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  50. Please Assist Me With Help!!! Will Go 50/50,Trade Or Buy!
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  55. Please Help !!!!!!!
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  58. Please read if you are an experienced custom card designer
  59. Jersey piece Customs
  60. stumbled across this site while searching for photos
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  63. For those of you custom makers out there...
  64. What size to use ??????????
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  66. Photoshop CS4
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  68. Don't Even Know How to Title This.
  69. Joe Theisman
  70. my first,nothin' fancy
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  75. My First Custom
  76. Help, Please!
  77. My First Attempt at a Custom Card
  78. Dick Butkus/Mark Schlereth
  79. How to use....
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  83. HOF Plaques
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  95. Would this custom design make a good set?
  96. Heres a custom 8x10 for a Heat game
  97. anybody make non sports customs?
  98. New Custom Design
  99. Never knew this was here lol, my work
  100. my attempt at a non sports custom
  101. I want to start a trading card company
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  104. My Custom Leaf Set
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  109. Customs?
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  111. Can someone help me make custom of my cousin 4 signed ip cards
  112. Great TTM custom idea! Handmade work inside!!
  113. Two Hester Customs I made for the fun of it
  114. Someone able to help me out please??
  115. Indiana pacers
  116. new baseball design
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  118. Basketball customs please
  119. Is this stupid?
  120. 4x6 help
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  130. My first attempts...
  131. Customs for 50/50
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  133. Would This Work?
  134. still trying to make customs. how can iimprove?
  135. What kind of paper for customs?
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  138. can anyone make me an adrian gonzalez custom?
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  141. Can someone make a custom from this picture
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  145. I can get Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball on customs
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  149. art
  150. RockiesFan33's Step by Step Custom Printing Tutorial
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  152. New Design
  153. Custom Patch Card . . . TTM Success
  154. Need Ideas for My Custom Patch Card
  155. Anyone know if there is any cards of the movie Major League???
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  157. Not super creative, but what do you guys think?
  158. can anyone make me a generic prospect card?
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  163. A New Design (Sweet Spot Inspired)
  164. Another New Design...I LIKE THIS ONE A LOT!!!
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  166. Need a template
  167. My first custom
  168. My first attempt @ CFL cards
  169. My first Met custom returns....
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  171. T206 Custom Auto Cards
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  173. Cropping in photoshop...
  174. Customs
  175. how to make custom cards?
  176. Can anyone make me a Custom purdue Etwaun moore card?
  177. going to get the cast of John Adams ttm
  178. Custom Requests (I'll give CC if needed)
  179. Cut Autographs
  180. Some customs I'm sending out
  181. Customs
  182. custom help
  183. Team Canada Customs Project
  184. My cut signatures customs
  185. Customs by BAM
  186. How do you guys print your cards?
  187. Pictures
  188. New: Adam Wainwright Custom
  189. My New Customs
  190. * ~E2E's~ Customs *
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  192. leafsrule customs
  193. Custom Made Ticket Card
  194. I need Marlins Customs
  195. Custom Bills Set
  196. Can anyone plz help me with a couple customs
  197. Greats of the Game Custom
  198. 2010 NFL Draft Customs
  199. Draft Cards
  200. New Customs
  201. I need somebody to make me a carolina panthers custom!
  202. Need help with a hockey dvd cover
  203. newest custom
  204. Can any plz help with a Dan Lefevour custom
  205. New UFC Customs
  206. Football Hall of Fame Custom
  207. Can any please help with a 84 Tigers custom
  208. Flea's Customs
  209. Terminator SCC Custom Auto Cards
  210. Custom Nebraska Huskers Cards Signed
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  212. Need someone to Make Print and Send me Certain Customs! Paying Cash!
  213. ***can somebody please help me***
  214. Makiong Customs with GIMP 2.
  215. Custom cut
  216. Need some simple customs made
  217. Can someone help me find a large Dashon Goldson pic that will print good quality?
  218. My Customs for Your Worst Autographed Cards
  219. Paypal available for best custom design
  220. Could Someone Help me out
  221. 8x10 Prints! Help!
  222. First Custom Cut Card
  223. New UFC custom successes and cuts
  224. Hello All! Need help and advice on this custom and TTM thing. Also would like to see.
  225. Question for Custom Card makers
  226. Dragan Effect Help
  227. UFC custom
  228. Jerseyman1992 Custom Card Thread
  229. Isolating an autograph from a card
  230. High Resolution Autographed Picture Scans Needed
  231. Custom picture
  232. Cobb Ruth Custom Cut
  233. Customs
  234. My best cut auto creation so far!
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  236. New Custom
  237. Reworking a UD Cut template
  238. Customs by Indian71
  239. My new customs
  240. Kobe Bryant Dragan Effect
  241. Dragan Attempt
  242. Stephen Strasburg with dragan effect
  243. New UFC Customs
  244. Custom Request
  245. dragon effect help?
