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09-02-2010, 01:06 PM
I got into collecting when I saw my dad’s, amazing collection, of baseball cards. He collected Yankees, and his favorite player Juan Gonzalez. He has at least 10,000 cards, most of them being 1990 sets. He has told me when he was, 18 or so, he got to go to Yankee games early to get autographs from players. In total, he has 9 on-card autos of the following players: Steve Howe, Bob Wickman, Mike Gallego, Jim Leyritz, Bernie Williams, Mike Stanley, Paul O’neill, Matt Nokes, and Danny Tartabull. He also has an autographed ball of the great closer Mariano Rivera, and an autographed game-used bat of Juan Gonzalez. And that’s how I got into collecting.

I started collecting in 2004-2005. Most of the cards I had were from the early 2000’s, or cards my dad gave to me. Later, I started collecting the newer cards, and got my first memorabilia card. It was a jersey card of Derek Jeter (my favorite player at the time), and not to long after, my dad bought me another Jeter jersey card, that was numbered to /99!!! I was so thrilled that I acquired some jersey cards of my favorite player. A few years go by, I collected 3 or so more jersey cards, but nothing special happened, except when I started earning my own money.

When I was 12, my family moved to Virginia. We later found out there was a neighborhood baseball card shop, about 5 minutes away from our house. At the time I had $50 to spend on whatever, so I was thinking, this just might be the shop to spend money on baseball cards. The first couple times I went to Jersey’s Cards and Comics, the manager, Jon, let me bust boxes for him for free. The best part was that I got one free memorabilia card when I was finished. I only “worked” for him for a couple weeks, so I ended up with two memorabilia cards of Mark Teixeira, and Gary Sheffield. I began going to the shop more often to trade and buy more cards. One day, I bought a Mel Ott, triple jersey card, numbered out of /75, for $15. I go home, check in my price guide, and find out it’s worth $50!! That’s over 300% profit!! In one of my previous articles, I said I traded a $20 Albert Pujols jersey card for a 2001 Topps Traded Albert Pujols rookie relic (bat) card worth $175. One of the best trades I ever had.

After the 2009 Christmas, I got one auto, of Joe Sewell, a Carl Yastrzemski jersey card, and a card my dad bought, a Lou Gehrig bat card (my favorite past player). I ended up trading the “Yaz” and the Sewell cards for a dual bat card of Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa (worth $80). My dad later bought me two more jersey cards, one being a sick patch of Alfonso Soriano. The latest purchased I made, was on eBay. I spent $50 on a “jumbo” Albert Pujols (now my favorite active player) bat card. In my price guide it’s worth a staggering $120!!

I now have 15 memorabilia cards, and 1 auto. My entire memorabilia collection is worth over $500. Although I haven’t been spending much on any cards lately, because of school starting, hopefully, I’ll begin collecting more and more cards in the future.

09-03-2010, 01:29 AM