View Full Version : Topps American Heritage Show n Tell

06-12-2010, 07:38 PM
Here's some Topps American Heritage I got in.

First up is the Heros of Spaceflight.

One of my little nephews (he's 5) his birthday is coming up, and he's huge into Space and Nasa. I thought what better way to introduce him to cards,
So I picked them up one by one.

Space Shuttle Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, Endevour and Spacelab.

Cool thing is each contains a piece of the craft that went into space.

I put them in one touch but the screw down ones that way he can actually hold them and read them (he loves to read).

I'm going to put them in a shadow box for him and have it so he can display them together on the wall, I've seen these awesome little shadow boxes that would be perfect and best yet they are only 10$.

He loves toys and I'll get him those and books but I thought this would be something really cool.

Here they are all together.

Also picked this up in a trade......I have no idea what to do with it but thought it was cool.....a FDR Pillow I guess it's Genuine Sleep Used.