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  3. Signs?MEME's and the like!
  4. Who are your favorite columnists?
  5. Black Friday, American consumerism, and companies like Walmart.
  6. Homeland Security terrorist still hasn't been fired from his $115,000 a year job
  7. Obama Doesn't Use iPhone For "Security Reasons"
  8. Govt. Says Use Less Gas, Then Raises Taxes Because You Do?
  9. Government pays spies to play computer games
  10. This guy would rather go to JAIL then bake a cake for a gay wedding....
  11. HA! Oklahoma how does a taste of your own medicine tastes? Satanists ROCK!
  12. Daily crime blotter back by popular demand
  13. Teen Kills 4; Judge LITERALLY Lets Him Off Because He is Rich!
  14. India has just made Homosexuality into a crime, Gays can be jailed for 10 years.
  15. Federal judge declares Utah polygamy law unconstitutional
  16. Bill Maher on the Controversial Ground Zero Cross: Remember Norway?
  17. US Getting in the Way of International Efforts to Make Clean Water a Basic Right
  18. PolitiFact Lie of the Year: "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it"
  19. Pew Poll about Christmas and religion....
  20. Duck Dynasty dude and his blatant homophobic comments...
  21. 1 in 200 Women Say They've Had a 'Virgin Pregnancy'
  22. P&R Contests
  23. The GOP Embraces Its Inner Grinch
  24. Men Should Serve on the House Women's Policy Committee
  25. Ghosts and such
  26. crazy new laws
  27. New Year
  28. Former mayoral candidate beaten up by 2 teenage girls after they stole his iPhone
  29. Poll: Majority of Republicans don't believe in evolution
  30. Essay: Intervention: The New Theory Muscling in on Evolution, Creation, Intelligent D
  31. Rand Paul launches class action law suit challenging constitutionality of NSA spying
  32. Boxer Evander Holyfield reprimanded by Big Brother after expressing homophobic views
  33. Constitution free zone in th U.S.
  34. Chicago's gun ban is unconstitutional says Obama-appointed federal judge
  35. O.J. Simpson has written a plea of clemency to Obama saying he has terminal cancer
  36. Atheism is NOT a Religion...just ignore the Ministers and churches.
  37. A repost from my facebook page. Very deep please read.
  38. A Year Without God - A Pastor Becoming Atheist For a Year
  39. update
  40. Poll: Independents hit record high
  41. Christie fires aide & apologizes for traffic jams
  42. Feds investigate Christie's use of Sandy relief funds
  43. Spanish Version Of Health Care Website Frustrates Spanish Speakers
  44. For the first time ever the majority of Congress are millionaires
  45. Senate report: Benghazi attackers tied to Al Qaeda groups
  46. NY politician steps down after female employees claim he sent them oral sex videos
  47. Why do you believe or NOT believe in God? And other theological questions.
  48. Can an atheist talk about God?
  49. Another Former Republican Governor Charged With Graft
  50. Florida Republican threatens President Obama on Twitter & Facebook
  51. Richard dawkins admits he may be an alien!
  52. Study: Providence & New Bedford are least "Bible minded" cities in the US
  53. You're poor; you have children: that's OK-as long as you aren't religious, apparently
  54. U.S. seeks death penalty against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  55. Senators trying to get rid of the NFL’s non-profit status
  56. White House Must Address Petition to Deport Justin Bieber
  57. Brooklyn school cuts gifted program for students because it isn't diverse enough
  58. Utah School Throws Out Lunches Of Students Who Had Past Due Bill
  59. 9/11 Truther Crashes Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's Interview
  60. 2014 Budget Defecit To Drop To $514B, But...
  61. Scott Walker does what can't be done!
  62. Clay Aiken For Congress?
  63. Fed Judge Rules It's OK To Flash Headlights To Warn Of Police Speedtraps
  64. California's egg law challenged in Midwest lawsuit
  65. Biden "No Good Reason Not To Run (for President)
  66. CBO: Obamacare to cut work hours by equivalent of 2 million jobs
  67. Check this brother out, he's very deep
  68. Polygamy thrives in Utah
  69. Congressional Black Caucus upset because Obama has picked too many white judges
  70. Teen Held by State in Psych Ward
  71. God is NOT dead.
  72. For all my atheist friends on here
  73. Washington State Governor Imposes Moratorium On Executions
  74. Cop who murdered Kelly Thomas not welcome in Dennys restaurant
  75. Jordan Davis trial is starting to make me ashamed to be a Floridian, and an American.
  76. Will NFL star get off because he is famous????
  77. snake salvation pastor killed...by snake
  78. Kansas and gay segregation.....this makes Russia look like a gay friendly country.
  79. Voters in school board election in TX town bribed with drugs to vote for candidates
  80. Mother devastated after cop murders her unarmed soldier son
  81. Cop sentenced to death for murdering a woman and her unborn child
  82. Venezuela split by pro- and anti-Maduro protests
  83. Disgraced Democratic congressman arrested in Zimbabwe for making 100 dirty movies
  84. Amazing Vandana Shiva interview
  85. Is this racist HS wrestling team photo
  86. Amazing interview with Maya Angelou
  87. 101-Year-Old Man Announces Campaign For Congress
  88. The Cosmological Argument
  89. Millionaire given green light to pursue petition to split California into six states
  90. Tom Delay: "God wrote the Constitution" (This man was once the House Majority Leader)
  91. Oh everyone should enjoy this Kevin O'Leary moment
  92. Race, gender, and looks.....let's be real....they still matter.
  93. NFL to ban the N word but some sya it is ok to use????????????
  94. America's wealth gap is largest in cites like NYC, Atlanta and San Francisco
  95. NYC mayor caught violating traffic law days after he unveiled new traffic safety plan
  96. Fox News' Andrew Napolitano Says Lincoln should have never free'd the slaves....
  97. If Arizona legalizes discrimination....
  98. Name That President
  99. police;above the law
  100. Obamacare Reaches Milestone
  101. African slavery by the numbers
  102. Big vs small government
  103. Mormon Church reveals people do NOT get their own planets in the afterlife
  104. and the zealous atheists reply...
