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12-31-2010, 10:46 AM
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Different looks on collecting

It seems like forever that weíve had trading cards. Kids got cards and went to school the next day sitting in the hall just waiting to trade. Now I look and all I see is people going after the big stuff, big money, and Ebay. Have the trading card makers gone too far? Maybe the expanded so-and-so many card set is just to make more money. How many parallels can you have of one card? Why arenít there just 50 cards in a set and say 5 autos and 5 game used cards? I enjoy going after different items but really? It used to be just a fun thing. People wouldnít take it all so seriously. It was just something for fun, and probably kids found it a lot more special than it is now.
Is it good that the card companies have gone out of their way to get big products?
After all, if you want a Ďpiece of the gameí then no better ways then to hop on your computer, go to Ebay, and click! Youíve just made a purchase! How easy that was, but too easy?
Well at least, cards have stayed fairly priced still a little expensive but affordable.
No matter how many or how over the top, the collecting cards is still allot fun and excitement.
I also wonder about the quality of the cards. Of course in these times we have nice polish and so on but on the really old cards were they thicker than they are now? It just seems that card companies are going cheaper and cheaper, but getting more and more expensive. They do make it seem, however, that they are working hard at making them better and better. Are they really? Or are they just thinking of ways to make more money and rip us off. They have already figured out the retail game. Buying cards retail isnít the smartest thing to do, but we all do it because it is quick and easy.

I did pull an auto #/d of 25 in a pack of retail. Maybe retail is not that bad, or was I just lucky? People just say to buy hobby version but that is not convenient. I want something quick and easy. I just bought a hobby box of trading cards. It is exciting, but a lot of money. Press Pass, the card makers, guarantees two hits per box. You get an auto and a signature in it.

Back in the day you just bought a pack of cards and what you got, you got. I was not about getting a hit. It was about getting someone you like, and if you didnít, you traded to get what you wanted. Iím glad that Sports Card Forum has made an opportunity for me to trade cards. I have met some people, however, that only collect and trade rare things. It is fun to do that but it gets expensive. Recently, Press Pass has come out with very, very pricey boxes of cards. I guess that the collecting of only rare things and fancy relics is for the rich. I know that I can easily afford packs of cards. Even in hobby boxes the main thing you get is base. Why not trade it for you favorite player?
On the other hand, just collecting base can get to be a bore I guess. A few things that you can show off arenít bad. I just wonder if people have gone too far.
No matter the cards, sports have been a favorite. With that comes lots of memorabilia.
Allot of times the memorabilia people want is game used. I guess that is where all of the card companies got their game used ideas from-and why not make them numbered?
Numbering is great! If you are the lucky owner of a one of one than you have yourself quite the piece. If you arenít the owner and you want to make a full set, one of one cards are horrible.
Donít forget about the retail blaster boxes. Once again, in a way they are great. If want to make a complete set of base cards their the quicker way to get that done. If you are looking for hits, they kind of work as a mouse trap.
Well it seems there is always a pro and a con. At least, there is something for everyone!
I guess you just have to find you favorite thing, and pursue it. There will always be a disagreement in who is the best athlete, who is the best team, what is the best sport, and what is the best way to collect. All that I can say to sum it up is HAVE FUN AND KEEP ON TRADING!!

12-31-2010, 11:17 AM
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