  3881. Some good UD news...
  3882. Is selling your cards at Tri-Star cards show a bad idea?
  3883. UD replacment Knowshon style
  3884. 2005 Topps Total First Edition - Does this Parallel Set even exist?
  3885. Beat the Blogger 5/15
  3886. 2010 Prestige...teams with low amount of hit?
  3887. Sportsbuy.com / Naxcom sucks
  3888. Any thoughts on '09 UD Exquisite???
  3889. 2010 Prestige Xtra Points Orange??
  3890. Ed Wang question
  3891. HELP!! Need to find a member on here, DeAngelo Williams 1/1s?
  3892. AGGGHHHHH! So frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3893. Would you suck it up?
  3894. Redemption Opinions needed?
  3895. Dez bryant press pass?
  3896. It's Becoming An Epidemic!!!
  3898. Should I just trash it?
  3899. Panini Redemption Replacement
  3900. Question: Walter Payton PSA Graded Cards
  3901. USPS Question?
  3902. Ebay Forgeries/Fake Patch Cards...Fake Autographs, etc.
  3903. Pannini = No NCAA Rights?
  3905. Opinions on a card
  3906. What's your favorite Local NFL Team Blog??
  3907. What should I Buy?
  3908. funny video 2 year old Ben knows his football!
  3909. Free pre-game autograph session by two Hofers Munoz and Kelly
  3910. Top 3 rooke WRs
  3911. The Trials and Tribulations oF NFL Players
  3912. NFL Rookie Photo Shoot this Weekend!
  3913. $900 or so to spend...what are you buying?
  3914. Beat the Blogger 5/22
  3915. 2010 Topps Football Video
  3916. quick question
  3917. Help me with Bob St. Clair
  3918. Common blasters available?
  3919. What Should I Buy and Break?
  3920. Get Your FB Cards Evaluated For Free With Tuff Stuff's "What's It Worth?"
  3921. Free Memorabilia Evaluations Available With Tuff Stuff's "What's It Worth?" Feature
  3922. Free Memorabilia Evaluations Available With Tuff Stuff's "What's It Worth?" Feature
  3923. No More Upper Deck in the Big 3!!
  3924. Anybody know
  3925. anyone else notice UD lost their NFL, MLB, NBA license!!??
  3926. So I think I ™™™™™™ off my PSA grader
  3927. 2010 Prestige
  3928. Santonio Holmes continues his campaign of pure idiocy.
  3929. Gayle Sayers comments, and also Overrated?
  3930. Help with this Tom Brady card please.
  3931. Another Panini Replacement, Damaged Card This Time
  3932. Adrian Peterson Prices...
  3933. peyton manning and randy moss collector help
  3934. should I get this graded?
  3935. What do you guys think of this pick-up?
  3936. Pretige Sp
  3937. UNreleased '99 Score Rookie Preview Autograph??
  3938. Source: Favre on track for camp, Has surgery on ankle!
  3939. Stan Jones, Hall of Famer
  3940. Need advice on selling, especially from those that are same type card collectors
  3941. what should my new S/N be on another site, and possibly here
  3942. how much on this red refractor?
  3943. Which Rookie Should I Collect?
  3944. press pass fusion question
  3945. Just bought my first High End box....
  3946. which to buy....2009 topps magic or 2008 spx...Help!!
  3947. Shonn Greene Auto Question
  3948. Looking to buy my first boxes in almost 6 years help!
  3949. Please READ if you traded/bought from me this past week
  3950. Bay rant and ?
  3951. Josh Freeman
  3952. What is the problem with this card?
  3953. Eddie George autos.....
  3954. SPA Redemptions
  3955. Question on a patch card being real..
  3956. Question: Value Help
  3957. price opinions on this NT Pat White Auto Patch RC
  3958. Question about 2010 Prestige Auto Letterman???
  3959. This is driving me crazy for some reason.....
  3960. What would you do?
  3961. 2010 rookie premier looked sick
  3962. ebay steal....that i didn't win...
  3963. Team bags for magnetic one touches
  3964. Get inside the annual rookie photo shoot where rookies see their first NFL trading ca
  3965. Top 50 Football Cards
  3966. What should I do
  3967. New York/New Jersey will host SB XLVIII
  3968. HARVIN SPA RAPs have shipped
  3969. 300 dollars to spend...what products?
  3970. Any Shows going on in Texas on May 29?
  3971. UD replacement came in.
  3972. Should I or Shouldn't I????????
  3973. A day on the phone with Panini Customer Service
  3974. Big Ben out golfing with professional golfer/FHM model/ex girlfriend Gulbis
  3975. WOW!!! Can SOMEONE on here PLEASE tell me the DIFFERENCE.....
  3976. the person who cant win a card
  3977. Who here sells on Check Out My Cards?
  3978. 2010 Elite and Classics Rookie checklists?
  3979. Jared Allen is whipped
  3980. which card would you rather have?
  3981. Question is prestige pricing out yet
  3982. Which Boxes to Buy???
  3983. Beat the Blogger 5/29
  3984. what do you think of 07 ultimate??
  3985. Autograph question....
  3986. Legit or Bust?
  3987. just got word of my replacement from panini
  3988. Pack Prices: Are They Out Of Control?
  3989. Possible prestige rc shortprints
  3990. what type of prospecting has more potential value?: baseball or football
  3991. does anyone know how sage deals with damaged cards?
  3992. mailday- videos or scans ???
  3993. Raiders want Jamarcus Russell to pay them back 9 million?
  3994. Prestige Auto Helmets?
  3995. Roethlisberger cleared to Practice with the Steelers
  3996. Make an offer......
  3997. 2010 ELITE Rookies??? - College or Pro Unis?
  3998. blog
  3999. what size toploader do sweet spot cards belong in?!?!
  4000. Lendale White Cut Already?
  4001. eBay is not much fun anyway...
  4002. UD Licensing Depression Got Me So Blue So Low
  4003. 2009 UD Black - Worth It?
  4004. Need Help on a card
  4005. 2010 Prestige
  4006. What ever happened to Pittman
  4007. Payton fans check this out!
  4008. thoughts on a card
  4009. Player Collection: Who's Your Largest?
  4010. Must be doing something wrong...Need Beckett Online help
  4011. Fans Crossing the Line????
  4012. I want to go to a Show, but how do I know when the next one is?
  4013. 8x10 Toploader Question
  4014. Is this real - 1997 Style
  4015. Annoying
  4016. Phantom Seller?
  4017. How much do you think this one is really worth?
  4018. Where can I find a list of SP's?
  4019. 2010 Elite
  4020. Headed to the LCS
  4021. Am I retarded? lol plz help me find out!
  4022. I made a youtube and will post a video tonight of my collection
  4023. DC Question - Am I just SOL?
  4024. 2010 Topps?