  105. 33 dead & 130 injured by terrorists armed with knives in China
  106. Red Republican States take in more federal tax money than they produce...
  107. Proud to be American? What exactly does that mean?
  108. Polarization in the US?
  109. Crisis in Ukraine
  110. Florida Rep Alan Grayson accused of shoving wife
  111. School officials upset about gun image appearing ON SIGNS BANNING GUNS
  112. I hate Bush/Obama and this is why
  113. Why are Republicans seemingly so pro Coummnist Russia and anti America?!
  114. Cop kills girlfriend's puppy and takes picture of it
  115. Support for same sex marriage hits new high, sorry GOP and fundies...YOU LOST!
  116. It's OK To Upskirt In Massachusetts
  117. Now that the wannabe won't talk to me...
  118. Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo's tweet about NBA causes outcry
  119. The Founding Fathers view of religion in politics...
  120. Police chief to armed homeowners fight back: Youre not going to have time to dial 911
  121. Father shoots teenage boy in teenage girl's room
  122. hypothetical question
  123. Inspired by habs
  124. You gotta believe in god to be a moral person....according to Americans!
  125. What do you believe about God?
  126. Revolutionary Scientific Finding
  127. COSMOS....General discussion thread.
  128. House Democrats to Senate: Pass our bills
  129. How pathetic is the GOP? They are now Putin and Russian LOVERS and sympathizers!
  130. Here is a story that all the Pro and Anti Gun people can agree is stupid
  131. If you want to know what a word means...
  132. Which is a more reasonable source for a word definition?
  133. Westboro Baptist church founder Fred Phelps dies
  134. Hobby Lobby case goes to the supreme court....
  135. 2 dead in shooting on board US Navy destroyer
  136. Judge Awards ‘Permanent’ Custody Of Justina Pelletier To State
  137. Report: New York schools are the most racially segregated in the nation
  138. So, which states are MOST dependent on the Government? GOP States....OF COURSE!
  139. California state senator arrested in FBI sweep
  140. Tennessee....the new state trying to impose religious "rights".
  141. Your favorite president in your life time
  142. Seven things your colorblind racist friend may say
  143. Putin Telephones Obama
  144. how would you react if your s/o switched religions
  145. 14 year old finds a way for government to save $370 million a year by changing font
