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08-19-2010, 07:52 PM
By Jordan Olson aka LynettesGirl

Football card collecting to me is one of the greatest hobbies a person could ever have. It's something I have enjoyed since I was 14 years old. I'm always looking forward to mail time when I know I am getting new cards.

The first set of cards I got was from a second hand shop. It was a stack of 2006 SP Authentic. I saw them and looked at them for a few minutes, walked away to look at something else than came back and decided I wanted to buy them. I think the only reason I bought them was because nearly all the guys on the school bus I rode was into football card trading. I honestly think that if I knew I'd have no one to trade with I wouldn't have bought them.

The next day I took them to school with me waiting for the day to end and the bus ride to begin. When it finally ended I ran to the bus and took my cards out and went to the back of the bus where the trades happened and passed the stack around. That day I started with 25 cards and went home with 50.

That Christmas I got my first box of cards, 2007 Topps Total, from my mom and step-dad. There wasn't anything too special in the box, just a lot of base cards and quite a few rookies. I ended up trading nearly every card from that box.

The first box I ever bought for myself was a 2007 Upper Deck hobby box. That box held my very first autographed card. I can't say I remember the name of the player but I remember he was wearing a Browns uniform. Nothing too special but hey it was my first so it was special to me.

By the end of that year I had nearly 3,000 cards. I started to buy a lot more boxes and people bought them for me as gifts and sometimes just because. By then I was starting to understand the value of cards and what to trade what cards for and I started getting into the Beckett magazines and understanding book value and all that. That's when my little brother started to get interest in football cards. Every day after school we would go in my room and sort my cards for hours until he had to go to bed. I always ended up giving him a few cards here and there.

About two years later I moved in with my grandmother. That's when my collection really started to take off. She started buying me a lot of retail boxes and single cards off of online shops and such. My first great pull came out of a 2005 Fleer Ultra retail box. It was an Aaron Rodgers Lucky 13 Rookie Card. I held on to that card for about a year before I decided I was okay with trading it.

The second best card I ever came across was a John Elway 2004 Topps Hall Of Fame Autograph, I bought that card from a friend not too long ago. That was the card I said I'd never get rid of. I was able to hold onto it for a few months before I got an offer for it I couldn't resist.

Throughout the years I've come across some very nice and interesting cards. I now spend most of my time trading, selling and buying football cards. All the money I have invested in my cards is all worth it to me. If I was offered a million dollars for my entire collection I would decline without second thought because my collection is all I have left of my little brother and because of him my cards, the ones I already have and the ones I get, mean the whole world to me.

To conclude my article I just want to say that my collecting experience so far has been very good, and I plan on growing my collection to at least double of what I now have!

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Nice Article. I enjoyed it a lot :)

Did something happen to your little brother?

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Nice Article. I enjoyed it a lot :)

Did something happen to your little brother?

thank you.
yes, i no longer get ot see any of my siblings. To make a long story short my mom is very abusive, in every way, and when she kicked me out she took them away from me and I haven't been able to talk to them or see them for 2 years.

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thanks :)