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03-11-2011, 09:44 PM
Racing is my favorite sport. Why? Well, in NASCAR, you can meet the drivers, go to the races and hear the crew chief and your driver talk, if you buy special tickets, you can go to victory lane, and Press Pass make some really cool memorabilia! They have race used: helmet, glove, shoe, sock, shirt, firesuit, tire, sheetmetal, pit wall sign, and more.
https://www.sportscardforum.com/images/imported/2011/03/1933.jpg That is a lot of fun. Of course, they also have autographs. There are quite a few tracks; therefore, I cannot say that I have a favorite. I enjoy: Bristol, Martinsville, and Charlotte. Really, my driver does well on all of those tracks. That can help them to be your favorite! I also have a really awesome memory of Charlotte. My favorite driver, Joey Logano, was a rookie in 2009 and had not met the criteria to be in the Sprint All-Star race. But, there was a voting process where one driver could go into the race by the fanís pick. So, when the voting started I voted for Joey. I remember; I would click, Joey Logano; vote ďthen it would say,Ē are you sure I would hit confirm, and do they process over and over again. The night that the fan vote was called out, Joey Logano at 19 years old beat out the competition and won the fan vote! He was up against popular drivers such as Michael Waltrip. Mr. Logano has some dedicated fans (including me)! I have meet four drivers also. It was so neat how I meet one of them! Juan Montoya had an appearance and was eating in the local burger join in the parking lot of where has appearance was. I was headed over to another driver appearance when I stopped to get a burger and saw him sitting there! That day I went to get one auto of Joey Logano, and ended up getting two driverís autos!
Iíve been to a truck, Nationwide, and Sprint race. At the truck race I go to go to the Neon garage which goes underneath the track and comes out in the middle of the track. There you can go to victory lane, the pit area, and have private restrooms! All of the races I have been to were at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Thatís right! Sin City! Just kidding. I go to Vegas all the time as I live an hour and a half away.
A few days ago I got my official membership to Loganoís fan club. Its nice to be official isnít it? I have been a NASCAR a Logano fan for three years now (just never been in his club). Iím NOT a super collector, but I do enjoy collecting and have a small collection.
I do have quite a few diecast cars. My dad got them from a friend and gave them to me.
One thing thatís great about racing is that there are only a handful of drivers. I do not have to keep up with the hassle of teams and the names of players. Sheesh!
I ever do any betting, but it sure seems that Jimmie Johnson is going to keep dominating.
I hope he doesnít. It has been four years now that that same stinking guy has won the stinking championship! I am stinking tried of it! Ha ha. Well, I really think that Denny Hamlin has somewhat of a chance. I donít really like him, but I do not want Johnson to win it again. Kevin Harvick was also trying hard to beat out Johnson. Nobody last year could do it. I hope they will try again. And succeed.
There are a lot of personalities in NASCAR. There are people like Kyle ďRowdyĒ Busch.
He is the type of guy who gives the NASCAR official Ďthe finger.í Then there are people like Carl Edwards, who is nice but when you mess with him he gets angry. Then again, there are people like Mark Martin who is a veteran and chooses wisely what he says to the Press. Yes, there are a lot of personalities in NASCAR. Very entertaining!
One depressing thing about NASCAR is that there are not that many fans. Most people donít care an inch about what happens. I would say that most people looking at this article must be very bored to be reading about NASCAR.
Anyway, I still enjoy the sport. Yes, I can at sometimes be cars going around in circles. I never just sit down and watch a race all in one setting. I always watch it for a bit, and then go check my e-mails and such. All-in-all racing is my favorite sport and the one I collect by far the most. In football season, Iíll watch games, but I donít collect football.
I watch the races. I collect racing gear.
Truly, racing is my favorite sport.

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