  246. I Need Your HELP!
  247. Question for you custom cut makers
  248. My newest design, LMK what you think
  249. Working on new customs. What do you guys think?
  250. Easiest site for customs?
  251. A little help, please?
  252. My first attempt at customs
  253. sending out customs
  254. Anyone want this? Patch autograph customs?
  255. New to Customs
  256. New To Customs...
  257. First Custom!
  258. i did not realize this section was here...
  259. Attention Custom Cut Makers
  260. Looking for 3 custom cards...can you help?
  261. My newest custom
  262. need help making custom cards!
  263. First two attempts at customs...
  264. Stormwatch Quarterback Customs
  265. mattyj's customs
  266. AceDZ12's Customs
  267. Hall of Fame Set Help
  268. Custom "Inked" Set
  269. My Customs... updated
  270. Custom Help
  271. Dragan effect using gimp?
  272. Thought about a custom basketball set like this...
  273. hey guys new to this and going to attempt customs!
  274. Attempt at an Aaron Rodgers Custom... should I continue?
  275. New Josh Hamilton Custom of mine
  276. My Customs
  277. Brady Quinn custom
  278. xexus' custom cards...
  279. RtdRSuperstar Customs Thread
  280. bamlinden customs
  281. Newest Customs. I need your opinions on which to use
  282. What colored sharpie should I use for this custom
  283. Custom Cards
  284. drewscards Customs
  285. Pic For Custom
  286. My first custom
  287. my first custon
  288. my newest custom based off of 2010 classics team colors
  289. New Custom
  290. my take on the 09 classics school colors set (need help)
  291. My Custom Hockey called Ice Kings
  292. My first and only custom
  293. New Custom cool effect
  294. My cut autographs (My new hobby)
  295. My cut autographs (My new hobby)
  296. Can someone get me started on how to do a custom?
  297. Stephen Strasburg Customs For Trade
  298. couple questions about Customs
  299. In Need Of A Generic Packers Custom
  300. Can someone help me make a generic photo
  301. Pre-Cut Blank Cards Available
  302. Custom Issues
  303. Need Help Making Generic Blue Jays and Marlies Photo
  304. Pat Venditte custom?
  305. Custom Return. LMK what you think.
  306. ill make you customs for 1$ a pack
  307. I want to purchase some sweet NFL Rookie 8x10 customs!
  308. My first cut custom..
  309. My first cut custom..
  310. Custom Cuts
  311. Brand New Design
  312. 1st Customs
  313. Custom Help
  314. Anyone make free customs anymore?
  315. anybody have any unsigned customs for trade?
  316. Will Trade Autographs for Custom designs
  317. My first shot at a custon design
  318. I need a custom printed
  319. feedback on harper custom AG
  320. Customs.... thoughts
  321. New Donruss Style Hockey Customs
  322. Attempt at Customs
  323. Gimp Template
  324. My first attempt at customs
  325. My first Try Not Bad
  326. How do you guys make cut auto cards
  327. Need a custom made...
  328. 1st Attempt at Customs
  329. Why Use Decoys?
  330. Printing Custom Cards? Help Please
  331. First customs.
  332. Anyone want to make me customs/prints
  333. Question...
  334. My Customs (from Italy)
  335. Show Off Your Custom Cut Autos
  336. Show Off Your Generic Customs
  337. Jake's Customs
  338. Custom Request
  339. Made custom music cards - which is the better design?
  340. Baseball123's Customs
  341. Willing to buy customs
  342. Can Someone Please make me a custom
  343. CyberErik's customs
  344. Can Someone Print Customs $$$
  345. i need 2 custom's-please help
  346. Need Help Finding A Picture
  347. My customs and question
  348. Allen&Ginter font???
  349. 1st custom any suggestion?
  350. picture help please.
  351. where are the old threads?
