View Full Version : 7/26 - Loons (Dodgers A) vs. Cougars (A's A)

07-27-2010, 06:20 PM
I feel I did very well today, all players who signed were perfectly fine with signing a few for me when I asked. It was also a good game for the pitchers coming into the 7th, but the 5-0 blowout makes it look less competitive.

I only stick to Loons players unless it is somebody I really want (might make an exception for Griffey Sr. when I see the Dragons, but might not be worth my time).

Brian Cavazos-Galvez 3 Pro Debut's (1 available)
Griff Erickson 1 team card
Chris Jacobs 1 team card
Matt Magill 1 team card
Jaime Ortiz 1 team card
Brian Ruggiano 2 Pro Debut's
Andy Suiter 1 team card
Luis Vasquez 1 team card
Brett Wallach 1 Pro Debut, 2 Bowman Gold's (Debut available)
J.T. Wise 1 team card
Rafael Ynoa 1 team card
Austin Yount 1 team card

My Wallach, Ruggiano, and Galvez spots for 50/50 are open again. Smith, Songco, Wall, and Crim I still have stuff for. What is noted are the only things available are noted, and I will possibly buy 1 more team set to work with next time.