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09-21-2010, 04:29 PM
The Story of My Favorite Card
by CamaroDMD

I grew up on the west coast and when I was a kid the San Francisco 49ers were just coming out of their 1980s dynasty. They were like a great empire and Joe Montana was their king. When I first started to become interested in football, the 49ers were the obvious choice. At the time, their king QB had just been overthrown by a younger (or Young) quarterback and Montana was relegated to the bench. Like many others, I felt Montana was the better player and should be on the field…the only difference was I was too young to have ever seen him play. But, on the bench or not he was my favorite player.

After two seasons watching my favorite player ride the pine in San Francisco, he was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. I switched my allegiance to the Chiefs and watched the few Kansas City games televised on the west coast. Montana didn’t disappoint as he lead Kansas City to the playoffs in consecutive years. Because of this, my memories of Joe Montana are of him playing for the Chiefs, not the 49ers. I might be the only Joe Montana fan who can say that.

In the spring of 1995, my tenth birthday was approaching and I was hoping my gifts would add a few pieces to my growing Joe Montana collection. I expected a couple of old boxes of Topps cards or maybe a few lose singles; nothing too high end. Of course, as my May birthday approached I was sick; not only because Joe Montana had retired the month prior but also because I had the flu. It was not turning out to be the birthday I had hoped for.

So, the day came. I opened my presents and I got what I had been hoping for. I had a box of 1989 Topps football cards and a couple other small things. Not a bad haul to be honest. As I picked up my gifts to put them away and go back to bed (still suffering from the flu), my mom told me they had one more gift they had saved until the end. So out came this large box, far too big for cards. I opened it and inside found a somewhat smaller wrapped box. This box was too small to be a box of cards but too big to be singles, I had no idea what to expect. I opened it…and again, a small wrapped gift was inside. I was not in the mood for this, I didn’t feel well and I just wanted to open my present. I glared at my parents and they just laughed. I opened the third package and thankfully I didn’t see more wrapping paper. What I did see was a screw down hard case with a card inside. It was tan in color and I saw the name “Joe Montana” and the number “216.” My heart stopped, I knew I was looking at the back of a card and the number 216 was the number of my dream card. I slowly turned the card over hoping my intuition was correct. Sure enough, staring back at me was a 1981 Topps Joe Montana #216; his rookie card. I was shocked; I had the dream piece of my collection.

In the fifteen years that have passed since I was given this card as a birthday present my interest in card collecting has been off again and on again. I have gone through a couple periods where I collected and then had extensive breaks. But, through it all my love for this card has never changed. Whenever I pull that card out and look at it, I can see the flaws I didn’t notice on my tenth birthday. The centering isn’t perfect and the color is a little faded. The corners could also be a little sharper. None of that matters to me however. I wouldn’t trade this card for a gem mint 10 example. Someday I would like to add a nice high quality Montana rookie to my collection, but it will never replace that card. It will always have a special place in my heart and in my collection.


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BTW, I became a Montana fan myself in 1992 when I first learned of football and the NFL through Tecmo Super Bowl. Besides that singular game he played for the 49ers in 1992, my only real football playing memories of him are with the Chiefs also! I never did obtain the Montana rookie though, lol. That's awesome.