  146. Anti-abortion but at the same time Pro-individual rights.....not a contradiction.
  147. Saudi Arabia declares atheists terrorists under new law
  148. very interesting event
  149. Muslims against the Illuminate
  150. Breaking News: Another shooting at Fort Hood
  151. Mosque opponents say islam is not a religion
  152. Mosque opponents say islam is not a religion
  153. The globalist agenda behind Noah
  154. Greek Mythology and the Bible.
  155. Hobby Lobby IS OK with Abortions.....as long as they get money off of it!
  156. Woman gets slap on the wrist for sending man to jail on false rape claim
  157. Al Sharpton was a FBI informant that helped bring down the mafia?
  158. Gay teacher resigns after parents complain they didn't want him to teacher their kids
  159. Christian Republican caught pulling a John Edwards?
  160. 9 month old baby boy arrested for attempted murder
  161. 20 Wounded In Pittsburgh High Scholl Stabbing
  162. Study: More money spent on schools does NOT equal better results
  163. Mike Huckabee: "I'm not a hater, I'm not homophobic"....
  164. Tragedy at Fort Hood: Will violence increase as more war weary veterans return?
  165. Bible losing influence in America
  166. Woman throws shoe at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech
  167. Tea party candidate says he wont pay taxes if blacks get reparations
  168. The Pagan Origins of Easter
  169. Dutch company to hire only white workers
  170. Fox News Host Accidentally Calls UCONN Basketball Team 'NAACP' Champions
  171. A real TERRORIST killed 3 Americans on Sunday....
  172. If your daughter....
  173. The Masons
  174. Why??
  175. Holiday Dinner
  176. The importance of Easter to this atheist
  177. Poll: Most say federal taxes too high
  178. Chelsea Clinton reveals she is pregnant with her first child
  179. Study: Untaxed U.S. corporate profits held overseas top $2.1 trillion
  180. I know this wont happen....
  181. A question for you fundies
  182. Clemson Football coercing it's players into religious practices?
  183. 42 principles of maat 2000 years before the ten commandments
  184. Going to meet a Spiritual Guide and Healer
  185. Obama administration indefinitely delays decision on the Keystone XL pipeline
  186. What's a bigger threat in the U.S? Right Wing Extremism or Jihadists?
  187. The Bible on the History Channel
  188. Devoted Father of 4 Suddenly Goes to Prison Thanks to Unbelievable Mistake
  189. What is the point?
  190. China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years
  191. Oregon mom savagely beats her 4 year old son to death because he walked & talked gay
  192. 10 lessons about white supremacy in the age of Obama
  193. kkk forms neighborhood watch in PA town
  194. Aborted fetuses from Canada were burned to power Oregon homes
  195. 45 people were shot in Chicago over Easter weekend
  196. Conservative folk hero under fire for racist remarks
  197. Judge tells killer: 'I hope you die in prison'
  198. Anybody believe the Barry/Michelle Obama divorce rumors?
  199. Supreme Court To Rule On Cell Phone Privacy Rights
  200. New York Republican indicted on 20 counts
  201. Shooting at FedEx Location in Atlanta
  202. Republican says "women need to be paid less so they can find good husbands"
  203. Almost everyone in this neighborhood has been locked up at some point
  204. Illinois Democrat Charged With Possession of Child Porn
  205. USDA Made $6.2 Billion in Improper Payments Last Year
  206. Church uses mma fights to lure new parishioners.
  207. A horrific crime against a 3 month old child
  208. Botched execution could slam brakes on death penalty
  209. Reports: Abducted girls married to Nigerian rebels
  210. FedEx spoke out against allowing employees access to weapons
  211. Two dead in shooting at western Canadian sawmill
  212. Montana's top court overturns one-month rape sentence
  213. New Jersey Democrat caught on tape in racist rant
  214. Want to know why people hate police?
  215. Allen West adds his 2 cents to the Donald Sterling story
  216. Two drivers, one high and the other drunk, crash into each other
  217. American Workers Pay The 5th Highest Taxes In The World
  218. Maryland dealer, under pressure from gun-rights activists, drops plan to sell smart g
  219. IT'S ABOUT TIME! Christians finally getting tired of Palin and the Far Right!
  220. Need wellness check on JustAlex- SCOTUS upholds prayer at Govt Meetings
  221. California school assignment asked kids to decide if the Holocaust really happened
  222. Police release 911 tapes in FedEx shootings
  223. Fox News mixes up footage of grieving Asians
  224. I stole this one
  225. JayZ,NBA owner at the time, holds all black party,whites turned away.
  226. Atlanta woman using ‘stand your ground’ defense found guilty of murder
  227. 15 Actors You Might Not Have Known Were Republicans
  228. Gang-raped Indonesian woman may be caned publicly
  229. The politics of the braves moving from the city to the burbs.
  230. Donald Sterling: I'm not racist, I'm a Jew!
  231. Adrien Broner suspended for racially insensitive comments
  232. New AJC poll shows voters disapprove of Georgia’s new gun law
  233. North Korea calls Obama a "wicked black monkey"
  234. Pathetic Texas principal suspends HS student for not standing for Pledge...
  235. Gay football player Michael Sam drafted by the rams
  236. Richard Dawkins debates flying horses with muslims
  237. What athletes would make good politicians
  238. Florida Democrat caught on C-SPAN picking his ear and then EATING IT
  239. Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine sanctions
  240. DOJ won't investigate deaths of veterans placed on VA hospital's secret waiting list
  241. God sues Equifax after it refuses to give him a credit rating
  242. Boko Haram and Sudan....Prime examples why Islam is looked so negatively by the west.
  243. How about a sin tax on abortion?
  244. Did A Democrat Use A Racial Slur Against Obama?
  245. LONDON SILVER FIX DEAD....thoughts.
  246. 7 DUIs, High Speed chase....but he's rich, so...
  247. Gun Control I Can Support
  248. Bipartisan bill would stop lawmakers from flying first class on taxpayers' dollars
  249. Florida man demands the right to marry his computer
  250. Atheists lose court battle with IRS
  251. In 2013 ICE released hundreds of illegal immigrants with homicide convictions
  252. woman pulls handgun out on would be robber
  253. Obama charts to end Afgan war by 2016
  254. Senators to NFL: Change Redskins' racist nickname
  255. lets just say....
  256. Eric Shinseki resigns amid VA scandal over veterans’ health care
  257. La county to pay $1.17 million for jail beating of visitor
  258. Toddler badly burned by police device during Georgia drug raid
  259. Global food tax could help families lose weight, UN official says
  260. A question for you anti-gunners
  261. President Obama trades 5 terrorists for American POW
  262. Hell
  263. Seattle raises it's minimum wage to $15 per hour (by 2021)
  264. 42% of Americans are YE Creationists....
  265. Would you vote Hillary Clinton for President in 2016?
  266. Philips Arena may not be able to ban guns
  267. Black workers sue over ‘white’ water fountain
  268. Universal Health Care, ya, it does suck
  269. Texas board of ed candidate fathered child at 16 opposes sex ed
  270. Looking for advice and opinions
  271. 3 dead, 2 wounded, all police, manhunt on
  272. Will Democrats/Porgressives ever turn on Obama?
  273. Today's news of the rachet
  274. D-Day Ceremonies Today In Normandy - 70th Anniversary
  275. New York school tells mother her pencil thin 9 year old daughter is overweight
  276. Veterans Affairs audit: Over 57,000 veterans have been waiting more than 90 days
  277. So, why is no one talking about the Las Vegas Shooting?
  278. Eric Cantor ousted in Primary by Tea Party Candidate.
  279. 500,000 Iraqi civilians flee Mosul fighting, Al Qaeda splinter group seizes cities
  280. Generation opportunity
  281. Elderly man forcefully removed from MARTA by passenger
  282. Abortion becomes issue in Louisiana Senate race
  283. Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' makes more anti-gay remarks
