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  1. What this forum is for...
  2. Lord Stanley of Preston
  3. Evolution Of An MMA Fan
  4. The Exquisite Level
  5. Vancouver Tales 3/28
  6. 11 year old
  7. 1/1's: Are they truly one of a kind?
  8. OnCardAuto.com - a sticker-free website
  9. Direction of the Hobby
  10. The Spirit Awakened
  11. Tuff Stuff Wants To Hear About Your "Hobby Horrors"
  12. Ebay, a Help or Hurt to the Hobby?
  13. A Weekend of Nostalgia
  14. Reusing Bubble Mailers: Good or Bad?
  15. Are base cards a forgotten art?
  16. BV or SV? The Great Debate
  17. How an "ehh" autograph card became a prized part of my collection
  18. How I got into Card Collecting
  19. Why people ruin our hobby.
  20. Review: 2009 O-Pee-Chee Baseball
  21. Todd McFarlane has the right idea!
  22. 1911 T206 Honus Wagner Card
  23. My Dad, a ball, some snow, and Joe Torre
  24. Storing Your Cards
  25. Payback
  26. "Base-ic" Art
  27. Super Collecting
  28. My Day with Baseball Royalty - CONTEST ENTRY
  29. Is free agency and trades effecting collecting?
  30. An Ebay Alternative
  31. A collector's resurrection - CONTEST ENTRY
  32. Stolent CardBoard Memories - CONTEST ENTRY
  33. How I chose my Player Collections
  34. HELP!!! There’s a Bigfoot in my baseball box
  35. Unexpected Gifts From Unexpected Places - CONTEST ENTRY
  36. How I got into collecting- CONTEST ENTRY
  37. A card with memories - Contest Entry
  38. Who Bring's A Beckett To School? - CONTEST ENTRY
  39. Where it all started------ Contest entry
  40. How I started collecting CONTEST ENTRY
  41. A Summer That Will Last A Lifetime- Contest Entry
  42. The Pull Of A Lifetime CONTEST ENTRY
  43. Collecting Heroes - CONTEST ENTRY
  44. I remember...Contest Entry
  45. An athlete and his desires....Brett Favre
  46. This is a hit?
  47. I'm all for Ebay
  48. Behind The Scenes
  49. Player Collecting Tips
  50. What are the Odds?
  51. Just Glovely- CONTEST ENTRY
  52. The Card - CONTEST ENTRY
  53. Paypal Caveats - How to Limit Fees When Sending and Receiving Money
  54. Remembering Jim-CONTEST ENTRY
  55. Topps Exclusive MLB Deal
  56. My 1 And Only PC Card. – CONTEST ENTRY
  57. My Life in a Card - CONTEST ENTRY
  58. Ahh Back In The Day - CONTEST ENTRY
  59. How I Got (Back) Into Collecting-Contest Entry
  60. An Everlasting Bond: The Reason Behind my Passion for Collecting - CONTEST ENTRY
  61. Always A Place - Contest Entry
  62. My Collecting Adventure - Contest Entry
  63. Montana, Me and Pops-Contest Entry
  64. My Treasure - CONTEST ENTRY
  65. The Day Tony Parker Got Me Michael Jordan! contest entry
  66. Collecting Turbulence - Contest Entry
  67. My Pride and Joy CONTEST ENTRY
  68. Collecting Al Bundy- Contest Entry
  69. Football At Basketball - CONTEST ENTRY
  70. Attention eBay Canada Sellers! CRA to Investigate Unreported e-Commerce Income
  71. How Collecting Became My Life!!! Contes Entry
  72. All I Wanted To Do Was Avoid a $2 ATM Fee! - CONTEST ENTRY
  73. Forever 17-Contest Entry
  74. Underdogs to Wonderdogs - Contest Entry
  75. Thanks for the Memories - Contest Entry
  76. Investing 101-article submission
  77. Determining a Card’s Value in a Trade – Going Beyond the Price Guide
  78. The Return to the Hobby - article submission
  79. Rookie Cards: The Passion of Hobby Collecting
  80. Jersey Cards: A special place in our hearts
  81. Young Hockey Phemons: The Hockey Card Effect
  82. Hockey Cards: The Battle for Market Share
  83. What Is So Unappealing About The WNBA?
  84. An Interview with Kevin Ohme (Former Baseball Player)
  85. 2009-10 NBA Preview
  86. Tuff Stuff's Series: What's Wrong With The Hobby?
  87. Trade Value and the White Whale Effect
  88. Coaching Upper Deck's 2009 NHL Rookie Bootcamp
  89. Yanks win, yanks win
  90. Benefits of Team Sports
  91. 4600 Miles of Joy and Dreams (and back)
