View Full Version : Nascar Sets for sale cheap.

02-19-2011, 09:08 AM
I have these nascar base and insert sets up for sale. Looking for $5 per set plus shipping. Buy 5 or more sets, and shipping is free. Or take all 33 sets for $100 delivered.

91' Pro Set and Legends Set
01' VIP Set
02' Eclipse Set
02' Optima Set
02' VIP Making The Show Set
02' VIP Set
03' American Thunder Set
03' High Gear Set
03' High Gear Top Tier Set
03' Press Pass Set
03' Press Pass Snapshot Set
03' Stealth No Boundries Set
03' Stealth Set
03' Trackside License To Drive Set
03' Trackside Set
03' VIP Set
04' High Gear Sunday Sensation Set
04' Wheels High Groove Set
04' Premium Asphalt Jungle Set
04' Premium Set
04' Press Pass Set
04' Press Pass Top Shelf Set
04' VIP Driver's Choice Set
06' Cup Chase Prize Set
06' Premium Asphalt Jungle Set
06' Press Pass Game Face Set
06' Press Pass Velocity Set
06' Press Pass Walmart Set
06' Press Pass Snapshot Set
07' Premium Concrete Chaos Set
07' Press Pass Walmart Set
07' Sunday Best Collector Series Set
08' Premium Going Global Set