  284. IRS: So… Our Computer Crashed And Erased All Of Lois Lerner’s Emails
  285. Sad but true thought on mass shootings...
  286. Hillary Clinton is dodging 'death tax' on her homes despite campaigning to raise it
  287. Hillary Clinton Laughs Over Getting Child Rapist Off Free
  288. Hobby Lobby SCOTUS case
  289. US catches mastermind behind the Benghazi terrorist attack?
  290. According To Math, You Should Believe In God
  291. US Patent Office Rules Redskins Name Is Offensive, Cancels Trademarks
  292. Gov Scott Walker at the center of 'criminal scheme' over illegal campaign fundraising
  293. Iraq situation is complicated....but here's a video that can help you understand it.
  294. What do ya'll think about this
  295. Computer Scientists 'Prove' God Exists
  296. Einstein and religion
  297. FBI: Children rescued in sex-trafficking crackdown
  298. The UK officially bans creationism in ALL public schools...
  299. Why Gay Marriage IS important....just look at this story...
  300. How do you refer to gay people?
  301. Boehner plans to file suit against Obama over alleged abuse of executive power
  302. Federal judge rules Indiana’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional
  303. Malaysia's top court: Only Muslims can say 'Allah'
  304. The UN to bail out Detroit water customers that can’t pay their bill?
  305. SCOTUS' latest decision....about abortion clinics.
  306. Report: Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US and Shoots At US Border Agents
  307. Respect my choice!!
  308. Nra
  309. Hobby Lobby Wins!
  310. Shoutout to Shrewsbury
  311. Interesting Conundrum...Fed Collecting Taxes For marijuana Sales
  312. Adam Richman's show canceled over insensitive Instagram remarks
  313. Black GOP Candidate In Florida Faces Horrific Racism
  314. Nigerian man forced to spend 18 days in a psychiatric ward because he is an atheist
  315. 82 people shot and 14 killed in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend
  316. Sarah Palin Calls For Obama's Impeachment
  317. Woman learns house was used by serial killer after watching a show on A&E
  318. Ex-Johnstown cop goes to jail in rape case
  319. Cop Punches Woman In Los Angeles
  320. Target’s Gun Ban Has Unexpected Results As Assailants Attack Store’s Unarmed Customer
  321. Oh the animal loving liberals.........
  322. Chages in the law
  323. Study: Smelling farts is good for your health
  324. Cost Of Military Jet Could House Every Homeless Person In U.S. With $600,000 Home
  325. police want to take photo of teen’s erect genitalia, his lawyer says
  326. Pope Francis says one in 50 Roman Catholic priests are paedophiles in interview
  327. Police: SW Atlanta homeowner shoots, kills intruder
  328. Black Dominican NYC cabbie suspended for wearing a Nazi armband to work
  329. CDC Survey: Less than 3% of the US population is gay, lesbian or bisexual
  330. Widow of Cop-Killer Upset that he Didn’t Kill More Cops
  331. Feds to house illegal immigrants at multimillion-dollar hotel
  332. Conservatives corner
  333. Land of the Liberal
  334. Ukraine: 295 on Malaysia Airlines plane shot down over east
  335. Department of Justice: We Heard About IRS Missing Emails On The News
  336. Hashtags
  337. Federal appeals court invalidates some ObamaCare subsidies, in blow to health law
  338. Michele Obama Partners with Monsatan!!!
  339. ILL Tax's
  340. Good News!!!!
  341. The 10 top countries that like & dislike the United States
  342. Social Security spent $300 million on IT project 6 years ago that still doesn't work
  343. Divide California into six States!
  344. Have any of you atheists considered deism?
  345. Emails show ex-IRS official Lerner using derogatory terms for Republicans
  346. The lavish homes of American archbishops
  347. $619 billion missed from federal transparency site
  348. Gay bar found guilty of discrimination after refusing to let in a man dressed in drag
  349. Anti capitalist Michael Moore owns 9 houses and is worth $50 million
  350. How do you feel about the US fighting ISIS in Iraq?
  351. Good News. We Have A MrVeggieMan Sighting.
  352. L.A. to look at using money prizes to boost voter turnout in elections
  353. Ferguson Missouri is descending into chaos
  354. Less Students Eat School Lunch Since Govt Changed Standards
  355. What do yall think about the Rick Perry Indictment
  356. American's are being Beheaded by ISIS
  357. Pizza parlor's church discount gives atheists indigestion
  358. High school senior says she was suspended for saying bless you
  359. Feds: Obama broke law with Bergdahl swap
  360. Obama Stands Alone: Even the media are baffled by his deepening isolation
  361. High School Kid Arrested For Writing About Shooting A DINOSAUR
  362. Serious Question
  363. Chinese Jet Does Barrel Roll over US Fighter
  364. Harry Reid apologizes for Asian jokes
  365. Chick-Fil-A Is Closing. And When You Find Out Why You'll Be Glad.
  366. A rare opportunity to tell the POTUS about himself
  367. Israel, Hamas Reach Cease Fire
  368. Ferguson-like attack in Utah escapes media notice; race bias seen
  369. Wonder why so many distrust cops? This article should explain
  370. The Police
  371. Two experts warn correction could total 60%
  372. What happened to the Occupy Movement?
  373. Is there a mutiny among the Presidents men?
  374. Florida continues to be a joke!
  375. KKK Recruiting Using...Jolly Rancher Candy
  376. Another American Beheaded. Beheader blames Obama
  377. Why No Criticism by Atheist Groups of Obama/Biden Religious Comments?
  378. Foreigners hacked Obamacare website on July 8 but HHS only discovered it 10 days ago
  379. Eleven Planes missing from Tripoli Airport
  380. More riots in Missouri? PROBABLY NOT
  381. Atheist must swear to God or leave Air Force
  382. YourMorals.Org
  383. Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three
  384. James Foley's mother says the government threatened his family to not pay ransom
  385. Dept of Labor Worked With White House To Hide Illegal Fundraising For Obama
  386. Why is Obama awesome/evil?
  387. Nothing bad can come out of this...
  388. Joe Biden, The Anti-Semite?
  389. Why is it that...
  390. Have You Heard of Brendan Tevlin?
  391. HuffPost Is A Joke And Outright Liars
  392. Scotland Rejects Independence as U.K. Vows to Give It More Power
  393. Canada to the rescue
  394. Let's arm us some Syrian rebels!
  395. I Find It Interesting...
  396. Death Panel Concept is alive and well!
  397. Are you smarter than an Atheist?
  398. Air strikes by U.S. and Allies Hit ISIS Targets in Syria
  399. Special needs student raped in school bathroom after teacher told her to act as bait
  400. New gun buyers being forced to declare their race & ethnicity upon purchase?
  401. US Government running experiment to see if we live in a 2D hologram
  402. Today Is A Good Day. Eric Holder is Resigning.
  403. US to pay $500 mn in compensation to Navajo tribe
  404. Official Cops out of control monitoring thread.
  405. Crazy Atheist
  406. FBI probes Muslim convert who beheaded female co worker in Oklahoma
  407. Teacher gets 10 years prison in student rape
  408. Obama says US 'underestimated' rise of ISIS, admits 'contradictory' Syria policy
  409. Knife-wielding intruder made it further into White House than previously reported
  410. Mansplaining the continued religious preferences of women and minorities
  411. Texas man returning from West Africa confirmed as first Ebola case diagnosed in US
  412. So when does satire or stereotyping actually turn into racism?
  413. Ben Affleck gets into argument with Bill Maher over Islam
  414. Death with dignity
  415. FBI Doesn't Like iPhone Security Features
  416. Fed employees caught watching porn up to 5 hours a day at work escape punishment
  417. Appeals court reinstates Texas voter ID law
  418. Netherlands says OK for biker gangs to fight Islamic State
  419. 10-Year-Old Accused Of Killing 90-Year-Old Woman Will Be Tried As Adult
  420. U.S. troops found nearly 5,000 abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2011
  421. Florida Governor Delays Debate Over A Fan
  422. Fox News reports US really did discover Iraqi WMD's in 2004... tons of them.
  423. RIOTS! in Keene St College....and yet, why so little coverage from the mainstream?
  424. Order for millions of blank work permits, green cards raising amnesty concerns
  425. So Much For Washington Being A Liberal Place
  426. New Autopsy Details On Michael Brown
  427. Soldier shot at war memorial near Canadian Parliament building
  428. Sen. Nasheed had handgun on her at time of arrest, refused breathalyzer,
  429. Rick Scott admits he delayed prisoner execution so Florida SOS could hold fundraiser
  430. Jumper breaches White House fence and kicks a Secret Service dog before being subdued
  431. Gender reassignment question
  432. Funny Stuff...The WH Doesn't Even Know Who Dem Candidates Are
  433. Majority of No ID Voters Are Black or Hispanic
  434. New York cop in serious condition after hatchet attack
  435. Elizabeth Warren: I've been treated differently
  436. Hillary: 'Don't let anybody tell you' that businesses create jobs'
  437. Anybody else see the crazies in the Vermont Gubernatorial debate?
  438. Charles Barkley outrages black community with comments
  439. Sex offenders teaming up to run for public office in Minnesota
  440. 5 year old who used crayon as a gun forced to sign a safety contract by her school
  441. Nurse Says She Will Not Comply With Ebola Quarantine
  442. Man ordered to pay child support for child that isn't his
  443. Vote.....We're Watching you!!!!
  444. Which politician are you rooting against this Tuesday
  445. Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership .
  446. Voter fraud
  447. One man's votes for Massachusetts 11/4/2014
  448. 2014 Election Results
  449. Now it is time for the two political parties to work together!!
  450. PM From Gatorboymike
  451. West Virginia Now A True Red State
  452. What now?
  453. For the delusional people on here who think the GOP will actually compromise....
  454. Dems Showing Their True Racist Colors
  455. Obama sending another 1500 troops to Iraq for non combat roles
  456. Massachusetts town considers banning ALL tobacco products and e-cigarettes
  457. Obama defends plan to act on immigration
  458. ObamaCare architect says lack of transparency helped law pass, cites 'stupidity......
  459. Obama Promises Higher Emissions Reduction In Less Time Than China
  460. Russia Sending Bomber Patrols To Gulf of Mexico
  461. Keystone Pipeline Proposal Passes in the House
  462. Teacher Fired After Racist Tweets About Ferguson, MO/Michael Brown Shooting
  463. US sailors hit by 'hood attack' in Turkey
  464. Audio of Obama denouncing illegal immigration and it's impact on blacks/blue collar
  465. 5 killed by knives and axes in terror attack on synagogue
  466. Trying to understand Republican logic on what Barack Obama is doing....
  467. Bet You Won't See This On LibTVNews...UAE Names CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist
  468. Nancy Pelosi denies a pregnant woman with no legs the right to vote
  469. How bad will the Grand Jury Verdict aftermath be in Ferguson?
  470. Republican led 2 year congressional investigation ends Benghazi myths....
  471. SNL School House Rock Skit on Executive Orders
  472. The definition of a christian
  473. The people of Ferguson SHOULD NOT RIOT FOR THIS....
  474. Fundraiser charged with child sex abuse frequently met with President Obama recently
  475. Cleveland releases video of police shooting of 12-year-old boy
  476. IRS staffers with tax debts still eligible for government bonuses
  477. Report: The US contains 4 of the most violent cities in the world
  478. Court ruling challenges Obama immigration action
  479. Someone PLEASE explain the "Hands Up for XXXXX" movement
  480. Michael Brown's Dad Being Investigated
  481. Police Not Reporting Killings To FBI
  482. Senior Democrats Admit Regret Over Obamacare
  483. Is somebody trying to sabotage Hillary Clinton's Presidential Bid?
  484. Hey A.J.
  485. New York court rules Chimpanzees are not entitled to "human rights"
  486. Suspects in Va. police officer killing will not face death penalty
  487. So if the report is true... what do we do about the CIA?
  488. Torture report is out....we're the good guys right?
  489. Wisconsin police ask residents to let them search inside their homes for hidden guns
  490. State Department Refusing To Release Clinton Files
  491. ISIS - Mass Killings in Iraq.
  492. Why No Outcry and Protest OVer Dillon Taylor's Death?
  493. Atheist holiday displays vandalized
  494. Brazilian serial killer strangled 38 women 'for fun'
  495. I used to like Mark Wahlberg
  496. Elizabeth Warren....racist who hates the American people
  497. Terrorists take dozens hostage in Australia
  498. Commuting to Work from Jail
  499. American's caught helping/joining ISIS so far...
  500. Taliban kill 132 children in terrorist attack on Pakistani school
  501. America in talks with Cuba to normalize diplomatic relations and open Embassy
  502. Even England Has Idiotic PC
  503. Texas Plumber’s Ford Truck Ends up with Terrorists
  504. US Tries to Open Relations with Cuba....
  505. Sony Cancels "The Interview"... WOAH
  506. One ISIS thug suspected of killing 150 girls, women
  507. Key Witness in Michael Brown grand jury LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING....
  508. Judge: Boy, 14, shouldn't have been executed in SC
  509. Pope Francis is against trickle down economics... LOVE IT
  510. SCOTUS denies Florida's attempt to continue Gay marriage ban.....SUCK IT FLORIDA!!!
  511. 2 NYD Cops Shot in Patrol Car
  512. Banned word/phrase
  513. US Response To North Korea Hacking? NK "Unplugged" From Internet For 9 Hours
  514. Fox affiliate in Baltimore edits video of black protestors... this is sickening
  515. Another police shooting....brace for Alex
  516. Why do Liberals/Progessives Hate...........
  517. Hillary Clinton/Planned Parenthood Admire and Honor Margaret Sanger
  518. ISIS in Egypt
  519. Ferguson "Peaceful Protestor" Charged With Arson, Burglary
  520. More Cop Haters. Cops Shot At In Los Angeles.
  521. Republican House WHIP Steve Scalise admits to speaking at "supermacist" rally....
  522. Michael Grimm to resign congress.. good riddance.
  523. A horrible accident and the disgusting liberals that comment on it
  524. Have to love libs. Only can show support if its what they support
  525. Back on my soapbox...
  526. Two Police Shot In WV
  527. Here's one the liberal news outlets omitted from their headlines.
  528. Pastor who spent one year without god now says.....He's an Atheist.
  529. Ferguson "Protesters" Working Hard To Prove They Are Scum
  530. Yup, them Dems Sure Do Want To Work Together!
  531. Cuba Still Not Releasing 53 Americans
  532. John Boener Elected to 3rd Term as House Speaker
  533. Al Sharpton mad that police leaked that he takes Viagra
  534. Is it time to declare war on ISLAM?
  535. So there is no soft war on culture in Europe and America??
  536. Paris satirical newspaper attacked by radical Muslims...
  537. What is the point of unarmed police?
  538. Lets see what the libs have to say about this one
  539. Obama's Free college, who is paying for this??
  540. Leaked Al Jazeera America Emails Reveal They Are Upset Over Charlie Hebdo Support
  541. Another American Diplomatic Disaster
  542. What Europe now thinks of Obama - Great article by Piers Morgan
  543. 2000 dead in Nigeria, but no hashtags
  544. Miracles
  545. Dems Mocked GOP "Drill Baby Drill" Chant...Who Is Laughing Now?
  546. Muslim Cleric Declares Building Snowmen As Being Anti-Islamic
  547. Chris Cornell arrested for trying to bomb the US Capitol
  548. NJ Pastor says he punched a child "as hard as I can" to bring him to god
  549. Montana police officer breaks down after fatally shooting unarmed man
  550. Yemeni terror suspects held at Gitmo released to live in nearby Oman
  551. Obama Will Fight News Agencies To Stop Anti-Jihad Articles
  552. Why am I here?
  553. Saudi Arabia Is Building A 600-Mile 'Great Wall' To Shield Itself From ISIS
  554. John Kerry takes James Taylor to sing "You've got a Friend" to the French
  555. Pope...."You can't insult the faith of others"
  556. U.S. jobs
  557. AZ to require high schoolers to pass citizenship test to graduate
  558. Conservatives once again show why no one should take anything they say seriously...
  559. Man Ticketed For Driving While Eating A Cheeseburger
  560. Jury Duty
  561. Is anyone watching the garbage? (State of the Union)
  562. Boehner invites Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran, after Obama veto threat
  563. Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work...Lining The Pockets Of Iranians, Thanks Obama!