  92. SCF Member Hits Grandslam with 2007 SP Legendary Cuts
  93. Tuff Stuff wants to hear about your "Gold-Medal Collectibles"
  94. The 10 Worst Ideas in the Sports Card Industry
  95. 2009 National Chicle Football art sends the wrong message
  96. No, I do not want your game used pants
  97. Are Customized Cards Legit or Unethical?
  98. The Choice is Back on the Ice
  99. Why are the "exclusive" contracts being put into place?
  100. Change at UD Should Equal Change in the Hobby... But Will It?
  101. My three minutes with the Stanley Cup
  102. Remembering Why We Love the Game
  103. NFL Trading card License, more than just cards?
  104. a bit off the beaten path of an idea
  105. The Begining of the End?
  106. Changing Times In The Hobby - Whats Good, Whats Bad?
  107. The Next Big Thing
  108. A little unknown fact about ITG HSHS Redemption print runs
  109. Observations from the Common Collector
  110. Autographs for a Cause
  111. Can Upper Deck Usher In a New Era Of College Collecting?
  112. Basketball Card Saber Metrics: NBA Draft Lottery Version
  113. The Future of Goaltending in Montreal
  114. IPA Franco Harris
  115. Basketball Card Saber Metrics: 2010 FA Edition
  116. Kicking Collectings Butt - CONTEST ENTRY
  117. My Adventures With Two Of My Favourite Players - CONTEST ENTRY
  118. In the Beginning - CONTEST ENTRY
  119. My Holy Grail-Contest Entry
  120. The Comeback Kid - CONTEST ENTRY
  121. Andrew Ladd's Stanley Cup Party
  122. The Joys of Collecting - Contest Entry
  123. The Day I'll Never Forget-Contest Entry
  124. A Word with Chris Bossy
  125. Thirty Pieces of Hope - CONTEST ENTRY
  126. 1989 - A summer of Cards and the Spawning of a lifelong hobby
  127. Autographed Memorabilia - Protect Yourself (CONTEST)
  128. Christmas Box Break-Contest Entry
  129. An unexpected encounter- CONTEST ENTRY
  130. Autographs: A Two-Part How-To
  131. Autographs: A Two-Part How-To
  132. Autographs: a Two-Part How-To
  133. The Thrill Of Card Collecting-CONTEST ENTRY
  134. So Where Do We Go From Here?
  135. Shawne Williams (My Special Card) - CONTEST ENTRY
  136. One of One Derek Jeter
  137. CONTEST ENTRY - Collecting - The One Constant In A Life Of Change
  138. My Collecting Experience
  139. The Great Customer Service Debate....A Reveiw of the Big 3's Customer Service.
  140. History Repeats itself....Not if I can help it.
  141. Contest Entry - Very Melo Mail
  142. My New Obsession - CONTEST ENTRY
  143. The Experience of A Lifetime- Contest Entry
  144. Great times and the Bad.
  145. The Valuable Card that Isn't--- Tell us about your most prized collection item
  146. My Memorabilia Collection-Contest Entry
  147. Contest Entry- The Card I Love
  148. Contest Entry-THE HOBBY
  149. My Brother and I - Contest Entry
  150. My Favourite Card-CONTEST ENTRY
  151. Meeting 'Captain Canuck'!
  152. CONTEST ENTRY - A Night to Remember
  153. Contest Entry - From my humble beginnings through the years
  154. The Hobby And What It Means To Me.
  155. My card collecting hobby experiences from inside the clubhouse- CONTEST ENTRY