  352. cut images
  353. Sweet Spot Font????
  354. 2 Questions
  355. custom request
  356. Allen & Ginter Template
  357. Can anyone make me a Jordan Hamilton custom?? I got CC!
  358. My Custom Creations
  359. Need help finding picture
  360. Where to get templates?
  361. First try at a custom
  362. My custom team set signed
  363. Can anyone make me a Mike Moustakas cut out?
  364. PhilsFaninNY's Customs
  365. skapunk5251's Customs Thread
  366. Easy way to apply a Draganish effect to photos using GIMP
  367. My Customs
  368. Can you guys critique this before I send it out?
  369. Few questions about customs....
  370. Ok guys, What size are tickets?
  371. Success with New Customs Design
  372. how
  373. How do I make Customs?!?!
  374. Ok who made this?
  375. Blank thick cards
  376. Suggestions Welcome
  377. Some Customs
  378. Help with custom
  379. A few new Hockey TTM designs
  380. Dragon effect?
  381. Your best autographed custom is...
  382. Polishgooner's Customs Thread
  383. Custom question
  384. My first custom
  385. How do you upload more images
  386. Help me build my 2011 Ticket to Stardom set!
  387. 2009 Topps Magic Font
  388. A&G Templates
  389. Philly's Customs
  390. Other Custom Sites
  391. Turned a TTM into a custom cut card
  392. quad cut booklet finally made
  393. Photoshop???
  394. Reaxion's customs thread
  395. Decoys for sale
  396. would anyone be interested in posibly making me some Yogi Berra customs?
  397. Dodger Customs Needed
  398. Looking to buy (paypal) or trade for custom designs
  399. Questions on customs!
  400. My first custom attempt: Feedback appreciated.
  401. Feedback/Help Welcome On First Custom Attempt
  402. Customs Needed
  403. 2 questions
  404. Here is my first Custom try
  405. First custom, non-sport
  406. Any Yankee, Nats, Orioles, NY Giants or Ravens customs to share with a Newb?
  407. Jason Heyward customs are here!
  408. 2009 Topps Magic Help Needed....Brandon Jackson card # 174, Nebraska
  409. New Customs
  410. Custom Design 5 for Fighting
  411. Mark Richt UGA Coach customs--signed
  412. New York Yankees 2011 Team set
  413. AJ Green to get signed!
  414. My Customs !
  415. Acceping request
  416. Vikingmike77s first custom
  417. First Cut @ Custom
  418. How to make a custom photo easily without prior knowledge of photoshop nor gimp
  419. My first custom
  420. Stopher2009s Customs
  421. My firsy attempt ever at customs!
  422. Bill Bergey custom!
  423. My New Custom Set (Preview)
  424. Who wants some Paypal or signed cards in return for oregon ducks customs?
  425. Can I get some Costums Made.
  426. BPotts' Customs
  427. who needs customs?? making them for u!
  428. Willing to trade real cards for Customs
  429. Murderers' Row Cut Booklet
  430. Paying for photoshop work.
  431. Will pay for a couple of customs
  432. The Beatles
  433. wondering if anyone could make me some customs
  434. Help with cuts?
  435. My 1st cut
  436. Hall of Fame first class
  437. Peyton manning custom - what do you think?
  438. Dolphins Greats blank custom
  439. How do you....
  440. Made another cut
  441. Wanted: Medal of Honor custom cards
  442. Custom Request...
  443. Custom Picture Question
  444. Can anybody make me a vernon wells custom cut.
  445. Suggestions on Custom
  446. NewarkBears Customs
  447. How to shrink to card size using powerpoint
  448. Ticket Template?
  449. 2011 NBA Draft Customs
  450. My First Custom Attempt
  451. Made a Custom For Fun
  452. My replica custom cuts
  453. Trying My Hand at Customs
  454. Custom Request
  455. Lou's Customs Thread
  456. custom request
  457. custom request
  458. WoodyThaKid13's Custom Cut's
  459. Custom quality
  460. Which one do you like best??
  461. Page Turn Effect
  462. Need some help ...
  463. Custom request: Just one
  464. My Customs
  465. Who wants to make and sell me customs?
  466. Bobby Doerr and Virgil Trucks Custom Request
  467. Question
  468. Newbie Questions
  469. Bryce Harper Custom Set
  470. Trayvon Robinson Custom
  471. adam scott custom
  472. In need of someone w/ photoshop skills
  473. GU and players TTM
  474. Can someone tell me how to make custom cards
  475. "Canton Classics" Set
  476. 2011 NFL Rookies customs
  477. Anyone here that does customs for others
  478. Help with a cut.
  479. More Custom Questions
  480. Brandon Belt Custom
  481. Hanley Ramirez Custom
  482. Hunter Pence Custom
  483. I Need Some Photoshop Help (Bigga!)
  484. first attemp at a custom
  485. Hockey Cutout Request
  486. Urgent: Please help me take out background in photo
  487. Size17Shoe's GameDay Memories Store Custom Thread
  488. How would I be able to get close to this effect?
  489. How Do Customize Cards?
  490. 2011 Topps Football Font?