  564. Yet Another Police Shooting
  565. Does morality have to come from a God?
  566. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies aged 90
  567. Marvel at our insignificance in the cosmos...
  568. Why do individuals have opinions until people disagree with them?
  569. Poor DiBlasio does not get the blizzard
  570. Billionaire George Soros spent $33 MILLION bankrolling Ferguson protests
  571. Poll: Record numbers identify as liberal in the United States
  572. Bakery that refused to make anti-gay cake slapped with religious discrimination case
  573. Presidential Election
  574. TX governor declares February 2nd Chris Kyle Day
  575. Stem cell research/treatment, anyone?
  576. ISIS burns Jordanian pilot alive in a cage
  577. Brian Williams forced to admit he was NOT shot down in the Iraq War
  578. IRS: Extra tax refunds for illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Obama
  579. So I finally watched FrackNation last night.
  580. Liberal Idea. Tax People By How Fat They Are. Says who? Creator Of Obamacare.
  581. Our dear leader and appologist for America
  582. Do You Beleive In Miracles? Part 2
  583. Far Right Christian Pastor in EPIC gay rant...
  584. Family confirms death of American female hostage at hands of ISIS
  585. So Obama lied when he said his position on gay marriage "evolved"?
  586. US charges Iowa widow over how she deposited husband's cash
  587. Catholic Church Clamps Down on Teachers Supporting 'Evil' Activities
  588. Atheist Murders (3) Muslim North Carolina Students. Speculation of a Hate Crime
  589. Obama sends Congress request for military force against IS
  590. NBC Reporter Calls Chris Kyle A Racist
  591. Do you believe in god?
  592. Socialism is great when it does not have an impact on you
  593. Terrorist on the loose in Copenhagen after shooting up a free speech event
  594. ISIS Releases Video Purporting To Show Beheading Of 21 Egyptian Christians
  595. Flintlock from 1700s could land elderly NJ man in prison
  596. Shameful! Racist Chelsea fans prevent black man from entering train...
  597. Bill O'Reilly caught being a liar just like Williams, will Fox News do anything?
  598. You Know It's Getting Bad When Bill Maher Criticizes You
  599. I played Devil's Advocate and to my shock....I THINK...I agree with conservatives?!
  600. Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith
  601. Obama vetoes Keystone XL pipeline, leaving it in limbo
  602. Islamic State in Syria abducts at least 150 Christians
  603. Islamic State seize 100 Iraqi tribesmen before battle for Tikrit
  604. Killer from Islamic State beheading videos identified
  605. still more violent islamic extremism. ...