  156. The Story of My Favorite Card – CONTEST ENTRY
  157. Joe Montana’s Five Best Cards - CONTEST ENTRY
  158. Cards from the Dollar Menu - CONTEST ENTRY
  159. Football Cards at Football Practice - CONTEST ENTRY
  160. “The Player To Make Biggest Impact I’ve ever felt In Minor League Baseball”
  161. Contest Entry - How It All Got Started
  162. Memories made and friendships gained, all from a hobby - CONTEST ENTRY
  163. Thanks for the memories - CONTEST ENTRY
  164. What is a Collection Really Worth? - CONTEST ENTRY
  165. "41 Cents" -- Contest Entry
  166. Contest entry- the one and only hobby
  167. Article Submission - This Wonderful Hobby!
  168. Article submission -- Wherefore Art Thou, Teemu?
  169. The Magic Mistake
  170. Profiting from a players sudden and untimely death!
  171. Tuff Stuff Submission - A New Dawn For Hockey Collectors
  172. TUFF STUFF Article Submission: The Goal Peg!
  173. How can you help your hobby?
  174. Article: Worst Beckett Book Value Discrepancies
  175. Article Submission - The End of Parallel Hell?
  176. Contest entry: My Viewpoint on this Hobby
  177. CONTEST ENTRY: Bring Back Big Sets!
  178. Contest Entry - What Is a Super Collector?
  179. CONTEST ENTRY - The Days of Innocence!
  180. CONTEST ENTRY- My Christmas Glory
  181. CONTEST ENTRY: Bring back the old school!
  182. Contest Entry: My Favourite Product
  183. Contest Entry: What Is A Super Collector?
  184. CONTEST ENTRY - The Present & Future of the Hobby!
  185. CONTEST ENTRY - The Good Old Days
  186. CONTEST ENTRY - What is a Super Collector – I’m a Super Collector Lite
  187. CONTEST ENTRY- The Immaculate Rituals
  188. Contest Submission-The Future of the Hobby
  189. Yet another CONTEST ENTRY: What is a Super Collector?
  190. Contest Entry: The Future of the Hobby
  191. Honesty what ever happened??????
  192. CONTEST ENTRY: Is collecting changing?
  193. Article Submission - Relax Leaf Fans: It's not time to fire Wilson yet.
  194. CONTEST ENTRY-The Debates in this Hobby
  195. Contest Entry - How Card Collecting can help our Children
  196. article submission. final resting spot of baseball royality
  197. Article Submission -2010-11 Ice Premiers: RCs or not RCs?
  198. Contest entry: Different looks on collecting - Tradinpaint
  199. My Greatest Hobby Accomplishment- Contest Entry
  200. The problem with the NCAA is the amateur athlete myth they continue to sell us
  201. Contest Entry - Really!? I Had No Idea!
  202. The influence of social networking on the hobby - CONTEST ENTRY
  203. Future Players to Collect: Matt Szczur
  204. Contest Entry - What Do You Do When You Pull a Whale?
  205. 2011 NBA Champs? – CONTEST ENTRY
  206. Finding the right value-CONTESET ENTRY
  207. Contest Entry: Old-Time Card Collecting
  208. How to Start a Sports Card Collection - CONTEST ENTRY
  209. The Lunacy of the Numbered Card- CONTEST ENTRY
  210. Topps: The Card Industry Dictatorship - CONTEST ENTRY
  211. The problem with today's card collecting is... - CONTEST ENTRY
  212. "Intent" - One word the NHL needs to remove from its dictionary.