  491. 88-89 OPC Tribute
  492. Anyone Making Cuts?
  493. Baseball Custom
  494. printing custom cards???
  495. Size of Card?
  496. Buster Posey Custom Auto
  497. New to Customs, Want to learn
  498. Can some one make me a custom and I will get them a copy signed
  499. new design concept Christian Ponder
  500. Can someone make me a custom......
  501. customs
  502. Signing Box? Or no signing box?
  503. Custom request
  504. custom req ?s
  505. Best Places to Print Customs
  506. Jackie Bradley Jr
  507. It Finally Happened
  508. anyone know how to print more than 1 card at a time using GIMP?
  509. Honus Wagner Cut Auto Custom
  510. What Type of Photo Paper To Use?
  511. N00b here
  512. Customs on a Mac??
  513. Custom Allen and Ginter
  514. First Custom
  515. Rockiesfan33 and Bigga
  516. Can someone make a custom
  517. help changing color
  518. Printing Questions
  519. TheBeesKnees Customs
  520. what do you print customs onto?
  521. Chuck bednarik
  522. My 2 Newest Customs
  523. Rut Roh...
  524. Rynobooks Cubs Customs
  525. Some attempts at customs
  526. Anyone have any Peyton Manning high res 8x10's?
  527. My customs-dusano13
  528. Can someone please make a sweet custom...
  529. jbhofmann's customs
  530. Who can make the best 1972 Topps basketball custom?
  531. ravens/colts
  532. Custom Card Supplies!
  533. Need some tips on how to make this darker
  534. Trade 4 customs
  535. Photoshop Question
  536. Trade me some customs
  537. Custome help!!!!
  538. Gimp Set Up ??
  539. my customs...
  540. Taking custom requests for the NBA season
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  542. Blue Jays in Montréal