  4025. Topps Rookie Premiere Auto Question
  4026. 2010 Panini Prestige Question
  4028. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition (June 2010 Issue)
  4029. Walmart/Pack Searchers
  4030. Anyone else having a problem with paypal?
  4031. Was this a steal & a question
  4032. 2010 hopefuls?
  4033. #1 PSA SET Registry WALTER PAYTON SET 1/1 1976 PSA 10
  4034. 2010 NFL Prestige Short-Prints Official List
  4035. 5 box break coming up
  4036. Question about collecting during the offseason.
  4037. Update on My Panini Redemption Situation
  4038. TWO Fake AP Exquisite GOLD RC's!!!
  4039. Ten bucks says Ufjumper7 will be patch faking very soon...read on.
  4040. First SP Authentic Harvin Auto live
  4041. NFL Top 10 Running Backs For The 2010 Season
  4042. Panini replacement help
  4043. Looking for advice on my Dolphins collection
  4044. Autograph Sessions presented by Panini
  4045. Paypal Shipping Question
  4046. Is Britt ever gonna sign his autos?
  4047. Aaron Rodgers Autos COMING!!! - and FAKER busted :)
  4048. How do i get a Mini Auto Authenticated
  4049. packaging?
  4050. Adrian Peterson SPA rc patch auto
  4051. Need an advice on selling the card if the player has (or will have) a big game day.
  4052. Randall McDaniel to host “Day Out With Dad”
  4053. Help w/ Carl Peerman letter auto numbering
  4054. Tim Tebow's trading card article
  4055. Can Someone tell me what is going on with this Listing ...
  4056. Beat the Blogger 6/5
  4057. Tebow card values article on ESPN
  4058. A Completed Quad that I didn't know I Had!!
  4059. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Card tragedy at its weirdest.
  4060. Avoid this ebayer!!!
  4061. Undervalued autographs
  4062. Need Help distinguishin retail vs. hobby 2009 GG and Threads
  4063. Mailer Deal?
  4064. Apology to a member PLEASE READ
  4065. To everyone on SCF (members,advisors, mods etc)
  4066. SPA Auto Patch Harvin.
  4067. Any opinions on this?
  4068. Kenny Britt 09 Exquisite
  4069. Where will the TO Show land?
  4070. were do they come up with the pairings????
  4071. Britt leaf ltd is luve
  4072. So much for my support of upper deck
  4073. Tebow Press Pass auto for $999.99 !?!?!? wow
  4074. Do you guys feel that way about creator/designer/engineer of a sport card company?
  4075. Card Show in Sacramento TODAY
  4076. Return to Sender question
  4077. Carson Palmer Bengals patch
  4078. Seattle Seahawks had a FREE day camp!
  4079. I need your help chasin this card down!
  4080. whats the worst way you lost a card!!!!!!
  4081. whats the worst way you lost a card!!!!!!
  4082. Tri-star, Sun-times, and the nationals
  4083. new trend?
  4084. SPA Reebok Patches
  4085. Tackles the Globe
  4086. What would you do?
  4087. Football team lots question - - need some help
  4088. Brees is a class act
  4089. PREDICTIONS! Top 10 WR for 2010?
  4090. Chris Henry gives life after death
  4091. 2007 Lucky 13 help - Retail vs Hobby?
  4092. Anyone have any info on the Topps and Pannini NFL CCG releases?
  4093. Real or fake patch?
  4094. Well, Golden Tate is off to a good start in Seattle.
  4095. Big Ten adds team #12...Nebraska
  4096. Free Jets Tickets
  4097. Help! Should i pay or not
  4098. University of Oregon's QB Jeremiah Masoli booted from team
  4099. Grand jury to hear request to re-open Steve McNair murder case
  4100. What do you do with your common cards?
  4101. LeBron's Next Destination: 2010 College Football Draft Picks Offer Their Opinions
  4102. There is no way South Africa can beat Mexico....Do you agree?
  4103. 2010 Topps All On-Card Autos???
  4104. Rookie Bookmarks, are there cases for these???
  4105. Is this the beginning of conference chaos in NCAA football?
  4106. Toronto Card Shops?
  4107. USC got hit hard by the ncaa
  4108. Ebay--Real or fake
  4109. Great Grading Deal
  4110. Man he is lucky!!
  4111. Anyone having problems with photobucket?
  4112. is this even possible?
  4113. Trying to get into football
  4114. Where do you go to Price your cards?
  4115. Topps not-so-Unique 1/1 auto patch?
  4116. Just got in some of my autos from Mail.
  4117. Big Ben was young, immature.
  4118. Guessing The Grade
  4119. need pricing help
  4120. What to buy?
  4121. where are group breakS?
  4122. how to get cool sigs
  4123. Hines Ward 1/1 Nat Chicle Mini, Im torn on what to sell it for
  4124. Will McNabb be in the HOF?
  4125. Card Frames
  4126. Does anyone have Beckett online?
  4127. Where to get checklist..
  4128. Anyone collecting the Playoff set with the hometowns?
  4129. VY Bowman Chrome auto fake?
  4130. Strange Question About Footballs
  4131. Gettin back in to the hobby after about 6 months off....whats new in it??
  4132. Vince Young convicted of assualt
  4133. Is this patch REAL or FAKE?
  4134. 2010 prestige sp's?
  4135. Texas A&M to the SEC.....
  4136. Official carolina panthers news/discussion thread
  4137. PREDICTIONS>>PART 2! Top 10 TE?
  4138. Replies to posts and PMs
  4139. yea ill trade my nice/high end autos for a strasburg base.hah
  4140. Free Sammy Morris Signing
  4141. im having some trouble organizing my ray lewis pc on photobucket
  4142. How do you contact someone from Photobucket?
  4143. My turn...RANT
  4144. So Who will be attending The Chicago Suntimes July 16-18
  4145. Is this patch real???
  4146. Let's get another rant!
  4147. need advice on a hot pack
  4148. Comc ?
  4149. question about shipping labels on paypal
  4150. Kenny Britt Redemption Error?
  4151. Elite is live!
  4152. If you had a choice between these Adrian Peterson High end 1/1's...........
  4153. To the case busters....
  4154. Poll: Which Adrian Peterson High end's would you rather have?
  4155. Trading on Beckett
  4156. Hixon will miss the entire season
  4157. Paypal help
  4158. Percy Harvin UD Mailday Video
  4159. birthday coming up
  4160. what...a...freakin....card!!!!
  4161. really ? is elite this hot already ?
  4162. Funny Ryan Leaf auction
  4163. Rant...
  4164. 7 Adrian Peterson Exquisites /99 for the Adrian Peterson Exquisite 1/1 Spectrum RPA??
