View Full Version : Yugio cards to trade/sell

09-05-2010, 03:50 PM
I think these were the first year these came out-But anyways-Ive got about a 1,000 of these-My boys had them when they were young-And they have been played with-So if your looking for these kind of cards without any scratches or wear-Then these are not for you-But some are like mint-And NONE of them have been searched-Because just looking through a hand full-Ive pulled out some great cards-Theres some of the Japanese brand of the same year mixed in-Here's just some of the better ones i pulled out-

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon-Gold Lettering
Theinen The Great Sphinx-Gold Lettering
Blue-Eyes White Dragon-Gold Lettering

Blue-eye White Dragon-Foiled
Blue-eye White Dragon-Foiled
But up in the right hand corner of these two cards-One has the word Light in a reddish/orange circle-And the other is in a brownish circle-

But i know of nothing on these type of cards-And have only had my nephew tell me that theres a lot of good ones-
Anyone interested in these-Just make a offer-Or if you want to trade-We can go from there-Im still looking for new or old slot car racing sets-or of the trucks-Game Used of vintage and star players-or autoes of stars-rookies and much more items that are not cards-THANKL YOU