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09-19-2010, 09:41 AM
I remember very vividly like it was yesterday about 4 years ago I went to San Antonio and went to a local Target as I walked down the aisles something caught my eye almost as if like I was meant to go check it out. I saw a pack of 2006 Upper Deck Baseball for some reason this pack just really caught my eye as I went into the car and opened it and I thought I had the greatest card in the world it the card was a Babe Ruth reprint. I freaked out this being the first pack of cards I ever opened I thought I would become a millionaire! Itís very funny to think that now but back as a little kid retail packs and blasters where my thing. Then I went on and off on the hobby for maybe 1-2 years and for my birthday I received a blaster box of I think it was Topps blaster with a guaranteed hit
I opened the packs I freaked out!!! I screamed yea! I got a jersey card that was my first hit from then I was hooked I have no clue where that card is now based on the fact I had no protection for the card .I searched YouTube to see other peoples box breaks. What I didn't know was High End Products I but the person I seemed to watch the most breaks was chri5784 then I was hooked I was obsessed with buying
hobby only I looked around in my Yellow Pages I freaked out we had a local card shop I scrimped and saved my money for maybe 3 months and I was able to afford a box of 2008 Allen and ginter.When opening a pack of cards or a box there's just something about it that makes it very hard to not be able to stop at the card shop you got all the guys cheering for you itís just a very fun experience. And about in august I decided to make a YouTube account and I talk with many people trade with many people with who I may have not have ever met in my life. Personally I think that there is just not another hobby that even competes with the hobby. Just the fun experiences that you have opening a box is what I think is the fun of it like your thinking (is this going to have a babe Ruth 1/1 cut) To me itís like the possibilities are endless with Topps And other card manufacturers going at it to supply some of the best cards we have ever seen I believe its going to get allot better who knows maybe in ten to twenty years there wonít be just the jersey cards we all know and love maybe it will just be patches autos and logo mans, logo shields. The hobby is very unpredictable in a good way. And then sometimes when I go to my hobby shop he will give me free packs and I just enjoy every minute if it and then I thought wow this is the life doing what you want to do be your own boss to me it is a very cool concept. As I look back on all the years that I have collected I canít honestly say that they are and where years well spent and I think fellow card collectors feel that way to some may come and go but to the people who loves this with a passion like I do I will always love cards until the day I die. Just looking in retrospect makes it all worthwhile all the people I have met all the friendships Iíve made I really couldnít ask for anything better in my personal opinion. To me there is just nothing that can at all compare to collecting sports cards itís a wonderful hobby for young kidís old men guyís girls etc... .And as for the readers how has card collecting changed you over the years. I greatly appreciate Sports Card Forum for having these wonderful contests just being able to post something like this is an honor I thank sports card forum for accepting this entry and holding this contest.
Thank You Jefftheboxbreaker

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