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08-18-2010, 03:00 PM
Hi, this is Dwight Howard reporting from the greatest sports cards collecting site in the world. I will write about my first ever autograph cards which is also my favorite card. Every sports card collector always has a favorite card. My favorite card is obviously a basketball one, because I am a basketball freak. I can probably win 90% of any basketball trivia. Anyways, my first basketball autograph is my most memorable one too. My Shawne Williams 06-07 UD SP Signature Edition Auto was my first autograph. Although the player of the card is a “nobody,” I really like it. It’s a low-end autograph with no special inscriptions or game used or patch, but it is really a special card to me.

The way I got this card was during one of my first Sports cards forum trades. I only had low end base, inserts, or rookie cards at first. Since I was a small six years old, I only brought the cheap one or two dollar packs from Walmart of Target every time I went there to purchase items. I never got any autographs or game used, but got tons of base, rookie cards, and inserts. But as soon as I joined this forum, I began obtaining higher end cards through sells on card cash, contests, and many trades. This Shawne Williams card was my first ever autograph card, and I traded for it in early 2009. If you do not know, Shawne Williams is a 1986 born basketball player from the University of Memphis. He played for the Indiana Pacers for his first two seasons and then played for the Dallas Mavericks for another two years. Although this player had major potential coming out of college, he did not live up to it and rather took another path. Unfortunately, he was often breaking the laws and getting arrested. Therefore, Shawne Williams is not a major impact player in the National Basketball Association, but his card, which is my first autograph basketball card, is my favorite one. If I remember, I traded many base and stuff for the Shawne Williams basketball autograph card. The cards I traded away were a Jerome Bettis insert, Santonio Holmes base, Nate Washington base, Ike Taylor base, and a Casey Hampton base.

In conclusion, this card may not be very special to anyone other than some Shawne Williams’s fans, family of him, or Memphis Tigers alum fans, but this card is obviously special to me. This card helped bring my collection to a high. At first I only had cards around a dollar book value and sell value each. Now I have close to two hundred cards from this forum from trades, card cash purchasing, and Sports cards forum contests that range from a dollar book value up to fifty dollar book value. Due to my first autograph of Shawne Williams, this allowed me to grow as a sports cards collector. I really appreciate the card, therefore, it is obviously my favorite sports card.

08-18-2010, 07:12 PM