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Velvet Hoop
08-01-2010, 06:34 PM
I'm starting to prefer memorabilia over cards, but I need some help on where the best place is to find cheap and, more importantly, 100% authentic memorabilia. I trust Steiner, but the prices on their site seem ridiculous to me. I know there's always a ton of stuff on eBay that's relatively cheap, but I don't really trust most of the sellers on there. Can anyone recommend some trustworthy eBay sellers or websites with reasonable prices? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

08-01-2010, 10:10 PM
I've used NFL Auctions in the past for some of my stuff, but their shipping charges are outrageous and a lot of the items go for well beyond what I would think they're worth. <br />
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For most of my stuff,...

08-01-2010, 11:33 PM
I personally run a website with my friend where we sell all the stuff we don't want to keep in our personal collections. We graph tons of events, but usually only want one or two guys from the event, but get stuffed signed by everyone because we are there anyway. Our website is www.jrmsports.com and we will soon have the username jrmsports.com on ebay. This week we will be at the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron and The Pro Football Hall or Fame in Canton.

For the Hall we have over 300 photos to get signed because we are spending all weekend trying to get Jerry Rice for our own collections, but it would be stupid to let guys like Roger Staubach walk by so we will get the photos signed and sell them for way less than you can find them anywhere else.

08-04-2010, 02:18 PM
I buy 90&#37; of my memorabilia off eBay and you get much better deals than buying directly from Steiner, etc. I would just say buy from sellers with lots of good feedback and stick to COAs from the known memorabilia companies like Steiner, TriStar, Mounted Memories, Upper Deck, GTSM or respected 3rd party authenticators like PSA/DNA and JSA.

Some of my favorite memorabilia sellers on eBay are cantonandcooper, Mill Creek Sports, Cardboard Legends, Gameday Legends, and American Icon Autographs. I would also endorse Radtke Sports, they are a sports memorabilia company out of Georgia and do a ton of signings with athletes. Everything I've bought from them has been 100% legit and passed PSA/DNA authentication with no problems.

08-04-2010, 02:21 PM
Double post, ignore.

08-04-2010, 02:45 PM
I can vouch for jyosi. We used to graph alot of the same places back in the day. I have a ton of baseball extras as well if you are looking for someone..lmk

08-16-2010, 03:35 AM
i can vouch for joysi-ive seen him around for a long time-great guy.and just be careful on ebay-do your home work-if im looking to buy something thats not psa/jsa/uda etc.i look at a certificated one then compare it to the other one.be your own authentication company.and any one with a printer can make a coa.

08-30-2010, 10:40 PM
Velvet - from my OWN POV - I was thinking along the same lines as you and ended up not buying anything. I was always going to have that 1&#37; of doubt that would have driven me insane. I ended up deciding that I would only buy directly from Steinner/UDA ect but I can't afford that. You think your shipping is bad, try overseas!

I have some memorabilia at the moment of Australian based athletes, and I have obtained every auto IP myself so I know it's all good. As much as I desperately want MLB items, I just couldn't bring myself to buying off eBay. It was just that 1%...

If I was in the US, I would be going to events held at Sports stores ect, there is a sticky at the top of the forum. I would get everything IP, even if I had to pay...I would sell off all my cards to get genuine MLB memorabilia/IP autos!


08-31-2010, 12:30 AM
First off, EDUCATE yourself so you know what you are looking at.

A site like Game Used Universe (GUU) can help teach you a ton about what to look for.

Second, make connections and check people's personal collections as well that might be selling. If the stuff in their personal collection looks dubious, take warning when considering buying.

Third, as far as buying from individuals (like myself), check for feedback here, on eBay and other boards as well as background. I myself have worked for both Nike and Rawlings and made some good contacts there and through various boards on-line.

I don't often sell (unless I'm looking at something new), but I stand behind every item I sell and I will also give you as much history and provenance on it as I have available.

Hope this helps.

All the best -


09-02-2010, 02:11 PM
www.cheroes.com (http://www.cheroes.com) is a good website and store. I have went to a lot of there signings before and have seen there other ones promoted as I am on the mailing list. Pretty much everything they have for sale is someone they have had in the stores to sign. Pretty descent prices, I picked up a Jay Bruce ROMLB the other day for $40.