  213. The problem with cards is value contest entry
  214. Networking and its Effect on the Hobby - CONTEST ENTRY
  215. CONTEST ENTRY - Words of Advice From a Veteran
  216. Top 10 Greatest Baseball Position Players Ever - CONTEST ENTRY (best of category)
  217. CONTEST ENTRY: 2011 MLB Reguar Season Predictions
  218. Can I Make Money in Sports Cards? - CONTEST ENTRY (beginner's guide category)
  219. Contest Entry: A Hobby becoming to Expensive
  220. Contest Entry: The Worst Thing About The NHL Is The Officiating
  221. Contest Entry: My 2011 Predictions
  222. Contest Entry: The problem with baseball is that it is too slow
  223. CONTEST ENTRY- This Year the Champion will be…. The BRAVES!!!
  224. Contest Entry - Adventures in Card Collecting
  225. CONTEST ENTRY - Everyone dies, But how many of us truly lives!
  226. Contest Entry: The best of the best obscure baseball seasons
  227. CONTEST ENTRY-Jon Jones Future UFC Champ
  228. The Best Of The Best Is.... Contest Entry
  229. The Naked Pass - CONTEST ENTRY
  230. CONTEST ENTRY - Top 10 Position Players Who Played MLB In 2010
  231. And this time the cards won.
  232. The Heat Is on – CONTEST ENTRY
  233. This Moment Changed Collecting For Me, Contest Entry
  234. An Open Letter to the NHL - CONTEST ENTRY
  235. This moment changed the way I see sports or sports card collecting - CONTEST ENTRY
  237. NHL: Is the violence out of hand?? (CONTEST ENTRY)
  238. How blessed we truly are
  239. It's about the memories, not the money
  240. Our hobby,how dishonest can it get.
  241. Junk wax is about to get just a little rarer
  242. I'm King and You're Not! - CONTEST ENTRY
  243. Baseball rookie card collecting is confusing
  244. If I Were King of SCF... - CONTEST ENTRY
  245. NFL: Will they or Won't they? Contest Entry
  246. Wake up the Echoes--CONTEST ENTRY
  247. 60 Years of Topps Baseball: A Countdown
  248. - This moment changed the way I see sports or sports card collecting -contest entry