  4165. Fleer Lawsuit and Bankrupcy
  4166. Visiting Philadelphia, where are some nice card shops?
  4167. Fake cutler anyone.....
  4168. Indiana, card shops, shows
  4169. The WORST Leodis McKelvin FAKE.... EVAHHHH!!!
  4170. anyone know if Darrius Heyward Bey will be in any other 2010 products?
  4171. 2010 Upper Deck SPx ????
  4172. I want this card but seller is crazy!!
  4173. How do you host a group box break
  4174. Anyone going to be at the Tri-Star tomorrow?
  4175. Opinions being sought for my Canfield collection
  4176. 1998 black diamond peyton manning double diamond
  4177. is the NFL Ticket Overpriced
  4178. best card u pulled with a few packs or pack not a box
  4179. I know it's just a ryan clady but....
  4180. Thinking of spending 200-250 on boxes for Father's day. What should I get?
  4181. AD SPA logo patch
  4182. Is this a good deal?
  4183. Who wants to talk fantasy football with me
  4184. Someone Please Explain This To Me
  4185. Press Pass Redemtions
  4186. Can anyone spot what is wrong with this listing?
  4187. just bought my nationals tickets and auto tickets/R U GOING POST INSIDE-RUNNINGTHREAD
  4188. lmk what ur best trade of all time and ur best buy of all time lets hear it!
  4189. Question about shipping Pictures
  4190. ip auto??
  4191. Did i get a decent deal here?
  4192. How long for replacement requests?
  4193. Steve Smith breaks arm in flag football game
  4194. Prestige manu patch auto SP list?
  4195. Box/product breakdowns?
  4196. Case Breaking and The Potential For Return Discussion
  4197. NFL draft video
  4198. Replacement by UD Status Update
  4199. 2010 Donruss Elite Football
  4200. can someone help me with this ques
  4201. Perspective on Graded Cards
  4202. Best UD experience (a baseball story but freebie)
  4203. The Football Name Game!!
  4204. Best Set to Make for Rookie Autos
  4205. Topps to release football in August?
  4206. anyone good with scanners?
  4207. Best overall set building products
  4208. Whos Down For a SCF Fantasy League?
  4209. SCF Fantasy Football League
  4210. Is there ANY football card that can match this?
  4211. Lawrence Taylor Indicted on several charges....
  4212. just burnt out..
  4213. Uh-Oh...Doctor Arrested For Distributing HGH Has An "NFL File"
  4214. Are seahawks the biggest nfl hype right now??
  4215. Lem Barney on hand for Pro Football Hall of Fame Day at Canal Park
  4216. Will Austin Collie be better or worse this season?
  4217. $125k Strasburg 1/1 Auto Bat
  4218. Where is the cheapest place online for football cards??
  4219. Which card company do you still wish made football cards?
  4220. Which of these is worth more? And how much should I sell for?
  4221. A repeated plea for searching help!!
  4222. Should I get these graded by BGS?
  4223. This Video is Making Me Wonder If Beckett Really is a Legit Grading Company...
  4224. Tkae chris johnson #1 overall..draft is tomorrow!
  4225. How do yall get all those great cards?
  4226. R U serious? Seriously? WOW.
  4227. Every girl thinks it cool that i collect especially when they go to LCS and open wax
  4228. Every girl thinks it cool that i collect especially when they go to LCS and open wax
  4229. do u think Darren Mcfadden will go off this Year???
  4230. Those interested in my fantasy league that backed out--come in
  4231. WOW, ufjumper has all the luck!!
  4232. Most likely this ap is fake, but anyone has proof its fake?
  4233. so SCF allows Beckett to advertise here?
  4234. BGS Inept?
  4235. Has anyone ever
  4236. wow jus witnessed a guy bust a a case of exqusite at my local card store
  4237. Another Fake AP SPA added to my bucket
  4238. Who is the one player you wish had autographed cards?
  4239. LMK what u thinkk???????????????????????
  4240. A nice addition to my PC...2009 New Orleans Saints Signed Helmet
  4241. Minihelmet Help
  4242. What Do You Do With Your Base Cards?
  4243. Fun insert sets
  4244. Question selling question...advice needed :)
  4245. Got another fake patch question...
  4246. Who Will Be Denvers Starting QB After Week 5? Thoughts?
  4247. I got excited just thinking about NCAA Sweet Spot UNTIL....
  4248. Is this card I bought a fake?!
  4249. This sucks!!
  4250. question for all...
  4251. Football card collecting not as fun as yrs ago.
  4252. Question about Master Set (TTT Relic Auto)
  4253. Benson arrested again...
  4254. whats the dumbest trade u ever made now that u think about past or cuRrent
  4255. Photobucket
  4256. Mark Brunell Broke?
  4257. Anyone have a list of who was at the rookie photoshoot?
  4258. 20 man Deep League Fantasy Football
  4259. 10 Man Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football League - Free to join! Everyone Welcome!
  4260. Can any one help me identify a couple sigs?
  4261. who are the female collectors on here???
  4262. Ebay issue - Opinions needed!
  4263. Randall Cunningham's 2-year-old son drowns in family hot tub
  4264. quick ebay question
  4265. Which provides a better box in 2010?
  4266. Anybody seen Score at retail today?
  4267. Fantasy Football Card Set
  4268. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition (July 2010 Issue)
  4269. Im Done Buying Pannini
  4270. Best Rookie Cards?
  4271. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.43 July 2010 Xmas in JULY!
  4272. Darrius Heyward Bey signing at local malls?
  4273. Vincent jackson Suspended by NFL for Conduct
  4274. Vick not ruled out as a suspect or person of interest in shooting
  4275. Going to LCS and show.. Any wants guys?
  4276. Fast Question
  4277. ufjumper7 selling a fake.....
  4278. Where would one find old checklists?
  4279. Kind of confused with listing in beckett
  4280. Upper Deck is releasing SPx this year after all
  4281. question about buying boxes
  4282. Chris Simms arrested in NYC
  4283. Collectors in Wisconsin (Appleton)
  4284. Has anyone been to Browns Training Camp?
  4285. RIP Don Coryell
  4286. Cardshow In Sacramento! Who's Going?
  4287. Question on Prestige Football 2010
  4288. have the dumbest trade-whats the best trade you made
  4289. Ebay question
  4290. Print Run Question
  4291. Philadelphia Eagles may cut Michael Vick
  4292. Want are the best issues of 2009?
  4293. Need ebay auction help
  4294. Kicking around an idea!
  4295. Vintage Help
  4296. Ok ebay help needed
  4297. Can any one tell me this print run
  4298. Prestige Question: Xtra Points Orange
  4299. am i the only one SUPER EXCITED about 2010 Topps!!
