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11-29-2004, 12:28 AM
I have 25 sets of 1991 Star Pics Pro Prospects. All of the sets are still sealed and have never been opened. On the side of every box it says as follows

This Star Pics 1991 Pro Prospects Basketball set may contain at least one original, authenticated autographed card. Each set has been specailly sealed to help prevent tampering. If the set contains a Hand Signed card, call us at (313)-851-PICS to register youre autograph.

That is what it says. Should I trade these sets or keep them? You opinion does help.
Please let me know
Thank you for your time

11-29-2004, 04:17 PM
i like one. maybe sell or trade me one. lmk

11-29-2004, 04:35 PM
Back in the day they used to be a popular item but don't really sell now a days. Check ebay's completed auctions section for these and you will see many that didn't sell at miniscule prices.

Don't know what to tell you about trading or selling but good luck either way.