View Full Version : Why are the "exclusive" contracts being put into place?

04-07-2010, 05:32 PM
Why are the "exclusive" contracts being put into place?

By: Ethan Cahn (AKA: hhliving1101)
They say, we will have a more rewarding experience this way, how I ask?
You've taken away any sort of choice for collectors, Other than Expensive junk, or a little less expensive junk.
I'm sorry but why would you cut what The Various Games represent, Competition.
Wouldn't it been more benaficial if perhaps, there were limits to the amount of sets per year, And yes Some of those contracts
Do say this, but Baseball they would rather put a company out of business, then allow a company that has done more for the card
industry in the last 2 decades than any other.
I wanna Know why couldn't there be a cap but on the various companies, 4 sets per season each.
This would allow All companies to try to out do each other, rather than one company producing subpar, fast and cheap product
Ethan Orlinsky, General counsel & Senior V.P. Of the Major league properties was Quoted as saying"this will be the best Option for collector's"
I ask how? How can this be good for us? Did you ask anyone other than the accountants? I mean, Capping would have made more sense, Truely helped the Collecting community
Now I am picking on Baseball, But Hockey was the forerunner of this entire new way of the Exclusives, Has it benefited any of you?
Recently the NHL anounced that they will alow 2 compainies the rights to produce Licensened Cards, because it Didn't work.
It didn't work, Bottom Line, People got lazy and well collector's went away due to lack of choses, and Subpar products(ask any football collector from canada if they used to collect hockey)
Now the Nfl has just Taken Topps out of the game with their decision to not renew their agreement with them, As much as I am not a fan of Topps,
They were here before most of us, and will be here after most of us, they have a long history in the trading card market, and them not
being able to produce Football cards "legally" is a travisity.
Now as Much as i hate the Topps products,
There has to be a place for it in the Marketplace, the Tradition is too much to overlook, and their chrome sets are always on fire, Collector's Love them.
Why Does the NFL want to destroy this 58 year Manufactuter's Option to bring, what we, The Collector's want?
This has to stop, none of these exclusive agreements are going to truely help us, the collector's.
I am an Average to SMALL collector, most of my Buying and Trading is done online, and in the communities. There are quite a few people
Concerned that this will ruin the hobby, and frankly I agree. I Personally Don't But Topps I find their sets to be played out and Boring,
Thanks to this new "Agreement"(hmm--I wonder how much Topps paid the MLB), I am now done with Baseball cards, Unless Something can be done fast.
Sure I will most likely get the Unlicensed Stuff, But I won't be going out in force to get those.