  4300. To sell or not to sell?
  4301. anyone know the print run on this: Dez Bryant prestige pro helmet auto
  4302. PSA or BGS?
  4303. Grading Cards at the National
  4304. You-Tube's JOEMLM Have you heard of him
  4305. Am i missing something??
  4306. Jamarcus Russell Arrested!!!
  4307. Press Pass red ink & inscription list 2005- 2009
  4308. Fold out or Booklet grading question???
  4309. Magnetic or Screw In case?
  4310. Walter Payton Hall of Fame Card
  4311. This is why the NFL will have a lock-out, and how NHL got out of it
  4312. Bags for toploaders?
  4313. anyone else going to Jets camp?
  4314. Chrome: Topps or Bowman?
  4315. What is everyones favorite product and year
  4316. Michael Vick cleared.
  4317. Beat the Blogger 7/10
  4318. Looking for some advice
  4319. Other sites?
  4320. Okay, it was just a mock draft, but opinions welcome~
  4321. What are you guys gonna do with Jamarcus Russell RCs?
  4323. score 2010 question?
  4324. LOL, best auction ever???
  4325. EddyMac does it again! His service is the best!
  4326. Chicago Bears patch ?
  4327. Getting out of collecting...
  4328. UD Redemption Replacement...Sweet!
  4329. ESPN writer Jeremy Green arrested on child pornography charges
  4330. Opinions on solo cases
  4331. The day has come.......:(
  4332. card cash?
  4333. 2010 Panini Epix
  4334. Donovan McNabb's Not the Only One Who's Confused...
  4335. Has anyone ever seen this rare card????
  4336. packers shareholders meeting
  4337. Finally Got my Photobucket PC Stuff Scanned!
  4338. Need A little help
  4339. Keeper question...
  4340. Shill Bidding Auction?
  4341. Card errors
  4342. Anyone Ready To Call 2006 Quarterback's Busts?
  4343. Price?
  4344. No Success For Left Handed QB's in NFL?
  4345. what my 16 month old thinks of the steelers
  4346. A quick video on how to crack open a bgs case
  4347. 2001 Topps Drew Brees Auto
  4348. Why Havent More People Taken Part in this Contest??
  4349. WOW UD is a JOKE!!!
  4350. 1999 Ud Walter Payton Auto Ovation /150
  4351. remember 08 rookies RB rank them in order who will have a the better season
  4352. question about Beckett at Fansedge Chicago Show
  4353. Product Question?
  4354. How do I Find Out How Many Cards of a Certain Player are in Existence??
  4355. SCF Mixed Case Group Break Voting Thread
  4356. Is This Card fake?
  4357. AP Exquisite patch- legit?
  4358. Any help on 2010 prestige tebow variations
  4359. Does SCF have a Kevin Smith SuperCollector?
  4360. something needs to be done with these newbies demanding to be paid before they ship!!
  4361. 2010 Elite Passing the Torch Inserts......
  4362. 1,000th Post CONTEST!!!!! WIN FREE CARDS!!
  4363. The best site is right here!
  4364. Jamal Lewis could have been one of the best all-time
  4365. Tim Tebow rookie
  4366. Whats up with Jahvid Best?
  4367. BGS Grading Question
  4368. Need opions on Trp Auto
  4369. If only...
  4370. I spend way tooo much time on this SITE...... but cant stop myself lol...
  4371. Gotta love this guy/girl...
  4372. Kevin Durant Patch Auto Goes for $1 ???
  4373. Awesome panini replacement came in yesterday
  4374. Beware ufjumper7 has more fakes....
  4375. PSA grading questions
  4376. Anyone have info on the NCAA 2010 Sweet Spot Release
  4377. I just got my cards from BGS, LMK what you guys think
  4378. Bgs grading is so inconsistent
  4379. grrrrrrrrrr
  4380. Which of these rare cards will carry more value in the long run?
  4381. Do prices go up during training camp or during the season?
  4382. Beat the Blogger 7/17
  4383. ATMSportscards
  4384. 2009 prestige sp's?
  4385. 2010 Topps Triple Threads Football Card Preview
  4386. A few questions
  4387. Are these cards worth something?
  4388. Patch Switching.... Whats YOUR thoughts?
  4389. 2010 Upper Deck SPx Football Card Preview
  4390. The Almost Definative HOFer Jersey Card Collection
  4391. Anyone going to the Fansedge Show 2 Moro?
  4392. Best draft class after 2004
  4393. Anyone Ever Bough From CraigsList?
  4394. Starting a new PC.. Help me pick.
  4395. Grading Card Question
  4396. Riddle me this........
  4397. For my bills fans met marcus easley a min ago
  4398. Will Edgerrin James make the HOF??
  4399. Any idea what this Topps Mark Sanchez Variation is?
  4400. BGS Fraud Video and Photobucket A Must See
  4401. Do you think good deal?
  4402. Beavers card ruined by one color...
  4403. OPIONS Please!
  4404. Website for Favre havelist...Please help!!
  4405. 2010 Panini opinions?
  4406. THE best moment of my DHB collection yet, BECKETT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4407. Has anyone ever seen a 2008 Chris Johnson National Treasure Patch/Auto RC /99?
  4408. quick question
  4409. "A New Season" Secret Santa II
  4410. Just got back from the Fansedge Show in Chicago
  4412. I really need some Help on Chargebacks & Paypal
  4413. Steve Breaston = Awesome person, awesome poet
  4414. ALS Society of Canada(Lou Gehrigs Disease)
  4415. Childress visits Favre at S. Mississippi Football Camp, countdown begins
  4416. Group Breaks?
  4417. Help putting value on Peyton Manning auto /5
  4418. 2006 UD Ultimate 1 of 1 triple relic auto Steve Smith
  4419. Does Austin Collie have any gu
  4420. Did I just catch my first fake?
  4421. bulk boxes of rookies/inserts/base! how do i get rid of it?
  4422. Need some keeper Opinions
  4423. need to ask a ques and input please on what should do
  4424. Do my cards suck
  4425. Buyers DESERVE discounts on Lot Purchases?
  4426. What would you guys do
  4427. 2010 football beckett
  4428. Need some eBay advice. (Possibly being shill bided)
  4429. Ebay Non-Receipt Issue Question
  4430. Becoming annoyed with trading. Opinions needed.
  4431. Look for a site to run a Fanatsy Football League
  4432. Can anyone help
  4433. Feedback Needed Everyone
  4434. I got a ?
  4435. any shows in chicago land area this weekend???
  4436. New trade page! Opinions?
  4437. What is the '10 product you are most anticipating / desiring?
  4438. would you rather bust 08 classics or 08 absolute?
  4439. I have never seen a more detailed on ebay.....ever
  4440. How many cards does austin collie have
  4441. New Member Saying HI!!
  4442. all the real experts like myself come in
  4443. 2008 Finest Autograph Patches #/15
  4444. Noob Questions
  4445. Does anyone know anything about ufjumper on ebay?
  4446. NCAA takes Heisman Trophy away from Reggie Bush
  4447. Anyone know when Absolute will be out?
  4448. Anyone else having problems
  4449. just bought this
  4450. Very Intersting Article - Top 10 highest paid players this year
  4451. 2010 Nationals - Baltimore Who Will be there?