  249. Topps Countdown; #60: 1995 Topps
  250. Our Hobby,How rewarding it can be
  251. Topps Countdown; #59: 2000 Topps
  252. It's not what you spend but what you pull
  253. The Harper hype tells me baseball is still number one.
  254. The PC That Changed Me - CONTEST ENTRY
  255. CONTEST ENTRY - The Dilemma that is Chael Sonnen
  256. Contest Entry - My First Baseball Game
  257. Uncle Jim - CONTEST ENTRY
  258. Redemptions,The double edged sword
  259. CONTEST ENTRY - Professional Wrestlers - Independent Contractors?
  260. Contest Entry - Through the Eyes of my Twelve Year Old Self
  261. The New Way To Trade, eBay - CONTEST ENTRY
  262. Breaking Ground-- The Moment My Hobby Changed
  263. SCF Busted! May Hockey Edition
  264. Youth of our World-The Future of the Hobby We Love-CONTEST ENTRY
  265. My collection tells me who to root for.
  266. CONT:Stop me if you've heard this one before: An avenue to return kids to the hobby.
  267. CONTEST ENTRY: How my girlfriend views my, er, hobby....
  268. CONTEST ENTRY - Are We The Problem, or the Solution?
  269. CONTEST ENTRY: Again, it's not the money
  270. CONTEST ENTRY--A True Collegiate Set
  271. Contest Entry: The Poker Card Tournament
  272. "Wow, You Collect Sports Cards, and You're Female?" - CONTEST ENTRY
  273. Contest Entry: Upper Deck's Basketball Game Changer
  274. CONTEST ENTRY - A Letter to Topps
  275. The Sports Heroes Set- CONTEST ENTRY
  276. Contest Entry ☆ Your Love For Your Hobby Will Find A Way ☆
  277. Contest Entry: My Wife is a 1/1
  278. Keeping Kids Interested- CONTEST ENTRY
  279. A Journey Through My Life and Card Collecting - CONTEST ENTRY
  280. In The Game Products- CONTEST ENTRY
  281. Two keepers in one day/contest entry.
  282. Noble Monuments - CONTEST ENTRY
  283. Contest Entry - Where'd the Heroes Go?
  284. Dumb and Dumber for the Young and Younger----Contest Entry
  285. The rookie card logo might be more important than we think
  286. Who Wants It More Contest
  287. Card Collecting-A World of Misconception
  288. Throw It Back! - Contest Entry
  289. Hey could you look at some cards I have
  290. Contest Entry - Put in the Coaches!
  291. Contest Entry - Fantasy Autographs
  292. A Generation Apart-Contest Entry
  293. Everybody in the pool.
  294. Contest Entry - Average Joes
  295. Contest Entry- Understanding
  296. Contest Entry - My Wife and My Hobby
  297. Contest entry - michael barton looks at c.m. Punk
  298. Ballparks and the changing of history.
  299. The Art of the Batting Stance
  300. Contest Entry - If I had to pick a new player to collect
  301. The JET's the BEST - Contest Entry
  302. Contest Entry - This is my favorite moment
  303. Contest Entry - Negro League Collecting - How one thing led to another
  304. Contest Entry - Blake Griffin (Donkey Kong) is the next big thing!
  305. Contest Entry My Dad and Me. Our favorite Father Son Bonding sport
  306. Hey Mister announcer you weren't that great either
  307. Contest Entry changes that card manufactures need to be done for the better good
  308. Who? -Contest Entry
  309. In Person Autograph Experience Contest Entry
  310. A Lesson Learned in an Unlikely Place- Contest Entry
  311. The Problems with Baseball- Contest entry
  312. Contest Entry- player I collect/admire
  313. CONTEST ENTRY - "Tracy Hackler – A Man Who is Changing the Hobby"
  314. Common Sense Trading - Contest Entry
  315. Meeting Your Favorite Player (My Story) - Contest Entry
  316. Somebody has to open it.
  317. "How To: Not Be Too Sad About Money, When You Have Too Much of It" - Contest Entry
  318. CONTEST ENTRY: How Cards Have Helped Save my Life!
  319. Young collectors: Show them respect
  320. The Complete Account On My JJ Hickon PC - Contest Entry
  321. Ceiling Lifted-Hope you don't notice
  322. Philadelphia-The dreamers of dreams
  323. Quick Question...
  324. A world without sportscards.
  325. I've Got 99 Problems But a Coutch Ain't One - Contest Entry
  326. Why the Winnipeg Jets won't do better than when they were in Atlanta-Contest Entry
  327. What advertisements on jerseys would mean for card collecting.
  328. A Grateful Soldier - Contest entry
  329. Perfect Card to Invest In - Contest Entry
  330. And that's why they play 9.
  331. Flipper,and I'm not talking about the dolphin.
  332. Teen Card Collecting Struggles
  333. 2011 MLB Season & Playoffs
  334. An industry gone haywire.
  335. Way to go NBA.
  336. A fun way to collect junk wax rookie cards
  337. Teen Card Collecting Struggles Part 2(kinda)
  338. NFL: The year so far- Contest Entry
  339. "Woes of a Louisiana Razorback"--CONTEST ENTRY
  340. It's time to end the polls and make a playoff - CONTEST ENTRY
  341. Wheres The Passion? - Contest Entry
  342. The Surprising 2011 Oakland Raiders- contest entry
  343. 7 steps of acceptance in the hobby.