  606. Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning
  607. GOP Clowns want Idaho to be a "Christian State"....
  608. FBI investigating ISIS suspects in all 50 states
  609. Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutors
  610. If Benjamin Netanyahu plans to leak classified information on the floor of congress..
  611. Vermont town seeks to lower voting age from 18 to just 16
  612. Should online "threats" be actionable
  613. ISIS Throwing Gays Off Of Buildings
  614. Hillary Clinton's secret email account controversy
  615. Will Obama throw Hillary under the bus?
  616. Some fun facts about the Ronald Reagan Presidency....
  617. DOJ to bring charges against Senator Menendez?
  618. What no riots for a slain African American??????????????
  619. Why are Republicans / Right Wingers able to get away with things Democrats are not?
  620. Christians & non-theists discuss homosexuality; result is respectful and productive!
  621. Republicans in congress HAVE NO SHAME!!!!!!
  622. Alabama Supreme Court Reviews Shocking Evidence Obama’s Birth Certificate Likely Fake
  623. Canadian Man Arrested By Border Agents For Refusing To Give Phone Passcode
  624. Israeli Election in 1 Week...Will Netenyahu be shown the door?
  625. Police Chief Proposing Ordinance to Ban "Saggy Pants"
  626. Open Carry guy walks around a school with rifle....cops back down!
  627. Univision host fired for racist Michelle Obama comments
  628. Shooter of two Ferguson police officers still on the loose
  629. MI pediatrician: God doesn't want me to treat your baby, because you're Lesbians!
  630. I love when the lowlifes cannibalize each other in politics
  631. And Now It All Becomes Clear...KXL Is Just Dem Money Buying Favor
  632. More Liberal Propganda To Generate Division? GOP Letter To Iran
  633. Republican congressman Aaron Schock resigns over controversy
  634. Terrorists gun down Westerners in Tunisian terror attack leaving 22 dead
  635. Obama Suggest Mandatory Voting
  636. Christians...."Prepare for Martyrdom!"
  637. White House office to delete its Freedom of Information Act regulations
  638. Mitt Romney to step into the ring against Evander Holyfield for charity
  639. Food for thought on Republican Obstructionism....
  640. Peter King Threatens To Jump Off Bridge If Cruz Is GOP Nominee
  641. Army charges Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion
  642. More proof American Cops problem is systemic.
  643. Do YOU judge???
  644. Lawsuit Filed Against Hilary For Racketeering (RICO)
  645. Indiana Gov signs religious freedom bill......
  646. Pro-ISIS Magazine Office Bombed
  647. Freedom of the Press, who cares?
  648. What do Repunclicans / Right Wingers stand FOR, and not just against?
  649. Arizona State Senator purposes bill to make Church Attendance Mandatory...
  650. This is the most godless city in America
  651. Black legislator accuses white colleague’s toddler of racism
  652. We need a feel good story today....
  653. Giving Credit when it's due....Thank you Disciples of Christ Church!
  654. scientists and global warming
  655. Guess the hospital was right....
  656. Islamists kill up to 150 Christians in university terrorist attack
  657. California taxpayers to pay $100,000 for convicted murderer to become a woman
  658. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief - HBO Documentary
  659. Russia hacked the White House?
  660. Now THIS is murder
  661. FINALLY!!! Maine Gets How To Reduce Welfare Spending
  662. The great God debate.
  663. Deputies Beat Man Who Clearly Gave Up
  664. Why Rand Paul is wrong for America
  665. Man who shot himself dead on steps of Capitol was carrying Tax the 1% sign
  666. Another day, another fatal shooting from a cop....it's so trendy now....
  667. So when will Rubio start being labeled as a racist?
  668. TSA screeners manipulated system so male worker could fondle attractive male flyers
  669. Aaron Hernandez FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER.
  670. Man flies gyro-copter onto Capitol lawn in protest against campaign funding
  671. Muslims Fleeing Violence Throw Christians Overboard Killing Them
  672. Raise Smoking Age To 21 and End Minors Smoking?
  673. SHOCKER! Hillary Caught Lying (again) About Grandparents Being Immigrants
  674. Solar Plane Flying Around The World
  675. Hillary says education is a non-family enterprise
  676. What's worse that FORCING people to purchase Health Insurance???
  677. Six Somali-Americans from Minnesota arrested on terrorism charges
  678. Obamacare Tax Penalty vs. Obamacare Benefit?
  679. South Africa descends towards a new apartheid
  680. Coward U.S Marshall destroys Citizen's phone for filming his sorry butt!
  681. Pennsylvania High School students organize "Anti-gay" Day....
  682. FINALLY! A GOOD Cop story I am PROUD to make a thread about!
  683. Rubio In The Lead
  684. US Drone Kills American Hostage, Obama Apologizes
  685. Fair is Fair....I'm calling out the LEFT!
  686. 7th Year In A Row, Obama Refuses To Honor Campaign Promise
  687. Hawaii to become the first state to raise smoking age to 21 for cigarettes?
  688. Hindu radical says Muslims and Christians must be sterilized
  689. The 12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world
  690. Anti Gay activists uprising if supreme court approves marriage equality
  691. Wonder Why This One Isn't All Over Mainstream News?
  692. Homosexuality is a mental disorder. It is a moral disease, a sin and corruption...
  693. This is NOT the way....Baltimore Riots.
  694. Al Jazeera America sued for $15 million for discriminating against women and Jews
  695. I love when hypocrites get it in the end...
  696. THANKS OBAMA! Jobless claims hit 15 year LOW, consumer spending RISES! GOOD ECONOMY!
  697. Obama Rambles, 6th Grader Cuts Him Off ROFL
  698. Officer kills two terrorists in attack near Dallas Texas
  699. Liberal billionaire George Soros facing a $7 billion tax bill?
  700. Retail Apocalypse
  701. Don't Read To Your Kids, You Are Giving Them An Unfair Advantage!!!
  702. Will Be Interesting To See How This Bills Does
  703. Senate Adopts GOP Budget
  704. Imam Justifies Charlie Hedbo and Wants Pamela Geller Tried In Sharia Court & Executed
  705. Anti-Gun Dem Senator Arrested For Shooting At Wife
  706. IRS Seizes Over $100,000 From Innocent Small Business Owner
  707. President Obama accused of sexism after calling senator Warren by her first name
  708. Democrat Alan Grayson Goes On A Profanity Tirade At Media
  709. US Marshall Assaults Man, Cops Show Up And....
  710. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev gets death penalty for Boston bombings
  711. Wisconsin GOP Doing What They Do Best
  712. Al Sharpton's daughter sues the city of New York for $5 million after falling down
  713. SC teen told by high school to remove US and POW flag from truck
  714. Group Wants Air Force General Court Martialed For Religious Remarks
  715. Oregon to test pay-per-mile idea as replacement for gas tax
  716. Open Carry Experiment....you're gonna LOVE the results!
  717. IRS admits its computer systems were HACKED and private information was stolen
  718. Baltimore erupts again!! But it was not caused by the police??????
  719. Ferguson Protesters Now Protesting Over Not Getting Paid
  720. The downward spiral of one J. Dennis Hastert
  721. Obama Has Lowest Average First Quarter GDP of ANY President
  722. SCOTUS sets a WRONG precedent with ruling in favor of Muslim and her headscarf...
  723. Politics and Religion forum closes on July 1st
  724. Male Reproductive rights....or lack thereof....A discussion.
  725. New Jersey Woman Stabbed to Death While Waiting For Firearms Permit
  726. Dems blister Obama's Fast Track Trade Agenda
  727. NAACP leader outed as a white person pretending to be black person?
  728. Terrorist attack in SC.....9 dead, evidence points to political and racial motive!
  729. WHY do we allow the Confederate flag to fly on our state capitols?
  730. Marco Rubio's wife is hot
  731. obama care success story!
  732. Am I the only one....
  733. How could any man support this law?
  734. Equality!
  735. Thanks Shrew!
  736. Far Right reaction towards SCOTUS ruling...
  737. Final words of wisdom
  738. Michael Bloomberg says police should seize guns from male minorities
  739. Google's robot reveals the meaning of LIFE