View Full Version : Phillies Seek Market in Winning Sod

03-23-2010, 07:54 PM
After seeing the rise in stadiums utilizing artificial turf during the early 1970s, first baseman Richie Allen expressed some resistance. “If a horse doesn’t eat it, I ain’t playin’ on it,” said the always interesting Philadelphia Phillies’ first baseman and equine enthusiast.
Now, you can add another chapter to the team’s history with its turf.
The Phils have been added the growing list of teams selling game-used grass.
On Monday, the team announced that authentic game-used sod from the playing field of Citizens Bank Park is being made available to fans as a collectible for the first time.
The sod sale has been developed through a partnership between the Phillies and Stadium Associates, LLC, a Cranbury, NJ-based company that’s been selling the same product from the Rose Bowl, site of this past season’s BCS title game and the turf from the Super Bowl in Miami.
The sod at Citizens Bank Park was removed in November after six seasons of use (making it the original sod from Opening Day of the ballpark in 2004), including the 2008 World Championship season and 2009 National League Championship season. It has been sectioned into 3″ x 3″ pieces, freeze dried, preserved, and displayed in a UV-glass case, where it comes with a photo of the field and highlights about the ballpark. Each collectible includes a hologram sticker from MLB’s Authentication Program that can be verified by its unique number at www.phillies.com (http://www.phillies.com/).
The going rate for each 3″ x 3″ section is $79.99 for outfield or infield sections, or $119.99 for a Limited Edition piece of the painted Phillies logo section from behind home plate during the 2009 Post Season at Citizens Bank Park. Each logo piece is numbered 1 through 2009.
“Some of the greatest moments in Phillies history have been made on the playing field at Citizens Bank Park,” said David Buck, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Advertising Sales. “We are extremely excited to give fans the chance to own a piece of this history with this unique collectible.”