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12-06-2010, 12:42 AM
As a card collector small mounds of cards that just seem to slowly take over my desk surround me. But, of course not all are rare spectacular things. Some base, inserts, parallels. I collect NASCAR the second most popular sport. Even though, not a ton of people collects it. Press Pass tries to do a great job with their cards, and I'm not saying that they don't. But in my opinion, they could do better and are improving. For one, they put out a Brain Vickers race used helmet. One of my favorite ideas. They really put allot into cards such as fire suit, shirt, tire, and so on. I think they should also put on cards things like used window net or like they did on a few cards in the newest series two autographs on one card! What would really be neat is used gas can! Press Pass should make their cards a bit thicker, too! They have little competitions if you get lucky but they should have instant wins. Who knows, soon Press Pass might have competition with another producer. New things are coming out constantly but with ebay, you can get whole tire instead on a card you get a lot less.
I like how the memo cards are #'d but really is this thing going to go out of style? Maybe the producers of cards should take on a whole new look and prospective to get more business. I'm sure they don't have problems but will they soon?

Baseball cards have been around for what seems like forever. Kids love collecting and trading but the trading in cards seems to not be happening as much. Now itís not even about the base it only about rare signature and used stuff. Where'd the joy of collecting go? Now its not about going to the shop and buying a pack for dime and a nickel it's about paying a lot more just hoping you get something rare and the rest goes into a box not to be looked at for a lot of time.

What about the similar parts of collecting from back then? Well kids still collect cards and all but I just think that the excitement has gone down a bit. When a person get a rare hit he's excited but the rest goes unnoticed.

So how about modern collecting? Well I've pretty much covered that already but
just to show other facts, I will say a little more. The sets of trading cards are pretty big and the average pack is about 5 cards. People's Personal collections of auto's and memorabilia can be huge!

My likes
I like certain drivers but most of my modern cards are in a book so I can look at them and protect them no matter the driver. Of course I like the memo and autos. I like to look at my cards sometimes. Even my base cards are nice!

I'm not a collector of any other sport. If I were to collect anything else it would have to be Hockey. A great collection would be a bit of base and allot of rare autos and memo. Sometimes I just like to look at my collection. I think that a real collector likes most of his cards base or not. I think the kids back in the day would count their cards as one of their highest possessions. They wouldn't just throw them to the side and hope for something better next time.

Back in the day the 'big deal' of the week was to go out with their dad for some ice cream then go and get a pack of cards with their hard earned newspaper delivery money! If all that they got were regular black and white cards they wouldn't just throw it into the closet would they? No they wouldn't. Now to have a 'big deal' kids have to go out and eat at the most expensive place in town then go and have their parents but a blaster box just so they can open it and find nothing rare and of their interest an throw it into the closet. What a shame!

Life is kind of like cards. Do you appreciate the little things? In your collection do you apprciciate the base cards and inserts? I sure hope so.

Let collecting go back to when even base cards were a special thing. Highly prized among the collectors because that is what they got. Ladies and gentleman why do people just drop out? People were hard collectors then they put the cards up in the attic just for the off-season and never came back to collecting. Their kids never got to collect. Please be thankful for even the base things. And pass your cards onto your kids and let them collect. Down the line that's allot of cards!

After reading this I hope you agree that the old time collecting spirit is the one everyone should have. Because with that spirit come thankfulness and happy collecting down through the ages!

Way back when there wasn't even Major League. Families just went to their children's baseball games together. Those baseball games were played on dirt.
If thatís what time you lived in you would be allot more thankful. Back when kids were kids I think that the talk of the week was about who's going to trade who.

I hope that people continue to trade cards and that this long hobby stays in our country. Card collecting is fun after all!

Remember family time is important and taking your kids to buy trading cards and all of you trading at home is a great bonding time. Keep collecting, having fun, and being safe! I hope you enjoyed my outlook on how card collecting is changing and I'm not so sure that it's for the better. So if your kids enjoy collecting make sure they too have fun with just the basic cards. Don't just collect; go out and play!


12-06-2010, 01:40 PM
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