  4452. 15 Cards PSA Prediction Voucer Order A Must See
  4453. is this too good to be true
  4454. You Played?
  4455. 2 Teams, which one is to your liking?
  4456. Who is going to HOF shows in Canton in a few weeks?
  4457. Colt McCoy - 2010 Press Pass Base Card.
  4458. Prayers go out to bill cowher and family
  4459. Patch Faker- ufjumper7 (story inside)
  4460. are the 08-09 UD jersey artist proof 1/1 for real??
  4461. Nice day at the show
  4462. Question about Posting Prices
  4463. tracking purchase price in order to...
  4464. Who is already a member of 2011 Madden League or should we create our own?
  4465. WHO WON THIS!?!?!?! (Please help)
  4466. check this idea out!!! SCF Madden tournament ps3 or xbox
  4467. Informative PSA How to Submit an Order By Request
  4468. Leaf R&S Longevity Ruby question, help if you can!
  4469. is a reggie bush 3 clr spa patch auto rookie for 200 a good deal?
  4470. Help /w Bowman Chrome Parralells
  4471. Is this patch 2 or 1 colors?
  4472. Topps Replacement, Opinions? (Low End)
  4473. I feel like a RANT!!!
  4474. what do you use to protect your cards?
  4475. 2010 Fantasy League ESPN FREE Join NOW!
  4476. Met josh cribbs!!
  4477. 2000 SP Authentic Graded Set
  4478. What is Beckett Create-A-Card
  4479. How Much Does Graded 10 Increase Value
  4480. Help!!!! What case or boxes should i buy!!!!
  4481. Sergio Kindle
  4482. does anybody have any tips on how to get autographs at training camp?
  4483. WIN great Aaron Rodgers signed memorabilia at The National
  4484. A little annoyed at ebay seller
  4485. T.O.: I'd cut my salary in half to play for Cincy
  4486. hold or sell ray rice?
  4487. Going To The LCS Today! Would You Like Me To Look Out For Anything?
  4488. Looking for some help from some fellow members
  4489. RIP Jack "the Assassin" Tatum, one of the legendary hitters in the game
  4490. T.O. Signs with the Bengals!!!
  4491. 2010 Panini Classics Live Today
  4492. Best way to sell these cards?
  4493. Am I the only one annoyed when.....
  4494. Saints Championship Tour stop in Pensacola pictures
  4495. MJD SP Authentic RPA Question
  4496. Um... What? $11 grand for a Stafford SPA?
  4497. I'm looking to join competitive yahoosports of cbssports fantasy football leagues
  4498. Yahoo Fantasy Football League.
  4499. Shill Bidding
  4500. What box should i get for around 150?
  4501. Greatest Sports Moments
  4502. Can anyone tell me what this cards worth?
  4503. Is This For Real?
  4504. ignore list........
  4505. The National Show Baltimore Md Next Weekend
  4506. Hobby/Retail rookie card versions...
  4507. Antonio Gates gets 5 year Extension
  4508. Grading/Authentication Question
  4509. Brett favre auto for $1
  4510. Wussup with the 2010 classics this year
  4511. MIGHT BE FUN! You may be a card collector if....
  4512. Greatest Season by a WR ever
  4513. Looking for an active ESPN league
  4514. Steelers Sign T Flozell Adams
  4515. Huge Favor of all fellow football collectors!
  4516. Ebay Scam
  4517. Haynes-Worth Fails Conditioning Tests
  4518. Can anyone tell me what these cards displays are?
  4519. Looking for an Opinion on an Ebay Situation
  4520. Feedback Opinion
  4521. Dez Bryant Helped Off The Field
  4522. 2009 Limited Pro Bowl Letterman question.
  4523. Question about cash..
  4524. ufjumper7 is shut down!!!!!!!!
  4525. Really RANDOM.... need help... QUICK!!!!
  4526. Question about 1996 UD Legends Football Autos?
  4527. system broke wats madden better to play on???.... PS3 or 360??? lmk ur opinion
  4528. Thought I came across something pretty interesting
  4529. help what set is this card out of?
  4530. Important information for collectors
  4531. Curious: How are you doing lately? SELLING
  4532. opions needed
  4533. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.44 August 2010 MINI CAMPS Version!
  4534. got new xbox360 gamer tag is LuCiOuS42
  4535. A couple new videos of maildays High End Brees Adrian
  4536. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition (August 2010 Issue)
  4537. Bid farewell to ufjumper7 on ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4538. Shipping Advice
  4539. New scanner question for you pros.
  4540. Just hit 3200!!
  4541. what value would you put on a bud wilkinson 1/1 auto cut
  4542. RAMS FANS.. cheap auction ending in an hour.. just 4 you!
  4543. Football Card Blogs???
  4544. My girlfriend bought me a display shelf for my cards at Wal Mart
  4545. Ebay Search game!! Whats your card of choice!?!
  4546. Went to Bears training camp last night...
  4547. Who should I collect? IDEAS
  4548. Thinking about collecting these guys...opinions??
  4549. Nicest guy you have ever met at training camp?
  4550. Cowboys Great Emmitt Smith Should be in Collectible Hall of Fame, Too
  4551. why is collecting cards so addicting????
  4552. 2009 Contenders Mark Sanchez Champ Ticket Auto 1/1 for sale. Guess the final price.
  4553. What to bring to Nationals?
  4554. SCF Fantasy League
  4555. QUESTION: Panini Damaged Product Replacement Process
  4556. Any word on press pass Dez bryant autos yet?
  4557. 2010 classic panini
  4558. What's up with Pat White?
  4559. Can someone help me with sell prices
  4560. Person you're excited to collect for 2011
  4561. LeSean McCoy Contenders.........
  4562. Report: Favre to retire!
  4563. Crazy Exquisite Collection!
  4564. ?? on a 2003 Flip Book of Brett Favre
  4565. My first Panini redemption (2010 Classics)
  4566. Will Favre come back, with poll
  4567. Should I move this now?
  4568. selling no name rookies
  4569. Cut Autograph Frustrations!!! Hear me out on this one!!!
  4570. Sick 1/1 Felix Jones on ebay!
  4571. brand advice
  4572. is there a program to keep track of your cards?