  344. Evaluation of ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating (Total QBR) - Contest Entry
  345. For the Love of the Rangers-CONTEST ENTRY
  346. NHL Realignment - A Radical Idea (contest entry)
  347. Complete Guide to In Person Autographing! - (Contest Entry)
  348. My First In Person Autograph- Contest Entry
  349. Playoff Team Predictions in NHL Eastern Conference- CONTEST ENTRY
  350. The Perfect Choice-Contest Entry
  351. How many Great cards are in hiding !!!!!
  352. What Is To Be Done - Contest Entry
  353. What does card collecting mean to you? CONTEST ENTRY
  354. Collecting Is Serious Business
  355. Topps Mistake + My Honesty = Winning!!
  356. Cardboard Economics
  357. Why I Collect
  358. Setting a Strategic Plan
  359. Anyone remember when this was just a hobby?
  360. BountyGate- CONTEST ENTRY
  361. The NBA Half Way- CONTEST ENTRY
  362. Sports Card Collecting...... The Day I Was Hooked!!!! Contest Entry
  363. NFL Bounties - CONTEST ENTRY
  364. Enough already! Fighting needs to stay - CONTEST ENTRY
  365. My Life in Wrestling - Contest Entry
  366. Sports Card Collecting....A Love, Hate Relationship!!! Contest Entry
  367. My Formative Years--CONTEST ENTRY
  368. Why I Bleed Blue.... A True Story!!!!! Contest Entry
  369. The NHL As I See It-Contest Entry
  370. Poppin open new wax. Giddy - Contest Entry
  371. The Social Media World and Athletes - Contest Entry
  372. Restoring the Lion's Pride - CONTEST ENTRY
  373. 2012 MLB's Top 15 Teams: Preseason - CONTEST ENTRY
  374. Hope for the Hopeless- CONTEST ENTRY
  375. From Sports Hero to War Hero - CONTEST ENTRY
  376. I Feel A Draft - CONTEST ENTRY
  377. Hobby. Passion. Life.---- CONTEST ENTRY
  378. On Bounties and the Integrity of Professional Sports - CONTEST ENTRY
  379. How Bout some Dodger Magic? - CONTEST ENTRY
  380. Location, Location, Location
  381. When will respect be given? CONTEST ENTRY
  382. My fondest childhood memory - contest entry
  383. Effect's of NFL Player Movement on the Fan Base... - CONTEST ENTRY
  384. The Long Road: Life in the Minors CONTEST ENTRY
  385. unlikely road to perfection contest entry
  386. Of Luck, Life And Love CONTEST ENTRY
  387. Contest Entry - Tristar Obak
  388. Contest Entry - How to Open a Box
  389. Gary Edmund Carter - CONTEST ENTRY
  390. Matt Kemp, Triple Crown Winner? - CONTEST ENTRY
  391. Fixing The Saints – Contest Entry
  392. The Four Saddest Words - Contest Entry
  393. Enter the Sandman... Again - CONTEST ENTRY
  394. The Tragic Truth- Contest Entry
  395. Detroit Red Wings Offseason Buzz- Contest Entry
  396. Who to Watch in the WWE "Contest Entry"
  397. A Tale of Two Formats - CONTEST ENTRY
  398. This is the Texas Rangers's year!
  399. Unpredictable, Entertaining, the Cup! CONTEST ENTRY
  400. The Mets First No-Hitter - CONTEST ENTRY
  401. Rick Reilly says enough - I say "PLEASE" - contest entry
  402. MLB ADVENTURES-Contest entry
  403. Welcome To Hockeywood, USA -CONTEST ENTRY
  404. Mariano rivera: A true legend
  405. Golf's Triumphant Return - CONTEST ENTRY
  406. CONTEST ENTRY: Hounding in the heat
  407. Disgruntled Duck? CONTEST ENTRY
  408. Dissapointment: The Life of a Leafs fan
  409. CONTEST ENTRY - Mike Trout's Rookie Season
  410. A Bumpy Return to Collecting - Contest Entry
  411. CONTEST ENTRY - R.A. Dickey: Baseball's Most Important Pitcher
  412. There's No Grading System for a Memory - CONTEST ENTRY
  413. CONTEST ENTRY- 'Roid Rage
  414. CONTEST ENTRY! The Finnish Flash, The Ageless Wonder
  415. Contest Entry- Bend it like Blanda
  416. CONTEST ENTRY: Growth as a Collector
  417. CONTEST ENTRY: Curse Reversed: How 86 Years of Heartache came to an End
  418. Greatest history event ever-contest entry
  419. Babe Ruth-contest entry
  420. Reberto Clemente-contest entry
  421. Kobe vs. Lebron-contest entry
  422. Being A Kid At Heart Contest Entry
  423. MLB ADVENTURES-Contest entry
  424. Respect from/for the Cubs - CONTEST ENTRY