  543. marti427 customs
  544. Custom Help
  545. I Need Customs List
  546. baseballcrazy's Customs
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  548. Font Help
  549. In need of Photoshop any version!!!!!
  550. Customs i need!!!
  551. Made a custom Cam Neely card
  552. My Official Customs Thread
  553. Template Help
  554. How to Create a Baseball Card
  555. Baseball Customs Request
  556. My attempt at a Custom..
  557. My First Customs
  558. Advice on cut autograph cards
  559. Custom Letter Card
  560. Got customs back from mytradingcards.com
  561. PNG Database?
  562. Some of my customs
  563. patch name plates
  564. Looking to make some 4x6 customs
  565. how to cut a player out of a picture
  566. My First Custom!!
  567. Popping My Custom Cherry...Giggity
  568. Evil Bread Custom Cards
  569. Cool-vintage's Customs
  570. booklet
  571. My First Custom
  572. Roy Hobbs Jumbo Relic
  573. I need help
  574. First Custom!!
  575. Need some customs!
  576. My custom set
  577. Custom Mask Card Sets
  578. What do you use to cut your cards?
  579. Where Are They Now? NOT FOR PRINT!
  580. Customs Please look!!
  581. Help please
  582. Anyone need photo paper?
  583. 1985 Topps Draft Pick Cards
  584. My Customs
  585. First Customs, Feedback Appreciated!
  586. Can anyone make sick customs out of my photos ???
  587. Dragan Effect for Gimp
  588. My dramatically improved customs
  589. First ever attempt at a custom...
  590. help with a cut
  591. First attempt at customs based on 1958 Topps
  592. Brainstorming
  593. Offering $10 Paypal and Lots of CC for a few Custom Designs...
  594. First attempt at a custom
  595. Help Needed with a Custom Card
  596. Help with editing
  597. Monte Irvin cut
  598. New Custom Design
  599. New Custom Gypsy Queen Series
  600. clryan5's Customs
  601. My First Attempt at a Cut Auto Card
  602. Help with Inception NFL cards
  603. Custom Cut--Goal line Art question
  604. Custom cut help (Willing to pay)
  605. SLCard's Customs
  606. Question
  607. Looking For Some Help On Here
  608. A couple of attempts at celebrity customs
  609. need someone to make me a custom template
  610. Custom Card made by baseballcrazy
  611. Dsturm28's Customs
  612. Making Templates!
  613. Can someone Photoshop a few images for me?
  614. Scott Brosius
  615. Any thoughts on how to make an xfractor card
  616. Some Nasty Customs from bigga.
  617. RockiesFan33's Custom Shop
  618. My First Custom!
  619. Need some photoshop help
  620. Looking for custom graphics?!? LOOK INSIDE!
  621. Giroux Custom Card
  622. My custom
  623. Need a little help?
  624. Anybody know where to get cheap photo editing software.
  625. How to make customs on GIMP
  626. Help with Cuts
  627. custom card wanted
  628. Thoughts?
  629. DnJcards custom's!
  630. Check this out!
  631. Allen & Ginter Man's Best Friend
  632. Pat Neshek Cut
  633. Paratan21's Customs
  634. Thefon19's Customs
  635. Free Custom Cards!!!
  636. Mcnecks Customs
  637. custom card
  638. Texas Red's Customs (Not 1st attempt, but I'm still getting started.)
  639. Custom Card Competition for the Butera Fan Club
  640. Uploading images problem.
  641. Could someone make me a cut card?
  642. RockiesFan33's Cut Signature Customs For Sale!
  643. Trade templates
  644. Fusion Designs TTM Celebrity Customs
  645. Design im using for TTM & a Question
  646. Which program do you use to make customs?
  647. Simple design; boring afternoon
  648. Template Making Tutorial
  649. Made a custom memorabilia card (first one in a while)
  650. r0yals2012 customs!
  651. How do I find the owner of a photo that I want to use in some artwork?
  652. Nowitzki 8x10 Custom
  653. Making customs without PhotoShop
  654. Size17shoe's Official Reed Trading Cards Thread
  655. player cuts
  656. Need a bit of help making hockey cuts (cropped players)
  657. bigg philly's customs..
  658. Adidas 3-stripes themed Lidstrom hockey card (front)
  659. Making a card look dated/vintage after printing?
  660. Where to print online?
  661. Behold the masters creations.
  662. Custom Entomology Cards
  663. DNJS CUSTOM CUTS SHOP! Cuts, topaz, pre cuts etc..
  664. Font recommendations for back of card (text/stats)?
  665. Where do you find Stickers for autographs on cards
  666. My First Custom
  667. need help
  668. What versions of Topaz?
  669. Where to buy Photoshop and what version?
  670. Spy231's Customs
  671. Need a cut?
  672. Ideas for the in-between section of cards
  673. need free nhl cuts
  674. I need some custom cards made
  675. In need of image cut work
  676. Fonts used for 1984-85 OPC Hockey
  677. Some of My Cuts
  678. Refractor Custom Help...
  679. need cuts made ASAP
  680. Need suggestion to improve my new custom design TTM
  681. Paul Henderson 1972 Summit Custom
  682. Selling High-Res NHL Photos
  683. New customs project!
  684. who can help me with customs for me local team???
  685. Montreal Jazz Basketball
  686. Tv stars customs
  687. Need an image
  688. I will pay anyone who can make this
  689. Custom 8x10 of Covino and Rich show on Sirius 104
  690. 4x6 vs 8x10 Walgreens prints?
  691. First Attempt At A College Card
  692. Rynobooks/Once a Cub Customs
  693. 88 Topps Help
  694. first try at a custom
  695. Alifaxwa2's Signature cuts
  696. my custom
  697. Need design help!
  698. Get your own custom painted portrait for your custom designs
  699. Question on demension
  700. Random places you've gotten design 'inspiration' from
  701. How would I recreate this drawn player effect?
  702. When I Was a Custom Card Designer
  703. Need help with Customs
  704. Easiest/Cheapest way of printing customs professionally?
  705. My Chad Owens Custom...... Feedback Needed
  706. My Crappy Customs
  707. Question
  708. My Little Custom Store
  709. can somebody make me a custom cut card from this autograph? paying $$$
  710. QB Custom
  711. Throwing my hat in the Customs ring
  712. Anyone interested in custom work?
  713. madden style card
  714. Clear Cut Quarter Custom?
  715. New Custom
  716. Ceremonial First Pitch
  717. valguerra custom cards
  718. Need help with jersey custom
  719. How to make inception custom cards?
  720. I Need help with Gimp!!!
  721. Topps Magic Style??
  722. Sports renders fpr your customs
  723. My Customs
  724. Card cutting question for the pros
  725. Wanted tyler austing render
  726. Another question for the pros Paper and ink
  727. w3st34's TRYING TO LEARN thread
  728. LTB custom cards
  729. 10 card cash for samples ...
  730. The Walking Dead Custom Set
  731. My First Custom
  732. Help!!
  733. Inkscape Template
  734. March madness
  735. can anyone please do a video tutorial on how to make customs using GIMP?
  736. 1986 Mets custom set complete
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