  4573. 2 quick questions
  4574. Interesting Article About The Quality Of Modern QBs
  4575. Vikings REALLY Want Favre To Come Back
  4576. Has anyone hit up the Vikings Training Camp?
  4577. Thinking about going to New England Training Camp...
  4578. 1969-70 kelloggs xographs 3-d
  4579. back from day 1 at the nats
  4580. looking for help on an ebay issue
  4581. Free fantasy league!!!
  4582. Anybody going to Austin card show this weekend?
  4583. Need some Opinions on this Rookie
  4584. 09 contenders redemption pull
  4585. Draft strategy thoughts
  4586. I need HELP!
  4587. Elvis Dumervil possibly out for the season!
  4588. Cheapest place/seller to buy snaptights
  4589. Lendale White Getting Another Shot
  4590. I cant believe PSA authenticated this AP
  4591. Day 1 @ Nationals
  4592. Looking for a new banner!!!!
  4593. Another One - Real Or Fake?
  4594. Anyone wanna join my Yahoo fantasy Football League FREE!!
  4595. What is Leaf Monikers?
  4596. Chiefs training camp
  4597. This is FUNNY about McCoys Contender Rookie
  4598. **SCF Fantasy League Official Chat Thread**
  4599. nationals pics !!!!! days 1 + 2
  4600. Check Out My Draft - It's Insane
  4601. 2010 UD Sweet Spot
  4602. Anyone going to Nationals this weekend please look for this card
  4603. Should i grade this??
  4604. Andre Johnson...Future HOFer Or Not?
  4605. Could someone explain how this card got authenticated by BGS and mine didn't?
  4606. How Much could I get for this lot
  4607. My first fantasy team of the year...
  4608. 1st team of the year...my strangest ever...rate it
  4609. Donovan McNabb Gets Pranked By Teammates And A Fan (VIDEO)
  4610. 09 Upper Deck Vick and Favre cards
  4611. minesota vikings training camp
  4612. Head Official admits mistakes in Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl
  4613. WHo is the big meweld moore collector?
  4614. question about BCCG Grading
  4615. Huge Story Update!!! SO HAPPY!
  4616. Need some input
  4617. Which Terrell Davis Rc Should I Get???
  4618. Your take on 2010 Panini Donruss Classics
  4619. You have to love being a rookie!
  4620. Who did box wars at Panini's booth at the National Card Convention?
  4621. Glad I am not a football fan :P
  4622. Another poor attempt at patch faking
  4623. 02 sp authentic football
  4624. I need a card looked up??????
  4625. Understanding this redemption
  4626. Day 2 at the Nats (last day)
  4627. Wow deal at nationals
  4628. Understanding this redemption part-2
  4629. 2010 Upper Deck Football???
  4630. Undervalued Players in the Hobby?
  4631. Kenny Britt Redemptions??
  4632. Search Feature??
  4633. Panini Rookies & Stars comes out next week?
  4634. Really Brian Cushing and Doctors??
  4635. ebay auction redemption ????
  4636. Cushing now blames "overtraining" for his positive test
  4637. Something I've been wanting to do for a long time
  4638. Trade help...
  4639. HAHA ... Here We Go Again
  4640. High $$$ Favre on Ebay...wow.
  4641. Grade my Draft please !!
  4642. My first auction team...thoughts?
  4643. Rate my Fantasy team!
  4644. The White Plains New York Card Show
  4645. Derrick Brooks to retire...Future HOFer?
  4646. 125 dollars for shipping?
  4647. Question About Jersey Cards
  4648. Darelle Revis Poll
  4649. Vincent Jackson???
  4650. Special THANKS to 06Saints!!!!
  4651. Huge Thanks to titanbuoy!
  4652. Best season by RB ever
  4653. Really need your guys eyes out
  4654. Keep an eye on COMC?
  4655. Almost had my perfect draft for the last (#12) pick
  4656. 'true' rookie card question.
  4657. Yahoo free fantasy football league!! DEFENSIVE PLAYERS ONLY!
  4658. Places to Buy Other Than Ebay?
  4659. Vastly improved Ryan has Falcons poised to catapult Saints
  4660. frustrating SCF trade thread trend
  4661. If the Top 7 Are gone? Who do you draft?
  4662. Another what should i order for vaca poll
  4663. Have a strange Derrick Brooks RC and Jerry Rice UD error.
  4664. Dez Bryant press pass auto redemptions
  4665. Does Anyone Know A Website I Can Watch Presean Games On?
  4666. Need ebay and paypal help fast!!!!!!!
  4667. Ravens chat thread, anybody?
  4668. My wife thinks she's funny
  4669. Had to watch this baby slip away....
  4670. Quick question for PATS fans
  4671. Help on an EBAY Item I recently purchased!
  4672. August 27th - Free Dolphins Pre-Season Tickets
  4673. Need help! Trying to get into the hobby of collecting football!
  4674. 2010 FAMOUS FABRICS legit?
  4675. wow!! looks like i will be selling my redemptions on ebay!!
  4676. Question on Press Pass Portraits Autographed Parallels
  4677. WR Marshall wants to play in the NBA
  4678. How much would you be willing to pay?????
  4679. Attention Glen Coffee collectors......
  4680. Glen Coffee, an old man at 23, retires from the NFL....
  4681. Milestone to my PC! Sports Card Monthly SUPERCOLLECTOR ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  4682. Trent edwards looks bloody horrible
  4683. Just Got home from the Skins game and I must say I am real pleased with..............
  4684. what to buy? box suggestions wanted.
  4685. 1995 Micheal Irvin Card error?
  4686. question for those of you that go to your lcs
  4687. Ohio State Buckeyes have a girl on the o-line
  4688. Hello Folks
  4689. Need grade opinions on Walter Payton rookie
  4690. My Marino Collection's Getting Stupid Insane
  4691. Another "Rate my team"...whatdyathink?
  4692. Anyone from the Virgina, Maryland or Dc area going to the Tysons Corner show Sunday??
  4693. Hey guys! New to the site! Are you ready for some football??
  4694. does anyone go to stl rams games? i have a question!
  4695. 49ers Talking Thread.
  4696. Rate my SCfroum Fantasy Team
  4697. Brett Favre Auto?
  4698. Does anyone have an Idea of what this card would bring in?
  4699. Hello! Need some advice
  4700. First draft of the season (pick 10 out of 12)
  4701. Scanning Cards
  4702. Bonus Pts awarded?
  4703. Wow this is sweet!
  4704. Rate my team
  4705. where do you draw the line on the hobby? personal rules and limits?