  425. The Psychology of Sports Memorabilia: Why We Collect
  426. If I Were NCAA Dictator: A College Football Playoff System
  427. Hockey Contest - My History of Parallels
  428. Hockey Contest - The Bob
  429. Hockey Contest- A Monotonous Tone To An Exciting Season
  430. Hockey Contest- Not So Next Big Thing
  431. Dark Sky, Dark Water, A Dark Night
  432. Passing The Torch - CONTEST ENTRY
  433. Now batting for the Minnesota Twins, Kiiiiiiiiiiiiirby Puckett! - CONTEST ENTRY
  434. Why I Still Collect - Contest entry
  435. The Lost Art of Communication - CONTEST ENTRY
  436. NFL Safe or Sorry? Contest entry
  437. Moss over Rice? I say yes. – CONTEST ENTRY
  438. Moss Over Rice? I Say No - CONTEST ENTRY
  439. A Low-End Collector in a World of Major MOJO - Contest Entry
  440. Convenience Vs. Safety: The NHL Visor Dilemma Contest Entry
  441. How to Collect on a Budget - CONTEST ENTRY
  442. Don’t Judge the Hobby By Its Cover- CONTEST ENTRY
  443. Childhood Jealousy and Peyton - Contest Submission
  444. Card Karma - CONTEST ENTRY
  445. Fan-Taze-tic -- Contest Entry
  446. 5 years of World Series Champions - CONTEST ENTRY
  447. My Grandmother's Boyfriend - CONTEST ENTRY
  448. A Gentleman Takes His Final Bow - CONTEST ENTRY
  449. More than just a piece of cardboard - CONTEST ENTRY
  450. My View of the Current State of Trading and a Possible Solution - CONTEST ENTRY
  451. CONTEST ENTRY: Perfect Shame: Stop While You're Behind
  452. An Original Six Showdown - CONTEST ENTRY
  453. CONTEST ENTRY- Baseball's Worst Trade
  454. The Down and Distance - CONTEST ENTRY
  455. Easier Said Than Done - The Toronto Maple Leafs Story - CONTEST ENTRY
  456. Top 5 Sports Movies of Generation Y - CONTEST ENTRY
  457. Back In My Day - CONTEST ENTRY
  458. Hockey's Worst Trade - CONTEST ENTRY
  459. Contest entry - i am a little league umpire
  460. Pitchers Vs. Hitters - Who is more valuable? - Contest Entry
  461. The Golden Seal Who Never Was - CONTEST ENTRY
  462. Minor League Hockey - CONTEST ENTRY
  463. NHL Draft 2013 Preview- Contest Entry
  464. Stanley Cup memorabilia
  465. A Right or a Privilege? CONTEST ENTRY
  466. Live Fast Die Young - CONTEST ENTRY
  467. Miro The Hero - CONTEST ENTRY
  468. How to Win your 2013 Fantasy Football League - CONTEST ENTRY
  469. Best article SCF will ever see!-Contest Entry
  470. Older vs. Newer Game-Contest Entry
  471. The Fallout from PEDs – and how it affects our “investment” – CONTEST ENTRY
  472. Mlb adventures continue!
  473. "Uncle Billy and Me" -CONTEST ENTRY
  474. Was a Misfortune for the Best?- Contest Entry
  475. My First Ballgame - Contest Entry
  476. Why baseball still matters to me
  477. Ken Riley Hall of Famer? CONTEST ENTRY!
  478. A Voice in Support of The Quiet Man - CONTEST ENTRY
  479. MLB Changes. Contest Entry
  480. Taking questions for an article (note: this is not a submission)
  481. Writing Contest Entry
  482. Through the eyes of a sports fan- contest entry
  483. Contest Entry:Anyone Trading a Mickey Mantle RC for……
  484. Beware of the New Type of Printing - CONTEST ENTRY
  485. Student Athletes CONTEST ENTRY
  486. Come On You Gunners! Contest Entry: Topic 3
  487. Make Collecting Fun Again - CONTEST ENTRY
  488. What is Your Childhood Worth - Contest Entry
  489. The Soon To Be Hall Of Shame- CONTEST ENTRY
  490. 13 Questions With a Sports Card Photo Editor - CONTEST ENTRY
  491. Get Them While They're Young
  492. " the day that i remembered " - contest entry
  493. Redemptions: The Good, The Bad, The Expired - Contest Entry
  494. Changes to the MLB - CONTEST ENTRY
  495. Create Own Topic: Going Beyond Baseball in Costa Rica
  496. Beckett customer service query, real facebook post of some merit
  497. Is SCF still interested in Article Submissions?
  498. Postage- A Hobby Pain in the Wallet (CONTEST ENTRY)
  499. Where is your nearest local card shop (contest entry)
  500. The Local Card Store (Contest Submission)
  501. Article Submission: Kyrie and LeBron aka Kobe and Shaq 2.0