View Full Version : Box break of ud black diamond

03-03-2005, 08:45 PM

Today i went to My local card shop with my friend and we each bought a few packs, than i decided to buy a box of ud black diamond. My friend pulled an amazing card....he got a peja Stojakovic 04 05 fleer authentix auto patch #ed 10 redemption.....well i didnt do to bad my self

Fleer authentix
Emeka Okafor ticket to the pros rookie 214/750

elton Brand #ed 2/5

Al Harrington gemography(not to great but the jerseys were nice)

ben Gordon Ud black diamond jerseys(really nice)
Kobe bryant Ud black diamond triple diamond jersey numbered 73/100
Last but not least My MoJo Michael jordan jersey double diamond 79/250

Trevor Ariza
J.r Smith Diamond cut
Peter John Ramos rookie gems triple diamond
Beno Udrih Rookie gems triple diamond
Kris Humphries Rookie Gems triple diamond
Andres Nocioni

Also got a julius erving regular quadruple diamond card.

Lmk what you guys think........thanks