  4706. Who to keep??
  4707. Busted!
  4708. question for chrome experts
  4709. WOW!!!!!!! Crazy story........
  4710. Eli Manning takes one in the DOME!
  4711. Victor Cruz who
  4712. Odd Colt McCoy on the bay...
  4713. Tampa Bay fans, question on Stroughter
  4714. Thinking about a business
  4715. How would you go about selling complete sets?
  4716. What should I buy?
  4717. Fake 08 Premier Chris Johnson on the Bay- Proof
  4718. Anybody need another league? Unique line-up
  4719. Need Active people for League Espn
  4720. Anyone have any info on this card?
  4721. Need help working a new printer with scanner
  4722. Is there any way to View old Ebay listings
  4723. Madden 2011
  4724. Brady Quinn The Next Big Bust?
  4725. High five for the girlfriend
  4726. Rex Ryan tells Dungy to mind his business
  4727. As if it isn't hard enough to trade as it is....
  4728. Favre is he returning again
  4729. Beckett Grading old label
  4730. ESPN.com SCF Fantasy Football 2010
  4731. ebay redemption help
  4732. Custom Yahoo League open to SCF members
  4733. Blount strikes again
  4734. Uh Oh MN......"Childress has no clue"
  4735. Classics Team Colors Tebow auto.........
  4736. Percy harvin collapses while watching practice!
  4737. Organizing Player Collection
  4738. 12th pick in the draft. Which way do I go?
  4739. First Look: 2010 Topps Magic Football
  4740. First look: 2010 Bowman Sterling football cards
  4741. First look: 2010 Certified football cards
  4742. First look: 2010 Topps Prime football cards
  4743. First Look: 2010 SPx Football
  4744. First Look: 2010 Topps Unrivaled Football
  4745. Tom Coughlin resigns.......
  4746. Madden 11 online rant
  4747. 2010 Prestige NFL logo autograph question
  4748. Trading question
  4749. Can Upper Deck recover?
  4750. Wes Welker or Steve Smith? (Trade Proposal)
  4751. anybody want to join a espn fantasy league with me?
  4752. i need help making a checklist
  4753. AFL championship game thread
  4754. what is your limit of buying 1 card
  4755. Draft is finished - Lmk how I did
  4756. Rate my team plz! Offense AND Defense!
  4757. Questions about PSA/DNA encapsulated auto cards
  4758. Need some experts (Cowboys Knowledge) on this Patch
  4759. Steven Jackson for Michael Turner?
  4760. Adrian Peterson Sp Authentic Rc Patch is it Real
  4761. White Plains Card Show $8 Admission
  4762. Holy Moley! Am I seeing things or...
  4763. neeed an experts help pls
  4764. What do you think of my team?
  4765. Report: Jay Mariotti arrested in domestic disturbance
  4766. Card question
  4767. Curious about pack prices
  4768. Going rate on this card? Not BV but actual market value.
  4769. 2008 Exquisite Gold Ink Auto Question...
  4770. Anyone Have A Spot For Me In A Yahoo League?
  4771. Looking for a spot in a money league
  4772. Do you ever get outbid on a card and are sick about it all day?
  4773. Don't buy from this Ebay seller
  4774. First draft of 2010 - 10 team league - Rate it!
  4775. What are your fantasy team names?
  4776. Rate my team!
  4777. A Brand New Feeling of Optimism
  4778. Cant Wait For Topps HTA Jumbo To Come Out Wednesday!!
  4779. Ridiculous trade offers?
  4780. Best place to get Topps Chrome Complete Sets
  4781. Does anyone know anything about these cards?
  4782. Rate my team
  4783. Number 1 pick!
  4784. Just looking for opinions on #3 Pick - R. Rice or MJD?
  4785. 2009 Contenders redemptions (goodson)
  4786. why did u choose the person/team you collect?
  4787. My fantasy team!!!
  4788. My Ebay Auction.....is it clear enough?
  4789. My 2010 Fantasy Team
  4790. Risky Fantasy Team? I think so.
  4791. Sidney Rice out for 8 games...
  4792. Thought's on my fantasy team?
  4793. Real or fake?
  4794. I need 2 bad mama jamas...you man enough?
  4795. DTV Sunday Ticket
  4796. Barry Sanders NFL Logo Auto
  4797. 2nd thoughts i need advice
  4798. Calling a foul Yahoo. & my team
  4799. Splitting a box
  4800. Donovan McNabb PC-should I continue?
  4801. Revis Signing Today?
  4802. Dolphins trade Camarillo to the Vikes
  4803. Paypal Dispute Question
  4804. raider haters.... how my raiders gonna do this year
  4805. PSA 10 or BGS 9.5
  4806. WOOO Awesome Football card from a Baseball pack
  4807. 2010 Tim Tebow Red Ink...1500 BIN!!
  4808. Don't collect much football...but I think this was a major EBay steal!
  4809. Possibly the worst card ever? Topps Sketch card
  4810. Help with this Barry Sander card
  4811. HOF for Woodson, Bailey, Reed and Polamalu?
  4812. C'mon folks - I need 2 owners - DRAFT TONIGHT!!
  4813. Buying: Right!!!!
  4814. Kurt Warner 1/1 real?
  4815. What's the longest you had to wait for a card to "show up"?
  4816. real or fake?
  4817. Ben Roethlisberger SPA question
  4818. Packers Colts Game
  4819. Fantasy draft last night, how did I do??
  4820. Is there anyway I can change the format of Photobuckets Im looking at to the old.....
  4821. Meet Rob Turner—Part Lineman, Part Hockey Goon
  4822. Is this Card Legit or Fake ... 1999 Playoff Contenders "BUY BACK" ???
  4823. Panini Got it right----1/2 isn't bad
  4824. So who will have the Pro Bowl Patches this year?
  4825. Had 1st draft last night 12 Team league
  4826. Sometime I love this board!!!
  4827. Are you kidding me ? A Sketch Card 1/1
  4828. SCF new FREE Inventory Manager release today, enjoy!
  4829. I really need some help.... can anyone on this forum be of help?
  4830. Draft Help... Tough Selection, expert advice needed
  4831. Almost Scared To Trade Now...
  4832. Quick Question
  4833. My first ever fantasy draft, how did I do?
  4834. Can anyone help with this
  4835. Fantasy Question.. Do I make this trade
  4836. Abbreviations???
  4837. Anybody on here use ToppsTown / ToppsAttax?
  4838. Fantasy pick question
  4839. Ravens = g men game
  4840. DHB lookin' good in the Preseason game against the 49ers
  4841. Opinions on whether a set of 2010 Score SCORECARD is worth it?
  4842. My $$ League draft took place today...opinions!
  4843. Is my team good?
  4844. How is my team?
  4845. Big $$$ Draft done, how's my team?
  4846. Would you give this guy a chance on your team?
  4847. What product should I buy?
  4848. PSA or BGS opinion's and personal experiences
  4849. 2010 Topps Rookie SP List
  4850. Help Identifying 2010 Rookies and Stars
  4851. Second $$$ league - 12 teams - Rate it!
  4852. Should I keep collecting him? Help wanted.
  4853. My FF team...
  4854. Rate the Teams in this fantasy football league
  4855. help!! Dallas Cowboys yearbooks (Bluebook)
  4856. Seeings as everyone else is doing it, heres my fantasy squad
  4857. How do you like this trade?
  4858. Need 4 more people in my Fantasy League
  4859. Shonn Greene TTT error card w/ Percy Harvin auto--what would you pay for it
  4860. What trade would you make to get a good WR?
  4861. Newbie Question: What packs to buy and where?
  4862. Had my big fantasy draft. What do you think?
  4863. Pack Searchers
  4864. My FF Team Spot #3 - Thoughts?
  4865. What would you or did you purchase from Blowoutcards survival league promo?
  4866. FOX's widescreen broadcast
  4867. First Look: 2010 Crown Royale Football
  4868. SV/BV on Marino IP auto?
  4869. need opions
  4870. How much would this Kevin Kolb 1/1 go for?
  4871. While I was gone
  4872. through the mail autos?
