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Finding the value

ďWhatís the problem? Oh I see. You need to know the value? Yes, I think the value is $20.00, Ē Said the seller. ďI donít agree at all! It must only be worth $10.00!Ē That was the buyer complaint.
How can we know the value of cards? Some say that Beckett is the best. I donít subscribe to Beckett. Why canít people just go with their gut feeling and come to an agreement? For instance, in the deal above the one thinks it is work $20 and the other thinks $10. Instead of arguing, why not just go for $15 dollars? It that not why we have such thing as a Ďcompromise?í Why canít people do some trades where one guy wants this and one guy wants that and there is no more to say?
It seems that people are becoming a lot more particular. I thought collecting was about fun, making some trades, and getting some nice cards! Why do we have to go through Beckett for everything we do? It can be nice as a reference, but go in-between what you and the other person thinks is the right price.
Some people use eBay also. At least people can choose how much they want to spend this way.
It can be hard to keep up with the prices. There are game used, autos, vintage, and numbered cards, making it a difficulty to know how much an idem is worth. On the other hand, that is what the computer is worth. Yes, Beckett works, but eBay and other reference sites are also a great way to find what the card is worth.
People also put value of cards on how much they like it. If a card looks cool, he may think it is worth more, but to others that design may be horrible!
One of the times that value may not be known but doesnít matter is when one person wants a card bad and the other guy wants the other personís card the some amount.
When does that ever happen though?
What also happens is people who have no idea what a card is worth sells it for way under the book value.
If I am ever worried about what some things worth, then I look it up in my search engine. One time I did that two sites had the same card for basically the same price! Now I know just about what that card is.
Ebay can be bad, too. I see some people selling way over what the card is worth. Sometimes when pricing a card, just use common since. I mean, it is like some people post something on eBay at such a ridiculous price that they are just showing it off, not trying to sell. I would say that when people go on eBay they don not go on there to just look at what peopleís inventory is. That is what Sports Card Forumís inventory section is for!
The computer can really help finding out what a card is worth. Matter of fact, I think that it is the only sensible way to find out! Where is the best place to find out what it is worth? Well I suppose everyone is entitled his or her own opinion.
I do not use Beckett, but think eBay can be very useful on some accounts. I also use my infamous search engine to find out the right price. I have my ways, and you have yours, but I think that we can all agree that we can definitely use the Internet to our advantage.
If we did not have the Internet then I think collecting would be different. If we did not know the value and had no basis, then we would trade and sell by what we think. Just imagine what it would be like without having any easy way to find out what your card is worth.
Our lives would be different without the Internet. There would sadly be no Sports Card Forum. We would not only have no way to find out what cards are worth, but we would have no e-mails to check and no way to automatically count those words for you!
We didnít always have the Internet; of course, we did not know what we were missing!
I think that the Internet has helped collecting along. Without it, I would have made no trades! W can also see what new products will look like without buying them first. The Internet has helped collecting in almost every way, but knowing how much your card is worth is a very nice thing to have on hand. I do not know what you like to use to find the value of your collection, but I know that the computer has something to do with it!

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