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04-08-2010, 10:59 AM
First and foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors at Press Pass for providing us with this box.


28 packs per box
4 cards per pack
Current Retail Price: 89.99 - 99.99 (online)

- The first set to feature Autographs and Jersey Cards of the top 2010 Rookies.
- PRESS PASS SIGNINGS - the first autographs from the newest rookie class.
- At Least 5 On-Card Autos In Every Box!
- Look for randomly inserted red ink and inscription autograph variations!
- Six autograph levels to collect, including the "Power Picks Showbound" parallel sequentially numbered to only 25.
- "Gridiron Gamers" returns, featuring rare game-used collegiate jerseys from some of the biggest stars in the draft!



PRESS PASS SIGNINGS - Comprehensive set of certified authentic autograph cards from the top 2010 rookies with three distinct levels. BRONZE features each player's school logo. SILVER features each player's uniform number, seq. #'d to 199. GOLD includes an "X's and O's" pattern and is seq. #'d to 99. BLUE features a secondary school logo, seq. #'d to 50. Look for randomly inserted "red ink" version, as well as "nickname" versions)...1:5.6 Hobby

GRIDIRON GAMERS - Rare game-worn jersey cards from the hottest new rookies. Three levels of seq. #'d memorabilia cards!...1:84

POWER PICK - Short printed subset, featured on holo-foil board (base cards #101-105)...1:14

POWER PICK AUTOGRAPHS - Autographed version of Power Pick, sequentially numbered to 250 or less. Power Pick Showbound Autos #'d to 25! (Hobby only)

BANNER SEASON - Fifteen of the top players from the collegiate gridiron are highlighted in this insert...1:4

REFLECTORS - 100-card set of the base cards printed on holographic stock, PLUS Hobby-only Reflectors "Proof Edition" numbered to 100 and SOLO 1 of 1's



Base: 94/100 (94%)
Dupes: 0
Power Picks: 2/5 (Sam Bradford, CJ Spiller)


Banner Season: 7
Black & White: 1 (Earl Thomas)
Reflectors /500: 2 (Mardy Gilyard, Demaryius Thomas)
Reflectors Proof /100: 1 (CJ Spiller)


Jacoby Ford Bronze Auto
Earl Thomas Silver Auto /199
Zac Robinson Silver Auto /199
Jason Pierre-Paul Gold Auto /99
Golden Tate Power Picks Auto /250



Base - 4.75/5
Design - 3.5/5
Fun - 3.5/5
Value - 4/5
Rebuy - 4/5

Total - 19.75/25 (79%)

Press Pass is back in 2010 with a 100-card base set. Back are the familiar subsets: Trophy Club, National Leaders, All Conference and Teammates. Rounding out the set is the Power Picks short print subset which features 5 of the elite players in this year's draft class.

The Reflectors are back as well. There are three levels: Reflectors (numbered to 500), Hobby Proof (numbered to 100) and Solo (numbered to 1). These are parallels of the base cards from 1-100. You can expected a variation of three of these per box. Also, there's another parallel set called Black & White. It is simply the base cards done in a black and white color setting.

On average, Press Pass will yield 5 autographs per box. There are two autograph series this year. First, there's the regular Press Pass autos which have four levels. They are Bronze (unnumbered), Silver (normally numbered to 199), Gold (normally numbered to 99) and Blue (normally numbered to 50). Each of these also has red ink (auto is in red instead of blue) and Nickname variations. The other auto set is the Power Picks series. There are two tiers, Power Picks (numbered to 250) and Power Picks Showbound (numbered to 25). Appearing once in every three boxes are the Gridiron Gamers Jersey cards. There are three levels, Silver (this is the base jersey numbered to 299), Gold (numbered to 199) and Holo (numbered to 99).

For college football fans, Press Pass is perennially a must-have product. With it's 100-card base set plus 5 short prints, you can expect to get most of the cards, so chasing down the rest is not that hard. The Reflectors shine as always with the foilboard cards. Plus, you get at least 5 hits per box (in which all autos are on-card). However, there are some drawbacks. There's only one regular insert set (Banner Season), so there's not much to look for in packs outside the main hits. While you do get most of the base cards, 100 cards seems to be overkill. Press Pass used to be 45 cards and 5 short prints and that seemed to be the right balance. The subset designs take away from the cards instead of enhancing them. And I am a fan of the variations (red ink and nicknames) of the autos, but it should be announced ahead of time how many of each are out there as it gives collectors a better idea of how much more special the card they pulled really is.

Once again, I'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors at Press Pass for giving us the opportunity to open and review this release. For more information on their products, be sure to check them out at www.presspassinc.com (http://www.presspassinc.com).

05-06-2010, 11:36 PM
we will never get the number of red ink and varaition BEFORE. in fact, we will be lucky just to have press pass get the numbers right after the fact/ most of the time, they dont even get all the nicknames and inscriptions let alone the correct number,
why? rushing to count and pack and sell

these autos are their signature at press pass....they should take a little pride in the fact that everyone has tried to copy this....and at least be accurate even if the report is slow.

love the cards though. i have bought about 10 boxes with average results.

love college football.

#50 Tyler Hansbrough
06-08-2010, 04:16 AM
Great Break.... Thanks Press Pass

07-12-2010, 09:06 PM
great review :)