  4873. What is a buy back auto?
  4874. Am I the only one that hates the term "clear space"
  4875. Patch Card Question- Gene Upshaw 63
  4876. eBay excessive shipping
  4877. Anyone seen an Aaron Rodgers auto yet from 2010 R&S?
  4878. James Harrison's hit on Kyle Orton: Dirty play?
  4879. Here is my Fantasy Football team
  4880. A 21-year-old poses as middle school football player
  4881. I know it's over a week away, but help me sort out my starters
  4882. Question about 2010 Score Autographs??? Need Help Please!!!!
  4883. Fake or Real?
  4884. THE TEAM COLLECTOR GROUP THREAD Vol.45 Sept. 2010 Let's Get Ready For Some Football!
  4885. What products/sets had Rc Reprint Autos???
  4886. SCF Team Collector Group: College Edition (September 2010)
  4887. Leinart On The Trade Block
  4888. Why on Earth is Arian Foster selling so well?
  4889. My first fantasy draft of the year
  4890. First IDP draft...how did I do?
  4891. Need 4 for live draft this Saturday at 3 PM EST on ESPN
  4892. BIG TEN SPLITS whats your OPINION??
  4893. FEEBAY Question. Is this a normal price for this card?
  4894. How much can I get on Ebay for this Manning Gold Rainbow RC #3/5?
  4895. Help with PayPal
  4896. Trying a new league format...the Ultimate Fantasy...you want in?
  4897. y do i keep finding nice patch autos w/ no bids on ebay???
  4898. Lets see some feedback for my draft
  4899. Topps Attax auto? real?
  4900. Questions about 2010 Topps
  4901. what 2 rb's would u start?
  4902. 2010 Topps Question.
  4903. What do you think about this draft/team?
  4904. Ochocinco buys dinner for 64 strangers.
  4905. Thoughts about 2010 Topps Prime
  4906. Help me choose a box. R+S, 2010 Topps or Classics
  4907. Redemption GOODNESS Finally!...and a rant
  4908. Last Roster Spot: Louis Murphy or Jacoby Jones?
  4909. Packer fans are nuts.
  4910. Who get sthe better of this trade?
  4911. Worth sending for replacement
  4912. Sending cards for grading to PSA
  4913. Whats Up With Marshawn Lynch In Buffalo?
  4914. Picked up this nice former NFL star patch/50
  4915. Question about my auto pick team
  4916. Which Jersey to buy??
  4917. What can I do to improve my team?
  4918. My other FF team.....
  4919. My second team!!!
  4920. Expired Redemption help
  4921. Common Size toploaders for GU, auto cards?
  4922. Browns Rookie RB Hardesty Out For the Season
  4923. Awesome Box 2010 R&S
  4924. well see you later crayton
  4925. AP, is this even real??
  4926. OT: Would Jim Brown's career be the same if?...........
  4927. Getting a box of 2010 football tomorrow...help me decide?
  4928. An Ebay Rant
  4929. panini replacement question
  4930. Houshmanzadeh likely to be cut...
  4931. International Shipping Question...help please
  4932. 2010 Ultimate Collection Football Card Preview
  4933. Question about 2010 Topps Gridiron Giveaway????
  4934. Question about Card Show
  4935. Draft today at 3PM EST, have 7, need at least one more!
  4936. Fake or Real?????
  4937. Thank you SCF members for telling me to dump..
  4938. Is this where we talk college football?
  4939. Cardinals to cut Matt Leinart
  4940. Who to start in week 1?
  4941. What is everyones opinion on buying older products?
  4942. Stacy Andrews Traded to the Seahawks!!!!
  4943. need 4 more teams for a draft tommorow
  4944. fake M Wallace
  4946. Golden Tate R&S Cross Training Auto /10
  4947. is this fake?
  4948. Buffalo Bills - James Hardy CUT!
  4949. Football Game MN @ NO...who is from NO?
  4950. Just need 2 more fantasy players!!!
  4951. Need people in my yahoo league drafting tonight!
  4952. 2000 donruss star gaze barry sanders lions- rare look!
  4953. anyone from Sarasota FL!!!?????
  4954. Need help with this EBAY item
  4955. Kevin Kolb - Good future??
  4956. What does everyone think of 2010 Threads?
  4957. Trading - Card Value
  4958. 1994 and 2010 Topps Football
  4959. Jets Sign More Dolphins Trash.....
  4960. Informal what W. Payton auto would you rather have?
  4961. Better Career Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson
  4962. Need help on Week 1 starters!!!
  4963. anyone have any more open spots for fantasy fball
  4964. Good news for Jets fans....Revis signs!
  4965. Small Money Fantasy Draft Results
  4966. Big Money League!! 10 teams - Rate my team
  4967. Revis re-signs.
  4969. on a mission...
  4970. Ravens sign tj h !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4971. ehh, i think its time to get rid of the best card in my lewis collection :/
  4972. Fantasy Football League - 12 Team - H2H Scoring
  4973. TE help
  4974. Check out my team
  4975. Just Drafted My Big Money League Team - What do you think???
  4976. Football Pick Em Pool - Anyone interested?
  4977. Post Office question
  4978. How would you describe this Payton auto?
  4979. Best websites to buy your boxes ? and what box ?
  4980. Family Football League: How'd I do?
  4981. 2009 SP Authentic Ray Rice Eye patch fake?
  4982. First ever fantasy team.. Help
  4983. funds for cards
  4984. So who are the rookies everyones excited for this weekend?
  4985. magnet card holder question!
  4986. I am DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4987. First draft of the season, How'd I do?
  4988. What are these Topps Attax inserts?
  4989. Nate Davis just got cut......
  4990. 96 Collector's Edge BOX ID?
  4991. Enough said Boise State makes point
  4992. Another Roster LMK what you think
  4993. Larry Fitzgerald Fantasy Value - Kurt Warner + DA
  4994. Top NFL QB Predictions?
  4995. 2010 Sage Hit
  4996. Rate my only FF team of the season
  4997. Anyone need a Tim Tebow Checklist Database!
  4998. Brady offered an extension, Randy Moss not Wanted?
  4999. MSW or Crabtree and Romo or Rivers?
  5000. Bush first in history to lose heisman!.......