View Full Version : William Perry

02-06-2011, 05:33 PM
I'm looking for William "Refrigerator" Perry's address. Does anyone have it? Thanks.

02-22-2011, 01:34 PM
He is in a wheelchair now. He makes and distributes a B-B-Q Sauce now. Info as follows: The Floyd Group, P. O. Box 572, Morrow, GA 30260. 1-770-389-4019 or 1-800-405-4035. www.thefridgebbqsauce.net (http://www.thefridgebbqsauce.net). He was in Atlanta winter of '09 and I got his auto on several bottles of B-B-Q Sauce ($4 each back then with auto free) which have his picture on them . Good luck.