View Full Version : NFL Trading card License, more than just cards?

04-19-2010, 11:31 PM
By: Ethan Cahn

Well it's no Secert what has happened this last month, and the impact it will have on us as collector's here in the states. With Topps and Upper Deck out of the Football card Business for now we are left with Italian Sticker maker Panini, but was that Choice more of a marketing tool than anything else?

We all know for the past few years, the NFL has Showcased Premier Talent in the UK for a regular season game(Usally towards the end of Oct.), aswell as held Preseason games in Mexico, and Canada. Could this recent decision been based more on brand expansion above anything else.
Is the NFL begining it's Push to be as world renown as Futbal(Soccer), cause lets face it world wide soccer has football beat hands down.

Could this be the begining of a giant push to bring in European teams?
This could be a huge move on the NFL's behalf to benefit the sport as a whole, to move forward.

How many more cities can have a team before they start watering down the league with subpar talent, From the same talent pool(Our current College Players), and that's what this could do(anyone else remember the XFL).


This could bring in a new breed of player the likes we haven't seen in a while, if properly schooled, and drilled, the talent could be incredible. The toughness of rugby, stamina of soccer and Finesse/Patience of cricket,
can you see it now?

I am not a fan of this decision and Don't take it lightly, but look at it with open eyes.

After what Upper deck did in counterfeiting cards(Yes Not sports related, but does that matter?) they tarnished the NFL internationally too, not just themselves, they had to seperate for the good of the sport.

People want to point blame and Continue to harp on the fact that the collector is almost an after thought in this, while right now that may seem
true, but in the long run this could be a very good thing for the sport.

That said, I am very scared what the four distributor system Panini has implimented will mean to us.

I know in order for my local shop to get new boxes from them they are going to have to go through three vendors before they can get them, and if each vendor is out to make a profit, along with the store
where does that leave us?

This is just a theory piece, DO NOT TAKE IT AS FACT it is an Idea!!!!