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The Hobby

Hello my name is Jason ,and I am going to tell you the storie about The Hobby by me! My favourite hockey player is Jeff Carter I think the top 5 best cards of him are:#5.Jeff Carter White Hot Prized Prospects /10, #4.05-06 Ice Premiers Rookie /99,#3.Jeff Carter Ultimate Collection Autographed Logo shield 1/1,#2.Jeff Carter 05-06 Fleer Hot Prospects Prized Prospects Logo Shield and auto 1/1,#1.05-06 The Cup Dual Logo Shield Jeff Carter,and Mike Richards 1/1.The 5 cards above are what I think are the 5 best cards of Jeff Carter. Here is the link to cards #1,and#2:

I started collecting hockey cards in 05-06 when my dad bought tickets to a Vancouver Canucks VS Columbus Blue Jackets game,I still remember it Canucks won the game but I dont remeber the score. Then I started enjoying the sport then I would watch,play,and soon I would start collecting hockey cards.

When I was still in Elementary School I couldnt wait till lunch and recess my friends and I would trade hockey cards all recess,and lunch.And I still remember my first hobby box I opened it was a 06-07 Sp Authentic it wasnt the best box but it wasnt the worst. Every Wednesdays we would go to the Hobby Shop after school and I couldn't wait to go, we would buy some packs, singles,and sometimes supplies like: Toploaders,penny sleeves,magnetic holders,team bags.

What I like most about collecting hockey cards is trading with other people online and in person. What I also like about collecting hockey cards is that there are lots of different products like: Sp Game Used,Sp Authentic,O-Pee-Chee Premier,Be A Player,Victory,and lots of other products from Upper Deck,In The Game they have like Heroes and Propspects,Between The Pipes,and Superlative. Soon Panini which they have stickers with albums Score,Certified,and other products.

My favourite card I have in my personal collection is a:Jeff Carter 05-06
Sp Authentic Rookie Patch auto /100 it will always be in my Personal Collection,I got it as a gift for Christmas from my Uncle,and Aunt. It is a 2 colour patch auto Black,and Orange.That was the best Christmas present from my Uncle and Aunt! I think my parents told then to buy the Jeff Carter 05-06 Sp Authentic Rookie Patch Auto /100. I dont have a scan of the card but here is a scan of someone else's Carter:

A card I really wanted was a Jeff Carter Prized Prospects Patch Auto /349 I wanted it so much I made a list of things I wanted for my birthday and gave it to my parents (one of the things I wanted was a hobby box and the card),I guess my parents called my grandparesnts to buy the Prized Prospects card! And when I opened my birthday presents I saw a small package from my grandparents in Ontario and when I looked inside it was the Jeff Carter Prized Prospects Patch Auto /349, I couldn't believe it! It was only a black patch but it had some stitching. Sorry I dont have a picture or a scan of it!

My favourite cards I have is a Jeff Carter Future Watch Auto /999 from 06-07 Sp Authentic because I pulled it from a box of 06-07 Sp Authentic I was very happy when it was pulled,and thats why I started collecting Jeff Carter because of that card I pulled from a box of 06-07 Sp Authentic. That was my first card of Jeff Carter!
And my first hobby box,and it was birthday gift from my parents with some other cards in my personal collection of Jeff Carter,Mike Richards,and Vancouver Canucks.

My best experience in the hobby was:
When I meet Roberto Luongo one of my favourite hockey players of all time at a practice, and I got him to sign my Canucks jersey with other Canucks autographs on it, and took a picture with him the picture is hung up in my bedroom on the wall! I meet some other Canucks like: Alex Burrows,Mason Raymond,Daniel and Henrik Sedin I almost met the whole team! I got all there autographs and pictures too but Luongo is special! That was one of my best moments in my life!
The End!

Thanks for reading my storie about THE HOBBY!
Thanks For the contest!
Good luck everyone.

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