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09-01-2010, 04:23 PM
..........It was a hot summer day on September 16th, 2006, and I had just arrived at Target. I was 10 years old at the time, and quickly went over to the sports card section. I had $10 to spend, and I debated all of my options. Did I want two packs of a more expensive, but more valuable, brand? Did I want to go along with trying to finish my Topps 2006 set? I decided that I wanted to try and finish my current 2006 base set before moving onto a different brand. I quickly grabbed a box containing 8 packs, not realizing that I had accidentally grabbed “Topps Updates and Highlights” instead of my usual “Topps”. I went over to the checkout counter, still not realizing my mistake. After I paid, ran back outside and found my mom’s minivan.
..........When I looked at the box in the car, I sadly realized my mistake. I slowly opened the box, mad at myself for being clumsy. I then tore open the first pack. I received the usual; five or six base cards, an insert or two, and the card promoting good grades. The second pack I opened felt a bit different; at the time, I didn’t know what or how, but I knew it felt thicker than the first. Could I have gotten an extra card or two by mistake? I ripped open pack number two, excited for what I would find. The first few cards were boring: base, base, base. I get to card number four, and realize it has a gold border. I thought to myself, “Cool!” but didn’t think too much about it. I started to reach for the next card when my eye caught something at the bottom; a yellow square of fabric. It took me a few moments to realize that I had received a Game Used Jersey!
..........I was shocked at what I was seeing! A real jersey! I flipped the card over carefully to read the back. “Congratulations! You have just received an authentic Player-Worn MLB All-Star Workout Jersey Card of Carlos Lee from 2006 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights.” My mouth flung open even further; I still was shocked! My stupid mistake actually was the best mistake I had ever made! I tore through the remaining six packs to see if my luck would double, but it did not.
..........At home, I immediately showed my grandfather my new card. He quickly said, “Oh, that can’t be worth more than a few pennies.” My shoulders sagged as I went upstairs to my room to see the actual value from my Tuff Stuff value guide. I carelessly flipped the pages until I got to the 2006 Topps section. I searched for the correct set, and “BAM!” went my eyes! The high end value of the card was eight dollars! At the time, this was by far my most valuable card. I grabbed the value guide and ran back downstairs to my grandpa, and showed him the value or the card. “I’ll be darned!” was his reply. I ran back up to my room and searched for a hard case to keep the card in. I did not have one, so I yelled down to my mom, “Mom! We have to go back to Target!” We got back in the car, and I got a super-durable case for the card.
..........Back at home, I carefully placed the game-used jersey card into the hard case. I then put it on top of my desk in my room to show off to everyone who came into my room. To this day, the card stands there, and to this day, this little-valued card is still my favorite card of my large collection. I like this card more than any of my star rookie cards; I like this card more than my Nolan Ryan card; I even like this card more than my 1958 Topps card, my oldest card. Odds are, this card will still be my favorite card when I am 90 years old and still collecting. And the funny thing is, this will always be my favorite card because of my clumsy, stupid mistake I made on that hot summer day when I was ten years old.

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